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Nega Revenge is the seventh episode of seoson 1 of Phineas 10 and the seventh overall.


Phineas is taking a shower while Candace bangs on the door. Candace complains he ahs been in there for 3 hours. Phineas says that he is washing out any trace of Nega Phineas in his DNA. Candace says he was destroyed long ago. Phineas says it's better safe then sorry and Candace promisses to make him sorry. When Phineas leaves everyone is mad because he used all the water. As Phineas walks along the street something strange happens. He sees a boy crying because he dropped his icecream. Phineas buys him another then throws it in the boys face. As the boy runs crying Phineas feels weird about why he did that. As he walks along he sees a man selling candy for only 45$. Phineas doesn't feel like spending money so he steals it instead. Phineas wonders why he is acting weird. He then bumps into Buford and makes him drop his icecream. Buford tells Phineas he's gonna pay but instead Phineas punches Buford in the face and actually gives Buford a wedgie. Phineas then runs into an ally and wonders what's wrong with him. He then hears a voice say "You loser!" and looks into a window and says "It can't be". Phineas sees Nega Phineas in his reflection. Phineas asks how he could be back an Nega says that before Phineasviktor destroyed him he transfored his body into the Ultimatrix and when the negative one was destroyed a squirt pf his DNA went into Phineas mouth. Nega Phineas then struggles for control with Phineas but loses. Phineas trys to run home but the struggle causes him to crash through the fence and pass out leaving Nega Phineas is in control. As Phineas wakes up he finds himself in a strayjacket and Nega tells him that he is in an Asylum. It is because when Nega was in control he caused so much damage the tri state area decided to get rid of him and that in 10 seconds the Asylum will be bombed. Phineas trys to escape but he is destroyed with the Asylum. However it is just a nightmare made by Nega. Phineas trys to escape and Nega tells him he will kill his family Phineas tells him if he touches any of them then Phineas discovers if Nega is made of all his anger and negativity then he must think positive and breaks out of his grasp then becomes Lion-O and does the Kion Lion Teariing Blast and defeats Nega. Phineas finds himself in the city. Candace asks if Nega will be a threat again. Phineas says no however even though Nega isn't a part of Phineas any more, he will always be a reflection in the mirror.

Aliens Used[]

  • Lion-O


  • Phineas
  • Ferb
  • Candace
  • Mom
  • Dad


  • Nega Phineas


  • Testing...
  • Testing...
  • One, two, three...