Nega Ben (Pokémon Sky)

Ben Tennyson
General Information
Species Human
Age 18
Powers and Equipment
Equipment Omnitrix
Pokémon Info
Types None
Alias Nega Ben
Alternate Counterparts Ben Tennyson (Pokémon Sky)
Reboot Ben (Pokémon Sky)
Ben 10'000
Voice Actor Yuri Lowenthal

Nega Ben is a hero in Pokémon Sky. He first appeared in Ben 10: Into the Omniverse. He is a Human from the planet Earth.


Nega Ben resembles his prime self, albeit with a gothic fashion sense. Primarily wears a black hoodie with a grey "10" on the left side. Accompanied by pale green trousers and black shoes. His eyes are grey with black eyeliner under them. His brown hair covers one of his eyes, due to being in a choppy style. Most commonly seen on him is the tired and uninterested expression on his face.


Nega Ben possesses an "emo" personality, and is very negative and gloomy. He finds everything to be "lame", although he is by no means inactive.

Powers and Abilities

He possesses an Omnitrix with all of Ben's aliens.




Derwin 13

They hit it off well, due to their similarities, fashion and personality wise.

Love Interests

He is in love with the dorky Kevin Levin of his world.


  • His art is based on Solid Snake's art from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
Name Species
Antiguana Polar Mandzardill
Critzwolfer Loboan
Buzzcroc Nosedeenian
Nonnonbolt Arburian Pelarota
Diemondhead Petrosapien
Ditno Splixson
Nigh Guy Opticoid
Bore Arms Tetramand
Crankenstrike Translynian
Ghostbleak Ectonurite
Grey Tatter Galvan
Heatcrass Pyronite
Ripflaws Piciss Volann
Snare-no Thep Kuphan
Quitter Spheorid
Kinkfly Lepidopterran
Swallow Gormand
Downgrade Galvanic Mechamorph
Way Fib To’kustar
Wildnot Vulpimancer
Mildvine Florauna
XLR0 Kineceleran
Alien O Celestialsapien
Big Nill Necrofrigian
Drainstorm Cerebrocrustacean
Phonystone Crystalsapien
Fako Fako Sonorosian
Noop Polymorph
Humungousbore Vaxasaurian
Jetnay Aerophibian
Loadstar Bisovortian
Nanowreck Nanomites
Deceet Appoplexian
Monkeyspider Aracnachimp
Swampliar Methanosian
AmpFibber Amperi
Armonillo Talapaedan
ShamAlien Merlinisapien
Clockjerk Chronosapien
Beatle Orcyntini
Fast Rack Citrayaka
Jury Frigg Phanchaküle
NoRG Prypiatosian B
Notsquatch Grimlethopecuz
Terraspinout Geochelone Aerio
Noter Hazard Orishan
Lastrodactyl Pturbosaurian
Atomnixed Atomix’s Species
Null Weevil Ball Weevil’s Species
Poxx Segmentasapien
Bulldrag Incursian
Crashdropper Orthopterran
Needback Conductoid
Nevattack Galilean
Gutnot Gastulence
Missin’ Hawk Kickin’ Hawk’s Species
Folly-Stache Mole-Stache’s Species
Pesky Rust Nemuina
The Best Atrocian
Nopick Toepick’s Species
Walkalout Ickthyperambuloid
Shampire Vladat
Decagone Vreedle Vreedle
Lossks Basalt
Squidstrickster Cephalod-ae
Ventrickosquid Ventrilosquid’s Species
Sandflops Sandbox’s Species
Fellhead Shellhead’s Species
Fakepit Snakepit’s Species
Reon Kronian
Portaloser Portaler’s Species
Posigravitesla Antigravitesla’s Species
Rob the Blob Bob the Blob’s Species
Plantanotcalypse Plantapocalypse’s Species
Thriller Fail Thriller Whale’s Species
Over-no Cascan
Lax Chimera Sui Generis
Mock Rock Fulmini
Slaplack Ekoplektoid
Crashmouth Bashmouth’s Primary Species
Mr. Noboto Spaciosapien
Negangle Antisapien
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