NegaBlank 2.0
NegaBlank 2.0 Venom.png
General Information

1/3 Cyborg
2/3 Citrakayah

Home Planet:


Other Info
Crimes: Unknown
Goal: Kill Blank Speedity
Succeed in what NegaBlank failed in.
Abilities: Super Speed
Life Force Absorption
Super Strength
All the Powers of Blank's aliens
Super Reflexes
Super Jumping
1st appearance: It's Project Presenting Time!
Arch-enemy: Blank
Henchmen/Leader: Dr. Psychobos (formerly)

NegaBlank 2.0 is a 2/6 Cyborg 2/6 Citrakayah and the rest 2/6 are of several aliens from the Codon Stream in Blank and the Omnigizer.


He is the enhancement of NegaBlank created by Albedo. He is made by Ahmad due to him watching Venom in action and being curious to make something similar.


He has all the powers of Citrakayahs. Plus his new electric tentacles, which are the belts of his "Omnigizer". He uses them to capture a prey and absorb their energies. He was confirmed to have all powers of Blank's aliens, though he only showed:

  • Blank's Super Speed
  • Metaloo's Metalokinesis
  • Land Shark's Terrakinesis
  • Dragonman's Pyro Immunity
  • The Wall's super strength
  • Blop's underwater breath
  • ElectroCute's Electrokinesis


He wants to kill Blank, and get revenge on almost all Characters in the show.


Blank and the Omnigizer

Anur Chronicles

Blank transforms into NegaBlank as a last resort to defeat Lord Transyl, but NegaBlank 2.0 takes control as the transformation is complete.

NegaBlank 2.0 challenges Xhadam and Xhracleb, but is quickly defeated.


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