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                      This is an episode of the series Evfnye 10.

Needed is the fourteenth episode of Evfnye 10.


The news tell there are crimes in the center, so Evfnye transforms into Diamondhead and jumps out of the window. He use his crystalline powers to arrive at destination, but fe finds out that there was no crime at all. He is disappointed and walks away, after reverting. He hears some teenagers that are assaulting an old man, and uses Four Arms to fight them, but they escape before he could even arrive on scene. The old man thinks they were scared of him and thanks him, but Evfnye is so angry that he yells at him. He runs away, almost crying, thinking nobody needs him. He angrily transforms into Heatblast to create a massive fireball and fire it into the sky. He is shocked to realize he just created an ozone hole. He tries to fix this, but with no success. The news already started telling an ozone hole is created. He understood the gravity of what the did, and finally is ready to remediate.

Noteworthy Events

  • Heatblast accidentally creates an ozone hole.



  • Teenager gang

Aliens Used


Four Arms: *Roars*
Teen in the gang: Oh my god how did they find us? RUN!
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