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General Information
Home Planet Anur Vladias
Body Humanoid
Gender System Unknown
Diet Life Force (Predator)
Prey Transylians
Thep Khufans
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Life Force Manipulation
Mana Immunity
Limited Necromancy
Space Survivability
Weaknesses Considered Evil
Present In Omnitrix
Appears in Curtis 10
Curtis 10: Ultimate Alien
Spooktober RPG

The Necroterrans are Triedge's species. They live on the planet Anur Vladias.


Necroterrans have a vaguely humanoid body, with rock-coloured skin. They have a large triangle-like head with two green eyes. Their bodies are covered in small holes. Their hands have three fingers, and their feet have three toes. they also have a small tail.


Necroterrans evolved shortly after the purge of Anur Vladias, which had resulted in the extinction of the Vladats and rendered the planet totally uninhabitable. They came into existence against all odds given the situation of the planet, and are somehow able to live there despite the fact that even Celestialsapiens cannot.

It is often said that Necroterrans are living incarnations of the sheer death of Anur Vladias, and this is reflected in both their actions as a species and their biology. Whilst they feel like they are made of flesh like any other species, they are actually made of the ash of the now-extinct Vladats. 

They possess no space-faring technology, and instead rely on the inter-planetary webs running through the Anur system to get around. Using these webs they plague the other planets of the system, feeding off of the life force of as many other species as they can find. Because of this, all webs to Anur Vladias are severed periodically to prevent them from escaping.


Necroterrans feed off of the life force of any other living being that possesses it. They move the life force of their prey directly into their own bodies via the use of their powers. Using their own life force to heal someone can cause a Necroterran to grow hungry.


Necroterrans possess the ability to manipulate life force. They can strip beings of their life force to kill them, or give them life force to heal them.


Their powers are useless against species like Ectonurites that do not possess life force.

Known Necroterrans

Known Necroterran Hybrids


The word 'Necroterran' is a combination of the Greek word 'necro' (meaning death) and the Latin word 'Terra' (meaning Earth).


  • The only Anur species safe from the Necroterrans is the Ectonurites. However even they fear the Necroterrans, and assist in keeping them trapped on Anur Vladias.
    • It is rumoured that, given how fast the Necroterrans evolved after the purge of Anur Vladias, the Ectonurites fear that the Necroterrans may soon evolve a method of consuming the unique life force that Ectonurites possess.


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