Necronurite is the Omnitant fusion between an Ectonurite and a Necrofriggian.


A Necronurite is a grey moth-like creature whose six wings and antenna can fold up into a hooded robe, making him look like a torned down Ectonurite with his protective cape. When he opens his wings, he has the appearance of a one-eyed Necrofriggian.

Powers and Abilities

A Nectonurite is capable of breathing a gas, wind or beam that reduces the temperature surrounding it, turns to ice constructs mid-air or upon touching a target, or encasing a target completely in ice. They can become intangible when protected by the cape, to the point where he can cause opponents and objects to freeze by phasing through them, though he can choose not to and also can freeze objects just by touching them. Necronurites can survive in the vacuum of space.


When protected by its cape, Necronurites lose their ability of flight, being only capable of floating. It's intangibility is useless against opponents who can also turn intangible, as it will cancel out their abilities to do so. They can be harmed by electricity. They don't have the tentacles of an Ectonurite.




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