Necronite is an alien species (Gotht's species) from Anur Shar in BATO.

Gotht, a Necronite


They look like purple/black worm-types with folded butterfly-like wings over their body to resemble a cloak, with four tentacles and two atennae. They have grey patches over their skin that are sensory nodes.


Necronites possess the ability to fly, as their two sets of wings enable them to channel air beneath them.

Necronites possess the ability to shift their density to very low levels, and vibrate their particles which enables therm to phase through solid media.

Necronites are able to see in a darker color spectrum.

Necronite do not require gas to breath. This, as well as their intangibility, enables to survive in the vaccum of space.


Necronites are strange, anti-social species, who do not interact with themselves very often. They however, still interact from time to time, and still retain the ability to speak.


Necronites do not have the letter s in their dialect, and thus their tongues have evolved to not be able to use it correctly. Thus, the Necronites who attempt to speak English will often end up with a lisp.


The work necronite comes from "neco-" meaning death, referring to their dark anti-social tone, and "-nite" which is a mispelling of night.

Notable Necronites


  • Since this is a fanon-ization of an actual unnamed canon species, and an expanding on its part, it is considered to be free usage and can be used by anyone.
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