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Fridge, a Necrofriggian seen in Ultimate Alien

Necrofriggians are one of the sentient beings in the Milky Way Galaxy. Their names are based on Necro, meaning death and cold.. They live on the Planet Kylmyys (Finnish for cold). Their sub-species live on Planet Mykd'ldy. They have close relationships with each other.


Necrofriggians resemble Mothman (the mythological creature in US). Necrofriggians have blue or white skin and green or blue eyes. They also have wings, which make them look a little like a blue butterfly or moth. They can also "fold" up their w

185px-Baby Necrofriggian.png

ings and antennae to form a hood and a long robe, giving them a phantom-like

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appearance. They have the power of intangibility and to freeze whatever they pass through, breathe freezing gas, and have a high resistance to heat. When they are invisible, they can still be sensed with heat. Necrofriggians reproduce asexually, laying eggs once every eighty years. They build a nest out of large amounts of predigested metal, mostly iron, from which their babies will hatch, ranging from a few to many. When babies hatch, t

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hey have an appetite for metal and will first eat the nest, before they instinctively fly their way back to Kylmyys.

Known Necrofriggians