NauseAte is the Omnimatrix V's DNA sample of a Murk Gourmand from planet Peptos XI.


NauseAte resembles a short, round alien with dark swampy skin. He has a tan muzzle and stomache, where the Omnimatrix V is. He has dark circles on his hips and arms, alongside other parts or his body.

NauseAte has sharp canine-like teeth with whisker-like lines on his cheeks.

Powers and Abilities


NauseAte possesses the ability to "eat" anything, and fire it back out after digestion. The items are turned into acid-coated blasts. These explode on contact, creating destruction wherever they are hit.

NauseAte has very strong, adhesive tongues that can grab omto almost anything. His mouth can stretch and take anything.




Spitter has an unknown weakness


  • NauseAte's name is a mix of the word "nausea", and "ate". Combining them makes the name NauseAte. 
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