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Nate 10: Rebooted is a series by PrimalFan. It aired on 6/21/2016. Nate 10: Rebooted is the reboot of Nate 10, featuring Nate and his assistants Impi and Download, as they go fight new threats arising. It is expected to have one season and fifteen episodes.

It has been put on hiatus as of 8/9/2016 due to Primal's computer having everything erased by his mother including the episodes.. It will air later.

Nate 10: Rebooted
General Information
Genre Action/Adventure
Original run Nate 10: Rebooted
Status Active
Original run 6/21/2016 - n/a
Episodes 15
Starring Yuri Lowenthal as Nate, Bumper Robinson as Impi,and Charlie Schlatter as Download
Country United States
Network Cartoon Network
Creator(s) Primal
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Preceded by
Succeeded by


Nate 10: Rebooted follows Nate as he goes on adventures to protect Earth with his two assistants Impi and Download against a new force. This new force is causing havoc across the world while Nate must step up to it and defeat it once and for all.





  • This was partly inspired from Tech 10: Rebooted. The whole idea of making the reboot (which was planned) darker and a lot more serious with original plots had a few inspirations from the listed series.
  • Impi and Download were made because Nate was partially irresponsible during the original series and I liked that aspect of him, so Impi was made to sort of shape up Nate. Download was made purely for a comic relief character at times and for a few plot points, but despite that the creator likes him way better.
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