Nao Sakurai
General Information
Species Human
Age Unknown
Affiliations Sakurai Family
Occupation(s) Unknown
Powers and abilities
Abilities Unknown
Relatives Kana Sakurai (wife)
Rika Sakurai (daughter)
Osamu Sakurai (father-in-law)
Junko Sakurai (mother-in-law)
Akio Sakurai (brother-in-law)
Kiyoshi Sakurai (brother-in-law)
Hiroshi Sakurai (brother-in-law)
Chihiro Sakurai (nephew)
Aika Sakurai (niece)
Kohaku Sakurai (nephew)
Hitomi Sakurai (niece)
Yoshito Sakurai (nephew)
Hotaru Sakurai (niece)
Shiki Sakurai (nephew)
Shiori Sakurai (niece)
Masumi Sakurai (nephew)
Kaoru Sakurai (great-niece)(alternate timeline)
Kaori Sakurai (great-niece)(alternate timeline)
Voice Actor Unknown
First Appearance Unknown


Nao is an adult man with dark brown hair and eyes, which both Rika herrited from him.

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