Nanogenes are microscopic Technology in the series, Mutant Drake.


Nanogenes are grey, microscopic, metallic Technology which appear in a circular shape. 


Nanogenes were first developed by Drake's Father, Robert, and his partner, Ryden Kurtzman. It appeared as an idea, a simple design on a paper, then made its way into reality as an actual device. The Nanogene was fully functional but still needed an element that would help with the healing process. The scientists spent plenty of time and resources trying different alternatives but none of which were successful. Robert then arrives with a solution through unknown circumstances and uses genetic samples of an unknown origin as the source of the Nanogene's power after seeing its effects when unofficially tested by his son, Drake, at a science fair. The testing continued with animals being Mutants as a result. Robert was convinced that the inhibitor in the Nanogene would retain the hazardous effects of the genetic samples but Ryden was still unsure. Because of his disbelief, Ryden sabotaged the Prime Nanogene, accidentally causing an explosion which released millions of Nanogenes into the atmosphere. While the Prime Nanogene placed itself within Drake, the other Nanogenes spread across the world, residing in every exposed living organism. While some Nanogenes may remain dormant after residing within a living organism, it could at one point activate, causing the organism to mutate.


Originally, Nanogenes were meant to heal cells and repair genetic altercations, promising a long life for a living organism, practicularly Humans. However, since the unknown genetic samples that resides within Nanogenes have broke through the inhibitor, a typical Nanogene seems to mutate a living organism however it still performs its original task but working at a slower rate then anticipated. It's healing features don't seem to work for non-Mutants Humans though.




Nanogenes will appear, however remain unseen, being microscopic, in every episode of the series.

However, Nanogenes are, actually, seen, up close, at certain moments.

Mutant Drake


  • While sharing the same name, Nanogenes weren't inspired by Nanogenes from Doctor Who.
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