"Looks like fighting fire with fire is the only option. Actually. I'm totally loving this." -Nanite.

Alex's (AL 12's) Nanochip form.


Same appearance as Nanomech. He's more based off of the movie.

(Ignore the black padding under the feet)

Unlike the Nanochips, he is a human hybrid of the nanochips.

Up close he sounds normal. He sounds high pitched in front of people.

He's circuit wires are colored orange and his wings are colored yellow.


Sharing Alex's Personality.

Smart, clever and sneaky.

He can be influenced by a Nanochip Drone to be evil.


Flight: With a pair of wings he can fly.

Shrinking: He can be more smaller than ever by microscopic size.

Bio-Electricity: Shoots electricity.

Glow: He gives out a glowing light surrounding him, mostly on his back.

Techno-Export: He gains the ability to be an expert to technology.

Adaptation: He can adaptive to his surroundings and to his Nanochip enemies.

Mind Control: Since Nanochips have the power to mind control people, so can he.


Small size can be hard on bigger things.

He can be controlled by a Nanochip Queen if he lose control of himself. He can fight it because he's half human if he try.


  • The Swarm (Part 3)
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