Remarkable, a duplicating alien.

–Nadeshiko's quote.

Nadeshiko Sakai (酒井なでしこ) is a 10 year old 5th grade student who becomes Slapback with her Slapback DISK. Her Exo-Hero code is X-64.

Form, Powers, and Abilities

Exodus Slapback

Accepted. Materializing: Ekoplektoid Identity.

–Slapback DISK's transformation announcement

Slapback! Disk Mash!

–Nadeshiko's transformation announcement

Exodus Slapback.

As Slapback, Nadeshiko is capable of duplicating herself to an unknown degree when her back is struck. This can also be accomplished whenever Nadeshiko applies sufficient pressure on her own back by pressing the Omnitrix symbol.

The clones are not linked in any way and can act independently from one another.

Each time she duplicates, the resulting Slapback clones become smaller and stronger by a proportionate amount. It is possible for Nadeshiko to duplicate enough to become as dense as a black hole.

Nadeshiko's clones get more durable the more they multiply, with Nadeshiko quarters being durable enough to harm Bashmouth.

Nadeshiko's clones also become denser as they multiply, being able to withstand powerful winds.

Nadeshiko is heat resistant and is immune to lava. Her clones are able to float on lava.

The Slapback clones can fuse back together into the original Slapback form.


Nadeshiko seems unable to control her duplicating power, as each strike on her back forces her to duplicate unwillingly.

In her base form, Nadeshiko cannot reach her own back if her arms are in a certain gesture. Therefore she is required to seek help from others when trying to activate either her duplication powers.

The combined weight and mass of each set of Slapback clones may cause issues to her surroundings. This limits how many she can reasonably make but at the same time reducing the risk of copies being harmed.

Since each of the clones have their own sense of individuality, Nadeshiko can end up fighting herself if incensed.

If Nadeshiko times out, the Slapback clones are automatically fused back to the original Slapback.

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