Nada Surf
Nada SurfRe.png
General Information
Species: Aquaera
Home World: Floaeria
Body: Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities: Bubble Manipulation
Seafoam Manipulation
Water Breathing
Classification: Fauna
First Appearance: TBA

Nada Surf is an alien free for anyone to use.


Nada Surf is an amphibious alien with the ability to create and control water bubbles from the moisture in the surrounding environment, allowing her to create an entire wave of seafoam provided enough water is present to do so.

She can use this ability to "surf" across land and sea by riding the wave, greatly enhancing her mobility. While underwater, she can use the bubbles to give herself a speed boost while swimming.

The bubbles she creates can be compressed down to about a fifth of their original size, compressing the air trapped inside to create an explosive force once released.


Hot, dry environments can make it difficult or even impossible for Nada Surf to generate her bubbles.

Planet and Species Information

Nada Surf is an Aquaera from the planet Floaeria.

Floaeria is a planet primarily covered in water, with various islands making up the entirety of its landmass. Floaeria's atmosphere is warm and humid, making it a perfect environment for the various plants and animals that dwell both on the islands and in the planet's vast oceans.

The Aquaera are a generally nomadic species that spend much of their time moving from island to island, filling a restless need to explore and discover every last nook and cranny of their planet. Some groups of Aquaera settle down on the islands they discover, creating villages that essentially act as rest stops for weary travelers.

One particular trait of interest is the fact that the entire species is comprised of biological females; no biologically male Aquaera have ever been observed or indicated to exist, with reproduction occurring asexually. While a variety of what could be considered gender identities exist, none of them correspond directly to the identities found in humans.


If Nada Surf appears in your series, please note their appearances here.

  • Clem 10(OG)(As High Tide)


  • Nada Surf is named after the band of the same name.
  • Aquaera is a mix of the words "Aqua" and "aera" (archaic spelling of 'era').
  • Floaeria is a mix of the word "Float" and a corruption of the word "aera".


  • Floaeria's concept was primarily based off the tropical Pacific island regions, especially Hawaii.
  • The Aquaera all being biologically female is based on the rotifer class Bdelloidea.
  • Generally speaking the pronouns used to refer to this alien vary with the user's personal identity.

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