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NRGzarro is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Prypiatosian-B from the planet Prypiatos in the Andromeda Galaxy.


NRGzarro is a humanoid alien, a physical being constantly emitting pure, green, radioactive energy wearing a heavy, grey oven-like containment suit capable of containing high levels of radiation and heat. He has black and purple wristbands on his arms.

Now the armor has somewhat of a face, with two eyes and the three openings serving as a mouth. He wears the Omnitrix symbol on the radioactive logotype on his chest.


NRGzarro speaks with a Russian accent.

Powers and Abilities

NRGzarro is capable of firing highly radioactive energy beams through the vents in his containment suit which can corrode or melt metallic objects. The energy NRGzarro radiates is hot enough to melt solid metal and rock through mere contact.

NRGzarro can channel his heat underground, which results in the eruption of massive geysers of lava.

NRGzarro is capable of producing his radioactive energy with his hands while inside his suit.

NRGzarro's containment suit is fireproof, being able to resist a Methanosian's fire attacks. Overall, the containment suit is virtually indestructible against most attacks.

Outside his containment suit, all of NRGzarro's powers are enhanced massively. He becomes very agile and gains both flight and limited phasing abilities.

Without his containment suit, NRGzarro can manipulate energy at a higher level and is able to consume it simply as nourishment or to increase his power. He can also fire energy balls and blasts out of his hands and mouth.

NRGzarro can make himself glow like a light bulb, which is bright enough to weaken Ectonurites.


Due to the dangerous radiation his body gives off, NRGzarro must stay in his suit for the safety of others and keep his radiation level to a minimum. There are, however, downsides to this; most of his abilities become weaker than outside of the suit.

NRGzarro's containment suit also completely removes several abilities, such as his agility and phasing. As such, he is unable to fly while in his containment suit.

Taydenite is the only known element that can damage NRGzarro's suit, outside of the suit itself. Likewise, the Kraaho are the only known beings strong enough to rip open the suit.

The eye holes in NRGzarro's suit are quite small, making his vision somewhat limited.

NRGzarro is vulnerable to carbon dampening rods because they can slow down nuclear reactions, thereby inhibiting the radiation he generates, as demonstrated with P'andor.




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