General Information
Species Darkruss
Home World Anur Shadow
Body Blob
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Shadow
NME is an alien in Misty 10. It is a Darkruss from Anur Shadow. It was scanned into the Omnitrix with DNA


from Shadow Grol. It's name is a play on words of "Enemy". This alien may have debuted in The NME Inside Myself, but it wasn't used in that episode.


NME is made out of pure shadowy darkness. Being so, NME has the power to change it's shape and disappear into a black hole. NME can also pose as it's victim's shadow, allowing it to control the victim. NME can also move very quietly and squeeze into tight spaces. It is impossible to grab this alien.


When exposed to light, NME is completley vulnerable to any attack and can't use any of it's powers. And when it wants to pick up an item, it has to grab the shadow of the item instead.

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