General Information
Species Tryple
Home World Trople
Body A lot
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Too many
First Appearance Lie Seem
Mydream is a Tryple from the planet Trople based on my dream.

He will appear in EBFA. Ask me to use him, if you want.


He has many appearances, so I will describe the origin. Ultimatehero had a dream where some people replaced the Triple Trouble image with a GIF of my name exploding. Then, me and one of those guys were taught by Abraham Lincoln about fire.


  • Shooting fire
  • Shooting wood
  • Making things explode
  • Has knowledge of all presidents
  • Shapeshifting into presidents
  • Shooting N's
  • Pyrokinesis
  • Silvakinesis
  • Making stuff from wood
  • Shooting fire darts


  • A plesiosaurus rolling on a tree made of candy off an escalator into Jupiter


Evan Billion: F.I.N.D. Adventure

  • Lie Seem
  • Ok I Really Need to Stop Starting Episode Titles with Ok You Know What I Also Need to Stop I Also Need to Stop Making Really Really Really Really Long Title Names Hey This Title is a Lot Longer Than the Previous Episode Goshdarnit
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