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General Information
Species Insidioseta
Home World Flors Verdance
Body Humanoid Fungus
Prey Wildvine
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Mycetokinesis
Spore Creation
Mind Control
Enhanced Intelligence

Mycetopathia is the Nemetrix's DNA sample of an Insidioseta from Flors Verdance and the predatory species of Florauna.


Mycetopathia is a tall humanoid fungal alien. Its skin is primarily white, with long tentacles for limbs that end in mouths with serrated teeth. Its black head structure resembles a mushroom cup and the same substance features as a long cape for it. It has two red eyes.

Mycetopathia wears the Nemetrix on a spiked red collar around its neck.

Powers and Abilities

Mycetopathia possesses a high degree of mycetokinesis, being able to control nearby fungi and produce its own via spores with great efficiency due to its almost sapient-level intelligence. The fungi will rapidly begin consuming plant matter, including that of a Florauna.

Mycetopathia's tentacles can move incredibly fast and snatch any projectiles, including a Florauna's seed bombs, which prove to be quite the delicacy.

By utilizing a strain resembling Cordyceps, Mycetopathia can turn a usually already feral Florauna rabid, causing it to attack and infect other Florauna in the vicinity.


Mycetopathia is vulnerable to low temperatures, which will hinder its movement, as well as the growth of its fungi.

While not exactly a weakness pertaining to itself, Mycetopathia's higher intelligence compared to most predators can make it more unpredictable and harder to control for the Nemetrix owner.



  • This predator was adapted from the 18th Nemetrix predator concept design by Tom Perkins, in a collaboration between Ulti and Ultra.