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General Information
Species Chimera Sui Generis
Home World Wyg-Zull
Residence Incarcecon (formerly)
Galvan Mark II
Affiliations Azmuth (formerly)
Occupations Azmuth's Assistant (formerly)
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Dexterity
Enhanced Jumping
Enhanced Intelligence
Voice Actor Vanessa Marshall
First Appearance The Monster

Myaxx is a hero in Ben 10: Missing Pieces and Ben 10: Protector of the Omniverse. She first appeared in The Monster. She is a Chimera Sui Generis from the planet Wyg-Zull and was Azmuth's assistant until his death. She is the Timeline 1 equivalent of the canon Myaxx.


Myaxx has her original series appearance, but she has longer tentacles and her shoulder pads have spikes on them.


Myaxx was a coward who would gladly try to run away if she had the chance.

She appears to be aware of her own selfishness, admitting in an argument with Ben that she was "a selfish and self-centered being." However, she showed some concern about the universe being destroyed.


Prior to Missing Pieces

Myaxx originally was working as an assistant for Azmuth. She was shown to be very devoted to him, as she constantly helped him in his work on the original Omnitrix, including overseeing its design and collecting DNA from various alien species for the Codon Stream, as well as creating his hiding place on Xenon.

While she was collecting Florauna DNA during a trip to Flors Verdance, Myaxx also acquired Ectonurite DNA due to the Florauna that she was sampling DNA from being possessed by Zs'Skayr.

However, since Azmuth refused to give her the credit she deserved, she eventually walked away from him, and, as revenge for Azmuth's disrespect towards her, erased Azmuth's genetic signature on the Omnitrix and replaced it with her own. She also sold the cloaking technology she and Azmuth developed to hide Xenon to Sphoeroid pirates, which resulted in her being sent to Incarcecon.

Myaxx later went through the same events as her canon equivalent, as depicted in Secret of the Omnitrix.

Missing Pieces

In The Monster, Myaxx inadvertently had a hand in upgrading Malware into his current form when he was captured and forced to connect the new Helix with the old one.

After the destruction of Galvan Prime by the Highbreed, Myaxx briefly returned to Xenon with Azmuth to collect some of his old belongings.

In Up to 11, Albedo, armed with a new device named the Antitrix, came to Galvan Mark II to demand that Azmuth restore his original form. Azmuth refused, saying that he did not trust him. Albedo then became hostile and started destroying some of Azmuth's equipment. Myaxx teleported Ben, Gwen and Kevin to Azmuth's lab as backup. Ben fought Albedo while Gwen and Kevin heard the story of how the Galvans built Galvan Mark II after the Highbreed destroyed the original Galvan Prime. Gwen persuaded Azmuth to help Albedo return to his original form, saying that he would do no further harm once he achieved his goal. Azmuth eventually agreed and they interrupted Ben and Albedo's fight to deliver the news. Azmuth explained that he did not have the time or patience to build what was necessary to restore his original form, but he could instead unlock the Galvan sample in the Omnitrix and sync the Antitrix with the Omnitrix so that Albedo would gain access to the sample. Albedo reluctantly agreed and Azmuth did what was necessary. Myaxx was then told to destroy the Antitrix.

Powers and Abilities

Myaxx possesses enhanced strength and durability, making her a naturally good fighter.

In addition to her strength, Myaxx is an intelligent and skilled scientist, who helped Azmuth in creating the Omnitrix and so knows how to use it to some extent.






Missing Pieces


Myaxx's home planet, Wyg-Zull, is named after Tramm Wigzell, who serves as the series producer on the canon Ben 10.


  • Myaxx designed DNA collection devices for collecting DNA for the Codon Stream.
  • Despite her time working with him, Myaxx was unaware that Azmuth was a Galvan until Secret of the Omnitrix.
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