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MyDinos 10 is a series by Agent H that follows Ben, Gwen, and Kevin as they fight villains in the world of MyDinos. It is unknown how many seasons it will have, and it was created on March 15, 2012.


Ben and the gang are fighting Dr. Animo to stop him from shifting the 21st century into dinosaur times. Ben uses Jetray to get rid of the machine, but drops it on a computer and it transports him, Gwen, and Kevin to the land of MyDinos, and they turn into dinos. Ben's aliens are dynamal-based. As Ben fights with each alien, they evolve into different dynamals. The team has to figure out how to get home.


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  1. Heroes into Dinos
  2. Scutella Watching
  3. Riding Thecodus Babies


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  • Ben Tennyson
  • Gwen Tennyson
  • Kevin Levin


  • Dr. Animo
  • Roaches


  • Orapto Alien X Baby
  • Adellus AmpFibian Baby
  • Ristegum Armodrillo Baby
  • Hedonto Arcticguana Baby
  • Unknown Benmummy Baby
  • Nithol Benvicktor Baby
  • Sibuskeer Benwolf Baby
  • Caudyx Big Chill Baby
  • Spilob Brainstorm Baby
  • Unknown Buzzshock Baby
  • Cotynch Cannonbolt Baby
  • Phicodile ChamAlien Baby
  • Minmaur Chromastone Baby
  • Tracops Clockwork Baby
  • Unknown Diamondhead Baby
  • Varpona Ditto Baby
  • Yoling Eatle Baby
  • Yicra Echo Echo Baby
  • Shuna Fasttrack Baby
  • Carnart Four Arms Baby
  • Wrifaba Ghostfreak Baby
  • Unknown Goop Baby
  • Unknown Grey Matter Baby
  • Unknown Heatblast Baby
  • Stegosa Humongousaur Baby
  • Purglay Jetray Baby
  • Butera Jury Rigg Baby
  • Unknown Lodestar Baby
  • Blarat NRG Baby
  • Bengar Rath Baby
  • Cupina Ripjaws Baby
  • Unknown Shocksquatch Baby
  • Cottotam Spidermonkey Baby
  • Gillismirk Spitter Baby
  • Rognata Stinkfly Baby
  • Pantolo Swampfire Baby
  • Chugga Terraspin Baby
  • Unknown Upchuck Baby
  • Unknown Upgrade Baby
  • Gastonaur Water Hazard Baby
  • Unknown Way Big Baby
  • Jamodeer Wildmutt Baby
  • Unknown Wildvine Baby
  • Orapto XLR8 Baby