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Multiverse vs. Tennyson
Season 1, Episode 6
Air date 5/2/2020
Written by XxXWTBxXx
Directed by XxXWTBxXx
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"Bad Bones" is the sixth chapter of the fan-made Ben 10 continuation, Multiverse vs. Tennyson.


"An alternate version of the Universe's greatest hero is unexpectedly granted help by an ally unfamiliar to him to defeat something sent from another world to execute them."


The opening scene begins with the exterior view of a portion of Bellwood’s outskirts, particularly its dockside with the nearby warehouse, under a midnight sky, contrasting with the opening of Chapter 5, its layout appearing identical to that of the Prime dimension’s, but with slight alterations.


A large, bulky alien was suddenly thrown back into a pile of wooden cargo boxes by an off-screen force, causing them to be smashed under his weight, as he groans and slowly rises back up, rubbing his head in frustration and revealing himself as yet another wielder of the Omnitrix from an alternate world.

His alien form in particular was yet another form that hadn’t been seen before, Diamondhead, a silicon-based humanoid species entirely composed of an inorganic, pale-green crystal, possessing large, “muscular” arms with broad shoulders and forearms, four large spikes emerging from his back, two of which larger with one emerging from each shoulder, a sharp head with a large jaw, flat scalp, and smaller crystal extending from the back, an outfit consisting of a sleeveless, black, green-striped jumpsuit, and finally, the Omnitrix symbol on the center of his chest. Strangely, as for this version of Diamondhead, his crystals were darker and more minty-green in coloration, his Omnitrix similarly colored that shade of green.

“Shit… that hurts…” The minty-hued Diamondhead groans, gripping his shoulder, as the sounds of mechanical whirring and beeping electronics are heard approaching him. The silhouette of a large shadow partially towers over him, to which the minty-hued Diamondhead grits his teeth, jumps up, transforming his left hand into a spiked mace, and rushes at the off-screen threat, explaining, “...but I’ve FELT WORSE!”

Meanwhile, from within the nearby warehouse, a flash of bright-green light in the shape of an adult figure suddenly begins to manifest out of thin air, before eventually forming to create the shape of what appeared to be Ben 10,000, only to reveal itself as a significantly-younger version of Ben in his mid-30’s, lacking greying hair, knee-pads, and his “10k” belt buckle, and instead bearing a light-gray and white shirt stylized like the Omnitrix’s hourglass symbol, darker pants, and bizarrely having his bright-green Omnitrix symbol directly on his chest, as if he was currently transformed, despite being in his human form.

“I made it!” The younger Ben 10,000 exclaims, glancing around at his surroundings. “The warehouse on Bellwood’s docks… they tore this building down years ago… but from what I know, that android could be anywhere in the galaxy, so I better clear Earth first… I think Ultimate Wildmutt’s enhanced senses can help me clear Bellwood in an hour or-”

Suddenly, the younger Ben 10,000 cuts himself off and hesitates by a massive figure, the unknown Omnitrix wielder’s Diamondhead form, being violently thrown through the exterior of the warehouse’s walls, smashing to the ground in a heap, covered in cracks and dents, as slowly, a massive, scarlet-red-eyed android follows, similarly bursting through the wall.

“Oop, no, there it is.” The younger Ben 10,000 exclaims, as the Diamondhead quickly recovers, transforming his hands into blades, and repeatedly slashes at the android, only for it to rapidly dodge and deflect the swift slashes, and eventually grab both of Diamondhead’s arms, exclaiming in a deep, booming, robotically-feminine voice, “ACCESS: SONOROSIAN.” before suddenly unhinging its jaw and releasing a powerful sonic scream that sends Diamondhead flying back, badly shattered and unable to get back up.

ACCESS: TRANSYLIAN.” The android exclaims, rehinging its jaw and suddenly manifesting Frankenstrike’s tower conductors from its upper-back and collar-bones, before charging up electricity and firing a pair of bright-red, electrified blasts, further injuring Diamondhead and halting his attempts to get back up, forcing him to suddenly revert back to his human form, as he limply collapses on his back.

As the android begins to slowly approach the defeated alternate Ben, it suddenly exclaims, “ACCESS: PETROSAPIEN.” and manifests a crystalline blade from its left hand. Reeling the blade up, the android rapidly begins to bring it down with an overhead slash, only for a sudden blur to occupy its vision and suddenly freeze, as an unknown force had halted its attack. Its mechanical eyes squinting, the younger Ben 10,000 pokes his head out from behind the blade, and merely exclaims, “Hey, handsome… you from around here?”

“What the…” The other alternate Ben groans, to which the android yanks its bladed arm away and slashes downward again, now at the younger Ben 10,000, only for him to suddenly slam the side of his fist against the Omnitrix symbol on his chest, suddenly causing green light to surge through his body and a large, glowing-green hourglass-shaped hologram, possessing the silhouette of The Worst, to manifest behind him, as he triumphantly exclaims, “THE WORST!” and proceeds to completely withstand the android’s attack, barely flinching as its crystal blade partially shatters upon impact.

“Well, what do you know? Looks like he’s ironically not my worst transformation.” The younger Ben 10,000 remarks, as the android reels back its arm, seemingly out of a reflex of confusion. “Still hurts though.”

As the android attempts another attack, now with a pair of mace-shaped crystal constructs  forming over its hands, Ben 10,000 suddenly jumps out of the way and strikes the symbol on his chest again, causing another holographic alien silhouette to manifest behind and above him, this one of a strange, dark-red-and-gray, mollusk-like humanoid covered in large barnacles and black spots, with a hooded head, four slit eyes, two larger eyes on his chest, crab legs forming a ribcage-like pattern on his upper-abdomen, clawed, four-fingered hands, portholes on his palms, spikes atop his feet and on the back of his legs, and finally, the Omnitrix symbol on its chest.

WATER HAZARD!” The younger Ben 10,000 exclaims, as he suddenly sprouts portholes from his hands, and before the android can attack again, the younger Ben 10,000 suddenly blasts high-pressure beams of water from his palms, strong enough to suddenly throw the android back and out of the warehouse, causing it to drop onto the docks. As the alternate Ben recovers, the younger Ben 10,000 turns to face him and asks, “You okay?”

“I didn’t know you cared for other Bens’ well-beings. I thought your ego got in the way of that.” The alternate Ben responds, as he reveals himself to be another alternate version of present-day, albeit with jet-black hair, minty-green eyes, a metal nose piercing, an absence of facial hair, and an alternate outfit consisting of an opened leather jacket, a minty-green version of present-day Ben’s T-shirt, black pants, a silver wallet chain sticking out of his right pockets, and black, minty-green-striped shoes, and an overall punk aesthetic, with his black-and-dark-minty-green Omnitrix on his left wrist.

“Of course, they don’t know my name but they know about my ego.” The younger Ben 10,000 says, his arms crossed.

“Oh yeah, I know your name! It’s BENJAMIN KIRBY TENNYSON! WE’RE ALL BENJAMIN KIRBY TENNYSON'S!” The punk Ben sarcastically responds, before walking past him and mumbling, “Dumbass…” under his breath.

“You’re welcome by the way.” The younger Ben 10,000 responds, slightly irate, his arms still crossed. “I came here to help you by the way, and I can obviously tell you’re having trouble.”

“Who gives a shit that I’m having trouble?! I’m not trying to defeat it, I’m trying to hold it off until my ally stops screwing around and gets back to my dimension to help me!” The punk Ben yells, as he begins to select a new alien, to which the younger Ben 10,000 frowns and says, “If that’s the case… just tell me when you need some assistance, Bad Ben...”

As Bad Ben grumbles in frustration, he finishes his selection on his “Goon Watch”, stopping on the icon of an insectoid alien, its head dominated by a large, crest-like antenna, its two prongs widely-spaced apart with spiked inner-edges, alongside black, leaf-shaped eyes with small pupils, and a vertical pair of beak-like jaws. Upon slamming his hand down on the core and transforming, the alien reveals itself as Bad Ball Weevil, light-greenish-yellow in coloration and its height, including the large antennae no taller than up to Bad Ben’s knees, possessing a small, quadrupedal body with four pointed legs and a black-and-minty-green brace around its neck that possesses the symbol of the Goon Watch on the front.

“An ‘Atrocian Plasmoid Clean-Up Unit’… nice choice…” The younger Ben 10,000 nods, as Bad Ball Weevil angrily and slowly exclaims, “Shut. The. Hell. Up.” in a high-pitched voice.

Meanwhile, the android quickly recovers, now standing up on its feet as it utilizes heat-based abilities, most likely originating from a Pyronite, to rapidly dry off the water drenching its body. Now revealed in the moonlight, it was now revealed to be an bastardized variation of Eunice, standing an exaggerated 7-feet-tall, with a bizarre mixture of broad and robust features, with unpolished, metallic armor covering its body, an unrealistic and obviously-synthetic imitation of human skin, deep seams and creases throughout its body, particularly over its joints, while its face contained long, synthetic hair, colored white with scarlet-red-streaks, piercingly-dark-red eyes, and comically, the appearance of more feminine features, including eyelashes, scarlet-red mascara and lipstick, and large hips, despite its obviously-artificial appearance.

Its body was covered in a dark-red and dark-gray, very-short-sleeved jumpsuit that fully covered its shoulders, torso, and upper-thighs, opposed to Eunice’s dress, while its limbs were covered in shortened, dark-red-colored versions of Eunice’s gloves and leggings, now only as high as its mid-forearms and mid-shins, instead of up to the mid-biceps and mid-thighs. More fake skin was exposed on its upper-back side through a pattern in the shape of an hourglass, also revealing the creased emblem of an Ultimatrix symbol, complete with its four prongs, albeit jaggedly-shaped, in-between its shoulder-blades.

Its mechanical eyes whirring and shifting, the view briefly shifted to its robotic, red-hued gaze, as it scanned the alternate Ben newcomer from a distance away, detecting the presence of not only an Ultimatrix, but an unfamiliarly-shaped one that didn’t appear to be on his wrist. Now fully dried off, the bastardized Eunice exclaims in her robotic voice, “ACCESS: LYTRASAPIEN.” and suddenly gains the power of hydromancy, firing a barrage of hydrokinetic attacks towards the two of them in the form of giant balls of water.

FASTTRACK!” The younger Ben 10,000 exclaims, striking his symbol, as the holographic silhouette of Fasttrack manifests behind him. Now with enhanced speed, he grabs onto the less-agile Bad Ball Weevil and sprints to safety, quickly running past the android’s attacks. Gaining enough momentum, the two take cover behind a wall from within the warehouse, as Bad Ball Weevil squirms off of his grip.

“And that’s twice I’ve saved you from getting attacked… you sure you don’t need my help?” The younger Ben 10,000 asks with one hell of a smug look, to which Bad Ball Weevil scowls in frustration, but eventually groans and says, “Ugh, what the hell… fine… but you better be helpful.” but not after sarcastically asking with a condescending tone, “You got a NAME, BEN?”

“The name’s Ultimate Ben!” The younger Ben 10,000 triumphantly exclaims, striking a dramatic pose, as a guitar riff plays in the background. Bad Ball Weevil stares at him in disbelief, to which Ultimate Ben now realizes the sarcasm behind his question and exclaims, “Right, the ego.”

ACCESS: ORTHOPTERRAN.” The android suddenly exclaims in the distance, followed by the distant, but loud spring of a jumping pair of legs, before they are suddenly ambushed by the android bursting through the walls, now with the power of massively-enhanced jumping strength, as the two quickly lunge out of the way.

Bad Ball Weevil barrages the android with a series of dark-minty-green balls of explosive plasma that damages its right arm’s armor for a brief moment, before it jumps up into the air, ricochets off the ceiling, and smashes downwards into the ground before Bad Ball Weevil, punching it with immense strength and sending him flying back. Noticing its sparking armor, it exclaims, “ACCESS: POLYMORPH.” and gains Goop’s powers of regeneration, allowing its armor to rapidly heal.

“Oh, so it was a ‘Hey, beautiful’, huh?” Ultimate Ben exclaims from behind, as the android turns to suddenly blast acidic slime from its hand toward him, only for him to suddenly use Fasttrack’s enhanced speed to dodge the sudden attack and begin rapidly circling around the android, creating a vortex that Bad Ball Weevil begins rapidly surrounding with plasma sludge. As Ultimate Ben lunges out of the vortex, he signals Bad Ball Weevil to detonate it, to which he does, creating a massive plasma explosion that literally blasts a hole in the warehouse’s ceiling.

“Did that get her?!” Ultimate Ben exclaims, as Bad Ball Weevil asks, “It’s… a her?” and Ultimate Ben responds, “Well, yeah… you saw that figure, didn’t you?” and chuckles to himself, as Bad Ball Weevil groans under his breath and rolls his eyes. The android suddenly crashes back outside the warehouse, its armor decimated as it slowly uses Polymorph abilities to begin regenerating, while Bad Ball Weevil asks, “Do you know anything about it?”

“As a matter of fact, I do. I tried to use my Upgrade earlier to hack into it, seeing it’s a machine, but it blasted me off with Frankenstrike’s electromagnetic powers, so it’s invulnerable to technology manipulation.” Bad Ball Weevil says. “So, I tried playing twenty questions with it and that didn’t work either… so I resorted to 4D2 to break the fourth wall and find out its name and motives. It’s called ‘Neomni’ apparently, and it’s Anti-Ben-10. It’s programmed to kill.”

“You used 4D2 to break the fourth wall… to find out its names and motives… bit overkill, don’t you think?” Ultimate Ben asks, to which Bad Ball Weevil exclaims, “Please. I used Atomix to break a window once, and I didn’t stop hearing about my supposed ‘overconfidence’ for weeks.” before suddenly raising his voice and pointing forward, “And the damn thing’s up again!”

“Then it’s even resistant to Ball Weevil’s sticky bombs… transform into something else. I’m going to try immobilizing it.” Ultimate Ben says, to which Bad Ball Weevil uses one of his legs to strike the Goon Watch symbol on his neck brace, suddenly transforming into an alien represented as a floating assortment of dark-greenish-blue crystals, possessing arms and the Goon Watch symbol on a floating crystal within the middle of its body, acting as its “head”, as Ultimate Ben soon follows, smacking the Ultimatrix symbol on his chest, the holographic form of Chandelier manifesting from behind him, as the two Bens each respectively “MINDMATTER!” and “CHANDELIER!

ACCESS: METACHO.” The fully-recovered Neomni exclaims, suddenly gaining sonokinetic abilities, as it blasts the two with a pair of powerful sonic blasts from its palms. Summoning liquid wax from its hands, it lobs projectiles of the substance toward Neomni, coating one of its hands and briefly halting its attack.

“Careful! She’s using Bronzoon’s powers, and one of them is sonic mind control! Don’t let the sonic waves directly hit you or they’ll start to take control of you!” Ultimate Ben exclaims, lobbing more wax projectiles toward Neomni, who attempts to tear them off her body. Bad MindMatter activates his telekinetic abilities and begins to slowly restrain her.

Slowing down, Neomni manages to slam one of her palms into the ground and release a sonic blast into the ground, creating a powerful shockwave that sends Ultimate Ben flying back and rattle Bad MindMatter with powerful vibrations, disorientating him and allowing Neomni to blast him back with sonic blasts from her hands, now freed of her telekinetic restraints. Gradually being hijacked by Bronzoon’s sonic mind control, Ultimate Ben swiftly recovers and exclaims, “BEN!”

“DAMN IT… NO...” Bad MindMatter yells, struggling for control of his bodies, as he’s eventually forced to turn around and begin telekinetically lifting Ultimate Ben, now alternatively restraining him instead and leaving him unable to move his arms and reach his Ultimatrix symbol to transform, nor use Chandelier’s abilities. “...SHIT… I CAN’T MOVE… HELP ME!”

“No worries, Ben! A little bird named Albedo granted me the power of Master Control! I DON'T EVEN NEED TO TOUCH MY DEVICE TO TRANSFORM!” Ultimate Ben exclaims, restrained, as suddenly, the holographic silhouette of a strange, small, and round alien with robotic characteristics partially resembling a crustacean, its body mostly black with a green-and-white belt, a “face” composed of bulky-white metal and two “screens” that display bright-green equalizer bars, bright-gray, tube-like arms extending from its sides, ending in green-and-white, cannon-shaped appendages, and the Ultimatrix symbol on the front of his “torso”, in-between his screens. “REVERBATIM!

Suddenly, Neomni’s sonic blasts toward Bad MindMatter instantaneously retract backwards, freeing Bad MindMatter of his mind control and as a result, also Ultimate Ben, as he jumps to the ground. However, the sounds of his feet colliding with the ground are bizarrely inaudible, and are so Neomni’s attempts to blast the two again with more of Bronzoon’s sonic blasts, as if there was an invisible forcefield around the group. Bad MindMatter reverts back to his human form, but neither the sound of him reverting back, nor his attempts to talk, are inaudible, confusing Bad Ben.

“Reverbatim has the ability to absorb any sound around him through the cannons on his arms, essentially making her sonic attacks ineffective. Of course, Reverbatim could only absorb around 2 feet of sound around him, but I’ve trained enough to break this limit and gain up to 10 feet. I can speak myself, because I’m the one absorbing sound, and-” Ultimate Ben exclaims, his voice audible, to which he suddenly notices Bad Ben’s attempts to make sound. “No, Bad Ben, you CAN’T make sound… Bad Ben, I’m literally absorbing the sounds you’re trying to make with Reverbatim. Ben. Ben. Ben, stop.”

The two are suddenly startled by slight vibrations throughout the area of absorbed sounds, seeing Neomni from the outside, attempting to blast the group with the sonic scream of Echo Echo, to which Ultimate Ben comments, “Yeah, I don’t think the android understands Reverbatim… alright, restraining it was a bust. Looks like we’re just going to have to just knock it down a peg… understand, Bad Ben?”

Bad Ben nods in response and suddenly transforms in a flash of minty-green light, becoming the white-and-light-greenish-blue Bad AmpFibian, to which Ultimate Ben suddenly halts Reverbatim’s abilities, suddenly striking the symbol on his chest, exclaiming, “GRECARDEN!”, the silhouette of a large stone golem-like alien manifesting behind him, having a rectangular torso and head, long, extended arms with the top covered in glowing-blue, rune-like symbols, short, stubby legs, and bright-green moss growing all over his body, and the Ultimatrix symbol on the back of his right hand.

The two quickly rush into battle, dodging Neomni’s sonic screams, as Ultimate Ben uses Grecarden’s abilities to suddenly summon a large stony pillar from the ground beneath Neomni, slamming into her midsection and sending her flying up into the air, to which Neomni suddenly exclaims, “ACCESS: LEPIDOPTERRAN.” and suddenly sprout a pair of pale-yellow insectoid wings, granting her flight as she hovers in mid-air.

Bad AmpFibian soars toward her, blasting electrokinetic blasts from his tendrils, to which Neomni repeatedly attempts to swat at him, blasting several streams of slime from his eyes to try and neutralize his electrical attacks, but Bad AmpFibian demonstrates great agility while flying, spiraling around Neomni and eventually using his intangibility to phase through her torso, violently electrocuting her in the process, its effects amplified by the conductive slime dripping out of her eyes, as she violently malfunctions and sparks.

“Bad Ben! Try and drain her energy!” Ultimate Ben exclaims, to which Bad AmpFibian nods in response and coils all six of his tendrils around the back of Neomni’s shoulders, attempting to try and absorb her mechanical form’s energy. Unable to fly, she begins plummeting downwards, to which Bad AmpFibian struggles to hold onto her and keep suspended in mid-air.

Despite badly malfunctioning and semi-incoherent, Neomni manages to sputter out in a warped, crackling voice, “ACC-CESS--- T’ZUN-N AR-ARMY-Y---” and upon retracting her wings, suddenly begins morphing into a humanoid-shaped mass of water, something that taps into AmpFibian’s vulnerability of self-electrocution while wet, and soon, redirects the electrocution back on him, suddenly sending him crashing to the ground and freeing Neomni as a result, as her impact back to the ground crushes Ultimate Ben’s Grecarden-generated stone pillars.

“BEN!” Ultimate Ben exclaims out of shock, to which he defends himself from a hydrokinetic blast from Neomni by using another summoned pillar as a shield. Gritting his teeth in frustration and exerting his ability to its limit, he begins rapidly surrounding Neomni in dozens and dozens of stone pillars, glowing with bright-blue rune-like symbols that begin rapidly draining the energy around them.

Although draining Ultimate Ben’s energy in the process, causing him to fall to one knee, slightly-weakened, the combination of the pillars and Neomni already having a fraction of her energy absorbed by Bad AmpFibian earlier, Neomni’s attempts to destroy the pillars begin to gradually slow, and she eventually collapses to her hands and knees, struggling to stay online, as the remaining few pillars continue to drain her.

Neomni now partially subdued, Ultimate Ben runs over to Bad Ben, who lays on the ground, seemingly unconscious and having reverted back to his human form. Attempting to grab his hands and pull him back to his feet, Bad Ben quickly opens his eyes and swats Ultimate Ben’s hands away, exclaiming, “Knock it off.”

“You okay?” Ultimate Ben asks, semi-concerned, to which Bad Ben exclaims, “No, that damn thing activated Hightide’s powers and turned into water, so it shocked the hell out of me. It’s got a countermeasure to whatever I do to try and disable it.”

“Water… shocked…” Ultimate Ben suddenly realizes, standing back up, thinking, before suddenly snapping his fingers and exclaiming, “Bad Ben, that’s it! That’s how we beat it! Water!” to which a confused Bad Ben, getting back up, exclaims, “What do you mean?! It literally turned into WATER!”

“It’s a machine, is it not? It can counter anything we do with its abilities... but what if we attack it with something that isn’t us? How is it supposed to counter something that isn’t animate?!” Ultimate Ben wonders, to which a confused Bad Ben, now fully standing up, exclaims, “What the hell are you going on about?!”

“All we need to do is smash or burn a hole in its armor, expose a few sparking circuits, and then throw it into the ocean! It’ll electrocute itself until it short-circuits and powers down!” Ultimate Ben says, to which Bad Ben, pausing for a moment, realizes what he’s said and exclaims, “Well, what took you so long to say that?!”

“If you haven’t interrupted me.” Ultimate Ben bluntly responds, to which Bad Ben rolls his eyes, activates his Goon Watch, saying, “Break that android’s armor faster it can regenerate. Understood.” before swiftly transforming into a large and tall, werewolf-inspired alien covered in light-gray and dark-bluish-gray fur, the former alternatively dark-minty-green due to Bad Ben’s colors, with a large mane and tail of the former color, possessing pointed ears, a sharp, flat muzzle filled with light-yellow teeth and a green tongue, strange spike-like growths emerging from his shoulders and elbows, long claws for fingers, four-fingered hands, two-toed feet, three-segmented, digitigrade legs, and an outfit consisting of a dark-minty-green collar around his neck and protruding through the front of the mane, possessing the Goon Watch symbol on the front, a green, white-outlined, sleeveless jumpsuit, a white belt, and large green wristbands: Bad Blitzwulf.

Snarling and roaring, Bad Blitzwulf rushes at Neomni, while Ultimate Ben activates his Ultimatrix and gains the holographic form of a peculiar, mechanical humanoid with a metallic, spherical head possessing pitch-black markings in place of eyes with one large line running up his face in place of a nose and mouth, metal turbine-like appendages in place of the fingers of his three-fingered extremities, mouth-like orifices on the “palms” filled with tiny metal teeth, a tail possessing a similar, albeit smaller hand on the end, digitigrade legs, and the Ultimatrix symbol on his chest, to which Ultimate Ben identifies as, “FANFARE!” before following Bad Blitzwulf, now granted the power of limited flight via propelling himself with his hands, emulating Fanfare’s rotating turbine hands.

Neomni, semi-recovered and having destroyed the remaining pillars, faces the two oncoming Omnitrix wielders and squinting, suddenly exclaims, “ACCESS: EVOLVED METHANOSIAN.” and suddenly flings a flurry of Swampfire’s seeds toward the two of them, which rapidly begin growing into an entangling mass of giant plant-like tendrils that partially traps Bad Blitzwulf, prompting him to begin slashing and tearing through with his claws, while Ultimate Ben flies around them, utilizing Fanfare’s advanced echolocation to retain a precise location of Neomni.

Neomni and Ultimate Ben both trade blows, with the former launching pyrokinetic blasts of Ultimate Swampfire’s abilities at him, to which he swiftly manages to dodge, bopping and weaving the streams of blue flames. Quickly activating Fanfare’s aerokinesis, he begins rapidly siphoning the air around Neomni, stealing the oxygen of her flames the second they are manifested. Seemingly flustered, Neomni manifests napalm bombs from her forearms, tears a trio of them off her right arm, and throws them toward Ultimate Ben, to which he fires a whirlwind of air back at Neomni, deflecting the bombs and causing them to begin rapidly swirling around Neomni.

Meanwhile, having finally freed himself, Bad Blitzwulf suddenly separates both of his muzzle’s jaws into four separate components, retracting his tongue, and proceeds to fire a powerful sonic howl from his exposed maw, detonating the napalm bombs upon contact and sending Neomni flying back, smashing into the ground in a heap of rubble.

“Nice shot.” Ultimate Ben exclaims, deactivating Fanfare’s abilities, to which Bad Blitzwulf sputters out, “Th-Thank-” but quickly cuts himself out and changes his tone, exclaiming, “Well, yeah, it was better than yours, Mr. Windy-Hands!”

A horrifically-damaged, badly-sparking Neomni slowly rises up from the ground, the left side of her face cracked and left eye shattered, his movements jittering, as she struggles to try and use Ultimate Swampfire’s regeneration to heal herself. Although her regeneration appears to be showing success, it was very slow and only gradual, prompting Ultimate Ben to exclaim, “She’s vulnerable now! Let’s make this moment count!”

Activating his Ultimatrix again, Ultimate Ben gains the abilities of yet another new alien, represented as nothing more than a large, rhombus-shaped shard, its right side black and left side biege, while containing the Ultimatrix symbol on the exact front of its body and four, beady eyes around the symbol in the shape of a plus symbol, as Ultimate Ben exclaims, “OBLITHIUM!” and gains the ability of generating hard-light constructs, quickly manifesting several machine guns that begin firing energy bullets toward Neomni, tearing dozens of tiny holes throughout Neomni’s armor.

“BAD BEN! THROW HER INTO THE OCEAN!” Ultimate Ben exclaims, to which a flustered Bad Blitzwulf responds, “AND GET SHOT IN THE PROCESS?!”

“THEN TURN INTO SOMETHING THAT’S IMMUNE TO BULLET-FIRE!” Ultimate Ben responds, slightly annoyed, to which Bad Blitzwulf groans and suddenly transforms in a flash of minty-green light, suddenly transforming into Bad MindMatter again and telekinetically raising her up into the air, while Ultimate Ben dispersed the machine gun constructs, instead forming one large gatling gun that barraged her with flaming bullets.

Eventually, Neomni managed to shriek out in a distorted voice, “A-A-ACCE-ESS-_-- FLOU-FLOURANA---__” and generate the eggplant-like bombs of Wildvine on her backside that, upon being shot by fiery bullets piercing through her torso, exploded into a mass of smoke that rapidly began to cloud around her, prompting Ultimate Ben to halt his attack, before suddenly, a mass of plant tendrils burst out from the cloud of smoke, ensnaring around Bad MindMatter’s body.

“AGH, DAMN IT! SHE’S GOT ME!” Bad MindMatter exclaims, before suddenly throwing her upwards, attempting to telekinetically rip away and chuck her into the docks at the same time, but Neomni holds on tight, causing it to suddenly force Bad MindMatter to be pulled the other way upon Neomni crashing into the ground, revealing her to be riddled with horrific wounds and having the plant tendrils violently manifested from one of her hands, bursting through her hand’s armor as a result.

ACC-CESS-__- TRANS-SLYIAN_---” Neomni’s distorted voice shrieks, as again, she sprouts Frankenstrike’s tower conductors and begins firing electricity straight up the conductive plant vines emerging from her hand. Seeing it was heading toward the vulnerable Bad MindMatter, Ultimate Ben used Oblithium’s powers to manifest a battle-axe-shaped construct and slice the vine in half, saving Bad MindMatter in nick of the time, as Neomni begins flinging Wildvine’s explosives as Ultimate Ben, to which Ultimate Ben manifests a hard-light shield.

“This is like what, the fifth time I just saved your life?” Ultimate Ben asks Bad MindMatter, as he recovers and returns to his human form, to which Bad Ben sarcastically responds, while readying the Goon Watch, “This is like what, the third time I’m reminding you of your ego? Shut your trap, and let me finish this son of a-”

“What are you picking?” Ultimate Ben asks, cutting him off, to which Bad Ben responds, “Four Arms, and why does it matter? I’m at least picking something strong!”

“We don’t need Four Arms. Open your eyes. She’s right where we need her to be.” Ultimate Ben exclaims, to which Bad Ben, frustrated, exclaims, “MY EYES ARE OPEN! MY EYES HAVE BEEN OPEN FOR THE PAST 2 AND A HALF HOURS, DEALING WITH THIS THING! I’M TIRED! WHAT’S THE POINT OF EVEN HAVING PROBLEMS IF I CAN’T DESTROY THEM BY SMASHING THEM WITH MY FISTS?!”

“I know, I’m tired too. Just turn into NRG already.” Ultimate Ben responds, annoyed and pinching his nose bridge, to which Bad Ben scoffs, goes through his Goon Watch’s selection mode, selecting the icon of a fully-helmeted alien with a “face” only represented as a trio of slots resembling a grill-plate, and slams his hand down on the core, becoming a huge humanoid alien entirely shrouded in an oven-like containment suit, colored dark-greenish-teal and dark-gray, while possessing the grill-plate-like line of sight, large bolts on his outer-shoulders, forearms, thighs, and shins, and a large metal seal on his chest, surrounded by added bolts, with two metallic tubes branching off the bottom of the seal and wrapping around his “waist” and the Goon Watch symbol on the center of the seal itself.

“Behold, absolute fire-power!” Bad NRG exclaims, as Ultimate Ben lowers his shield, allowing Bad NRG to begin firing blasts of red-hot radiation from the slots in his grill-plate at Neomni, while Ultimate Ben selects a different alien, its silhouette is revealed to be represented as a feminine humanoid alien with amphibious traits, including a head of long, glowing bright-blue hair, dark eyes with bright-green pupils, the absence of a mouth, grayish-violet skin with the sides of his face, the middle of his face where a mouth and nose would be, and arms covered in a lesser form of “armor”, colored both bright-teal-blue and dark-blue, long, pointed fingers, an outfit resembling a sleeveless two-piece swimsuit with an exposed midriff, and the Ultimatrix symbol on the center of his chest, which Ultimate Ben identifies as, “NADA SURF!

As Neomni recovers, still badly damaged, she stutters out, “AC-ACCESS--- EVO-VO-VOLVED-D--- ORYCT-TINI---” and activates yet another Ultimate alien’s abilities, suddenly sprouting a trio of large, metallic horns covered in glowing-red laser nodes, a maw of jagged, metal teeth vertically spanning the front of her torso, an armored pair of metallic, beetle-like wings, and razor-sharp, metal spikes from her forearms and hands. Consuming several of Bad NRG’s radioactive blasts, Neomni fires them back through the nodes on her front horn, creating a violent explosion of plasma energy that sends the two stumbling back.

Swiftly, Neomni is alerted and stiffly turns to see Ultimate Ben behind her, literally surfing on a wave of seafoam he’s generating from his hands, before he suddenly blasts her with a wave of water bubbles. Seemingly confused, Neomni attempts to shield herself, and then attempts to eat the bubbles with the maw of teeth on her chest, but they simply pop as they make contact with her teeth. Suddenly blasted from behind by Bad NRG’s radioactive beams, Neomni turns and fires another beam of plasma energy, but seems to be unsure if she struck something, as the view shifting to her point-of-view reveals her failure to scan either of the two, only the wave of water bubbles surrounding her.

Suddenly partially knocked off her balance by a distant exploding eruption of air, Neomni begins rapidly looking around, seeing random bubbles throughout the wave beginning to constrict and shrink to around only a fifth of their size and upon being popped by Bad NRG’s radioactive blasts, creates miniature explosions of compressed air that continues to send Neomni stumbling.

“Had enough?!” Ultimate Ben exclaims, the origin of his voice unclear, as Neomni continues to frantically scan for his presence, unable to use her plasma blasts without popping more nearby bubbles. Suddenly whipping around, Neomni spots a vague silhouette of a figure, standing with their hands on their hips, and believing it to be Ultimate Ben, fires a plasma explosion back, to only violently detonate the compressed air bubbles nearby, creating a multitude that sends Neomni crashing backwards, blowing off one of her horns and revealing the silhouette was a mere illusion.

Unbeknownst to her, Ultimate Ben was not only using Oblithium’s abilities, particularly generating illusions through complex patterns of his hard-light, but was using his hovering to be levitating literally a few feet above her head, to which he suddenly jumps down and grapples onto Neomni’s back, loudly exclaiming, “SURPRISE! ULTIMATE SNEAK ATTACK!” as Neomni, her scanners freaking out, begins rapidly spinning around, trying to throw him off.

Holding on-tight and gaining the abilities of yet another alien, Ultimate Ben exclaims “DRILLATAUR!”, the silhouette of a large, 10-foot-tall humanoid bull standing behind him, with coarse, reddish-brown fur, both his backside and limbs covered in large bony drill-shaped growths, a pair of drills emerging from his head and seemingly acting as horns, a bone-plated face with green eyes and a golden nose ring, pointed, three-fingered hands, and the Ultimatrix symbol on the center of his chest.

Suddenly sprouting bony drills all over his body, it pierces through Neomni’s severely-damaged backside, chest-plate, and shoulders, tearing a massive section of her right shoulder open, exposing even more sensitive circuits, as Ultimate Ben jumps off and manifests one massive drill from his right palm, raising his hand up and beginning to spin it, turning the bubbles into a literal whirlwind that begin rapidly popping left and right, riddling Neomni with violent air-compressed explosions that finally knock the last of her energy out of her and sends her crashing onto the badly-damaged wooden docks.

“LET’S FINISH THIS!” Bad NRG exclaims, emerging from the cloud of bubbles, unaffected thanks to Bad NRG’s durability, as the two of them simultaneously strike their Goon Watch and Ultimatrix symbols at the same time. Bad NRG suddenly transform Bad Shock ‘N Void, a tall, lanky, greenish-yellow-and-black humanoid alien with electricity constantly emitting from his head, mimicking the appearance of hair, alongside several metallic, diamond-shaped symbols, marked with positive or negative signs, on his chest and hands, spiked outer-biceps, a trio of eyes, with two narrow eyes on the left side of his face and one large circular eye, surrounded by metallic components forming an aperture, on the right side of his face, a retractable mouthpiece, and the Goon Watch symbol on his chest.

Meanwhile, Ultimate Ben’s symbol suddenly gains four prongs around it upon him striking it, revealing its Ultimatrix capabilities, as the silhouette that manifests behind him greatly resembles Fasttrack, albeit with less condensed fur spikes, fiery-orange colors in place of his overall blue colors, and the Ultimatrix symbol on the center of his chest, to which Ultimate Ben clarifies and confirms to be, “ULTIMATE FASTTRACK!” while Neomni, managing to get up to her feet, begins firing plasma beams toward the group from what literally energy she still has.

However, Bad Shock ‘N Void and Ultimate Fasttrack respectively use their means of levitation-based flight and immensely-enhanced speed to avoid the blasts, with the latter quickly sprinting backwards into the interior of the warehouse, before sprinting back out, abruptly halting moments before colliding with Neomni, and turning around, creating a sonic boom in the direction that sends Neomni flying off the docks, to which she quickly uses Ultimate Eatle’s limited, but mostly-effective means of flight to stay up in the air, seemingly now fully aware of their intentions to push her into the water.

However, Bad Shock ‘N Void, zooming forward, appears before Neomni and begins barraging with a flurry of electromagnetically-enhanced blows, knocking her scanners out of whack, as he suddenly reels his left arm up, opening his palm and channeling a mass of crackling, pitch-black energy from it, and suddenly brings it downwards with a slashing blow. Neomni’s attempts to defend herself by blocking her bladed forearm are completely and utterly futile, as Bad Shock ‘N Void’s “void energy” violently sever Neomni’s left arm at the elbow, sending it falling into the ocean below.

Displaying artificial emotions of frustration, Neomni reels her other arm back and attempts to punch Bad Shock ‘N Void, only for him to suddenly open his mouthpiece’s vertical metallic jaws, revealing a horrific maw of razor-sharp, metallic teeth and a fiery void from within that completely devours Neomni’s arm. Her attempts to pull it back out are similarly futile, and Bad Shock ‘N Void doesn’t stop until she’s now missing her entire arm up to the shoulder, and is forced to violently rip it away while being destroyed.

From below, Ultimate Ben, holding his breath, uses Ultimate Fasttrack’s enhanced speed to begin rapidly sprinting underwater, eventually forming a watery vortex of slowly-raising waves that begin to form around Bad Shock ‘N Void and Neomni, the latter of which now almost entirely neutralized with her remaining form of her attack her gradually-weakened plasma blasts, as Bad Shock ‘N Void merely dodges them and continues blasting her with electromagnetic bolts of electricity.

The vortex of water now almost entirely surrounding Neomni, Bad Shock ‘N Void zooms above Neomni and says, “This is for the SHIT I HAD TO PUT UP WITH YOU!” before holding both arms up, clasping both hands together, and beginning to manifest a massive ball of crackling electricity, infused with void energy generated from his palms, as Neomni stares up in what could be assumed as artificial horror, as Bad Shock ‘N Void leaves out a groan as he lowers his arms and fires the massive attack that consumes Neomni, annihilating her as she plummets deep into the interior of the vortex and eventually under the ocean’s surface.

Struggling to resurface, Neomni’s systems are practically fried and begin rapidly shutting down, as she slowly begins to sink deeper under the ocean’s surface, her Ultimate Eatle features crumpling into nothing. Bad Shock ‘N Void lands on shore and reverts back to his human form, searching for signs of Ultimate Ben, only for him, drenched in water and clutching something in his left hand, to suddenly surface, attempting to crawl up the damaged wooden docks, as Bad Ben helps him up.

“You okay?” Ultimate Ben groans, laying on the ground, to which Bad Ben crosses his arms and says, “I think that should be the other way around.”

“Well, you almost electrocuted and drowned me.” Ultimate Ben responds, slowly getting back up to his feet and slicking back his wet hair. “Did you get it?”

“If the massive electrocution didn’t get Neomni, the ball of erasing void energy I infused into my attack did. It should have torn her apart.” Bad Ben responds.

“Well… it looks like she got the last laugh. I used Ultimate Fasttrack’s powers to find where she landed, but it looks like she warped out of here with 4D2’s powers.” Ultimate Ben says, before holding up the object in his hand, the severed left forearm and hand of Neomni, limp and soaked. “All I could find was this.”

“Then hand it over, so I can destroy it.” Bad Ben responds, to which Ultimate Ben denies, stating, “I don’t think so. I fully believe that despite our best efforts, she survived, just badly weakened and needing time to heal. I’m going to take this part of her to a friend I know. If we can find a way to reverse-engineer her advanced technology, we could potentially develop a techno-organic virus that can destroy Neomni from the inside-out.”

“Fair enough.” Bad Ben responds, crossing his arms. “I suppose that’s it then.”

“Indeed… I better get going…” Ultimate Ben says, to which he stares off into the ocean, before glancing toward Bad Ben, smugly smirking and asking, “I suppose this means you’re an ally to me now.”

“Don’t get excited…” Bad Ben responds, slightly irritated and turning away. “...I’ll keep you in mind though.”

“They all say that.” Ultimate Ben chuckles, as Bad Ben groans in response and the former activates his Ultimatrix again, exclaiming, “CLOCKWORK!” and gaining the holographic silhouette of the mechanical alien behind him.

Summoning a dimensional portal, he salutes off to Bad Ben as a final wish of good luck, and although Bad Ben feels inclined to not do so, he forcefully responds back with a similar, albeit weaker salute, as Ultimate Ben chuckles at the mimicked gesture and moves through the portal, vanishing from Bad Ben’s dimension, taking Neomni’s severed arm with him.

“Heh…” Bad Ben chuckles, his arms crossed again. “...I gotta admit. Some alternate versions of me aren’t really that bad.”

Suddenly, Bad Ben is alerted to the peculiar sight of a pair of colorless, fleshy limbs suddenly materializing out of nowhere nearby, briefly startling him, as the rest of its limbs’ owner emerges through and fully materializes within Bad Ben’s dimension, revealing its origin to be none other than Nega Sideslash, who quickly glances over to Bad Ben and reverts back to his human form, asking a simple, yet blunt, “...what?”

“...where the HELL HAVE YOU BEEN, NEGA BEN?!” Bad Ben briefly hesitates, before screaming out in anger, to which Nega Ben exclaims back, “Doing what the hell Mad Ben told me to do! Why the hell are you yelling at me?!”

“I’M YELLING AT YOU BECAUSE DURING THE TIME YOU WERE GONE, I DEFEATED NEOMNI, THE ANDROID!” Bad Ben retorts, angered, to which Nega Ben, slightly startled and confused, asks, “What?! B-By yourself?! When I left, you were getting your ass kicked as Diamondhead!”

“...Y-YES, BY MYSELF! I FOUND ITS WEAKNESS! WATER!” Bad Ben exclaims, to which Nega Ben, frustrated, exclaims in denial, “Oh, bullshit! I was using Water Hazard earlier and it didn’t do jack! You’re such a liar! Where is it anyways?!”




“WHAT-EV-ER! AT LEAST WHAT I DID SOUNDS MORE BELIEVABLE!!” Nega Ben scoffs and yells back, as the view begins to zoom out slowly with their continued arguing.

“YOU KNOW WHAT, PROVE TO ME YOU ACTUALLY HAD A CHANCE! FIGHT ME! FIGHT ME RIGHT NOW!” Bad Ben shouts out of frustration, red in the face, readying his Goon Watch.



The two of them respectively transform into Bad Diamondhead and Nega Rath in flashes of minty-green and bright-gray light, before violently beginning to comically and cartoonishly attack one another, wrestling like fighting siblings, as the view is now a bird’s-eye view of the entire scene, mimicking the chapter’s opening, albeit mirrored with the added damage of the whole surrounding environment, as the screen freezes, cutting to black as a logo fills the screen, before a single message fades in beneath it.


Noteworthy Events

Major Events

  • Another dimension not that of Ben Prime's, this one belonging to Bad Ben, makes its first appearance.
  • Both similarly aged by the time-skip, Bad Ben fights the killer android alluded to by Nega Ben, Professor Paradox, and Ben 10,000 during the events of Chapter 6, now revealed to be dubbed Neomni, a sinister, alternate version of Eunice, from the future of the Gwen 10 dimension's timeline, powered with the capabilities of an Ultimatrix, seen through her access to the abilities of Ultimate aliens.
    • Bad Ben is aided by Ultimate Ben, another heroic, alternate version of Ben, a significantly-older, but less than Ben 10,000, version who possesses the Ultimatrix in the form of a symbol on his chest, granting him the ability to access the powers of any of his transformations without changing form. Briefly mentioned by Ultimate Ben himself, the roles of his device's creators appear to have been swapped, with Albedo being the true creator of his device and the one who granted him Master Control.
  • Bad Ben reveals that he used Bad 4D2 to break the fourth wall and learn the android's identity as Neomni, and that it's merely programmed to kill any wielders of the Omnitrix and variations of it.
  • Atrocian Plasmoid Clean-Up Units, or Atrocian Plasmoids for short, the species of Ball Weevil, are revealed by Ultimate Ben.
  • Neomni uses the powers of a few unknown alien species, including a "Lytrasapien", capable of hydromancy and hydrokinetic blasts.
    • Neomni also uses the powers of the sonic mind control powers of her "Metacho" DNA, and transforming her body into a mass of water through her "T'zun Army" DNA, but both are respectively revealed as the aliens Bronzoon and Hightide, the former by Ultimate Ben and the latter by Bad Ben.
  • Bad Ben and Ultimate Ben's efforts eventually severely damage and defeat Neomni, crippling its armor, severing its arms, and electrocuting her until deactivation. However, she was able to get away in her final moments before total deactivation through 4D2's powers, hopping to another dimension, and is believed to be still alive, just requiring time to recover and regenerate.
  • Ultimate Ben manages to salvage one of Neomni's severed limbs and decides to confiscate it to take it to an ally of his to discover a techno-organic virus he can reverse-engineer with Neomni's technology to destroy her from the inside-out.
  • Although Bad Ben expresses no interest in teaming up with Ultimate Ben, he says he'll "keep him in mind" for helping him.

Minor Events

  • Bad Ben is revealed to have had a change of attire as of the time-skip, now having punk-like attire, alongside a significantly-ruder attitude and less menacing attitude adjustment.
  • Bad Ben's mentioned "partner" earlier in the fight against Neomni is eventually revealed to be Nega Ben, who during the events of most of the chapter, was fighting Gwen 10, and once he appears, mimics his escape at the end of Chapter 5 as Nega Sideslash, revealing both chapters take place around the same general times, partially both happening at the same time.
  • Judging by the two Omnitrix wielders' interaction, they have not met before and did not directly fight against another one in the war against alternate Omnitrix wielders 4 years ago.
  • Bad Ben mentions trying to use a few aliens against Neomni that have yet to be shown on-screen, including Upgrade and 4D2, the latter of which used later by Neomni off-screen. He also mentions Atomix.
  • Bad Ben hides the fact he received help from Ultimate Ben to Nega Ben, due to wanting to naturally take all credibility for himself, stating he defeated Neomni alone.



  • Ultimate Ben (first reappearance)
  • Albedo (Ultimate dimension; mentioned)
  • Gwen 10 (mentioned)


  • Bad Ben (first reappearance)


  • Neomni (first appearance)
  • Nega Ben
  • Mad Ben (mentioned)

Aliens Used

By Bad Ben

  • Bad Upgrade (off-screen)
  • Bad 4D2 (off-screen)
  • Bad Diamondhead (x2; first reappearance of Diamondhead; first time off-screen transformation; second time cameo)
  • Bad Ball Weevil (first reappearance of Ball Weevil)
  • Bad MindMatter (x2; first appearance of MindMatter)
  • Bad AmpFibian
  • Bad Blitzwulf (first reappearance of Blitzwulf)
  • Bad NRG (first reappearance of NRG)
  • Bad Shock 'N Void (first appearance of Shock 'N Void)

By Neomni

  • Sonorosian (x2; Echo Echo)
  • Transylian (x3; Frankenstrike; first time off-screen)
  • Petrosapien (Diamondhead)
  • Pyronite (Heatblast; off-screen)
  • Orishan (Water Hazard)
  • Lytrasapien (Faucet)
  • Orthopterran (Crashhopper)
  • Polymorph (Goop)
  • Metacho (Bronzoon)
  • Lepidopterran (Stinkfly)
  • T'zun Army (Hightide)
  • Evolved Methanosian (Ultimate Swampfire)
  • Flourana (Wildvine)
  • Evolved Oryctini (Ultimate Eatle)
  • Sentinetsapien (4D2; off-screen)

By Ultimate Ben

  • 4D2 (off-screen transformation)
  • The Worst
  • Water Hazard (first reappearance)
  • Fasttrack
  • Chandelier
  • Reverbatim (first appearance)
  • Grecarden (first appearance)
  • Fanfare (first appearance)
  • Oblithium (x2; first appearance; second time off-screen transformation)
  • Nada Surf (first appearance)
  • Drillataur (first appearance)
  • Ultimate Fasttrack (first appearance)
  • Clockwork (cameo)

By Nega Ben

  • Nega Sideslash (cameo; cont. transformation from Chapter 5)
  • Nega Rath (cameo)


  • The title of the chapter is a reference to the phrase "bad to the bone", obviously referring to Bad Ben, and even being exclaimed as the inspiration behind his nickname near the end of the chapter.
  • Chapter 6 marks the first chapter without any direct inclusion or mention of Ben Prime.
  • While writing Chapter 6, a huge list of around 30 aliens were complied to use them for the chapter, and by the end, a couple did not make the final product, including Perk Upchuck, Mole-Stache, Trapflaura, Furlock, Analyzard, Ultimate Spidermonkey, Ultimate AmpFibian, Ultimate Lodestar.
    • Bad Perk Upchuck was replaced with Bad Ball Weevil.
    • Mole-Stache and Trapflaura did not fit in the story and were scrapped early on, although the former would have been used by Bad Ben in the form of Bad Mole-Stache.
    • Neomni's brief usage of Faucet replaced Furlock.
    • Bad Ben was originally going to use Bad Analyzard off-screen to analyze Neomni, trying to find means of finding ways to defeating her, but was scrapped because Bad Ben wouldn't be that smart enough to use him in that situation.
    • Neomni's severed left arm was meant to briefly come alive after Neomi's defeat and attempt to attack Ultimate Ben, and in response he, would have used Ultimate Spidermonkey's web spit to restrain it, but it was scrapped because Ultimate Ben would have needed to take the object along with himself, and gluing it to the ground would be the exact opposite of what he needed to do.
    • Neomni would have been defeated by being thrown into the water while using Ultimate AmpFibian's enhanced electrokinetic powers. However, it was instead changed to her injuries to her circuitry being exposed and shocking her until deactivation, and when she would have used Ultimate AmpFibian's powers, were replaced with Ultimate Eatle.
    • Ultimate Ben would have used Ultimate Lodestar's trimagnetic powers to throw Neomni into the ocean, but it was considered a bit overkill and scrapped in favor of a miniature sonic boom created by him using Ultimate Fasttrack.
    • Ultimate Humungousaur was an alien candidate considered to be added to the list and used by either Ultimate Ben or Neomni, but was scrapped early on due to wanting to be saved for a later chapter.
    • Jetray's neuroshock blasts were a potential ability to be used by Neomi this chapter, used to briefly stun one of the Omnitrix wielders, but was scrapped to also be potentially saved for later.
  • Although not directly stated, Ultimate Ben enters Bad Ben's dimension using 4D2's dimensional-hopping abilities.
  • Ultimate Ben mentions Ultimate WIldmutt, planning to use his enhanced senses to look throughout Bellwood in the span of an hour to hunt down Neomni's whereabouts, but his plans are extinguished when he realizes she's luckily just a couple yards nearby.
  • Neomni is confirmed to have used Heatblast's heat generation ability to dry herself off after getting blasted by Ultimate Ben, using Water Hazard's hydrokinesis.
  • Neomni generates water through Faucet's abilities, despite the alien himself able to only control pre-existing liquid. Although originally an error, due to the creator, WTB forgetting this weakness, it was changed so that Neomni instead first activated Water Hazard's hydrokinesis to generate water to give her ammunition for her Faucet abilities.
  • Ultimate Ben reveals his training with the stealthy capabilities of Reverbatim have enabled him to enhance his sound cancellation field from 2 to 10 feet, and be powerful enough to negate the sonic mind control of a Metacho and the sonic scream of a Sonorosian, as if it was a forcefield.
  • Bad Ben was originally meant to use Bad Drillataur instead of Bad NRG, but was changed due to the scene requiring an alien with ranged abilities, and thus, Drillataur was swapped out for NRG's ability to project radioactive beams from his grill-plate slots.
  • Nega Sideslash's appearance at the end of the chapter after his departure from Gwen 10's dimension in Chapter 5 into the 4th dimension were connected by a matter of a few minutes.
  • Bad Ben was originally going to use Bad Four Arms to fight Nega Rath at the end of the chapter, but it was changed to Bad Diamondhead due to the creator, WTB wanting him to have more screen-time, and to also not undetermine Ultimate Ben's short speech earlier about how Bad Ben doesn't need to resolve every issue he comes across by punching it.
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