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Multiverse vs. Tennyson
Season 1, Episode 5
Air date 4/24/2020
Written by XxXWTBxXx
Directed by XxXWTBxXx
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"Cat's Claws" is the fifth chapter of the fan-made Ben 10 continuation, Multiverse vs. Tennyson.


"In a dimension dissimilar to Ben Prime's dimension, an alternate hero learns of a greater evil set out to ravage the multiverse, and is approached by former allies to gain her help."


The opening scene begins with the exterior view of the center of an unfamiliar version of Bellwood under a morning sky, its layout somewhat similar appearance-wise, but majorly different.


However, it was suddenly revealed to be riddled with a series of giant, bright-red-and-black robots with disc-shaped bodies, cylinder-shaped heads, single glowing-red eyes, three clawed mechanical arms, and a trio of energy-blasting cannons within the gaps between each of their arms, none other than Dimension 12’s robot overlord, Computron, and his minions.

DESTROY ALL FLESH, AND THE WORKS OF FLESH.” Computron’s Minions robotically chant as they plow through the streets of the unknown variation of Bellwood, shooting energy beams from their cannons at buildings, streets, and more prominently, civilians fleeing in terror. “DESTROY ALL FLESH, AND THE WORKS OF FLESH.

Throughout the crowd of fleeing citizens, a green-eyed, orange-haired girl, with a blue hair-clip, stands out from among the crowd, not only because of her distinct appearance, but because unlike everyone else, she wasn’t running, instead just poking out of an alley-way, before quickly recoiling back in when one of Computron’s Minions fires a energy beam toward a nearby building closest to her. Dressed in clothing colored both light-teal-blue and dark-blue, with a partially-visible symbol on her shirt in the shape of a cat’s head, blue jeans, and an open dark-blue jacket, the figure was seemingly Ben’s cousin, Gwen Tennyson, although at the age of 19 years old.

However, on closer inspection, it was not in fact Ben Prime’s Gwen, but an alternate version of Gwen within an alternate dimension, explained by the view now fully showing the symbol on her shirt, and instead of the angular shapes resembling cat eyes Prime Gwen’s shirt possesses, there were replaced by a light-teal-blue number 10, revealing this Gwen was from Dimension 17, a dimension where Gwen, at the age of 10 years old, obtained the Omnitrix prototype instead of Ben when it crash-landed on Earth, and thus was alternatively dubbed “Gwen 10”.

“Great… just great… this is not my best method of starting a new day… I thought I took care of these guys last week! How many more of them are in the Multiverse?!” Gwen 10 asks herself, frustrated, as she rolls back the left sleeve of her jacket, revealing her own Omnitrix, resembling the recalibrated prototype Omnitrix model Ben 23 similarly possesses, albeit with slight alterations in its design, mainly being colored the same shades of blue as her clothing, with hot-pink highlights.

“Alright, let’s just get this over with. I need someone with wings… maybe my Aerophibian form?” Gwen 10 says to herself, as she presses her index finger and thumb down on the buttons on the sides of her Omnitrix’s dial, causing the hot-pink holographic silhouette of an alien humanoid shape to emit from the interface of her Omnitrix.

Gwen 10 uses her two fingers to twist the dial a few times, switching between her selections, with some silhouettes identifiable as her versions of Swampfire, Chromastone, Lodestar, and Murk Upchuck, before she finally stops on Jetray, and exclaims, “Hm… you know what, yeah, that’ll do!” and slams her hand down on it, causing an emission of hot-pink light to emit from her  entire body.

Moments later, Gwen 10, now transformed as an alien form, soars out from the alley-way toward the oncoming robot minions, but opposed to Jetray, she was instead a feminine Necrofriggian form, her version of Big Chill, possessing light-blue moth fuzz over her bosom and shoulders, a cat’s-head-shaped, light-blue-rimmed Omnitrix symbol on the center of her chest.

“Great, it gave me my Necrofriggian form! I need lasers, not ice!” Gwen’s Necrofriggian form exclaims, as she continues flying toward the Dimension 12 robots, deciding, “Whatever, I can use this one anyways.”

As Computron’s Minions detect and scan the oncoming Necrofriggian, they open fire on her with a flurry of energy beams emitting from their single red eyes, to which Gwen’s Necrofriggian form merely turns intangible in response, allowing the energy beams to pass straight through her body, as she uses said intangibility to begin rapidly and cryogenically phasing through a small group of Computron’s Minions, freezing over their midsections and heads, causing them to limpily collapse and shatter apart upon falling to the streets below, or attempt to use either their energy optic beams to burn the ice away, which would instead backfire and blow their heads off.

“Oh yeah! New highscore!” Gwen’s Necrofriggian form cheerfully exclaims, fist-pumping, as suddenly, many of the several passersby, who haven’t fully fled yet, notice the Necrofriggian in the sky, and begin cheering upon realizing it was Bellwood’s hero, the Gwendolyn Tennyson alternate to the Prime timeline. Gwen’s Necrofriggian form briefly waves in response, and suddenly manages to narrowly dodge an oncoming laser beam from new oncoming Computron’s Minions. “WHOA!”

“Alright, then! Bring it!” Gwen’s Necrofriggian form exclaims, as she swoops downwards toward the newly-arriving robots, using her prehensile feet to grapple onto the head of one of the minions, and then quickly shoot upwards into the air, decapitating the robot, before she throws it well-timed toward another robot in the process of firing it an energy blast toward her, causing the blast’s extremely early collision with her makeshift projectile to cause the firing robot’s head to explode into a cloud of smoke and broken electronics.

“Another two down!” Gwen’s Necrofriggian form exclaims, before she’s startled by being unexpectedly grabbed via the clawed pincer of another robotic minion of Computron. Struggling to break free, she blasts the eye of the robot with her freezing breath, blinding and stunning it for long enough to allow Gwen to free one of her arms and slam her hand down on her exposed Omnitrix symbol, suddenly transforming in a flash of pink light into a feminine Pyronite form.

“You wanna play like that? Then, I guess I might as well turn up the heat!” Gwen’s Pyronite form exclaims, before she suddenly releases a pyrokinetic burst of flames from her body that destroys the robot’s pincer, freeing her, before she propels herself upwards into the air and blasts a downward pyro laser into the head of the minion, both melting straight through its head and eventually causing it to explode, propelling herself back in the process.

Quickly using her Pyronite form’s Earth-manipulating abilities, she lands on the street beneath her, uses her pyro laser to carve a chunk of asphalt out from beneath her feet, and suddenly begins to utilize it to hover in the air, launching several streams of flames and fireballs at the few remaining Computron’s Minions, while civilians continue to cheer on.

Amongst the crowd, a darkly-hooded figure, his attire uncharacteristic on a hot morning day, stands watching the scene, his face silhouetted under the shadow of his hood and his right hand in his jacket pocket, slowly emerging to the front of the crowd to get a better look. Suddenly, a pair of figures, both a female citizen and a police officer, emerge throughout the crowd, both shouting toward the hooded figure.

“SOMEONE STOP HIM! HE SWIPED MY PURSE!” The woman exclaims, as the police officer similarly calls out, “YOU, THERE! DON’T MOVE! STAY RIGHT THERE!”

As the darkly-hooded figure turned around, the purse he was clutching in his left hand was now revealed. With a swishing motion, he merely tosses the purse forward in a disinterested manner and pulls the left sleeve of his dark hoodie up to his elbow. Before the police officer could tackle the hooded figure, he was gone in a sudden flash of bright-gray light. As the woman reclaims her purse, the police officer frantically searches through the surrounding area, seeing no sign of the hooded figure’s escape, as he exclaims, “W-Where did he go? What was that light?!” as unbeknownst to him, the woman, and the other passersby, an invisible entity was slithering against the ground away from them.

Meanwhile, Gwen, still in her Pyronite form, continues her battle against Computron’s minions, only to be suddenly blasted off her rocky hoverboard by an extremely powerful energy blast from behind, but quickly slows her fall back onto the ground with her fiery beams. As she regains her footing, she comes face-to-face with a final Dimension 12 robot, one massive robot with a darker coloration, added four arm, pincers with serrated claws, and four eyes in total, one on each side of his head.

“Computron...” Gwen’s Pyronite form exclaims, now facing against the minions’ robotic master. “...I should have known my last encounter didn’t exactly put you down for good… but now, it’s time for Round 2! I hope you got some earbuds for my FINAL ATTACK!”

As Gwen’s Pyronite form strikes the Omnitrix symbol on her chest, she transforms in a sudden flash of pink light, becoming her peculiarly-appearing Sonorosian form, roughly a few inches taller than half Gwen’s height with a rubbery-white silicon exterior, earmuffs on the sides of her large head in the shape of cat’s ears, resembling a pair of nekomimi headphones, with wires extending from the bottom of the muffs into a backpack-like mass on its backside, large glowing-pink eyes, a pink-outlined mouth in an cartoony cat-like shape, glowing-pink speakers on the back of her wrists, cassette-tape-like growths on the sides of her shins, and her stylized Omnitrix symbol on the center of her forehead.

“BRING IT, TIN CAN!” Gwen’s Sonorosian form exclaims in a robotic, artificially-sounding voice akin to autotune. Computron attacks Gwen 10, rapidly rotating his pincer claws and thrusting them downwards at her, piercing sections of the asphalt ground, and upon nearly being struck by stirred-up rubble flying toward her, Gwen’s Sonorosian form divides into a trio of clones, two of which latching onto the arm of Computron, as they rapidly begin to scale it upwards. In response, Computron frantically begins blasting his energy cannons, attempting to hit the Sonorosian clones.

Meanwhile, the invisible entity crawls atop a nearby building’s wall, remaining invisible and confirming it to be an Omnitrix wielder taking on his Merlinisapien form, ChamAlien, albeit strangely grayscale with a similarly-colored Omnitrix symbol on its chest. It watches from afar, as upon the two Sonorosian clones finally reach the shoulder of Computron’s arm, they both release a sonic scream from their mouths that causes the arm to explode off in an instant. Damaged, Computron launches a barrage of optic blasts, trying to precisely strike Gwen’s Sonorosian clones, as they continue to constantly split apart, now forming up to a dozen clones.

“Hmmmm…” The unknown user’s Merlinisapien form mutters, audibly thinking, as it suddenly scurries off. Meanwhile, the pair of Sonorosian clones atop Computron, now four in total, suddenly begin to start circling around his head, each clone creating a new clone in case they’re moments before being destroyed by Computron’s eye lasers.

The clones run around Computron’s line of sight, the view changes to the robotic, red-hued, binary-filled visual interface of Computron, his vision split into four, one for each eye, as he struggles to keep up with the running clones and blast them.

“YOU-” One of Gwen’s Sonorosian’s form clones exclaims, followed by another saying, “-CAN’T-”, a third saying, “-HIT-”, and a fourth exclaiming, “-US!” as they continue to circle around Computron’s head, confusing him, as question mark-like symbols begin rapidly appearing on his visual interface.

DESTROY ALL FLESH, AND THE WORKS OF FLESH.” Computron yells out, almost in defiance. Meanwhile, on the ground, the other eight clones blast at Computron’s wheel with sonic screams, eventually causing the joint between his midsection and wheel to begin cracking as Computron’s balance is broken, causing him to violently collapse sideways into the asphalt ground, and quickly begin pushing himself upwards, swatting at a pair of Sonorosian clones that attempt to interfere, destroying them, before repositioning one of his struggling pincers, crushing a third in the process.

The five remaining clones merging back together, the singular clone fires a sonic scream at one of his pincer claws, causing it to violently explode and send Computron crashing to the ground again, as the single Sonorosian points upwards toward the four clones still atop Computron’s head and exclaims, “FINISH IT, GALS! YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO!”

“GOT IT!” One of the clones responds, flashing a thumbs-up. Now managing to push himself upright, even with only two working arms, Computron attempts to swat the four of them off with his third, badly-damaged arm, but the limb is quickly destroyed by two of the clones’ sonic screams. The four multiplying to around ten in total, the Sonorosian clones surround Computron’s head and release one slow, drawn-out phrase.

WALL… OF… SOUND!” The ten Sonorosian clones exclaim as they all simultaneously begin to unleash their piercing sonic screams, their strategically-placed forms causing the soundwaves of the sonic waves to bounce off one another. As Computron’s head begins to rapidly shake and spin, his eyes burst into cracking patterns, as finally, Gwen’s Sonorosian form’s “Wall of Sound” attack overwhelms Computron, as his head explodes off his body, comically crashing into the street nearby in a heap of sparking wires and twisted metal.

DE-DE-DESTROY ALL FL-FLESH AND TH-THEEEeeee worrrrrkkssss… offff… fleshhhhhh--…” Computron’s severed head utters, its voice gradually deepening and fading out, as it fizzles with crackling electric sparks and slowly powers down, as his headless body falls dead and crashes into the street nearby.

As the ten Sonorosian clones, having halted their attack, merge back into one, the crowd cheers for Gwen 10, as both of her Sonorosian clones strike a pose, holding up peace signs. Unbeknownst to her and the crowd, in the background, the unknown Omnitrix wielder was watching her from a distance, visible again, but hiding under a nearby car, revealing even his Merlinisapien form’s three eyes were each a different shade of gray. Snickering under his breath, ChamAlien retracts back under the car and around the other side, before it’s consumed by a flash of bright-gray light.

As the two clones of Gwen’s Sonorosian form merge back together, her Omnitrix reverts Gwen 10 back to her human form, as she waves toward the crowd, until both her and groups of civilians nearest to Gwen suddenly halt, now noticing the seismic tremors, gradually increasing in intensity, running through the street. As the crowd descends backwards in confusion and Gwen 10 stares in shock, cracks and fissures begin to visibly split across the street, as if sections of the ground were unevenly shifting.

“WOAH!” Gwen 10 exclaims, losing her balance as she falls back. Hearing a long, prolonged, deep, robotic cackle behind her, Gwen 10 looks upwards to see the same car seen in the background moments prior spinning in the air, seconds from landing atop of her. Swiftly jumping out of the way and quickly hopping back onto her feet, she narrowly avoids the falling car as it crashes upside-down just a few feet nearby.

“Another one of them, and whoever this is making these earthquakes?!” Gwen 10 exclaims, as she faces the source of the thrown vehicle, being met face-to-face with Armodrillo, a towering, 10-foot-tall mechanical alien with characteristics akin to a robotic armadillo, along with having bulky armor, a helmeted head with small, beady eyes, huge jackhammer-like arms, a metallic tail, and the unknown wielder’s Omnitrix symbol on the center of his chest. As Gwen 10 eyes the grayscale symbol on his chest, she exclaims, shocked, “Another Omnitrix wielder?! I thought we took care of you dorks a few years ago!”

“Pfft… then you didn’t do a good job doing so.” The grayscale Armodrillo responds with a bored tone, before reeling his arms upwards and slamming them into the ground, creating a seismic shockwave in the direction of Gwen 10, to which she quickly dodges, rolling out of the way, as the shockwave collides with the flipped car and violently destroys it in an explosion of broken metal. The once-cheering crowd and miscellaneous civilians began fleeing in terror.

“What’s wrong? All tuckered out? Computron sure took a lot out of you.” The grayscale Armodrillo asks, as Gwen 10 gets back to her feet and responds, “You waited to ambush me until after I wasted Computron? Every villain who’s ambushed me like this has never done that. They just hop straight in. You’re not special, bub. You’re just cliched… and a bit ill-witted.”

“Pfft... whatever.” The grayscale Armodrillo responds, annoyed, as he transforms his right hand into a drill and smashes it into the asphalt ground, stirring up rocks and sending them flying towards Gwen 10, just as her Omnitrix times back in with a soft beep. Activating it, Gwen exclaims, “Well, let’s just see how you like my Vaxasaurian form!” while selecting the holographic silhouette of a bulky, reptilian alien, before smacking the core down, triggering a flash of bright-pink light.

Within an instance, a series of bright-pink energy blasts destroy the oncoming rubble, stirring up a cloud of smoke, as the grayscale Armodrillo squints in confusion. Emerging from the smoke is in fact not Gwen’s Vaxasaurian form, but her Opticoid form, possessing a slimmer, feminine body with smaller, bright-pink eyes, each possessing black eyelashes and noticeably more in quantity compared to Eye Guy, slightly-smaller ears, visible lips, and her outfit, in the form of leggings covered in cuffs, extending upwards to her chest, with an exposed midriff and her Omnitrix symbol on the center of her sternum.

“EYE didn’t ask for you!” Gwen’s Opticoid form exclaims, briefly palming her forehead and dragging it downwards in a state of annoyance, causing her ears to be pulled down, and immediately flop back upwards when Gwen lowers her hand. “...but EYE will see what EYE can do with you!”

“Please stop cracking puns.” The grayscale Armodrillo responds. “Actually, you know what, let me give you some slack, cous. I’ll do it for you.”

As the grayscale Armodrillo suddenly begins to rush toward Gwen’s Opticoid form, holding out two drill-tipped arms, he smashes one of his arms into the ground, his strike infused with a seismic blast of rapidly-shaking vibrations, just as Gwen’s Opticoid form lunges out of the way and blasts an energy blast from the eyeball on from her right palm back on him, sending him stumbling back.

“Hey… personal opinion.” Gwen’s Opticoid form remarks. “Don’t you think it’s a bit unfair that you’re using an alien form EYE don’t have myself… well, don’t have just yet, apparently?”

“Pfft… that’s a stupid question, why would I disadvantage myself to make this more fair?” The grayscale Armodrillo responds, irritated, to which Gwen’s Opticoid form snaps back, “What do you even want from me anyways?! Payback for the beatdown half of all Bens in the multiverse gave you a couple years ago?!”


“So, what?! You’re going to kill me?!” Gwen’s Opticoid form asks, to which the grayscale Armodrillo chuckles and merely responds with, “We’ll cross that bridge when we get there, cousin.”

“Bring it! You won’t be ‘crossing any bridges’ today!” Gwen’s Opticoid form responds back, as she begins blasting the grayscale Armodrillo with a barrage of elemental optic beams, including bursts of pink flames from eyes on her palms and standard energy beams from the eyes on the front of her biceps. As the grayscale Armodrillo rushes forward, seismokinetically rattling his arms to enhance his punching strength, he presses one of his jackhammer arms against the ground to launch himself in the air, as he readies a powerful overhead swing.

Sealing all of her pink eyes at once, Gwen’s Opticoid form manifests a large eyeball from the center of her abdomen and fires a concussive electrical beam toward the grayscale Armodrillo’s form, enough to send him flying backwards, out of the air and into the nearby carcass of one of Computron’s minions, crushing it under his weight, as he forcefully reverts back to his mysteriously-hooded humanoid form.

“EYE should have known… you’re not just from that war in the Prime dimension years ago, YOU WERE IN THE TIME WAR ALMOST A DECADE AGO!” Gwen’s Opticoid form exclaims, as the unknown Omnitrix wielder rises back to his feet, dusting himself off and stating, “Indeed. You were just 10 years old at the time, cous, and I was just a couple years older… it was-”

“-the night EYE discovered and acquired my Omnitrix… EYE only had 10 aliens back then...” Gwen’s Opticoid form unintentionally cuts him off, finishing his sentence. “’re Nega Ben.”

“Pfft... happy memories indeed, huh?” The revealed Omnitrix wielder responds, as he pulls his hoodie back, finally revealing his face, including his pale complexion, black mascara, unusually-gray-colored eyes, and choppy-styled, dark-brown hair, covering his left eye, confirming him to indeed be a ill-intentioned, alternate version of 25-year-old Ben Tennyson. “It’s been a while, Gwen 10… 4 years...”

“Of all those dweebs that EYE had to face off against during that day… YOU just had to be the one who EYE had to face off against.” Gwen’s Opticoid form responds, her brow creasing with frustration, to which Nega Ben responds, “Pfft… come on, cous… I thought you’d be happy to be remembering good old times, maybe even the idea of making new times too…”

“You’re the LAST person who comes to mind when EYE think of good times!” Gwen’s Opticoid form responds, irritated, to which Nega Ben merely smirks, chuckles under his breath, and responds, mocking her Opticoid’s form’s pun-like speech mannerisms, “...then, ‘EYE’ guess ‘EYE’ should wrap this up already.”

Readying his Omnitrix, dubbed the “Gloom Watch”, Nega Ben selects the bizarre icon of a bald, 3-eyed humanoid and smacks his palm down on the core, causing him to transform into Nega EpiCentaur, a centaur-like alien with blended characteristics of a human and horse, with a horse’s lower-body, completed with a tail and hooves, and a humanoid upper-body, with a third eye on the center of his forehead, a lack of ears or hair, a thin coat of fur extending up to his wrists, upper-neck, and cheeks, and sharp fingernails. Due to the Gloom Watch’s colors, Nega EpiCentaur was entirely colorless, with the Gloom Symbol on the center of his chest.

Nega EpiCentaur rushes forward at Gwen 10, attacking her Opticoid form as she was too slow to fire another optic beam, and is violently thrown downwards and trampled under the feet of Nega Centaur. Continuously barraged and unable to move, Gwen creates the massive eye on the center of her abdomen and fires a powerful icy blast into Nega EpiCentaur’s mid-section, causing him to suddenly stumble back and trip, collapsing onto the rubble-ridden ground, as Gwen, having reverted back to her human form from sustained damage, readies her still-active Omnitrix again and selects the holographic silhouette of a quadrupedal, iguana-like alien with spike-like fins running down his body.

“Looks like that ice did something… then let’s see your liking toward my Polar Manzardill form!” Gwen 10 exclaims, as she slams her hand down on the dial, only to abruptly instead transform into an unusual, monkey-like alien form, possessing spider-like characteristics, fur colored two different shades of blue, four arms, three-fingered extremities three pairs of bright-pink eyes, a striped tail, and her Omnitrix symbol located on the center of her chest: her Arachnichimp form.

“Great, so this thing hates me apparently.” Gwen’s Arachnichimp form states, making monkey-like vocalizations while speaking, upon seeing his hands and realizing what she’s actually transformed into. Suddenly, a recovered Nega EpiCentaur strikes her with a punch, sending her flying back, as he begins rapidly charging toward her, expressing enhanced speed.

Reeling back up, Gwen’s Arachnichimp form, rubbing the side of her head, aims the tip of her tail and begins firing spider-like webs from the tip, that quickly begin to cling to Nega EpiCentaur’s face and fur, causing him to begin furiously attempting to yank them off him with his hands, gradually slowing him down and allowing Gwen’s Arachnichimp form to fire a pair of webs at the hooves of his front-legs, as Nega EpiCentaur’s next steps with those legs immediately falter, as they were partially glued to the ground, sending him crashing to the ground in a heap.

“Come on! This isn’t time to monkey around!” Gwen’s Arachnichimp form wisecracks, as within another flash of bright-gray light, Nega EpiCentaur transforms into Nega Mercurious, a featureless alien humanoid entirely covered in segmented layers of metallic-gray plating, with where his face would be, his shoulders, outer-biceps, outer-forearms, and outer-shins having abstract metallic blades emerging from in-between the creases of the metallic plates, the Gloom Watch symbol on his chest.

Lifting one of his hands back while in the process of getting up, his new form reveals its power as it begins to secrete a shiny, reflective liquid metal from in-between the creases of the metallic plates composing its body, before hardening them into a series of spike-shaped constructs emerging from his palm, before eventually firing them outwards. Utilizing her nimble agility, Gwen’s Arachnichimp form dodges them, even managing to stop a few clusters of them in mid-air with her webs. She studies one of the wet shots on the ground, as its liquid metal contents spill out, and finally realizes what it specifically is.

“It’s… quicksilver? That alien makes mercury?!” Gwen’s Arachnichimp form exclaims, before suddenly, tendrils of mercury suddenly burst out of the nearby cracks on the street, as the view abruptly shifts, revealing Nega Mercurious had begun tunneling through the cracks in the street, formed earlier by Nega Armodrillo, to sneak attack Gwen 10. As the tendrils quickly form into a pair of giant hand-shaped constructs, they both grapple onto another one, encasing and trapping Gwen’s Arachnichimp form in the process, before eventually solidifying.

As Gwen’s Arachnichimp form struggles, Nega Mercurious transforms yet again off-screen, becoming Nega Crane Fly, a large fly-like alien with a long striped body, gray segmented eyes, semi-transparent, brown wings, and bizarrely-long legs, all colored in gray and black, while behind its head on its backside was the Gloom Watch symbol.

“Hehehehe…” Nega Crane Fly exclaims in a comically-high-pitched voice. “What a shocking twist, especially when you briefly had earlier as EpiCentaur, but the truth is, I was just testing your skills of close combat! While you’re able to decently hold your own in close quarters, you’re dead meat when it comes to a long-ranged attack, cous!”

“Uggghhhhh… really? ‘epic centaur’? What’s with your Bens and your hero names?!” Gwen’s Arachnichimp form groans, still struggling within the solid mercury constructs, to which Nega Crane Fly briefly hesitates, pausing while in flight, before yelling out in frustration, rapidly flying out in a flurry and angrily flapping his insect wings.

“I WASN'T THE ONE WHO NAMED THEM! I JUST GET THEM FROM MY COMRADES, YOU… OHHH, ENOUGH WITH YOU!” Nega Crane Fly angrily responds, before suddenly sprouting a long brown proboscis-like tongue tipped with a miniature hook on the end. “HAHAHAHAHA! YOU’RE GOING TO BE KILLED BY A FLY TONGUE!!”

“IT’S CALLED A ‘PROBOSCIS’, NEGA BEN!” Gwen’s Arachnichimp form responds, still struggling and unable to move anything below her shoulders, especially her tail. However, the upper-half of her Omnitrix symbol was partially exposed. “P-R-O-B-O-S-C-

SHUT UP ALREADY!! YOU DON’T NEED TO SPELL IT!! I KNOW HOW IT’S SPELLED!!! JUST BECAUSE I DIDN’T SAY IT DOESN’T MEAN I DON’T KNOW THE WORD!!!” Nega Crane Fly shrieks in response, his eyes bugging outwards in his fit of rage, before dramatically leaping forward and slashing at Gwen with his hooked tongue.

Quickly, Gwen’s Arachnichimp form manages to dodge the most it can, just narrowly being grazed by the slashing tongue’s hook, and before Nega Crane Fly, laughing maniacally, can fully attempt another strike, a blob of webbing and liquid mercury bursts out of the front of the mercury construct keeping Gwen’s Arachnichimp form, immediately splattering all over the front of Nega Crane Fly, as he exclaims, “WHA-?!”

“Nice try. You almost had me there, especially with that first swing, but you had a major flaw you didn’t see coming... really now? Constructs of mercury, an element on the Periodic Table that’s liquid at room temperature? Whatever alien you used earlier was what I presumed what was keeping it solid, and with a combination of you switching to that stupid bug form, like a total doofus, and the addition of this hot sunny day, I felt it starting to dissolve from within this trap of yours!” Gwen’s Arachnichimp form triumphantly exclaims. “All I had to do was fill with as much webbing as possible, and the second its exterior started turning back into a liquid, the pressure would hopefully send an attack right at you, Nega Ben!”

“WHAT?! YOU COULD MOVE THIS ENTIRE TIME?!” Nega Crane Fly exclaims, the gummed blob of webbing and liquid mercury stuck to his body disabling his ability of flight, forcing him to awkwardly stand at his long, extendable legs, to which Gwen’s Arachnichimp form responds, saying, “Somewhat. I was struggling to free my tail and start shooting webbing. I wasn’t expecting my first shot to get a direct hit on you, but that just proves Lady Luck is on my side!”

“And now…” Gwen’s Arachnichimp form exclaims, suddenly jumping upwards and fully escaping the now-reliquidifying constructs of mercury, as she strikes the Omnitrix symbol on her chest, transforming into a sudden flash of hot-pink light and hopping downwards to confront the entangled Nega Crane Fly, becoming her Tetramand form, a towering, muscular, vermilion-red, short-black-haired humanoid alien, possessing four large arms, four pink eyes, four-handed hands and two-toed feet, an outfit similar to her human form’s clothes but more resembling a work-out outfit, and her Omnitrix symbol on the center of her chest.

“...PREPARE FOR THE BUGZAPPING OF THE CENTURY!!” Gwen’s Tetramand form exclaims, before she suddenly unleashes a flurry of barraging punches at Nega Crane Fly, violently pummeling him in mid-air and with one final wind-up of both of her left arms, she slams her fists into Nega Crane Fly, sending him flying back and comically splattering on the front of a nearby car, as she grabs a nearby mass of wreckage from one of Computron’s destroyed minions, exclaims, “AND HERE’S YOUR SIDE-DISH OF GOOD... MEASURE!”, and lobs it toward the car, violently smashing it.

As Gwen’s Tetramand form pants heavily from her barrage, the car violently explodes in a mass of flaming-hot metal and smoke, to which Gwen’s Tetramand form stares in shock before uttering, “...I definitely went too far with that…” under her breath.

Amidst the flaming wreckage, molten rock suddenly began firing out in explosive plumes of heat, startling Gwen’s Tetramand form, as slowly emerging from the flames was Nega Magmalight, a peculiar, glass-skinned humanoid figure lacking eyes, but featuring an internal magma-like fluid flowing through its head, torso, and limbs, a pair of sharp, layered spikes emerging from each shoulder, glowing tubes of magma wrapping around his forearms, spiked legs instead of feet, a grayscale coloration, and the Gloom Watch symbol on its chest. Chuckling maniacally, Gwen’s Tetramand form glares at the strange alien with a look of concentration, before abruptly seeming to lighten up, flashing a smile, confusing Nega Magmalight.

“As long as we’re not playing fair…” Gwen’s Tetramand form utters, before she reels one of her right arms up and smacks the Omnitrix symbol on her chest, suddenly transforming in a flash of pink light, becoming her Sonorosian form and immediately splitting into a trio of clones. As Nega Magmalight rushes toward Gwen’s Sonorosian form’s clones, rapidly gliding against the ground, he grabs ahold of chunks of flaming wreckage, transmutating the flames’ light into molten rock, and lobs them toward the clones, as they quickly divulge outwards.

“ON TEN!” One of Gwen’s Sonorosian form’s clones exclaims to the other two, each raising their hands upwards, as Nega Magmalight looks in-between the three of them in confusement, as they each all exclaim, “ONE… TWO… TEN!” and all slam down on the Omnitrix symbols at once, creating a trio of blinding hot-pink lights that Nega Magmalight lunges towards, transmutating the flash of light into a mass of hot-pink magma.

However, just a literal moment later, the mass of magma rapidly begins to cool into a blob of hardened stone, startling Nega Magmalight, before the hardened mass begins to crack apart, eventually erupting into a beam of icy energy that sends Nega Magmalight flying back, as he crashes to the ground, being partially frozen over, his light-magma transmutation ability rendered useless by the extreme cold.

“HA!” An alien form exclaims, revealed to be Gwen’s Polar Manzardill form, the quadrupedal, iguana-like alien with spike-like fins running down his body, revealed to be light-blue in coloration with black around her pink eyes, along with two-toed extremities and the Omnitrix symbol on the center of her underbelly. “LOOKS LIKE YOU JUST NEEDED TO CHILL OUT!”

One of Gwen 10’s clones reveals herself to be in a bizarre form, Gwen’s hybrid Nanochip form, revealed as a tiny, mechanical humanoid alien with metallic-gray armor for skin, a pointed crest on the back of her head, four tiny, hot-pink eyes, rectangularly-shaped, hot-pink wings with pointed tips, bizarrely-triangular, tripod-like feet, and the Omnitrix symbol in the center of her face. Flying nearby Gwen’s Polar Manzardill clone, it emits a constant hot-pink glow around its body from its wings, giving it the appearance of a firefly.

“Aw, man! Not this one! Totally useless!” Gwen’s hybrid Nanochip clone exclaims, to which Gwen’s Polar Manzardill clone responds, “It’s alright, little gal. He’s going to have a lot of trouble trying to hit you when you’re that small. Besides, it’s not like I got the best choice here either.”

Pouncing out of nowhere, the third clone reveals itself to be in Gwen’s Appoplexian form, a 9-foot-tall, muscular, orange-and-white tiger-like humanoid with hot-pink eyes surrounded by black and connected to a pair of pointed eyebrows, four-fingered hands and three-toed feet, a white-colored jaw, inner-neck, upper-chest, and extremities, white stripes on her scalp, collar-bones, shoulders, outer-sides, and outer-thighs, large black claws emerging from each toe, an outfit consisting of a Mexican luchador-inspired wrestler outfit with blue-and-pink fingerless gloves, corset, top, and leggings, with the Omnitrix symbol on the center of her abdomen.

Gwen’s Appoplexian clone briefly roars, before bearing a pair of large black claws emerging from each of her wrists, as both of the other two clones stare in mild disbelief, until Gwen’s Polar Manzardill clone breaks the silence, stating “...well, I spoke too soon...”

Meanwhile, Nega Magmalight finally breaks free of his icy confinement, albeit at the cost of his legs, as they had shattered off halfway below the thigh in his futile attempts. Weakened and unable to stand, Nega Magmalight transforms in a flash of gray light, becoming a humanoid whale-like alien with four eyes, two pink, lung-like growths on his back, a large mouth of bristle-like teeth, a grayscale coloration, and the Gloom Watch symbol on what would be considered his forehead, being above his mouth and below the two lung-like growths: Nega Whalewind.

Standing his ground and inhaling a drawn-out gasp of breath, the lungs on his back inflating, Nega Whalewind unleashes a powerful blast of wind from his respiratory system, enough to force the trio of Gwen’s transformed clones to separate again, the wind sending bits of wreckage in its path flying. The trio begins to advance, taking different paths, with the Polar Manzardill clone on the left, the hybrid Nanochip clone above, taking flight, and the Appoplexian clone on the right, as Nega Whalewind struggles to blast back either of the ones on the sides.

The Polar Manzardill clone attacking with an icy beam from her maw, Nega Whalewind simply blasts the ice beam back while it is in mid-air, demonstrating how destructive and powerful his aerokinetic exhales are, causing it to deflect backwards and partially freeze her over. However, because of this, the Appoplexian clone attacks from behind, wrapping her arms around Nega Whalewind’s mid-section.

“SURPRISE! LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING, EVIL BEN! YOU’RE BITING OFF MORE THAN YOU CAN CHEW! BEHOLD MY OPHIUCHUS SUPLEX!” Gwen’s Appoplexian clone exclaims, before suddenly suplexing Nega Whalewind, smashing both his head and sensitive lung-like growths on the concrete below, before Gwen’s Appoplexian clone lands a flurry of wrestler moves, including a “COSMIC CLOTHESLINE!” as she socks Nega Whalewind with a direct punch as he wobbles his way back up to his feet, sending him flying back, and upon jumping atop the severed head of Computron, an “URSA MAJOR BODY SLAM!” as she jumps and slams her entire body’s weight onto Nega Whalewind, causing him to suddenly revert back to his human form.

Coughing, Nega Ben taps on the interface of his Gloom Watch, activating it, and exclaims, “Bite off more than I can chew… brilliant idea, cous!” before he’s suddenly grabbed by the other arm and pulled upwards by Gwen’s Appoplexian hand, who exclaims, “LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING, NEGA BEN! YOU MAY HAVE MORE THAN TWICE AS MUCH ALIENS THAN GWEN, BUT GWEN ONLY NEEDS ONE ALIEN TO TAKE YOU DOWN, AND SHE DOESN’T NEED A FANCY HERO NAME LIKE YOU!”

“Pfft… then we have conflicting minds.” Nega Ben scoffs, before without touching the dial, he confirms his own access to Master Control as he suddenly transforms in a flash of gray light, forcing Gwen’s Appoplexian clone to release him, and before she can stop him, she’s suddenly blasted by a beam of bright-gray energy, as the view shifts to reveal it had come from Nega Eatle, who exclaims, “WHAT WAS THAT EARLIER ABOUT TELLING ME TO CHILL OUT?!”

“SURE, LET ME REPEAT MYSELF!” An off-screen voice exclaims, revealing it to be Gwen’s Polar Manzardill clone, having broken free of her deflected attack, as she blasts an icy beam toward Nega Eatle, only for him to simply open his mouth, consuming the blast of energy, and fire it back out as a gray energy blast from in-between the prongs of his horns. However, Gwen’s Appplexian clone grabs him by the base of his horn and pulls him back just in-time, causing his beam to misfire entirely and instead shoot right into the sky.

Jumping up in the air and flipping, still holding onto Nega Eatle’s horn, Gwen’s Appoplexian clone exclaims, “FLYING OPHIUCHUS SUPLEX!”, lands back on her feet, and pulls Nega Eatle forward, sending him flipping up in the air and crashing onto the concrete ground before her. As he slowly attempts to recover and push himself back up, Gwen’s Appoplexian clone pats the underside of one of her elbows and proceeds to elbow-drop Nega Eatle, sending him crashing back into the ground, before Gwen’s Polar Manzardill clone blasts the semi-defeated Nega Eatle with an icy beam from her mouth, rapidly encasing his body and trapping him as a result.

“AND STAY DOWN!” Gwen’s Appoplexian clone exclaims, to which Gwen’s Polar Manzardill clone, alongside the hybrid Nanochip clone, approaches their third clone, the former exclaiming, “All’s well that ends well.”

“I wouldn’t say that if I were you.” Gwen’s hybrid Nanochip clone pipes up, to which Gwen’s Polar Manzardill clone responds, confused, “You ARE me… and what do you mean? I froze him to the ground, so he should be completely down for the count-” before suddenly, Nega Eatle’s icy confinement explodes in a sudden eruption of flames, sending the trio of clones flying back, to which Gwen’s Polar Manzardill clone, forcefully reverting back to her human form, exclaims, “Aw, I did it again! I spoke too soon! Shucks!”

Nega Ben’s new alien form reveals itself as a demonic, gray-skinned entity with glowing-red horns, a visor-like mask covered in red symbols, a collar connected to a pair of pointed shoulder-pads and a long, black coat, both baring glowing-red stripe-like highlights, clawed, three-fingered hands and two-toed hooves for feet, and the Gloom Watch symbol on the center of his chest, surrounded by a glowing-red, pentagram-like pattern: Nega Sabbattoir.

“Looks like I mistaken myself… what I intended to say was ‘what was that earlier about playing unfair’?” Nega Sabbattoir asks, raising one of his hands up and generating a two-dimensional, glowing-red construct of magical energy in the shape of a pentagram overlaying a circle and covered in various line-like patterns from his palm. “How petty that you tripled your numbers just because I refused to dumb myself down earlier, but what-ev-er. It’s time I finally take you down, cous.”

“Oh, please…” Gwen’s human form clone exclaims, as she readies her respective Omnitrix and selects the holographic silhouette of a bipedal velociraptor-like alien. “I’m here all night…”

Slamming her palm down on her Omnitrix dial, she rapidly transforms into her Kineceleran form, a semi-armored, raptor-like humanoid form, possessing her alien forms’ signature pink eyes, freckles, and blue hair-clip on the left sides of their forehead, in this case being connected to the shiny-dark-blue, conoid helmet covering all but her face, with a black-and-blue jumpsuit for an outfit, triangular-shaped hands, each possessing three claws, three-toed feet each wrapping around and holding a black wheel-like orb, digitigrade legs, a long tail with two black stripes near the end, and her Omnitrix symbol on the center of her chest.

“So give me your best shot!” Gwen’s Kineceleran clone exclaims upon her transformation sequence’s conclusion, shields her face with her helmet’s black-and-pink visor-like mask, and rushes into battle, revealing her primary ability of greatly-enhanced speed, as meanwhile, her hybrid Nanochip clone smacks its Omnitrix symbol, rapidly transforming into her Tetramand form, to which she additionally rushes into battle.

“You think I truly feel imitated by a bit of speed and brawns?! Sabbattoir’s elemental spellcasting ability will take all three of you down at once, and because of me being present in the Summer Solstice… Sabbattoir’s pyromancy of LITHAKAISER IS AT ITS PEAK STRENGTH!!” Nega Sabbattoir exclaims, as he activates his fire magic, causing his red highlights and accents to suddenly gain a bright-yellow coloration instead. “CHILL OUT?! I’LL SHOW YOU THE OPPOSITE OF CHILLING OUT!!”

As the trio of clones engage in battle against Nega Sabbattoir, Gwen’s Tetramand and Appoplexian clones and Nega Sabbattoir primarily trade blows. Projecting bright-yellow flames and using them to enhance his combat, Nega Sabbattoir fends off Gwen’s Appoplexian clone, creating an eruption of flames from the ground that sends her flying back, but is unable to affect Gwen’s Tetramand clone, to which she triumphantly notices and exclaims, “Hah! Tetramand skin is naturally heat-resistant!”

“Oh, man! Looks like I’m unable to hurt you! If only Sabbattoir had access to different types of elemental spellcasting!” Nega Sabbattoir sarcastically exclaims, before scoffing and exclaiming, “MABONKAISER!”, causing his yellow coloration to now turn bright-purple. Now granted the power of geomancy, Nega Sabbattoir telekinetically lifts several loose chunks of asphalt and concrete, and barrages Gwen’s Tetramand clone with them, as she struggles to block them with her forearms.

“One of the Gwen's needs help!” Gwen’s Kineceleran clone exclaims to the groaning, recovering Appoplexian clone, to which she angrily snaps, “I CAN SEE THAT, SPEEDSTER!”, jumps to her feet, bares her wrist claws, and lunges into battle again, only for Nega Sabbattoir to suddenly whip around, causing him to endure a slash to the chest, tearing his coat. Exclaiming, “YULEKAISER!” and turning bright-blue instead, Nega Sabbattoir gains hydromancy and blasts Gwen’s Appoplexian clone with a pair of bright-blue watery beams from his palms, sending her flying back and crashing into the side of a car.

“AW, WATER! RATH HATES WATER!!” Gwen’s Appoplexian clone exclaims, furiously attempting to dry herself in a panic, to which she suddenly realizes, “AH, NOOO!! HE MADE ME SAY A HERO NAME!! I DON’T DO HERO NAMES!!!” as Gwen’s Kineceleran clone palms her face in frustration, while Gwen’s Tetramand clone and Nega Sabbattoir continue to fight, now clashing, the latter having switched back to Lithakaiser, his form of pyromancy.

As the two continue to wrestle against one another, Nega Sabbattoir eventually shoves Gwen’s Tetramand clone back, creating several blasts of pyrokinetic energy that Gwen’s Tetramand form quickly withstands as she begins to charge at Nega Sabbattoir. Suddenly beginning to manifest a massive, bright-yellow construct of flames from behind him in the shape of a hand and forearm, the former curling into the shape of a fist, Nega Sabbattoir, his arms slowly raised upwards, slams them down, prompting the fiery construct to smash the asphalt ground beneath its strike, narrowly crushing Gwen’s Tetramand clone, who luckily uses her alien form’s enhanced jumping strength to lunge into the air and pounce onto Nega Sabbattoir, pinning him to the ground, her left foot pushing down on his throat.

“Crushing… my windpipe… I see…” Nega Sabbattoir chokes out, to which Gwen’s Tetramand form responds, “End of the line, Nega Ben… I don’t know why you’re precisely here, but I know it’s not because you hate me for stopping you… you’ve had a personality shift since we’ve last met, but that doesn’t mean you suddenly don’t need reasons anymore, so SPILL!”

Nega Sabbattoir chuckles in response, and slowly begins to speak, Gwen’s Tetramand clone lifting her foot slightly to allow him to breathe, as he states, “...they set me here… to prevent its… creation… they set me here… to kill the cancer that’s been plaguing us… the cancer that originates from this particular dimension… you had a hand in its creation… and unintentional or not, I need to sever it to save us...”

“YOU need to start making sense, or I’m throwing punches again.” Gwen’s Tetramand clone responds, frustrated, briefly stomping on Nega Sabbattoir’s neck again and causing him to briefly choke, to which Nega Sabbattoir, gasping for air, begins suddenly laughing, as the silhouetted of a transparent figure began to rapidly approach Gwen’s Tetramand clone from behind, as Nega Sabbattoir continues, “I’m really interested… by your Echo Echo duplication trick… it’s an Omnitrix loophole not many Bens have even heard of… hell, Ben Prime’s only used it once… but it’s too damn bad that I thought of it first.”

As Gwen’s Tetramand form’s gaze widens in confusion while Nega Sabbattoir laughs, a grayscale flashback immediately after Computron’s defeat shows Nega ChamAlien retracting from underneath a car and re-emerging from its other side, the view shifting and zooming in abruptly to reveal Nega Nanomech clinging to the side of Nega ChamAlien, who quickly takes flight and upon signaling Nega ChamAlien to take five, he nods in response, turns invisible, and flees to the sidelines, allowing Nega Nanomech to transform into Nega Armodrillo in a flash of gray light, before raising his jackhammer arms upwards, then downwards, and beginning to release tremors into the ground.

The flashback ending, Gwen’s Tetramand clone is ambushed by the revealed clone of Nega Ben, still as the semi-invisible Nega ChamAlien, who strikes the Tetramand clone with a long, razor-sharp stinger extending from the tip of his tail. Although Gwen’s Tetramand clone manages to defend itself just in the nick of time, it’s pierced in the palm by the stinger and frees Nega Sabbattoir as a result, allowing him to get up and activate his bright-green-represented aeromancy through exclaiming “OSTRAKAISER!”, as Gwen’s Tetramand clone suddenly begins to collapse to the ground, being overwhelmed by an extreme weight pushing her down, to which Gwen’s Tetramand clone groans while collapsing onto one of her knees, “W-What?! How are you- OOF!”

“Air magic. I’m pushing you down by amplifying the air pressure.” Nega Sabbattoir exclaims, bright-green revealing what he’s specifically doing, while wisps of bright-green wind emit from his gradually-lowering palms, before using his head to gesture toward the now-fully-visible Nega ChamAlien clone. “Now, you haven’t exactly unlocked that alien just yet… but let me tell you something. ChamAlien doesn’t get enough respect. The power of stealth has extreme untapped potential within the multiverse, and it seems like I’m the only one with interest in this power… now, then, would you do the honors? I’ll let you get one of the next two.”

As Nega ChamAlien chuckles and lifts his tail, readying his stinger, a defiant scream of “NO, YOU DON’T!!!” wails off in the distance, as the two Nega alien clones look up in confusion, only for Nega ChamAlien to be slammed back and sent crashing into the pavement and nearby rubble by Gwen’s Kineceleran clone. Quickly attempting to turn invisible, Gwen’s Kineceleran clone begins to rapidly surround the central area of Nega ChamAlien, creating a miniature tornado of wind and chunks of rubble that upon being abruptly concluded, sends Nega ChamAlien flying into the side of a building.

“Damn it, damn it, DAMN IT! I SHOULD HAVE MADE A THIRD ONE, BUT WHATEVER!!! MABONKAISER!” Nega Sabbattoir exclaims, angered and stomping the ground, before activating his geomancy and lifting his hands up, rapidly ensnaring Gwen’s Kineceleran form in a mass of geokinetically-lifted rocks, before switching back to Lithakaiser and readying a blast of flames to put an end to the specific clone. “FACE IT, XLR8! YOU CAN’T BEAT SABBATTOIR’S MAGIC! HE’S A MASTER OF THE ELEMENTS, AND YOU LACK ANY ALIEN FORMS IMMUNE TO MANA! SO, NOW… ENJOY BURNING IN SABBATOIR’S HELL, YOU BASTARD!!!”

Just then, a dark, muscular silhouette suddenly begins to rise upwards from behind Nega Sabbattoir moments before he readies a powerful pyrokinetic attack. Still dripping with water and brandishing claws, everything moves in slow motion as Nega Sabbattoir very slowly turns around to face them, quickly attempting to redirect an attack toward them, only to be cut off by the enraged scream of “URSA MINOR UPPERCUT!” before a flying fist smashes into Nega Sabbattoir’s face, the claw extending from their wrist deeply slashing his visor, so hard it sends him a couple inches off the ground.

As Nega Sabbattoir, his visor shattered and vision distorted by the formed cracks, stares in horror, the silhouette, now revealed as the infuriated clone of Gwen 10, transformed as her Appoplexian form, lunges forth with her other arm, grappling onto Nega Sabbattoir’s throat and beginning to rapidly jostle around like a rag-doll. As her Tetramand clone recovers, Gwen’s Appoplexian clone quickly spirals around, Nega Sabbattoir’s neck still in hand, and roars, “CEPHUS CHOKESLAM!” before throwing Nega Sabbattoir up into the head and moments later, skull-first into the asphalt, the audible crunches of his cracking horns heard.

Meanwhile, Gwen’s Kineceleran clone, having finally manages to break out of her confinement of jagged rock by transforming into her Polymorph form, a peculiar alien entirely composed of a bright-pink sludge, taking on a crude humanoid form with a weirdly-”beaked” face with large, pink eyes, elastically-shaped limbs, stumps for feet, some minimal feminine features, and a strange, mechanical UFO-shaped device floating above her head, her “anti-gravity projector”, that on top of it, features her Omnitrix’s symbol, brawls with a recovered Nega ChamAlien clone, using projected blasts of slime to cover his body and render his invisibility useless.

Using her elasticity and shapeshifting abilities to avoid Nega ChamAlien’s slashes with his stinger, Nega ChamAlien suddenly transforms into a flash of gray light, becoming an abstract, headless, dark-gray-skinned humanoid alien, with its torso dominated by one large eyeball embedded in the center, webbed, three-fingered hands that can retract into simple points, and the Gloom Watch symbol on its left outer-shoulder, Nega Eyezor, who proceeds to fire a massive blast of dark-gray energy from the eyeball’s pupil at Gwen’s Polymorph clone. As they continue their battle, the scene returns to the two other Gwen 10 clones, and Nega Sabbatoir.

“PFFT… DAMN IT… I THOUGHT RATH’S HYDROPHOBIA WOULD SUBDUE YOU…” Nega Sabbattoir groans, crashing to the ground, his horns and conduits of mana reduced to splintered stumps leaking wisps of smoke, unable to further utilize his spellcasting, to which Gwen’s Tetramand clone, looming over him alongside her Appoplexian clone, asks, “So, I’m curious: what was that earlier about you severing my hands?”

“It was… a metaphor… cous...” Nega Sabbattoir groans in response, before suddenly, both one of the hands of Gwen’s Tetramand and Appoplexian clones grabs the wrists, the latter of which exclaiming, “Metaphors, huh? Then behold, your CURTAIN CALL!” before the two of them quickly lift Nega Sabbattoir up by the arms into the air, releasing their grips while in mid-air.

As the two wind back their fists, they begin simultaneously exclaiming, “TRIANGULUM… AUSTRALE… TAG… TEAMMM!!!” before each launching a pair of barraging blows of rapid punches at Nega Sabbattoir, peppering him with an onslaught of strikes so fast and hard it literally leaves him suspended in mid-air for a good moment, to which they then each launch their respective jab, their fists colliding with the sides of Nega Sabbattoir’s head and completely shattering his cracked visor, before literally sending him flying back and smashing into a metal light pole, finally defeating Nega Ben’s powerful alien and one of the clones overall.

As the two clones dramatically turn around and strike their Omnitrix symbols, they both transform in flashes of pink light, the two flashes of light swiftly fusing together into one, to reveal they had not only both transformed into their Sonorosian forms, apparently dubbed “Echo Echo”, but both merged back into one, while in the background, Nega Sabbattoir reverts back to his human form. The view shifts to the other fight between the remaining Gwen 10 clone, still transformed as her Polymorph clone, brawling Nega Ben’s clone, still as Nega Eyezor.

“YOU’RE NEVER GOING TO HIT ME!” Gwen’s Polymorph clone exclaims, her voice crackling as if she was speaking through a walkie-talkie, as Nega Eyezor continues to fire his energy optic beams. Flustered, he quickly and rapidly begins to scan the environment with his hyper-sensitive vision, eventually noticing every precise detail within the surrounding area, eventually noticing the damaged supports of a neary billboard, having been damaged earlier by one of Nega Sabbattoir’s misfired pyrokinetic beams.

Readying his optic beam yet again, he fires it toward the supports, causing them to violently explode and begin to send the billboard crashing downwards towards Gwen’s Polymorph clone. Unable to escape from underneath it in time, Gwen’s Polymorph form braces itself, only for the billboard to seemingly freeze in-place moments before it splatters Gwen’s Polymorph form all over the pavement. Noticing its halted state, the billboard suddenly begins to rise upwards, revealing it was being grabbed by a gigantic, 12-foot-tall, dinosaur-like alien, Gwen 10’s Vaxasaurian form, possessing bright-pink eyes, a large jaw, dark-brown and light-beige scales, an outfit merely consisting of shorts, and her Omnitrix symbol on the center of her chest.

“Sorry… but I’m not a personal fan of property damage!” Gwen’s Vaxasaurian clone exclaims, placing the billboard down, before suddenly raising her foot up and stomping directly downwards onto Nega Eyezor right in the middle of his attempt to fire an energy beam at her, smashing down comically flat and effortlessly defeating him. “And NOW... all’s well that ends well.”

As both Gwen’s Vaxasaurian and Polymorph clones strike the Omnitrix symbols on their chest and projector respectively, they transform into merging flashes of pink light, before fusing back together into one Sonorosian form. Her Omnitrix severely exhausted and depleted of energy from massive use, it almost instantly reverts Gwen 10 back to her human form, to which she proceeds to catch her breath, her hands on her knees, allowing Nega Eyezor to slither away.

“Man… how do all those other Bens do it?” Gwen 10 pants, as in the background, Nega Eyezor helps the original Nega Ben back up to his feet and the two both suddenly transform into the grayscale Nega counterparts of Echo Echo and merge back into one again. Finally catching her breath, Gwen 10 realizes the absence of Nega Ben’s clone and quickly turns to face him, seeing he had now merged back together too. “What do we have here? Planning to run off?”

“Pfft…” Nega Ben merely scoffs, wiping a streak of blood from his lacerated, bruised upper-lip, before talking to himself, “I completely wasted my time… I knew taking you out would be a near-impossible task, especially at a time like this… looks like me and the others have to face that damn thing head-on, maybe even get help from other Bens...”

“What are you going on about? Your explanation of why you’re here and this ‘damn thing’ were rather vague earlier… care to explain, Ben?” Gwen 10 asks, confused.

“Screw off.” Nega Ben bluntly responds, activating his Gloom Watch and suddenly transforming into an outlandish humanoid form, a tall, fleshy, grayscale humanoid, standing probably 8 feet tall, with gangly limbs and three fingers and toes per extremity, a superfluous toe hanging from each its ankle, its face almost “swirled” in shape, each of its primary corners possessing an eyeball that were each rotated 90 degrees from one another, with the Gloom Watch symbol on the center of his chest like most of his other aliens.

“Ugh, what the heck is that alien?!” Gwen 10 exclaims, disgusted and confused by Nega Ben’s odd transformation, to which he reveals himself, as “Sideslash. He has fourth dimensional physiology, and thus, is not bound by just three. Perfect getaway alien.” before suddenly, a great portion of the left side of his lower-body suddenly began to vanish, literally looking like he was starting to partially phase through an invisible wall, even exposing the flesh and bone instead of his pelvis and left leg.

“So, you’re just going to leave me in the dark about this ‘damn thing’, huh, ‘cous’?” Gwen 10 asks, to which Nega Sideslash snarls in response “Pfft… you don’t have to worry about it. You won’t go after you, because it’s from your own dimension. It’s only hunting after Omnitrix-wielding Bens of different dimensions. You rest your little head now, and pretend this never happened.”

“It’s… from my own dimension?! No, wait! You can’t tell me all this and not give me answers, let alone less-vague hints!” Gwen 10 exclaims, to which Nega Sideslash, now his entire lower-body and part of his left arm phasing into the fourth dimensional, hesitates for a moment, before maniacally chuckling and finally stating, his upper-body now mostly vanished, “Oh… it’s not like you’re going to be in darkness for long… your professor’s on the way anyways… just give it a moment...” before finally vanishing, the echo of his chuckle the last semblance of him before he fully vanishes into the fourth dimension, leaving Gwen 10 seemingly entirely alone within the wrecked streets of her Bellwood.

“...professor…?” Gwen 10 could only utter a simple word to herself in confusion, before she’s suddenly alerted to the presence of a glowing-blue portal forming a good distance behind her, illuminating her entire form as she briefly shields her face with her hand.

A pair of adult figures slowly begin to emerge from within the portal, and they soon reveal themselves as an aged, fair-skinned, gray-eyed man with short black hair noticeably greyed on the sides, in an outfit composed of a white lab-coat, brown vest covered in golden buttons and pouches, black pants, brown knee-pads, brown, gold-strapped boots, with a black turtleneck, white scarf, and pair of green goggles around his neck, a black fingerless glove on his left hand, grasping a cane, and a large, bulky, bright-blue gauntlet on his right hand, alongside an adult version of Ben Prime in his mid 40’s, with dark-brown hair containing a white streak on each side, a goatee, and an outfit consisting of a white, green-striped, short-sleeved shirt, black fingerless gloves a black belt containing dark-gray pouches and the glowing-green numbers of “10k” as his belt buckle, camo-green pants, metallic knee-pads, and black-and-white, literally-steel-point boots, while his “Omnitrix” instead had the appearance of a pair of two, bright-green slim gauntlets that cover almost all of his forearms, each possessing square screens that contain green hourglass-shaped, black-striped symbols on them.

As Gwen 10 stares in a moment of disbelief and sudden remembrance toward the two newcomers, the adult Ben exclaims in a slightly defeated tone, “Damn, he’s already gone. Finicky ‘Hyperphysical Sapioid’ form.”

“Calm now, Ben Tennyson, we have all the time we need.” The supposed ‘professor’ exclaims, before facing Gwen 10 and greeting her, “Hello there, Gwen Tennyson!”

“...’Professor Paradox’… ‘Ben 10,000’...?!” Gwen 10 exclaims in disbelief. “I haven’t seen you two since… well, the war of alternate Ben’s in the Prime dimension! Why are you two here?”

“The same reason while the more darker version of your cousin was here… well, to a lesser extent.” Professor Paradox responds. “Someone has broken out of the future of your dimension’s timeline, and as we speak it’s running rampant in a nearby alternate dimension, not to mention it has resulted in the creation of severe strange space-time anomalies.”

“It’s what ‘Nega Ben’ was talking about… it’s an anti-Ben android hellbent on wiping Ben’s out, and it’s serious business.” Ben 10,000 exclaims. “We’ve come here because we need help... help from you, help from myself, help from as many old allies we can gather. If it’s not stopped, it can disfigure the space-time continuum.”

“But… Nega Ben said I apparently had a hand in unintentionally creating this android… and that he literally came here to wipe me out himself so he can get rid of it?!” Gwen 10 responds, confused.

“Interesting... but we don’t have answers to that. That’s why we desperately need help. We can’t do this alone.” Ben 10,000 exclaims, slowly approaching Gwen 10 and eventually kneeling down in-front of her, holding out his palm and gesturing for a handshake. “Care to give us a hand, Gwen?”

Briefly pausing, Gwen 10 smirks and accepts Ben 10,000’s handshake, simply explaining, “Count me in, cousin.” as the screen freezes, cutting to black as a logo fills the screen, before a single message fades in beneath it.


Noteworthy Events

Major Events

  • A setting not Ben Prime's own makes its debut in the series, being the alternative Bellwood city of Dimension 17, or the dimension of Gwen 10.
  • Both aged by the time-skip, Gwen 10 fights an evil, gothic alternate version of Ben, dubbed Nega Ben, that she fought up against of the Time War almost a decade ago, and the repeatedly-mentioned war against alternate Ben's that took place 4 years in Ben Prime's dimension and as revealed in Chapter 3, became so risky Ben had to use his powerful transformation, Alien X.
    • Gwen 10 reveals she apparently had some sort of bad history with Nega Ben during the events of those wars, to which Nega Ben sarcastically describes as "good old times".
  • Nega Ben reveals he's had a huge personality shift during the time-skip, becoming a lot more sarcastic and aggressive while under stress during his fight with Gwen 10, something so prominent that even Gwen herself points out.
  • Both Gwen 10 and Nega Ben use the tactic of a strange loophole in the Omnitrix that duplicating aliens, most effectively Echo Echo due to his high duplication limit, can revert back to clones of their user if all clones hit their Omnitrix symbols and revert at the same time.
    • However, as a strange side-effect, clones will have prominent personality differences from the original user, even if one of the reverted clones becomes a "perfect clone", retaining all of their original user's personality and traits.
    • During the battle, Gwen 10 uses this to create three versions of herself, a heroic, considerably-perfect clone, a confrontational, transformation-dependent clone, and a hot-tempered, aggressive clone. Nega Ben uses this method himself, creating both a perfect clone and a silent, stealthy clone that does not speak.
  • Merely stating at first he wants revenge for defeating him and his allies during the Prime timeline war 4 years ago, Nega Ben cryptically reveals he has been sent to Dimension 17 by his allies to destroy an anti-Ben android hunting them down. Due to the fact it originates from the future of Dimension 17, and Gwen 10 has an unintentional hand in creating it, Nega Ben attempts to defeat and kill it to neutralize its existence, but despite some good efforts, he fails in the end and escapes.
  • A massive ally to the good alternate Ben's and time-traveling professor, Professor Paradox, and his closest ally, the 46-year-old future incarnation of Ben Prime, dubbed "Ben 10,000" make their debuts, seemingly hinting they were chasing after Nega Ben, but eventually reveal themselves to have come to recruit alternate Ben's who assisted them during the Time War and 4-year-ago Prime timeline war to help them destroy the anti-Ben android themselves and deal with recent space-time anomalies it has been creating.
    • Although confused how she has a hand in creating the so-called android, she agrees to help them.
    • Due to the fact the two of them are capable of traveling space and time, they have not aged during the decade-year-long time-skip, because it has not been 10 years for them, alongside the fact Professor Paradox himself is ageless.

Minor Events

  • Gwen 10 finally defeats and destroys the inter-dimensional rampaging robots of Dimension 12: Computron and his minions.
  • Nega Ben's Omnitrix name, previously not revealed before, is revealed as the "Gloom Watch".
  • Nega Ben is revealed to not care about naming his aliens, and only does so to give them codenames.
  • Four Arms reveals to have a moderate immunity to mercury poisoning after she was exposed to some upon breaking out of the confinement formed by Nega Mercurious.
    • Spidermonkey himself is not immune, but managed to escape and transform into a mercury-resistant alien before succumbing to effects of mercury poisoning.
  • Magmalight's ability of light-magma transmutation is revealed to be able to transform even the flash of light upon an Omnitrix wielder transforming into magma of the same color, potentially injuring the user very badly, if not outright killing them.
  • Rath's wrestler moves from Ben 10: Alien Force return, alongside a few new ones.
  • Ben 10,000 is revealed to have knowledge and understand the strange abilities of Sideslash and his species of Hyperphysical Sapioids.
    • Although not directly stated, it's due to an adventure through the Triangulum Galaxy he had while at the age of 33 years old.



  • Ben Prime (mentioned)
  • Gwen 10 (first reappearance)
    • "Heroic" Gwen 10 Clone
    • "Confrontational" Gwen 10 Clone
    • "Aggressive" Gwen 10 Clone
  • Professor Paradox (first reappearance)
  • Ben 10,000 (first reappearance)
  • Stolen Purse Woman (vocal cameo)
  • Police Officer (vocal cameo)


  • Nega Ben (first reappearance)
    • "Stealthy" Nega Ben Clone
  • Computron (first reappearance)
  • Computron's Minions (first appearance)
  • "Anti-Ben Android" (alluded)

Aliens Used

By Gwen 10

  • Necrofriggian (Big Chill; intended alien was Aerophibian form; off-screen transformation)
  • Pyronite (Heatblast)
  • Sonorosian (x4; first reappearance of Echo Echo; third and fourth times cameos)
  • Opticoid (Eye Guy; intended alien was Vaxasaurian form; off-screen transformation)
  • Arachnichimp (first reappearance of Spidermonkey; intended alien was Polar Manzardill form)
  • Tetramand (first reappearance of Four Arms)
  • Vaxasaurian (first appearance of Humungousaur; off-screen transformation)

By "Heroic" Gwen 10 Clone

  • Polar Manzardill (first reappearance of Arctiguana, off-screen transformation)
  • Kineceleran (first reappearance of XLR8)
  • Polymorph (first reappearance of Goop; off-screen transformation)
  • Sonorosian (Echo Echo; cameo)

By "Confrontational" Gwen 10 Clone

  • Homosapien-Nanochip Hybrid (first reappearance of Nanomech; off-screen transformation)
  • Tetramand (Four Arms)
  • Sonorosian (Echo Echo; cameo)

By "Aggressive" Gwen 10 Clone

  • Appoplexian (first reappearance of Rath; off-screen transformation)
  • Sonorosian (Echo Echo; cameo)

By Nega Ben

  • Nega Echo Echo (x2; first time off-screen, second time cameo)
  • Nega Nanomech (flashback; cameo; off-screen transformation)
  • Nega Armodrillo (first reappearance of Armodrillo; transformation in flashback)
  • Nega EpiCentaur (first appearance of EpiCentaur)
  • Nega Mercurious (first appearance of Mercurious)
  • Nega Crane Fly (first appearance of Crane Fly; off-screen transformation)
  • Nega Magmalight (first appearance of Magmalight; off-screen transformation)
  • Nega Whalewind (first appearance of Whalewind)
  • Nega Eatle (off-screen transformation)
  • Nega Sabbattoir (first appearance of Sabbattoir)
  • Nega Sideslash (first appearance of Sideslash)

By Stealthy Nega Ben Clone

  • Nega ChamAlien (off-screen transformation)
  • Nega Eyezor (first appearance of Eyezor)
  • Nega Echo Echo (cameo)


  • The placeholder, working name of the chapter was simply "Pink and Gray", simply referring to the Omnitrix colors of Gwen 10 and Nega Ben, before it was eventually changed.
  • Chapter 5 marks the first chapter of Multiverse vs. Tennyson to begin noticeably using more harsher language, with Nega Ben calling one of Gwen's clones a "bastard" at one point, saying "damn" multiple times, and "hell" at one point, with even Ben 10,000 each saying the two latter words once.
  • Only briefly described, most if not all of Gwen's transformations possess their signature hair-clip on their left sides of their foreheads, connecting to any present hair.
  • Although not using them in the chapter, Gwen 10's Omnitrix, currently at its recalibrated state as of Ben 10: Alien Force, has access to Swampfire, Chromastone, Lodestar, Murk Upchuck, and Jetray.
    • Although at first, it seems at first the current point of Gwen 10's timeline taking place during th later events of Ben 10: Alien Force, judging by her having re-unlocked Heatblast, it's revealed either events played out differently in Gwen 10's timeline and she did not lose her original 20 or so aliens when her Omnitrix recalibrated, or she has re-unlocked many more of her old aliens, as she still have access to Eye Guy, Four Arms, Arctiguana, and XLR8.
  • Although alluded but not revealed, Nega Ben first uses Nega Echo Echo off-screen to create a clone, allowing the new clone to transform into Nega ChamAlien and begin stealthily heading toward Gwen 10.
  • The Echo-Echo-generated clones have nicknames in the Aliens Used list due to the different character traits they display in the chapter.
    • The first Gwen 10 clone demonstrates eager traits, spouting one-liners and having a great sense of heroism, being the most similar to the original Gwen.
    • The second Gwen 10 clone demonstrates confrontational traits, angrily stomping and choking Nega Sabbattoir to force answers out of him.
    • The third Gwen 10 clone demonstrates aggressive traits, transforming into her naturally-aggressive Appoplexian form first, violently attacking Nega Whalewind and Nega Sabbattoir, and growing so flustered at one point that she accidentally calls her alien form by the alternate Ben's nickname of Rath.
    • The Nega Ben clone demonstrates stealthy traits, transforming into his naturally-stealthy Merlinisapein form and staying furtive on the sidelines through most of the battle. He does not speak, empathizing his silent nature.
  • Gwen's hybrid Nanochip clone was originally meant to be more on-screen and do more, but the battle between Nega Whalewind and Gwen's Polar Manzardill and Appoplexian clones did not require her, and there was no effective to write her in. Because of that, it was changed that due to her weak alien form, she stayed up in the air, watching the battle, trying to find a weak-spot of Nega Whalewind, and eventually assisted in freezing the trapped Polar Manzardill clone.
  • Rath's new wrestler moves include:
    • Ursa Minor Uppercut.
    • Cephus Chokeslam.
    • Triangulum Australe Tag Team.
  • Nega Eyezor was a last-minute addition to the chapter, and the Nega Ben clone was originally meant to transform into either Nega Whalewind or Nega Echo Echo to attack Gwen's Polymorph clone.
  • Gwen's Vaxasaurian form was originally meant to appear much earlier in the chapter, but was changed due to issues with earlier drafts of the chapter.
  • Ben 10,000's debut was another last-minute addition to the chapter alongside Professor Paradox's arrival near the end of the chapter, revealing he was instead meant to appear in a later chapter, so it was changed to have his debut more early, and become it would make more sense he would help Professor Paradox gather more help from alternate Ben's.
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