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Multiverse vs. Tennyson
Season 1, Episode 4
Air date 4/18/2020
Written by XxXWTBxXx
Directed by XxXWTBxXx
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"Cerebral Venom, Part 2" is the fourth chapter of the fan-made Ben 10 continuation, Multiverse vs. Tennyson.


"Ben Prime, his companion alternative to Rook, Ben 23, and the alien doctor who tried to cater to the broken mind, face against the vicious return of one of Ben Prime's nemesis."


The opening scene begins just moments where Chapter 3 left off, with the newly-arriving, gravely-mutated Albedo having finally crash-landed onto Earth and faces the trio of his cowardly Citrakayah supervisor, Dr. Glenda Blurakami, the one and original Benjamin Tennyson Prime, and his slightly-younger, alternate dimensional counterpart of himself, Ben 23, alongside his camera-shy Slimebiote companion, Skurd, or dubbed Skurd 23 by Ben Prime. White text begins to appear at the center of the bottom of the screen, reconfirming the location:


“Shift’s finally over.” The scene abruptly shifts, showing a tiresome, droopy-eyed Burger Shack employee emerging from the front of the restaurant, clutching his car keys. “I can finally go home… now I just have to remember where I parked-”

A monstrous growl radiates through the air, as upon the Burger Shack employee looks up in exhausted confusion to see a chunk of rubble flying in his direction. As adrenaline rushes through his body, leaving him frozen in an expression of terror, he braces himself, only for an extended appendage, covered in concrete-like rocky armor, to grab ahold of the mass of rubble while it’s mid-air, stretching his hand over its sides, before quickly pulling it back and tossing it aside, revealing it to be Build-A-Guy, Ben 23’s Segmentasapien form.

“Wha-... Ben Tennyson…?!” The Burger Shack employee exclaims. “No… wait, you’re that blue one I saw on the news a few days ago, aren’t you?! You’re from another world, right?!”

“You’re right on the money! I’m a good Ben from another dimension! I’m helping out YOUR Ben!” Build-A-Guy responds, as another guttural roar emits through the air, frightening the Burger Shack employee.

“W-What is that noise?! Was that going on while I was still inside?!” The Burger Shack employee exclaims.

“If you stay here to find out, you’re going to get squashed by whatever’s making that noise!” Build-A-Guy responds, as he quickly whips around to see another mass of rubble being thrown toward the two, to which Build-A-Guy uses his enhanced strength to smash the rubble into fragments, before turning back around. “GO! RUN!”

As the Burger Shack employee flees in terror, Skurd 23 appears on Build-A-Guy’s shoulder, asking him, “May I be of any help, master?”

“Yes, but not until I say so, alright?” Build-A-Guy responds, as meanwhile, Ben Prime, still as Shocksquatch, pounces on the top of his car, in the midst of a battle, and jumps off, sending an electrified kick into the jaw of the mutated Albedo, before quickly grinding to a halt behind him and channeling static electricity through his conductive fur, before launching it as a beam straight out of his open mouth, which strikes the mutated Albedo, in the process of turning around, sending him flying back and smashing into the front of a building.

Build-A-Guy quickly comes to aid an exhausted Shocksquatch, asking, “Did you... get him?”, with Skurd 23 now noticeably resting on the top of the Hero Watch’s golden rim. Slowly emerging from the rubble of the crushed entrance of the building, the mutated Albedo cracks his splintered, visibly broken jaw back into place, tendrils of plant bark visible through the tear in his jaw, revealing his regenerative, plant-based ability.

“Guess not, eh?” Shocksquatch responds. “We need to BOTH hit him hard and fast to have a shot of knocking him to his knees.”

“You and me? Dude… I love team-ups like this.” Build-A-Guy responds. “So, how long has it been since the ‘thing’?”

“The ‘thing? Oh, you mean my catchphrase?” Shocksquatch responds, as the mutated Albedo gradually gets back to his feet. “Only a couple days… and I think I’m understanding what you want us to both do, eh? Say it with me now, 23.”

As the feral, massively-mutated Albedo stares with rage in his trembling eyes, the screen splits, showing Shocksquatch and Build-A-Guy standing side by side, their left arms raised up and left hands opened, as respectively, they exclaim “IT’S HERO TIME!” and “IT’S GYRO TIME!” before slamming their hands down on their Omnitrix and Hero Watch symbols, initiating a dual transformation sequence.

As Ben Prime gradually transforms into an anthropomorphic jackal-like alien, bizarrely made entirely out of red-outlined shadow constructs, with a metal visor over his eyes, similarly-metallic armor over his head, upper-torso, and shoulders, and the Omnitrix symbol on his chest, Ben 23 becomes his own variation of Heatblast, dubbed Charcoal Man, with blue-colored flames, dark-midnight-blue rock armor, and the blue Hero Watch symbol on his chest. The transformation sequence concludes with Ben Prime revealing the name of his new alien form, howling out “NIGHTHOWLER!” while Ben 23 similarly exclaims, “CHARCOAL MAN!” before the former leaps into action.

“I’ll slow him down, 23! You go make sure Dr. Blurakami is okay!” Nighthowler exclaims, as Charcoal Man nods in response. The mutated Albedo leaps toward Nighthowler, but is suddenly shoved back by a wall of shadowy energy summoned forward by Nighthowler. “I don’t think so, ugly! Nighthowler can generate solid constructs made out of darkness!”

Meanwhile, Dr. Blurakami shields his face, still within the dumpster, being slightly blinded by the glow of Charcoal Man’s blue flames, as he had lifted the lid and asked, “Dr. ‘Blur-kamie’… are you still hiding in a…”

“Yes, I am!” Dr. Blurakami eagerly responds, still terrified and slightly frustrated. “My patient is having a massive rage-fueled breakdown just a couple dozen feet away from me, something I’ve never witnessed him experience in the past 10 years I’ve watched over him, and I have no clue how to respond to it! He’s always been reclusive and quiet to himself!”

“Well, then how do we beat him?!” Charcoal Man asks, confused.

“You’re asking ME?! I’m hiding within this protective metal container…” Dr. Blurakami responds, before lifting up a nearby rotted banana peel with an expression of bewilderment. “...strangely filled with waste products of various human usage…”

“Uh… ‘strangely’? Doctor, that’s a dumpster. Human trash goes in there.” Charcoal Man responds, before Dr. Blurakami, pausing for a brief moment, suddenly emerges from the dumpster in shock, furiously shaking his limbs at a rapid speed to the point of them being blurry, while she yells, “EW! EW! EW! DISGUSTING!!” before suddenly being startled by Nighthowler nearly crashing back toward her, getting thrown back by Albedo.

“Ben?! Well, one of the Ben’s?!” Dr. Blurakami asks, still confused at the presence of two versions of Ben.

“Correct.” Nighthowler responds back with one word, before rushing back into battle, creating a pair of swords with his shadow constructs. Dr. Blurakami looks up at the sight of her monstrous patient, stating once again under her breath, “Oh… my… stars…

“Well, now, you’re out of the dumpster, Dr. ‘Blur-kamie’! How can we beat him?!” Charcoal Man asks.

“I don’t know, I studied his BEHAVIOR, not his ANATOMY!” Dr. Blurakami responds, shocked. “Look, if you’re going to rough him up a bit, PLEASE don’t hurt him too badly… I want him to return to the facility without intensive medical care…”

“WE DON’T HURT HIM?!” Nighthowler asks, while attempting to push the biting jaws and wriggling mandibles of the rage-filled Albedo away from himself, only for his grip to abruptly loseen, as the mutated Albedo sinks his dark-yellow teeth onto the shoulder of Nighthowler, causing him to yell out in pain.

“ALBEDO, NO-!” Dr. Blurakami yells out, as Albedo whips his head around like a wild dog, eventually throwing Nighthowler aside before launching a beam of icy flames from his mouth, the intense heat eradicating Nighthowler’s form in a near-instant and forcing him to revert back to Ben Prime’s human form. As Ben Prime seems defeated, Albedo approaches him, baring his dual wrist claws on his left upper arm and a ball of blue flames from his right upper arm, before raising the claws upwards in a motion readying to stab Ben Prime through the back. However, before he can do such, he’s blasted back, struck directly in the face with a geokinetic explosive.

“BACK OFF!” Ben Prime’s new alien form, revealed to be Geothermite, exclaims, as he lobs several rocky explosives of detonating minerals toward the mutated Albedo, riddling him with damage until he creates a glowing bright-red force-field from his robotic left middle arm, protecting himself.

“Master, I loosely recognize some of the alien biology your alternate dimension self’s mutated nemesis is composed of…” Skurd 23 speaks to Charcoal Man. “The ice covering much of his backside derives from the Polar Manzardill, the species of Freezelizard… I think a powerful, concentrated explosive force can damage it severely!”

“Nice! Thanks, Skurd! You’re the best, and while you’re at it, can you give me something I can use to blow him out of the park?” Charcoal Man asks, as Skurd 23 exclaims, “Most definitely!” before extending slimy tendrils outwards from his chest onto his arms, transforming his forearms into a pair of aquamarine arms identical to Ben 23’s Methanosian form, Mr. Mucky.

“What? Skurd, I already have flames!” Charcoal Man exclaims, confused as he looks at his new appendages. “...oh wait! Mr. Mucky makes methane! You want me to combine Charcoal Man’s flames with Mr. Mucky’s methane, right?”

“Excellent observation!” Skurd 23 responds. “Now, go do some damage!”

During their conversation, Geothermite is sent crashing into the ground by the mutated Albedo, pinning him down with one hand, who begins to use cryokinesis to freeze over Geothermite’s body from the neck down, leaving him defenseless.

“Enhanced strength… regeneration... fire breath… energy shields… ice generation... what powers DON’T YOU HAVE, FREAK?!” Geothermite exclaims, reconfirming that despite Albedo’s speech at the end of Chapter 3, Ben Prime was still not fully aware of who this mutated villain was.

...MORE T-THAN EN-NOUGH… TO FINI-ISH YOU FO-OR GO-OD!” Albedo responds, before raising one bark-composed finger from his right upper arm, extending it toward Geothermite’s frozen chest, revealing his additional ability of intangibility, as his finger phases through the ice and presses Geothermite’s Omnitrix symbol. In a flash of green light, Ben Prime’s human form is in the clutches of Albedo’s rocky hand, a few feet off the ground. “...y-you don’t remem-mber the Galv-van I used-d to be, huh..?

“Oh, you’re part GALVAN, huh?! I could hardly tell past the Plynovian and Nosedeenian features jutting out of your face! For god’s sake, you HAVE SIX EYES, LIKE A SPIDER!” Ben Prime yells out in frustration, to which Albedo’s face contorts in frustration and anger, as he barks out, “...rrrrrrggggGGGHHHH! W-WHY DON’T YO-OU REMEM-MBER ME?!

“Look, pal… if you somehow couldn’t see through those six eyes on your face… I’m a 25-year-old grown man… I’ve been at this hero's career since I was 10 years old… I’ve played this villain-guessing game more times I can count…” Ben Prime responds, his tone dead serious. “I’m not playing it anymore… I’m done playing it… just open your damn mouth and TELL ME WHO YOU ARE!”

...w-why tell by voic-ce… op-pen your-r mind and I-I’ll do th-he explain-ning…” Albedo responds, his distorted voice shifting and stuttering as he speaks, as slowly, a seventh, bright-red eyeball, also baring a rectangular, black pupil like his primary set of eyes, begins to open on his forehead, radiating an aura of bright-red energy, as it suddenly begins to fire electricity into Ben Prime’s forehead, causing him to yell out in pain. “...AFT-TER I CAUSE YOU L-LETHAL BRA-AIN DEATH!!

“HANDS OFF BEN, YOU WALKING HORRORSHOW!” Charcoal Man exclaims off-screen, as a furious Albedo turns around to face him, only to be struck dead-on, directly in the face, by a massive fireball, powerful enough to send him flying back, releasing Ben Prime in the process, as he grinds to a stop, his body taking on a quadrupedal stance.

WRECK-KLESS CHILD... THAT HUR-RTS LIKE HELL!” Albedo exclaims, his face horribly distorted with bloodied wounds, as he begins to slowly regenerate. As Ben Prime falls back to the ground, he’s pulled toward Charcoal Man, using a plant tendril formed from one of Mr. Mucky’s wrists.

“You alright, man?” Charcoal Man asks. “Wasn’t aiming for the face, but I guess that’ll do.”

“Pissed off, but yeah, that’s just the usual.” Ben Prime responds, to which he spots Dr. Blurakami staring at him from a distance, timidly watching.

“Oh… this is all my fault… if it wasn’t for my actions of trying to make him listen to me back on Galvan Prime, I would have been able to stop him from coming here…” Dr. Blurakami mutters to herself, as suddenly, a pale human hand touches Dr. Blurakami on the shoulder, as in a comforting manner. As Dr. Blurakami quickly turns to see who it was, exclaiming “Huh?!”, the owner of the hand was gone in literal moments, to which a worried, teary-eyed Dr. Blurakami groans, “Ohhh… I’m so stressed that I’m feeling things…”

Meanwhile, Charcoal Man happens to undergo the same experience, feeling an unfamiliar hand touch one of his Methanosian hands, to which by the time he turns around in a confused state, the owner is gone. Struggling it off in a similar manner to Dr. Blurakami, he turns back around to Ben Prime, who was slowly dialing up an alien.

“Any other ideas?” Charcoal Man asks, while Albedo was steadily healing at a swift pace.

“Yeah, I got one.” A frustrated Ben Prime responds, selecting the icon of a horned, reptilian alien’s face. “I’m going to shatter his legs. Back me up.”

Slamming his hand down on the dial, Ben Prime begins to rapidly transform into a reptilian, dinosaur-like alien, roughly a slight bit taller than Ben Prime’s human form, as he gains rough, dark-red scaly skin, prominent muscles, both a wide crest and single protruding horn atop his head, a double-ended tail, and the Omnitrix symbol on a green slash across his chest, the symbol itself resting over his left pectoral.

SPEEDBUMP!” Ben’s new alien form exclaims, as he suddenly takes off charging toward Albedo, who also begins to rush toward Speedbump. Despite Albedo’s attempt to strike with his dual-clawed hand, Speedbump’s hard, tough head and enhanced speed turns into a living battering ram, as he sends Albedo flying back, crashing into the ground.

As Albedo slowly rises back up to attack, Speedbump loudly yells, “YEAH, YOU WANT SOME MORE?!” and rushes him again, causing an unprepared Albedo to get slammed back again, his body digging a crater into the asphalt. Speedbump lunges up into the air, expressing enhanced jumping strength, as he divebombs straight toward Albedo, who manages to swat him away just in the nick of time, sending Albedo crashing into the side of a stationary car, briefly getting his large head stuck through the broken car door.

As Albedo swiftly begins to approach him, he’s bombarded with powerful fiery blasts from Charcoal Man, to which he shields him with another energy shield, as Speedbump tears the broken car door off its hinges and smashes Albedo across the face with it, sending glass shards flying. However, Albedo is unaffected, only flinching on impact, to which Speedbump evaluates, “...ah, hell. I didn’t know what to expect. If Nighthowler couldn’t beat you, a car door couldn’t.”

Still holding his shield and deflecting Charcoal Man’s attack, Albedo lifts his rocky hand upwards, his mutated limb covered in sharp mountain-like peaks of burgundy-red rock, as an aura of glowing bright-red energy materializes within his hand, suddenly causing a similar, albeit larger aura to form around Speedbump’s body, encasing within him the energy, petrifying his body as if he was frozen in time.

“Hey… what the hell?!” Speedbump struggles. “What are you using?! I can’t move!” manip-pulation… you can-n’t move becau-use you’re being weig-ghed down-n.. from eve-ery squa-are inch aro-around you…” Albedo responds, lifting Speedbump upwards into the air.

“You… have GRAVITY POWERS TOO?!” Speedbump responds, shocked.

Ben Prime attempts to utilize his hands-free ability to transform into a different alien without the need of hitting his Omnitrix symbol to escape, transforming into a flurry of aliens, including Walkatrout, a comically-simplistic fish-like alien with stubby fins and for arms, spindly legs, a dorsal fin, and a prominent underbite with the Omnitrix symbol on a belt-like sash wrapped around his underside, then a reappearance of Barrier Reef, then Murk Upchuck, a short, frog-like alien with swampy-green skin, a tanned face and stomach, black-green splotches all over his body, incisors emerging from his lower lip even when his mouth was closed, a short stubby tail, and the Omnitrix symbol on his stomach, then Volcaniwyrm, a bizarre, 20-feet-tall worm-like alien with four, beady eyes, a vertical pair of fanged jaws, long, tendril-like arms, metallic vents on his forearms and shins, and the Omnitrix symbol on his chest…

...then Ben Prime’s Segmentasapien DNA sample, which he alternatively dubs Bloxx instead of Build-A-Guy, then Triedge, a short alien with dark-purple skin, a strange, triangular head with a face best compared to a metallic mask, small holes on the sides of his mask and limbs, three-fingered hands and feet, a small tail, and the Omnitrix symbol on his stomach, Comatose, a simplistic alien form best described as a soft, rounded vague humanoid shape with soft, fluffy-white skin and the Omnitrix symbol on the back of its left hand, and finally, Ben Prime’s Orthopterran DNA sample, Crashhopper, who resembles the nameless Orthopterran prisoner from Chapter 3, albeit with longer legs, an Omnitrix-generated outfit resembling green-and-black overalls, and the Omnitrix symbol on his abdomen.

“UGGGHHH!” Crashhopper yells in frustration, before abruptly reverting back to Speedbump.

...t-time to fin-nish this…” Albedo states, before suddenly blasted straight in the back by Charcoal Man’s amplified fireballs again, carving a huge chunk of his back’s ice armor. Enraged, he projects several metallic sonic disks from his backside and releases several sonic waves in the direction of Charcoal Man, as he yells out “AAAAHHHH!” in deafened distress and collapses, reverting back to his human form, unconscious. Turning around back toward Speedbump, he raises his wrist claws up, charging them up with radioactive energy, staring toward Speedbump with sinister, maniacal glee. “...for-r GO-OD, TENN-NYSON!!

Suddenly, a pale-green blur begins to soar over the duo, sparkling for a brief moment, as within an instance, it crashes toward Albedo, sending a flurry of lightning-fast punches into his skull. As Albedo stumbles back, dazed and randomly blinking his countless eyes, several kicks in the form of the bottom of a blurry black foot strike Albedo in the face directly several times a second, followed by several precise strikes to Albedo’s collar-bones and ribs, before suddenly, a fire-infused punch sends him crashing into the asphalt ground several feet back.

“Phew.” A female voice exclaims, adjusting her black headband and one of her bicep-high fingerless gloves. “Citrakayah speed is quite the diverse ability to utilize in combat.”

“What took you so long?” Speedbump asks the silhouetted female figure, now finally freed of his gravitational confinement, as the female figure’s voice is finally recognized as the one Ben was speaking to on his earpiece during Chapter 2. “I called you like a good 20 minutes ago.”

“And I needed replicated abilities to brawl in combat. Luckily, I managed to borrow your unfamiliar friend’s enhanced speed, and 23’s Pyronite form’s pyrokinesis.” The female voice responds, as a quick series of close-up views reveal the female character’s appearance, a girl around Ben’s age, possessing short blond hair held by the headband, with large bangs, pale-green eyes, mascara, small lips, and fair skin, wearing a white dress with a black stripe running down the middle, a design near-identical to the shirt of 10-year-old Ben Tennyson, the previously-described, bicep-high black fingerless gloves, and in addition, thigh-high black leggings. “It’s been a day or two, Benjamin.”

“I’ve been taking some me-time. I really need it.” Speedbump responds, as he reverts back to Ben Prime’s human form and finally reconfirms their name, “...sorry for going quiet, Eunice.”

Meanwhile, Ben 23 is eventually re-awakened by the light thwaps of one of Skurd 23’s tendrils against his face, as his companion frantically exclaims, “Wake up! Wake up, dear master! A friendly newcomer has arrived to assist us!” to which Ben 23 regains consciousness and catches sight of the female newcomer, to which he merely exclaims, “Whoaaa...” and lifts his face off the asphalt ground.

When the scene returns to Ben Prime, Eunice, and now, Dr. Blurakami, the lattermost was tearfully begging for forgiveness from Eunice, on her knees while she clutches the hand of Eunice, talking a million miles a minute as she exclaims, “I’M SO SORRY FOR ALL THIS, EUNICE! THIS IS ALL MY FAULT! I SHOULD HAVE WATCHED HIM CLOSER! I DIDN’T KNOW THIS WOULD HAPPEN! I’M SO, SO, SO SORRY, EUNICE! PLEASE DON’T TELL THE HIGHER-UPS ON ME! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DON’T TELL AZMUTH, AND ESPECIALLY-

“Ah, woah, woah, woah-” Eunice exclaims, pulling her hand away, before asking Ben Prime, “Benjamin, who is this?!”

“This is Dr. Glenda Blurakami. She’s a Citrakayah doctor and supervisor of the rehabilitation facility on Galvan Prime. She, uh, supervised whatever that thing is...” Ben Prime responds, gesturing in the direction of Albedo. “...since I was 16 years old.”

“Thank you… for making that more clear.” Eunice responds, before turning back toward the teary-eyed Dr. Blurakami, “Oh, come on. Don’t cry. If you’re honestly this upset over the whole manner, I doubt it was intentionally your fault… but if he was in space traveling for almost 3 days straight, why didn’t you contact the Higher-Ups?”

“Th-The Higher-Ups had to deal with the rehabilitation facility riot overall! It would have taken another 24 more hours than 3 days by the time they would deal with him!” Dr. Blurakami responds, to which a confused Eunice asks, “...but isn’t he a ‘high-risk’ patient?! That’s what the Higher-Ups told me themselves!”

“No, they actually ranked him a lower risk, because he was reclusive and had sparse acts of anger, if any emotion at all!” Dr. Blurakami responds, flustered. “My own patient rebelled against his confinement by giving him a squeaky-clean reputation, so when he finally made his big break, it wasn’t considered worrisome!”

“What information can you give us that can benefit us in defeating him?!” Ben Prime asks. “His eyes are set directly on ME. He doesn’t care about 23 or you, JUST me, and if he’s not stopped, he’ll do anything in his power to KILL ME!”

As the trio discuss, on the verge of merely arguing with one another, with Ben 23 slowly joining in, Albedo slowly recovers, rising backwards up to his feet, and facing the four of them from a distance away, before setting his eyes on the newcomer to him, Eunice, as he loudly exclaims, “...arrrggghhh… Eun-nice…”, causing the four to immediately turn toward Albedo and get into battle stances, minus a still-terrified Dr. Blurakami, as Albedo continues, his voice slow and evil, “’s… be-een… years-s…

“And you look like you’ve seen better days.” Eunice responds, her fist flaming with pyrokinetic flames.

“Eunice… you know who this is?!” Ben Prime asks in confusion, but his response is cut off by Albedo, who exclaims, “ sat behi-ind my bars-s and watch-hed me r-rot away befor-re yo-your very ey-yes… did you no-not remember wh-hat I’ve-e DO-ONE FOR Y-YOU?!

“Yes, I know, you’re right… you did a lot of work regarding the Unitrix alongside Azmuth… but those were decades ago… and now, you’re not the Galvan you once were anymore.” Eunice responds, as the view specifically begins to focus on Ben Prime’s face of confusion… gradually transforming… into an expression… of realization.

A-Azmuth may have-e put y-your pie-eces toge-ether…” Albedo exclaims, as he takes a single step forward, channeling gravitational energy through his left upper hand, blue flames through his right upper hand, nuclear energy through his left middle arm, ectoplasm through his right middle arm, bright-red electricity through his left lower arm, and burning ice through his right lower arm, fully preparing himself with an array of different attacks. “...but I-I… am… yo-our… MAKER!!!

Within an instant, Albedo slams his uppermost pair of hands down within an instant, creating a powerful shockwave infused with blue flames, slowly turning the asphalt molten in the process. Using their enhanced speed, both Eunice and Dr. Blurakami dash out of the way, as Ben 23 quickly arms the Hero Watch and transforms into a large, four-winged anthropomorphic moth-like alien, starkly colored pure-white with a light-cyan-blue chest and abdomen, along with blue patches covering the outer-side of his limbs, the back of his torso, and forehead, large, spotted bright-blue eyes, a strange mouth constantly bearing its teeth, and the Hero Watch symbol on the front of a white, gold-highlighted belt across its waist. Ben 23’s strange alien form was none other than his Necrofriggian DNA sample, to which he names Freezeghost.

FREEZEGHOST!” Freezeghost exclaims his name before exhaling freezing winds from his mouth of bared teeth, which quickly begins to freeze over the molten asphalt, as he notices the frozen, shocked expression of Ben Prime, “Ben, what’s going? Ben, what’s wrong with you?! Snap out of it! He’s attacking us again! Earth to Ben!”

“Is… is he… oh my god… I didn’t...” Ben Prime stammers, at a complete loss of words, as suddenly, Freezeghost is suddenly flying back from a blast of blue flames. Ben Prime whips around toward him, exclaiming, “23!” before he’s suddenly grabbed by several glowing bright-red energy constructs in the form of giant, ectoplasm-dripping chains extending from the right middle hand of Albedo, who slowly retracts them, dragging Ben Prime toward him. d-didn’t thi-ink I forg-got about y-you, Tenn-nyson?” Albedo asks, as Ben Prime, shocked and shaking, could only respond with stuttering attempts to make a coherent sentence, “You… you’re…” a lo-oss of wor-rds I see…” Albedo responds. “...yo-ou look lik-ke you fina-ally put the pi-ieces to-gether… what a marvel-lous mo-moment… go a-ahead, then-n… SAY MY NAME.

“Al… Albedo… w-what… what the HELL?! YOU’RE ALBEDO?!” Ben Prime asks, to which Albedo exclaims, “...h-happy reun-nions indeed-d...” and slowly, segments of his face begin to move and shift slightly before grotesquely begin to open upwards, like parts of his face like the petals of blooming flower, his eyes rolling back in the process, as an emission of bright-red energy begins to emit from inside his face.

As Ben Prime’s eyes widen and his face becomes to turn pale at the sight of Albedo’s bizarre maw-like opening, Albedo suddenly catches the foot of a predicted kick from Eunice, and while still clutching onto Ben Prime, Albedo rapidly deflects several, lightning-fast strikes from Eunice, either quickly deflecting them with the hands of his other two right arms, or simply using his energy shields, before Albedo, getting rammed in the side of the face by one kick that managed to slip through, growls in frustration and proceeds to blast Eunice in the side of her face with a fiery blast of blue flames from his right upper arm.

“EUNICE!!!” Dr. Blurakami yells from a distance, as Eunice’s dainty form is sent flying back, crashing into a brick wall, pale-green electricity emitting from the smoking left side of his face. Freezeghost lunges toward Albedo’s right side, blasting frigid air from his mouth, but is quickly taken care off with a mere blast of nuclear energy from Albedo’s left middle arm. As Dr. Blurakami rushes over toward Eunice, Albedo fully opens his face, revealing a glowing-red interior that leaves Ben Prime petrified and horrified.

...tim-me to feel my 10 decad-des of agony… in m-mere moment-ts…” Albedo speaks, now most definitely telepathically due to the dismantled structure of his entire face, including his mouth. As a burst of bright-red electricity emits from the glowing cave that was Albedo’s unraveled face, it strikes directly into the center of Ben Prime’s forehead again, causing him to begin violently howling out in pain, his eyes rolling backwards.

MR. PRISM!” A voice exclaims off-screen, to which Albedo, before he can react, is suddenly blasted directly by a concentrated beam of glowing-blue energy, carving a massive gaping gash in his left upper arm’s shoulder. Albedo screams in pain, forcing him to throw Ben Prime aside, as he clutches his quickly-regenerating shoulder and begins to seal his face together. However, he’s suddenly blasted by rapidfire energy blasts, burrowing holes in sections of his torso and a few spots of his middle and lowermost pair of arms.

The view shifts to reveal the attacker, Ben 23’s Crystalsapien DNA sample, dark-grayish-blue with his ultraviolet-beam-firing crystals alternatively bright-blue, which he dubs Mr. Prism. As he strikes a dramatic pose, his crystals glowing, Mr. Prism loudly exclaims, “Hit me, Skurd!” to which Skurd 23 loudly responds with, “AND AWAY WE GOOOO!” as his blue slime stretches downwards over Mr. Prism’s lower-body, transforming his legs into that of the white, black-highlighted legs of Fastcat, Ben 23’s Citrakayah DNA sample, while also assisted by Eunice, a huge chunk of the left side of her face blown apart to reveal glowing, pale-green circuitry and silver-gray liquid metal underneath in the progress of quickly regenerating, who briefly rests her hand on Mr. Prism’s shoulder, gaining his energy beams, and a determined Dr. Blurakami, the trio stand before the recovering Albedo, snarling as he continues to heal.

“That… is the LAST time you hurt anyone else, Albedo!” Dr. Blurakami exclaims, his tone no longer afraid. “I don’t care what you’re capable of or what you could do… they aren’t afraid of a big BULLY!"

“This can end two ways, Albedo… back to the facility on Galvan Prime or in Plumbers’ custody here on Earth.” Eunice responds, her facial wound now fully reforming from nanobots visibly piecing her destroyed, almost-liquid-plastic-like skin back together.

...y-you WON’T KEE-EP ME CAGED… ANYM-MOREEEEEEEEEEE!!!” Albedo shouts, before suddenly unleashing a sonic scream from his maw, releasing a powerful sonic blast that causes the trio to quickly divulge outwards and spring into action. Using Fastcat’s enhanced speed, Mr. Prism fires several ultraviolet beams at Albedo, making sure he has his fullest attention, while Eunice attacks with her own ultraviolet beams and pyrokinetic attacks him from the other side, repeatedly getting in close to exchange a few hard blows at Albedo.

Dr. Blurakami quickly dashes forward, sliding against the asphalt ground, as she perfectly glides directly underneath the rage-filled Albedo, slashes rapidly at his chest, before sliding back up and getting back to her feet. Injured and bleeding, Albedo grabs at his chest with his left middle arm, as he projects several ectokinetic energy constructs in the shape of razor-sharp, shuriken-like discs from his right middle arm and flings them toward Eunice, who quickly dodges them with her enhanced speed. Rising back up on two feet by merely pushing himself upwards with one arm, Albedo and Eunice trade blows, until the two eventually lock palms, Albedo using his uppermost set of arms, attempting to push each other back.

...I bro-ought you-u into th-his world… I CA-AN TAKE-E YOU OUT!” Albedo exclaims, to which Eunice sarcastically responds, “Ah, Albedo, you finally said the cliched line I was anticipating for you to say!” before firing an ultraviolet beam from her right hand, a sudden attack that violently destroys Albedo’s rock-composed hand in a dazzling explosion of multicolored light, as he stumbles back, shocked and gripping the stump of his left upper arm, allowing Mr. Prism to suddenly swoop in and land an energy-infused strike directly into Albedo’s face.

Albedo falls back, the asphalt ground being crushed beneath him, most definitely defeated by now if it wasn’t for his regenerative factor, as he begins to rise back up, albeit now shaky and slouched. The Fastcat-empowered Mr. Prism, Eunice, and Dr. Blurakami ready another barrage of attacks, but suddenly lower their guards, as a dark-red blur descends down in-front of them, revealing itself to be Jetray, holding one of his long, clawed hands in a halting gesture.

“Stop.” Jetray merely exclaims.

“Oh my stars, Ben, you’re okay!” Dr. Blurakami responds, her worrisome personality flaring up again.

“I’m fine... I don’t know what the hell he tried to use on me… but it didn’t work…” Jetray responds, looking back toward the gradually-recovering Albedo and reverting back to his human form in a flash of green light. “I should have ended this long ago… and now, it’s about time I finally put an end to this. All three of you stand back.”

“Ben… are you-” Eunice asks, before Ben Prime cuts her off, stating, “-going to do exactly what you think I’m going to do, Eunice.”

Ben raises his Omnitrix up to his face, as he drags his fingerprint across the holographic interface of the semi-circle-shaped extension of his Omnitrix, activating the Omnitrix’s holographic selection wheel as it briefly flickers, now gaining four glowing prongs around the holographic wheel and strangely limiting Ben Prime’s selection of alien icons.

“Ben… what’s going on? What are you doing?!” Mr. Prism asks, concerned.

“All you need is to worry about is standing back. I’m going to hit him with one hell of an attack, 23, and if you guys stand close, you’ll get hit in the crossfire!” Ben Prime exclaims. “Go, now! Run!”

With Mr. Prism using Fastcat’s enhanced speed, Eunice using her replicated enhanced speed, and Dr. Blurakami using her natural abilities, the three quickly run backwards a great distance, as the core of Ben Prime’s Omnitrix pops up. Albedo, regenerating a new hand, stares him down, to which Ben Prime monologues, stating, “You came all this way just to get even with me, huh? You waited ten years in that place just for… all this? A tussle in the streets of Bellwood?!”

...the w-wait will b-be all wor-rth in… the en-nd…” Albedo responds, pointing a metallic finger toward Ben Prime. “...I h-hate what I’ve be-ecome… and I blame onl-ly mys-self… and Y-YOU!

“You…” Ben Prime responds, his expression dropping, as he briefly closes his eyes, inhales deeply, exhales, and then reopens his eyes, before resuming, “...are right, Albedo… I do blame myself… but no, it’s not for what’s happened to you. You turned you and only yourself into this shambling monstrosity of artificially-altered alien DNA... all because you couldn’t become a Galvan again... no, Albedo… I blame myself… for not doing what I should have done soon…”

...w-what?” Albedo responds, confused.

“I blame myself for not making you change your mind… all this time, and you still don’t think I’m worthy?” Ben Prime responds, his gaze deadset and determined. “Albedo… let me do you the favor you owe you… and prove your previous beliefs wrong, once and for all.” dire-ectly chall-lenge me… yourself-f?” Albedo responds again, still somewhat confused.

“Everything prior to my next planned move has hit you, but you’ve still gotten back up every time.” Ben Prime says, the core of his Omnitrix popping upwards. “Opposed to me ending this immediately, let’s settle this for good with one final smackdown.”

Albedo stands silent, his monstrous sets of eyes silhouetted as his head remains lowered, as he briefly scratches his beard, seeming to be considering, before he lowers his hand and begins to emit a short burst of demented cackles, before stating, “I COULDN’T WAIT TO TEAR YOU APART, TENNYSON!” in a further-deepened voice.

As Ben Prime’s gaze becomes a glare, he swings his right hand upwards and slams it down on the Omnitrix’s primed core, causing a bizarre explosion of light colored multiple shades of green, ranging from dark to light, to burst out of his form. As he gains the characteristics of Kugelblitz, including his yellow skin, orange mining armor, and flaming hair, a brief flash of white light in the shape of the Omnitrix symbol with added spikes emerging from its corners expels from around him, causing four metal prongs to emerge from the sides of Kugelblitz’s Omnitrix symbol, and for his form to begin altering itself, his skin becoming darker, his orange armor becoming slightly changed with a spiked chest-plate, the armor around his further-masculine face becoming metallic, and his hair both extending in length and becoming a vibrant neon-blue.

Dramatic instrumentals playing behind Ben’s Evolved Feuer form as he reveals himself before Albedo, Mr. Prism screams, “WHAT?! HE’S GOT POWER-UPS?!” in the background.

Albedo, at first, stares in bewildered terror, before his expression becomes a maniacal look of amusement as he states, “...w-what is this-s… you ste-eal my o-old ideas and then cla-aim you’r-re THE BETTER WIEL-LDER?

“Eh, I pull them off better. I bet I can get 10 people who admit I do them better.” Ultimate Kugelblitz responds, to which Eunice, in the background, raises her hand upwards, which Ultimate Kugelblitz notices and continues, “Look, that’s one already!”

Infuriated, Albedo roars in frustration and lifts his right upper arm upwards, transforming his bark-composed hand into a bizarre, bio-organic gatling-like gun weapon, formed from the flesh of his right upper arm’s shoulder and bicep’s organic reptilian features and plant bark from the same forearm and hand. Firing a series of bio-organic bone missiles from his strange bio-weapon, Ultimate Kugelblitz leaps into action, using either his fists or streams of his enhanced, now-neon-blue flames to destroy the missiles coming toward him, easily shattering their bone-compromised shells.

Albedo launches a sonic scream in his direction, only for Ultimate Kugelblitz to launch himself into the air, avoiding the attack, to which Albedo lifts his head and fires several sonic blasts, attempting to knock him out of the sky. His attempts miss, and Ultimate Kugelblitz lands atop of Albedo, smashing him in the face with a precise kick, before landing before him, grabbing ahold of one of his icy back spikes to send him crashing to the ground behind him.

“Rubber… meet ROAD!” Ultimate Kugelblitz exclaims, as he takes pyrokinetic flight and launches a powerful burst of flames toward Albedo, turning the asphalt molten behind him, as he begins to quickly sink into it. Attempting to count, he uses a combination of his ice breath and energy pulses from his forehead to try and repel the powerful burst, but is quickly overwhelmed, only making him sink deeper into the red-hot asphalt.

“Well, well, well. Looks like not all frogs swim.” Ultimate Kugelblitz says, his feet quickly returning to the ground, to which Albedo suddenly bursts from the molten asphalt, roaring with rage freeing himself with his gyrokinetic abilities, as he lunges at Ultimate Kugelblitz with his wrist claws, igniting it with crackling electricity, to which Ultimate Kugelblitz quickly swings his body out of the way, dodging, before launching a series of fiery strikes into his rocky arm with enough strength to violently shatter his rocky limb, sending him flying back with nothing but a crumpling stub of a bicep in its place.

In the process of slowly regenerating his entire arm, still coated in semi-dried liquid asphalt, Albedo launches several attacks, including several ice blasts from his hands and the red-hot napalm bombs sticking out of his still-intact left upper arm toward Ultimate Kugelblitz, which he flings like bombs, an ability most definitely derived from Ultimate Swampfire, to which Ultimate Kugelblitz simply fires a series of tiny, yet precise fiery blasts from his fingertip that destroys all the oncoming attacks. Fully having regained his lost limb, Albedo begins rushing toward him, beginning to rapidly build speed, before ectokinetic energy encases his gradually-curling body, transforming him into a giant sphere covered in energy spikes, that torpedoes straight toward Ultimate Kugelblitz.

“No way…” Ultimate Kugelblitz says, before lunging upwards into the air via pyrokinetic flight to avoid the curled-up Albedo’s sphere mode. “’re made out of Ultimate aliens too! Those bombs were apart of Ultimate Swampfire’s abilities, and now you’re pulling off Ultimate Cannonbolt?!”

“You just now noticed that?” Dr. Blurakami yells in the background, to which Ultimate Kugelblitz shrugs in response, only to be suddenly taken out of the sky by Albedo’s sphere mode ritochetting off a nearby brick wall, sending him flying back into a wooden electric pole, causing its base to violently shatter, as Ultimate Kugelblitz is frozen to the side of it by Albedo’s enhanced cryokinesis, which fires out from his body in the form of large spike-shaped projectiles and begins to rapidly freeze over whatever they hit.

Slowly coming out of his sphere mode, ectoplasm dripping from his form, Albedo maniacally snickers as he approaches the semi-restrained Ultimate Kugelblitz, brandishing his newly-regenerated wrist claws. Ultimate Kugelblitz, using his enhanced pyrokinesis, almost instantly melts the ice clinging to his body and blasts Albedo in the eyes with a fireball, briefly blinding him, as he stumbles back. Lunges forward, Ultimate Kugelblitz strikes Albedo with another series of fiery blows, managing to halt him from using a nuclear blast on him and ending with a fiery uppercut that sends him shambling backwards, to which he slips on the wet asphalt.

Hearing the creaking and cracking of wood, Ultimate Kugelblitz turns to see the falling pole, to which Mr. Prism, suddenly leaping onto the scene and circling around behind the pole, exclaims out, “SKURD’S GOT IT!” before his Fastcat augmentations vanish, and instead, Skurd grants Mr. Prism a pair of Segmentasapien arms that he uses to extend outwards and grab onto the broken pole, pulling it backwards from falling, while Albedo slowly gets back up, trembling slightly from his mental stress and exhaustion.

“You had enough, Albedo?” Ultimate Kugelblitz asks.

...not yet…” Albedo merely responds, scrapping the now-dried asphalt off his body in chunks, as suddenly, his jaws open wide, extending a grotesque, prehensile, amphibious tongue from his mouth, that wraps around Ultimate Kugelblitz’s arm when he attempts to shield his face and chest from it.

“Oh, that’s NASTY!” Ultimate Kugelblitz exclaims in disgust, as he’s suddenly yanked forth toward Albedo. Burning his tongue off of his arm, forcing Albedo to retract it, Ultimate Kugelblitz swings his fist forward as an attempt to sock Albedo in the gut, Albedo’s entire form turns a transparent bright-red for a brief moment, causing Ultimate Kugelblitz to sink straight through his body as if he was intangible and re-emerge the other side, entirely frozen over in a layer of ice.

Slowly revealing concealed, retractable sonic disks across the surface of the top of his limbs, Albedo surrounds the frozen Ultimate Kugelblitz with a series of sonic disks, but before he can blast, the frozen mass begins violently cracking, spraying outwards a colorless gas that begins to rapidly break the ice, before it violently explodes outwards, sending Albedo flying back into a building wall, inorganic parts of his body coated in flames.

“Yeah, nice job, Ben!” Mr. Prism exclaims, still straining to hold the falling power line in place, having additionally used Skurd to give him the shins and feet of Mr. Mucky off-screen, his feet deeply rooted into the ground to give him from losing balance. However, the immense strain was getting to Mr. Prism’s Build-A-Guy arms, and one of the blocks of hardened clay on his left forearm was starting to crack. “Crap… Skurd?”

“Giving it… a 101%... master!” Skurd 23 struggles out a response, the top-half of Skurd 23’s blobby form atop an elongated mass of slime on Mr. Prism shoulder, revealing his entire body was stretched all over Mr. Prism to maintain both his Segmentasapien and Methanosian augmentations at the same time. “Can’t… go anymore!”

“Need a hand?” Eunice asks, having suddenly approached Mr. Prism. “Yours look full.”

“Hey…” Mr. Prism responds, turning his head to face her. “...I don’t think we properly introduced each other… I’m your boyfriend but from another dimension. This right here is Skurd. He does what you’d expect from looking at what I’m trying to do.”

“Greetings.” Skurd 23 briefly responds.

“I’m Eunice…” Eunice responds, slightly irritated. “...and I’m not Ben’s girlfriend. I’m his temporary partner. His official partner, Rook Blonko, is teaching Plumber academy classes for the Summer, and Ben personally asked himself if I can become his temporary partner.”

“...’personally asked’... do you think he might have feelin-” Mr. Prism responds, to which an annoyed Eunice barks over him, “You want help or not?!” to which both Mr. Prism and Skurd 23 quickly nod in response. Laying a hand on his cracking Build-A-Guy arm, Eunice gains Segmentasapien abilities and use them to begin quickly creating a spiraling wall of hardened clay constructs around the broken electric pole, now keeping it upright, as she welds the bricks together with her pyrokinesis, creating a sturdy reinforcement.

“You telling me I could have just done that? Man, I gotta stop under-utilizing Build-A-Guy.” Ben 23 responds, to which Skurd recalls all of Mr. Prism’s augmentations, groaning in exhaustion from maintaining not only but two augmentations on him for so long, as Mr. Prism reverts back to his human form.

“Shouldn’t we be interfering?” Dr. Blurakami asks, having arrived near the duo again, spectating Ultimate Kugelblitz slam his fist into Albedo’s face, breaking a few of his bony teeth. “What hasn’t Ben turned into his Nemuina form to put Albedo to sleep, or used his Plynovian form to project a form of knock-out gas, or his Compassi’veraquian’s pacifistic hydrokinetic abilities?”

“Ben fought Albedo during his teen years, from when he still had the Omnitrix prototype, to a year after Azmuth granted him the improved model.” Eunice responds. “Albedo came here to give Ben a beat-down he’s been waiting for for the past 10 years, and Ben finally got the hint. He’s not going to cut it short anymore. He’s going to wait it out until one of them drops.”

“B-But Albedo is a walking fusion of alien DNA he’s artificially-evolved himself!” Dr. Blurakami states in protest, to which Eunice sarcastically responds, “What are you, kissing up to him? Of course, Ben literally just noticed that himself. It was a very good instinct for him to take on a similarly-evolved form.”

“W-Wait, Ben has an evolution feature too?!” Dr. Blurakami responds, shocked.

“Yes, he augmented his Omnitrix with his smartest aliens to add it. He even used parts of the prototype Ultimatrix to complete it.” Eunice responds, almost in a snobby manner. “Azmuth… disproves of the changes…”

Meanwhile, Ultimate Kugelblitz, levitating slightly, repeatedly strikes and batters Albedo, the two trading blows, as Albedo uses his ectoplasm manipulation in the form of energy constructs to form a sword, as he tosses to the hand of his left upper arm and slashes at Ultimate Kugelblitz, who catches the tip of the blade, prevented from being cut due to his gauntlets, and destroys it with a blast of flames. Before Albedo can prepare another attack, Ultimate Kugelblitz lurches forward, grabbing the sides of Albedo’s head, as he responds, confused, but begins to thrash, attempting to pull his arms off. Limiting his attempts to shake him off, Ultimate Kugelblitz blasts the asphalt ground beneath Albedo’s feet, turning it molten and quickly trapping him.

“You still have some intelligence still in you after all these years?” Ultimate Kugelblitz asks, as a colorless gas begins to emit from around his heads and gradually around the two of them. “Riddle me this… what colorless gaseous substance does an Evolved Feuer specialize in creating? If you guessed Chlorine Trifluoride, which burns at temperatures over 4,300 degrees, you got a good head on your shoulders, but YOU’RE ABOUT TO LOSE IT!” G-GET YOUR HA-ANDS OFF ME-E, TENNY-!” Albedo screams out of rage, pulling Ultimate Kugelblitz’s arms off and restraining them upwards, but is cut off by Ultimate Kugelblitz’s single exclamation of “Flame on.” before he creates a single candle-wick-sized flame from one of his fingertips.

Albedo’s eyes widen in horror, before both of their forms are engulfed in a flash of blinding white light.


An explosion rocks the entire street, a miniature mushroom cloud of burning gas and rubble going upwards into the atmosphere, before a catastrophic shockwave begins approaching the group. Eunice, extending her arms outwards via her replicated Segmentasapien abilities, grabs hold of the other two and similar to what Build-A-Guy did near of Chapter 3, rapidly begins to conceal and cover the group in a dome of stone blocks forming out of her arms to protect them. 

Amplifying its sturdiness, Eunice uses a combination of Citrakayah and Pyronite abilities to rapidly and precisely weld the blocks together, and upon its completion, the trio brace themselves as broken rubble and acidic gas smash and burn against the exterior of the stone dome. The ground violently rumbles, and everything goes dark.


Moments later, Dr. Blurakami opens her eyes and looks around, noticing the semi-melted form of the dome formed by Eunice, which, alongside Ben 23, were absent. However, one by one, the constructed dome begins to unravel one by one, each of its block steadily vanishing, as they are being manipulated by a bizarre bright-blue energy. Confused, Dr. Blurakami crawls out from the now-vanishing dome, noticing the unburned ground and fully-intact road, and looks up to see Ben 23, as Windy-Hindy, using his time manipulation to revert all of the damage caused by the battle, repairing broken cars, melted roads, and the broken building Albedo was sent smashing into by Shocksquatch, albeit with a dense fog of smoke in the air. Eunice was standing just nearby.

“...Benjamin Tennyson?” Dr. Blurakami asks, as she slowly emerges, now avoiding a thrown rubble of mass from the collision center where Albedo landed when he first arrived, seeing the crater revert from its concave structure and enter a seemingly-untouched state. With everything put back together, Windy-Hindy groans, exhausted, and reverts back to his human form, prompting Dr. Blurakami, now on her feet, to ask again, “...Benjamin?”

“Dr. ‘Blur-kamie’!” exclaims, turning around and rushing over to her. “Are you okay?”

“Yes, I am fine, and you… reverted everything with your Chronosapien form’s abilities…” Dr. Blurakami says, looking around to see everything undamaged. “But what happened?! Where’s Ben... well, the other Ben?”

“Ben’s Evolved Feuer form is capable of creating Chlorine Trifluoride, a colorless gas that boils when exposed to air, explodes on contact with water, and can set virtually anything on fire.” Eunice responds, approaching the two. “Ben just created an explosion that leveled half a dozen of these nearby buildings. Luckily, there’s another him here to help undo all that damage, atop of what our scuffle with Albedo created.”

“Then… where’s Albedo?” Dr. Blurakami asks, concerned, as the view abruptly shifts, showing Ben Prime, having reverted back to his human form off-screen, staring forward at something off-screen with a look of sorrowful, mentally-scattered emotion. Ben 23, Eunice, and Dr. Blurakami, the lattermost concealing a scream at the sight of it, approaches and stands near Ben Prime, and the view shifts abruptly.

Albedo’s petrified remains stand upright, reduced to a charred statue of calcified flesh, his limbs broken and destroyed, two of his arms up in a futile shielding attempt, as his distorted face was locked in a permanent scream, his eyes wide and glazed and his jaws so wide they seemed to be unhinged like a snake. Dr. Blurakami slowly approaches him, tears swelling in her eyes.

“The explosion took everything out of him.” Eunice speaks. “Dr. Blurakami… I’m sorry.”

As Dr. Blurakami slowly wraps around Albedo’s frozen form, she loudly and tearfully weeps, exclaiming, “I’m sorry… Albedo… I’m so sorry...” and is comforted by Eunice, Ben 23, and even Skurd, as they hug onto her.

A few feet behind the group, Ben Prime stares at the four of them, his face bright-red and stained with tears, as he’s unable to turn his gaze away from what he’s done. Shakily inhaling to prevent further tears, Ben Prime clenches his fist and the Omnitrix’s interface erupts from a burst of green light, consuming Ben Prime’s entire form.

Eunice quickly turns around, seeing a glimpse of the green flash, and sees Ben Prime, now having taken on one of the briefly-seen forms he had used while he was trapped inside an aura of gravitational aura spawned by Albedo: Triedge.

“Ben…” Eunice merely says, slightly shocked. “...your Necroterran form?”

“It’s the only way. Let me near him.” Triedge bleakly responds, as extending her arms via her Segmentasapien arms, Eunice grabs hold of Triedge and turns around, pointing him toward the lifeless remains of Albedo, to which a still-crying Dr. Blurakami tearfully asks, “W-Who is that?”

“I’m not even sure myself.” Eunice merely responds, as Triedge hops out of Eunice’s grasp and presses his small, three-fingered hands against one of the visibly-broken legs. As an aura of sparkling green light begins to radiate around Triedge, the trio back up in response and Triedge focuses his concentration, closing his eyes, as slowly, the lethal burns across Albedo’s body begin to crack and flake off, as parts of his body begins to slowly move one by one.

Both Ben 23 and Dr. Blurakami’s eyes both widen simultaneously, as the broken bones in Albedo’s right leg and a few of his arms reassemble themselves. Like dead skin, Albedo’s burned flesh begin to literally unravel from his body, crumbling off in shriveled heaps, as one of Albedo’s arms, severed and blown apart in the explosion, begins to regenerate at an accelerated rate, faster than Albedo’s other means of regeneration.

A garbled yell of agony suddenly begins to emit from Albedo, as his battered bones and gaping, cauterized wounds begin to heal from Triedge’s anonymous healing abilities. Triedge struggles to maintain his concentration, as the aura of light radiating around him amplifies, now covering both himself and Albedo. Albedo throws his head back, still yelling in pain, as injuries across his face literally shrivel away and his eyes regain their red coloration, while Triedge’s grip tightens.

“WH-WHAT IS HE DOING?!” Dr. Blurakami yells, as she makes an attempt to interfere, running forward and exclaiming, “WAIT!” but is halted by Eunice, quickly pulling her back via her copied Citrakayah agility.

Suddenly, Triedge and Albedo both collapsed backwards. Severely exhausted and weakened, his eyes closed, Triedge reverted back to Ben Prime, and was quickly helped up back by Ben 23, who exclaims, “Ben, you okay?!” out of shock to which Ben Prime slowly reopens his eyes, holds up a thumb-up, and lightly smiles.

“ALBEDO!” Dr. Blurakami exclaims, finally breaking out of Eunice’s grip, and running forward, only to back up, shocked, as Albedo, himself, rises upwards amongst shriveled-up piles of his removed, fallen injuries.

...what…” Albedo groans, confused, as he slowly inspects his now-undamaged limbs, briefly checking the retractable slots in his arms that contain his sonic disks, flexing the fingers in his hands, and feeling the underside of his jaw, before speaking in a voice now devoid of stutters. “… killed me… and...

Albedo looks up toward Ben Prime, staring with a gaze of mixed emotions, finally notices the crying, thankful Dr. Blurakami hugging up against her leg, and slowly peels her away despite her brief attempts to stay latched onto him, before approaching Ben Prime and only Ben Prime, as Ben 23 and Eunice both back away from the two of them. Ben Prime seems to try and respond, but seemingly nothing comes out of his mouth. fixed me…” Albedo monotonously states, surprised by what Ben Prime has done.

“I don’t want you to fight you anymore.” Ben Prime responds, confused about his calm state, and believing it to be him about to make a sudden sneak attack.

However, Albedo instead speaks, his voice clearer, “You’ve done what I thought was always impossible… you proved me wrong” before he suddenly kneels before Ben Prime, shocking everyone, especially Ben Prime as he stares down toward Albedo with a gaze of amazement.


You are more capable of the Omnitrix than I ever was… and even with its power, you spared me from death… please excuse all of my past deeds, they all stemmed from denial and rage, and I don’t want to be that monster anymore…” Albedo continues, his head tilted downwards and multiple eyes closed. “...I am not ‘Amalgabedo’... I am only ‘Albedo’...”

Ben Prime continues stares in amazement, while Eunice covers her mouth, as the repaired street is illuminated by the sunlight of a slowly-rising sun, as the screen freezes, cutting to black as a logo fills the screen, before a single message fades in beneath it.


Noteworthy Events

Major Events

  • Ben Prime, Ben 23, Skurd 23, and Eunice engage in a grueling fight against Albedo, who is relentless due to his monstrous rage and constant regeneration.
  • Plynovians and Compassi’veraquians, the species of Gutrot and Rainbow Connection respectively, are both revealed, the former by both Ben Prime and Dr. Blurakami, and the later by Dr. Blurakami.
  • Ben Prime's newfound ability to transform into a different alien form without touching the Omnitrix symbol, due to his Master Control, is reconfirmed.
  • Eunice finally makes her debut in-person, her voice and briefly, her name revealed in Chapter 2 over Ben Prime's earpiece.
  • Dr. Blurakami mentions the "Higher-Ups", the group with the highest authority over the Galvan Prime rehabilitation facility, how they had to deal with the facility riot after the events of Chapter 3, and that they ranked Albedo a "low-risk" patient due to his reclusive behavior, something Albedo may or may not have intentionally utilized by giving his reputation "squeaky-clean" so when his escape finally came, he wasn't considered worrisome.
  • Albedo is revealed to have not only assisted Azmuth in creation of the Omnitrix, but also the Unitrix, the device that manifested Eunice.
  • Ben Prime finally realizes who Albedo truly is.
    • Because of this, Ben Prime finally decides to wrap up the fight, believing he has fought Albedo all these years because of his beliefs, and that he needs to finally change his mind by proving his worth of wielding the Omnitrix, and thus, challenges Albedo directly, which Albedo accepts.
    • Ben Prime reveals the purpose of the mechanical interface on the side of the Omnitrix, an evolutionary feature that would immediately transform him into an Ultimate alien, something that Eunice reveals later that Ben Prime installed himself with the help of his most intelligent aliens, and that Azmuth does not approve of it in the slightest.
    • During their fight, Ultimate Kugelblitz additionally realizes Albedo's mutated form is partially composed of Ultimate aliens.
  • Eunice recovers from a nuclear blast by Albedo, revealing she has been upgraded during the 10-year time-skip, and now has artificial skin filled with healing nanobots and a base form under her human transformation made out of liquid metal.
  • Ben 23, alongside Skurd 23, and Eunice meet and introduce each other, with Ben 23 wrongfully and unintentionally believing the widespread rumor that Eunice is Ben Prime's girlfriend.
    • Eunice reveals that she is his temporary partner, as his official partner, Rook Blonko, is teaching classes at Plumber's Academy during the Summer, and that Ben Prime personally selected Eunice as his temporary partner himself, something Ben 23 misconstrues as him having feelings for her.
  • Ultimate Kugelblitz detonates an explosion of ignited Chlorine Trifluoride, creating an intense blast so powerful Eunice reveals it leveled 6 nearby buildings, required Ben 23 to use Windy-Hindy's chronokinesis to reverse it, and fatally wounded Albedo so intensely he was either dead or on the verge when Dr. Blurakami discovers his fate.
    • Overwhelmed by guilt at the realization that he brutally killed a long-term nemesis and broke the heart of the person who tried to help him for the past 10 years, Ben Prime uses Triedge and fills Albedo's petrified body with life force, a process that surprisingly works, resurrecting Albedo and negating his body's burns and injuries.
    • Because of this, Albedo has finally been proven wrong of his past beliefs, bows down to Ben Prime, begs for forgiveness of his past actions, and exclaims that he no longer wants to be the monster the inhabitants of the Galvan Prime rehabilitation facility, especially Aster, saw him as.

Minor Events

  • Ben 23 is revealed to have gotten on the news during the events of Chapter 2, while he was frozen by Clockwork's chronokinesis and eventually freed by Eunice, who discovered him, copied his chronokinesis, and used it to unfreeze him.
  • It's revealed that Ben Prime still frequently exclaims his catchphrase "It's Hero Time".
  • Dr. Blurakami reveals she is very unfamiliar with Earth customs and has most likely not visited it much before, not knowing what a dumpster is and why it's filled with trash.
  • Dr. Blurakami reveals that she primarily studied Albedo's behavior, not his mutated anatomy.
  • Skurd 23 points out that Albedo's ice-covered backside is a prominent weak spot that could severely damage with a explosive blast, although Albedo protects himself from Ben 23 hitting him there.
  • Dr. Blurakami is revealed to have great respect for Eunice.
    • However, judging by Eunice calling her unfamiliar, and responding confused to her hysterical begging for forgiveness, Eunice has not met Dr. Blurakami before, or at least does not know her.
  • Dr. Blurakami briefly rebels against Albedo's ruthless behavior, exclaiming that the heroes aren't afraid of him, and briefly attacking him later on.
  • Something never demonstrated by Ben Prime, Skurd 23 is capable of creating more than one augmentation to Ben 23's alien forms at a time, although appears to struggle at maintaining just two at a time during a tense situation.
  • Leagues more of Albedo's mutant powers are revealed, including:
    • Chlorokinetic, tree-bark-based rapid regeneration, strong enough to regrow lost limbs.
    • Enhanced recovery speed.
    • Enhanced biting strength.
    • Elemental breath, able to respectively breathe flames so cold they freeze and ice so hot it burns.
    • Blue pyrokinesis from his right upper arm.
    • Nuclear energy shields from his left middle arm.
    • Cryokinesis, touch-based ice generation, and ice blasts from his hands, which can generate shards that will begin to freeze over whatever they've hit.
    • Intangibility, alternatively use to freeze whatever he phases through.
    • A seventh eyeball on his forehead that can produce energy blasts.
    • Electricity generation that when combined with his forehead eye's energy blasts and fired directly into someone's forehead, could cause "lethal brain damage", and also infuse into his wrist claws.
    • A quadrupedal stance, using his uppermost set of hands.
    • Gravitational auras that can trap someone within them, as they would be constantly weighted down and restrained from every side.
    • Retractable metallic disks that can fire powerful sonic blasts, produced from his icy backside and retractable openings on his limbs.
    • Radiation generation, which he can infuse into his wrist claws.
    • Shockwave generation, which he can infuse with his abilities, demostrated with his blue pyrokinesis, which was so hot it gradually turned the asphalt molten.
    • More ectoplasm constructs, in the form of chains, shurikens, and a sword.
    • The ability to grotesquely separate his face into segmented plates and open his entire face open, revealing a "true face" underneath composed entirely of energy that could paralyze those who stare directly into it, which could alternatively to be used to amplify his electrified optic blast.
    • Telepathy.
    • A bio-organic, gatling-gun-like weapon generated from his right upper arm's hand, which can fire missiles with shells made out of solid bone.
    • Immunity to molten temperatures.
    • Explosive napalm bombs organically growing out of his right upper arm's forearm, which Ben Prime identifies as originating from Ultimate Swampfire.
    • Sphere transformation by curling his body up, encasing it in a layer of solid ectoplasm, and additionally gaining spikes, which Ben Prime identifies as originating from Ultimate Cannonbolt.
    • A prehensile tongue.
    • Immunity to being on fire.
    • Immunity to inhaling lethal gases.



  • Ben Prime
  • Ben 23
  • Dr. Glenda Blurakami
  • Eunice (first on-screen reappearance)
  • Azmuth (mentioned)
  • The Higher-Ups (mentioned)
  • Rook Blonko (mentioned)
  • Burger Shack Employee


  • Albedo (death; resurrected)

Aliens Used

By Ben 23

  • Build-A-Guy (off-screen transformation)
  • Charcoal Man
  • Freezeghost (first reappearance of Big Chill)
  • Mr. Prism (off-screen transformation)
  • Windy-Hindy (off-screen transformation)

By Ben Prime

  • Shocksquatch (cont. transformation from Chapter 3)
  • Nighthowler (first appearance)
  • Geothermite (off-screen transformation)
  • Speedbump (first appearance; x2)
  • Walkatrout (first reappearance; cameo)
  • Barrier Reef (cameo)
  • Murk Upchuck (first reappearance; cameo)
  • Volcaniwyrm (first appearance; cameo)
  • Bloxx (cameo)
  • Triedge (first appearance; x2; first time cameo; second time off-screen transformation)
  • Comatose (first appearance; cameo)
  • Crashhopper (first reappearance; vocal cameo)
  • Jetray (off-screen transformation)
  • Kugelblitz (cameo)
    • Ultimate Kugelblitz (first appearance)

By Skurd 23

  • Mr. Mucky (forearms and feet; former used on Charcoal Man, latter on Mr. Prism)
  • Fastcat (legs; used on Mr. Prism)
  • Build-A-Guy (arms; used on Mr. Prism)

By Eunice

  • Citrakayah (enhanced speed/agility; gained from Dr. Blurakami)
  • Pyronite (pyrokinesis; gained from Charcoal Man)
  • Crystalsapien (ultraviolet beams; gained from Mr. Prism)
  • Segmentasapien (clay block generation/extendable arms; gained from Build-A-Guy)


  • Ben 23 being transformed as Build-A-Guy, despite having reverted back from him at the end of Chapter 3 and being on a cool-down, is not a continuity error. Shocksquatch fended off Albedo, while Ben 23 awaited his cool-down and transformed into Build-A-Guy again with the plans of trying to use his powers to restrain Albedo.
  • Ben Prime and Ben 23's transformations reference two moments in the Ben 10 franchise: their split-screen transformations into Heatblast and Electricyeti respectively from Store 23, and their transformation sequences both happening at once referencing the 2016 reboot versions of Ben and Kevin's transformations into Omni-Kix Cannonbolt and Bootleg from the the episode, The Greatest Lake.
    • Ben 23's reaction to Ultimate Kugelblitz, "WHAT?! HE'S GOT POWER-UPS?!" is also very loosely inspired by Bootleg's reaction to Cannonbolt's upgraded form in the same episode.
  • A few aliens, including a reappearance of Chandelier and XLR8's first reappearance, were originally meant for this episode, but were scrapped due to not finding a proper moment to fit either of them in.
  • Although not directly stated, Albedo opening his face upwards in a bizarre series of segments, are a bizarrely-bio-organic version of Toepick's powers, his face opening meant to mimic Toepick's cage opening to reveal his face underneath.
    • Additionally, the sequence is a reference to Pennywise from the 2017 horror/thriller film, IT: Chapter 1, when Pennywise grotesquely opens his mouth to the point of his entire face unfolding open to reveal the Deadlights inside his maw to paralyze protagonist Beverly Marsh.
  • Although technically not their first appearances, Mr. Mucky and Fastcat, Ben 23's versions of Swampfire and Fasttrack are shown for the first time, their body parts used to aid Charcoal Man and Mr. Prism in combat respectively.
  • Skurd 23's line of "AND AWAY WE GOOOO!" when upgrading Mr. Prism, is a reference to an identical line exclaimed by Skurd Prime in the Ben 10: Omniverse episode and series finale, A New Dawn.
  • Although not directly stated either, Dr. Blurakami secretly and deeply regrets briefly attacking Albedo with her arm spikes, as despite doing it to try and stop him from hurting the other heroes, she felt it tainted her history of helping Albedo, and reflecting this regret when she mourned for Albedo during his temporary death.
  • A scene showing Ben Prime recovering from Albedo's paralyzing mental attack and activating the evolutionary feature of his Omnitrix early, was removed from the rough draft of the episode when it was decided Ben Prime was to challenge Albedo directly and then transform into Ultimate Kugelblitz, explaining his brief absence of when he was cast aside by Albedo and then reappeared as Jetray to tell the heroes to stand down.
  • Ultimate Kugelblitz was originally meant to enter his blue, white-haired Fired-Up mode halfway through the fight with Albedo, but it was scrapped as it felt Ultimate Kugelblitz was too overpowered during this scene, easily throwing Albedo around and breaking off his limbs.
  • It was originally planned for the crumbling electric pole to fall onto Albedo, its cables tearing and conducting its electricity through the melted ice on the asphalt, violently electrocuting Albedo until he was defeated. However, it was scrapped because it cut the fight off too quickly.
  • Instead of being frozen over by Albedo becoming intangible, Albedo would become tangible again mid-punch, trapping Ultimate Kugelblitz's arm in his abdomen, a reference to a similar situation from the Ben 10: Alien Force and series premiere, Ben 10 Returns: Part 1, between Kevin and Swampfire. However, writing the scene felt awkward, and thus, was changed.
  • Albedo breathes in the Chlorine Triflouride produced by Ultimate Kugelblitz to break out of his icy confinement and despite it being lethal when inhaled, he is not affected due to his immunity to toxic and poisonous gases.
  • Ultimate Kugelblitz was originally meant to snap Albedo's ectoplasmic sword construct in half rather than destroy it with his flames, but the latter sounded more cool so it was changed.
  • Ultimate Kugelblitz's exclamation of "Flame on." prior to triggering the Chlorine Triflouride explosion, is a reference to Johnny Storm/Human Torch, a member of the Fantastic Four.
  • Eunice is revealed to not understand Ben's usage of Triedge and not understand his powers, as Ben Prime has rarely used Triedge before, but enough to learn his ability to infuse the recently, or near, deceased with life force and restore them. However, Eunice does know their species name.
  • Upon reverting back from Triedge, Ben is described as being severely exhausted and weakened, as he used some of his own life force to give it to Albedo to bring him back.
  • Albedo briefly refers to himself as "Amalgabedo", the nickname given to him by Aster in Chapter 3.
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