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Multiverse vs. Tennyson
Season 1, Episode 2
Air date 4/3/2020
Written by XxXWTBxXx
Directed by XxXWTBxXx
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"Different Times" is the second chapter of the fan-made Ben 10 continuation, Multiverse vs. Tennyson.


"Ben 23's abrupt visit to the Prime timeline for the first time in a few years shockingly reveals how much his old ally has changed for what could be considered the worst."


The opening scene begins with a near-silent panning view of the exterior of Bellwood, as the view slowly begins to pan inwards. White text begins to appear at the center of the bottom of the screen, confirming it to now take place officially in the present time.


The scene swiftly cuts to the exterior of a Bellwood bank in the process of being robbed, its exterior appearing to have been blasted open as it was in ruins and fuming from smoke. The Violet Offenders, a group of suited individuals all wielding bags of cash and wearing both signature dark-violet balaclavas and suits, burst out of the bank’s destroyed entrance, quickly jumping into a stationary, similarly-violet-colored getaway car, another of them patiently waiting in the driver’s seat, looking out the window with binoculars.

Upon all four of their members entering the car, the Violet Offenders take off down the street, their tires screeching against the asphalt. A Harangue Nation news truck lays nearby, alluding to the fact that the situation was most definitely on the news.

“And there they go, criminals in broad daylight, escaping Bellwood Bank, carrying their comical bags of cash.” Will Harangue narrates, before the scene suddenly transitions with Harangue Nation News’ opening sequence, before changing to a live broadcast of Will Harangue speaking on live TV over the footage of the Violet Offenders escaping. “I criticize Mr. Tennyson for many things on this show. He’s destructive, dangerous, cataclysmic, you get the big picture, folks… but now I can add another title to a list: uncaring.”

“Those masked folks dub themselves the ‘Violet Offenders’. They’re the most bottom-of-the-barrel, most-definitely-not-fish-out-of-water crooks that run rampant through Bellwood from time to time, and here they are, robbing Bellwood Bank...” Will Harangue exclaims, displaying a blurry freeze-frame of one of the sprinting, bag-clutching criminals next to him. “...and Ben Tennyson is nowhere to be seen.”

“I get people who call into the show, who are mostly annoying pranksters but that’s unrelated, who will tell me that Ben Tennyson is a ‘good person’ and my points are entirely wrong...” Will Harangue speaks, before gesturing toward the replaying footage. “Does THAT look wrong to you? Do I need a new pair of glasses? Because maybe one of Ben Tennyson’s many fancy alien forms has the power to turn invisible, I don’t see how I’M the one wrong.”

“Ben Tennyson is a tad late to the party, and that goes to show how I’m baffled that there’s people out there supporting this lack of awareness toward crime in broad daylight.” Will Harangue continues, before directly facing the camera. “This is Will Harangue, reporting out. More live updates of this robbery to be updated as they are happening. Stay safe, folks, and Ben Tennyson, if you’re truly the ‘hero’ these people are calling you, actually get some work down, like the rest of us.”

As Harangue News displays its closing sequence, the scene transitions to the sprinting legs of a familiar figure running atop rooftops, struggling to catch up with the Violet Offenders’ getaway vehicle. Narrowly jumping the gaps in-between buildings, the figure violently reveals himself as a 25-year-old Ben Tennyson in present time, sporting short, brown facial hair, added height, and a very different outfit than how he looked in the flashback, his shirt mainly bright-green with black accents, along with his signature white-and-green hoodie, which now had an open zipper, and olive-green pants.

“Need to get close enough…” Ben speaks, before putting a finger to a concealed earpiece in his left earpiece, asking the receiver, “Give me something.”

“Violet Offenders are heading uptown. Cops are way too far behind. They’re definitely trying to locate an entrance to Undertown to slip away. If they get there, we’ll lose them.” The receiver responds, a young, female voice around Ben’s age. “Are you… running atop rooftops?”

“I’m trying to see where they were heading myself.” Ben responds back. “Sorry for making an effort.”

“Ben, just transform into an alien already! You’ll probably be able to catch up to them in time!” The female voice responds. “The real problem will just be slowing them down!”

“Whatever.” Ben responds, his tone oddly irritated, as he lifts his left arm, pulling his hoodie’s sleeve back, to reveal his modern Omnitrix, sleek and primarily stark-white, with bright-green and black accents, a mechanical extension on its left side, facing toward Ben’s elbow, having some sort of holographic semi-circle-shaped interface on it. Tapping its interface, its mechanical face-plate splits into two, revealing both a holographic wheel of the Omnitrix’s alien selection mode and the unprimed core underneath.

Interacting with the wheel and moving it with his fingers, Ben selects a humanoid alien with a flaming head of hair, similar to Heatblast, but obviously different, as upon double-tapping and confirming his choice, the core primes itself, popping upwards as Ben pushes his finger down on it, initiating a transformation. His skin becomes bright-yellow, armor of different orange shades forming over much of his body, as his hair becomes a mass of crackling flames and the Omnitrix’s symbol appears on the front of a belt.

KUGELBLITZ!” Ben’s new alien form triumphantly exclaims, as he utilizes his pyrokinetic form to take flight, propelling himself off the rooftops and after the Violet Offenders’ getaway vehicle.

“Ben, don’t you think ‘Kugelblitz’, your Feuer form, is a bit too much under these circumstances?!” The female voice asks, slightly panicked, over Ben’s earpiece. “I mean, his Fired Up form is seriously dangerous!

“I’m two seconds away from muting my earpiece.” Kugelblitz responds back, managing to briefly bounce off the wall of a nearby building’s exterior to allow himself to halt his blast for a moment and put his finger to his earpiece to respond back, obviously extremely irritated, before he bounces off the building, scorching and cracking the window he collided with, and continues his pyrokinetic travel.

“Alright, alright, just… don’t blow up anymore buildings please...” The female voice responds back, as Kugelblitz swerves abruptly, following the getaway vehicle down a sharp corner.

Within the getaway vehicle, one of the Violet Offenders lowers his binoculars in frustration, grumbling and mumbling, “Damn it…”, as he reaches toward the interior of one of the car doors, opening a hidden compartment to reveal a laser-blasting gun that he quickly takes, before leaning out one of the windows and opening fire on Kugelblitz.

“Stupid criminals and their laser guns…” Kugelblitz groans, slightly flinching from the impact of one of the laser blasts against his shoulders. Fuming, he briefly swung one of his arms forward, blasting a concentrated fireball into the back of their getaway vehicle, burning a portion of the hood upon impact. Frightened, the laser-gun-wielding Violet Offenders retreats back inside.

“He’s gaining on us!” One of the Violet Offenders exclaims.

“Shut up, I know that!” The driving Violet Offender responds. “It’s just a couple miles until we get to the uptown Undertown entrance! We’ll be home set if we make it!”

“How do we slow him down until then?!” The timid member of the Violet Offenders, the one previously clutching the laser gun, asks.

“We just keep him busy! Look, if you’re so scared he’s gonna catch up to us in time, hit me with the big guns!” The driving Violet Offender responds, before pressing a button on the vehicle’s dashboard, causing another hidden compartment to reveal itself on the back of the driver’s seat: a miniature missile launcher, decorated with violet-purple accents.

“T-The bazooka?!” The timid Violet Offender exclaims. “Do you know how much trouble we’ll get if we accidentally blow up something we didn’t intend to with this?!”

“Then, DON’T use it, and shut up already! I doubt he’s even close!” The driving Violet Offenders exclaims, before something thuds on the roof of their getaway vehicle, prompting everyone to look upwards and the driver to utter, “...son of a gun, I spoke too soon.”

From the outside, Kugelblitz, now standing on the roof of the vehicle, transforms in a flash of bright-green light, revealing his new alien form as a tall, long-necked, dark-yellow-scaled dinosaur-like alien with plates running down his backside and tail, the Omnitrix on his left outer-shoulder, and his most major detail being the long bony blades emerging from the top of his wrists, before Ben exclaims his new alien’s name, “DINOSWORD!

Violently bringing his weaponized blades into the roof of the vehicle, the muffled screams of the timid Violet Offender are heard inside, as Dinosword begins to drag his blade across the roof of the vehicle, gradually beginning to create a roughly-rectangular hole that he proceeds to tear open, revealing the Violet Offenders from within.

“Pull this gravy train over now!” Dinosword exclaims, raising his blades up. “Before things will get messy!”

One of the Violet Offenders grabs the laser gun, pointing it up toward Dinosword, before Dinosword quickly brings one of his arms down, slashing the gun to ribbons, leaving the Violet Offender to see most of it literally crumple into a broken mess in his hands. Shocked, the timid Violet Offender pushes the opening of the hidden compartment containing the bazooka closed with his foot, hiding it from Dinosword.

“You have ten seconds before I’m jumping over and sticking a blade in the engine... pull over now!” Dinosword exclaims.

“Alright, alright.” The driving Violet Offender says. “We’ll do what you say, Mr. Tennyson.”

As the driving Violet Offender begins to slowly lift his feet off the pedal, prompting the vehicle to begin slowing, the timid Violet Offender panics, loudly whispering to the driver, “Wh-What are you doing?!”

“I’m not getting this car wrecked anymore! I paid a fortune to get it fixed last time! I’m pulling over, even if it means I’m going to jail!” The driving Violet Offender responds, turning around to face him. “And put your seat-belt on! I’ve had that blinking light this whole time!”

As the driving Violet Offender suddenly winks toward him, the timid Violet Offender realizes his bluff and begins to frantically put his seat-belt on, as Dinosword exclaims, “Five seconds! Take your foot ENTIRELY off the pedal!”

“Well, I didn’t want to stop abruptly! One of us didn’t have their seat-belt on!” The driving Violet Offender responds, now facing forward, as he eyes a bright-red switch on the dashboard. “Tell you what, Mr. Tennyson, I’d like to ask: which alien of your aliens has the fastest reflexes?”

“If you’re going to pull one on me, don’t try it, or you’ll regret it.” Dinosword responds, frustrated.

“And tell me how exactly I am going to regret it…” The driving Violet Offender speaks, as he begins to reach toward the switch. “...when YOU’RE IN THE DUST BEHIND US! BRACE YOURSELF, GANG!”

As the driving Violet Offender flicks the switch, Dinosword narrowly noticing in time, the hood of the getaway vehicle suddenly opens, a pair of rocket thrusters emerging, as they swiftly activate, propelling the vehicle forward with such a abrupt boost that sends Dinosword flying off, crashing into the asphalt.

The Violet Offenders cheer in victory, as they begin to clear a massive distance behind Ben, two of them noticeably high-fiving, as suddenly, the timid Violet Offenders, looking forward, suddenly exclaims, “LOOK OUT!”, prompting the driver to turn back, seeing some sort of strange mass of swirling bright-blue energy forming in the middle of the road.

“WHAT THE- SWERVE, SWERVE, SWERVE!” The driver exclaims, as he struggles to just barely avoid the strange mass of energy just in time, noticeably scraping against something emerging from it in the process.

“Jeez, that was close!” The timid Violet Offender exclaims, looking out the window back toward whatever it was, as the turbo-boosters of their getaway vehicle deactivate, retracting back into the hood. “What was that?”

“Stupid time-space anomalies.” One of them responds, to which the driver responds, saying, “I swear, Mr. Tennyson has one huge battle against alternate versions of himself a few years, and now suddenly everyone in the multiverse wants to come here now.”

As the timid Violet Offender looks forward, he is shocked to see the left side of the vehicle’s exterior, mumbling, “Uhhh... boss?” as his eyes widen in terror. Slightly confused, the driver responds with, “What now?” as he notices the timid Violet Offender’s line of sight and looks out the driver’s window, seeing a massive scratch running alongside the entire left side of the vehicle, resulting in the paint essentially being decimated in the process.

“AWWWW, MY CAR’S PAINT JOB! DAMN IT!!!” The driver exclaims in frustration, the scene changing to show him screeching down the road, his voice growing more distant, as it shows what exactly had emerged from what was now confirmed to be some sort of portal from an alternative dimension.

“Yikes, those guys barely hit me. They need to pay attention to vhat’s in front of them.” A deep, robotic voice, with a thick German accent, speaks, revealing it to be originate from a large, dark-blue, gold-highlighted automaton of clicking clockwork parts: a Chronosapien from an alternative universe version of Ben Tennyson, revealed by the bright-blue, gold-rimmed version of the Omnitrix symbol on his chest. “I’m just glad ‘Windy-Hindy’ was durable enough to-”

Suddenly, a speeding humanoid silhouette smashes into the backside of Windy-Hindy, Ben’s Citrakayah form, Fasttrack, appearing quite similar to Dr. Blurakami, albeit with a more lighter shade of purplish-blue fur, a longer tail, and a short-sleeved, tracksuit-like outfit with the Omnitrix symbol on the center of his chest, as he slowly slides off the back of the Omnitrix newcomer’s backside and collapses back onto the asphalt.

“Uuuggghhh…” Fasttrack groans, clutching his face in pain.

“Fastcat?” Windy-Hindy questions, slowly turning around, before suddenly realizing who exactly this user is, “No, vait, it’s you! Ben!”

“Damn it...” Fasttrack mumbles to himself, getting back to his feet, before shouting, “MOVE! I’M BUSY!” before darting off after the Violet Offenders, utilizing his enhanced speed.

“Ben, vait, it’s ME!” Windy-Hindy calls out, as suddenly, Windy-Hindy creates a blast of chronokinetic energy around him to freeze time itself, suddenly causing Fasttrack to begin to grind to a halt, as everyone around him begins to turn a bright shade of blue, the same colors as Windy-Hindy’s Omnitrix symbol. Although it seemed Fasttrack was similarly frozen in time, he was merely slowing down when he noticed the petrified time around him.

“SERIOUSLY?!” Fasttrack turns back, yelling toward Windy-Hindy for a good distance again.

“Ben, listen, it’s me... vell, actually, YOU!” Windy-Hindy says, gesturing to himself. “From the 23rd dimension! I’m the alternate version of you!”

“You didn’t think I knew that?!” Fasttrack yells back, frustrated. “I don’t think there’s a version of me out in the multiverse with a blue Omnitrix! Now, unfreeze time! I’m trying to stop a ROBBERY IN PROGRESS!”

“Vell, I just froze time! You could catch them up to now!” Windy-Hindy responds, holding his palms out in confusion.

“This is being broadcasted, right now, by the Harangue Nation news helicopter, still a good distance behind us! How are people even going to know I was the one to stop them if they didn’t even see me do it?!” Fasttrack yells back. “You’re throwing me off, 23! This is the worst time to meet up with me again!”

“Well, can I help you then?” Windy-Hindy asks, to which Fasttrack yells back, “I have it under control BY myself! The only thing I need for you to do now is UNFREEZE TIME!”

“But, Ben, you’ve al-vays appreciated my help in the past!” Windy-Hindy responds back, confused. “I can help you right now, as Speedyquick!”

Suddenly, Fasttrack transforms in a flash of green light, becoming his own version of Windy-Hindy, simply dubbed Clockwork, as he uses his time manipulation to counteract Windy-Hindy’s own powers, not only unfreezing time but freezing Windy-Hindy in time in the process.

“Sorry, kid, but like I said, I have it under control.” Clockwork responds, before transforming back into Fasttrack. “I’ll come back to unfreeze you later.”

As Fasttrack takes back down the road, meanwhile in uptown Bellwood within an abandoned construction site, the Violet Offenders’ getaway vehicle begins quickly driving up toward the abandoned site.

“We’re home-free! Mr. Tennyson and the cops both are a good 10 minutes away!” One of the Violet Offenders exclaims. “We’ve gotten away with at least almost a hundred thousand dollars! We’ll be set for the next couple years of our lives!”

“Wait… we’re splitting it right?” The timid Violet Offender asks.

“Are we splitting it… of course, we’re splitting it! It’s not like one of us is going to just take all the money and run!” The Violet Offender in the passenger seat responds back, before opening yet another hidden compartment on the interior of the passenger door, revealing the bags of money. “We got around… twelve bags, so that’s four bags per person.”

“That’s THREE bags per person, numskull. Four times four is sixteen, not twelve.” The driver responds back.

“Just wait a second!” The other, non-timid Violet Offender responds back. “We didn’t exactly evenly distribute the handfuls of cash into the bags! For all we know, half of them are just filled with only a few hundred bucks each! I say, we pour them out at our base and then distribute them!”

“For god’s sake, you two are so irritating with your calculations. I didn’t join this mission to learn Algebra, I wanted some damn money!” The Violet Offender in the passenger seat responds back, slamming his fist on the dashboard before crossing his arms.

“What I said was basic, elementary Math.” The driver remarks, scoffing in bewilderment. “Well, if I’m going to have to spend half of my earnings on fixing this damn car up, I’m gonna be mad. That’s all I have to say.”

“Uhhhh… boss?” The timid Violet Offender slowly speaks, looking out the back window.

“Yes, I know there’s a giant burned hole in there. You don’t have to remind me again.” The driver responds, annoyed.

“Not that… there’s an… Aerophibian coming toward us…” The timid Violet Offender responds, staring with terror in his eyes.

“Yeah, so? Aren’t Aerophibians those little yellow guys with bad teeth?” The driver responds, smirking slightly. “I swear, they come in like 10 different colors. There’s a whole rainbow of them.”

“Man, you knucklehead, you’re thinking of the Atrocians! Aerophibians are the monkeys who shoot webs from their tails!” The other, non-timid Violet Offender responds back.

“Those are Arachnichimps!” The driver responds back. “How am I supposed to remember what Aerophibans are?! I’m not a scientist!”

“Well, you’re apparently good at Math, huh?!” The Violet Offender in the passenger seat exclaims, before kicking the back of the driver’s seat.

“THAT WAS SIMPLE MULTIPLICATION, AND WATCH IT, THERE’S A LOADED ROCKET LAUNCHER IN THERE!” The driver yells out, as soon, the trio proceeds to begin to break out in incoherent arguing.

“YOU DUNCES, JUST LOOK AT IT! IT’S LIKE A FLYING MANTA RAY!” The timid Violet Offender member yells out in shock, as the view shifts, revealing another one of Ben’s alien forms, an anthropomorphic, red-and-yellow manta ray-like alien currently in flight, dubbed Jetray, as his eyes begin to glow bright-green. “THAT’S ONE OF BEN’S ALIENS, AND HE’S GOING TO FIRE AT US! PUT THE PEDAL TO THE METAL!”

Within an instance, Jetray fired a beam of neuroshock energy from both of his eyes, firing several blasts into both the backside and open roof of the vehicle, prompting the Violet Offenders to get cover.

“NO, MY CAR! OH, THAT TEARS IT!” The driver exclaims, pressing another button on his dashboard and causing several hidden compartments to open above each of the seats, each containing larger variants of the laser gun from earlier, now double-handled. “GRAB ONE! IF HE WANTS A FIGHT, HE’LL GET ONE! WE, VIOLET OFFENDERS, WON’T GO DOWN THAT EASILY!”

Within an instance, the other trio of the Violet Offenders, now armed, burst from the doors of the damaged vehicle, taking fire at Jetray, who swoops and dodges most of the blasts, returning neuroshock blasts to try and counter them, managing to take down one of the Violet Offenders with a paralyzing attack upon hitting him one of the blasts.

“Where are these guys getting all these weapons anyways?! I swear they’re disposable!” Jetray mumbles to himself, frustrated. “Wherever they’re getting them, they’re projecting energy blasts, and I have just the alien to counter that!”

Transforming in yet another flash of bright-green light, his physiology becomes an animate, one-eyed humanoid of dark-purple stone, covered in several, protruding, bright-magenta crystal shards, the Omnitrix symbol resting on his right pectoral. His new alien form lands on the ground, before striking a dramatic pose, and exclaiming, “CHROMASTONE!

Continuing to blast Chromastone several times, the Violet Offenders are shocked to see Chromastone merely absorb their laser blasts through his crystals, lift his hands up, and fire a pair of ultraviolet energy beams back toward them, his blast hitting the car in its crosshairs and blasting open the hood.

“YOU WANT TO WRECK MY CAR?! I’LL WRECK YOU!” The driver exclaims, bursting out of the driver’s seat, as he raises the missile launcher over his shoulder upwards, pointing it toward Chromastone, before suddenly firing one of the rockets right toward Chromastone, who blasts another pair of ultraviolet beams toward it, forcing it to explode and send the two sides flying back.

“Ughhh… how many times am I going to get thrown down today?!” Chromastone says, slowly responding back up to his feet. “Ridiculous.”

“-Tennyson?! Tennyson, come in! Tennyson, don’t tell me you muted me!” A familiar, female voice begins speaking over his earpiece, now not requiring hands due to the lack of Chromastone having visible ears, to which Chromastone responds, “Yes, I’m still here. I’m not going anywhere. I’m at the abandoned uptown construction site, and they got rockets!”

“Tennyson… I know you’re in the middle of a fight right now… but did you freeze an alternate version of Clockwork in the middle of the street?!” The female voice asks.

“Yes, that’s an alternate version of me, who was interrupting my pursuit, so I put our meeting on the backburner for now!” Chromastone responds, blasting another beam of UV energy toward the Violet Offenders, to which they respond with another fired missile, that he narrowly dodges, rolling on his side, before blasting and destroying it before it fully escapes the construction site. “Listen, if you’re going to help, get over here! These dolts have rockets, and they’re going to create some collateral damage! Bring those cops too, because I’m going to wrap this up soon!”

“Alright, I’m on the way!” The female voice responds back. “But first, I need to do something!”

“Make it quick then!” Chromastone responds.

“Hey, Tennyson!” The missile-launcher-wielding driver yells out toward Chromastone. “Who are you talking to on our little earpiece? Your GIRLFRIEND?!”

“Whoa…” The timid member of the Violet Offenders gasps. “You finally found the right one?! Oh my god, Tennyson, good for you!”

“Shut up! That was an insult, you idiot!” The driver exclaims, slapping him on the back of his head in the process.

“If he has to go through that WHOLE gossiping fiasco of me and Kai that Will Harangue made up last year…” Chromastone groans, frustrated. “...I’M STEPPING ON HARANGUE NATION STUDIOS, AS WAY BIG! I SWEAR TO GOD, I’LL DO IT THIS TIME!”

“Hit him again, boss!” One of the Violet Offenders exclaims, to which the driver readies his second-to-last shot of the missile launcher, aiming with a squinted eye, as he fires the rocket directly at Chromastone, who motionlessly stands his ground, seeming to head him dead-on as the sounds of a miniature explosion follows, and soon, a powerful shockwave and blast of smoke that nearly sends the Violet Offenders off their feet.

As they slowly come back to their senses, coughing through the cloud of smoke, they hesitate, staring deeply within the impact site of the missile, and hearing nothing from within. With a long pause of anticipation, one of the Violent Offenders breaks the silence, exclaiming, “WE GOT HIM-” before the driver interrupts him, covering his mouth with one hand and simply stating, “Wait, not yet.”

As the four impatiently wait, a small, lumpy silhouette emerges from the smoke, groaning in pain with a deep, hoarse voice, and appearing slightly dizzy, as it continues to emerge. The group’s gaze of deep anticipation and gradually-forming glee turn into confusion, as they witness the figure slowly wander in their directions, similarly coughing in the clouds of smoke too.

Finally revealing himself, the alien was yet another one of Ben’s forms, a somewhat-egg-shaped alien with yellow, wart-covered skin, stubby limbs, dark fingernails, and the Omnitrix symbol protruding prominently out of his naval: The Worst.

“You gotta be kidding me.” One of the Violet Offenders slowly utters.

“Y-You tanked that entire blast.” The driver also utters, shocked.

“Well… yeah, Captain Obvious…” The Worst responds back. “I’m indestructible, but I can still feel it.”

“You see? YOU SEE?” The non-timid Violet Offender from earlier exclaims. “THAT’S AN ATROCIAN!”

“Stop yelling! I have working eyes, idiot!” The driver responds back, also slapping him on the back of the head.

“Now… personal opinion… but I feel like this has gone on for a bit too long, wouldn’t you agree?” The Worst asks. “How about we wrap this up real quick?”

“Fat chance, you little blob.” The driver says, pointing the missile launcher straight at The Worst, loaded with his final rocket.

“Ohohoh… I knew you wouldn’t be up for it…” The Worst chuckles slightly, as within another flash of green light, he transforms into Chandelier, a pale-white, pig-like alien with a set height up to around Ben’s shoulders and the Omnitrix symbol on his chest, most notably being his backside covered in molten dark-red wax.

“What the-?!” The driver yells out in shock, startled by the height difference of Ben’s new alien, as Chandelier suddenly blasts a ball of molten wax onto the end of the missile launcher. As the driver notices it, the wax instantaneously begins to harden. “Hey, what the- you plugged up with CANDLE WAX?!”

Suddenly, before the others can react, Chandelier’s form shifts yet again, becoming a towering, mechanized robotic alien, its most noticeable details including its simplistic head and feet, the electrified metal antennae emerging from its head, and its muscular, bright-orange forearms, surging with electricity. With an electrified uppercut, Ben’s new form, dubbed Electro City, sends the driver flying back, crashing into the back window of his busted getaway vehicle, shattering its back window in the process.

“AGGH! BOYS, HE ISN’T CHROMASTONE ANYMORE! BLAST ‘EM!” The driver yells out, injured, as the trio takes out their laser blasters again and opens fire on Electro City, who defends himself with his bulky forearms, managing to reflect the blasts, before reeling one of his arms up and striking the ground, releasing an electrified shockwave that throws the trio back.

“HE’S GOT ELECTROKINESIS! WATCH OU- AAAAAAHHHHHH!'' The timid Violet Offender yells out, before a fired blast of electricity from one of Electro City’s antennae electrocutes the Violet Offender mid-speech, causing him to eventually collapse, semi-conscious and drooling through the mouthhole of his mask.

Stealing his fallen ally’s blaster, another one of the Violet Offenders, now dual-wielding, opens fire on Electro City, who easily shields him again with his bulky forearm. Frustrated, he drops one of his blasters and pulls out a flat explosive from his suit’s pocket, which he flings toward Electro City, causing it to magnetize and stick to the middle of his abdomen.

“EMP bomb.” The Violet Offender simply responds, before Electro City is painfully blasted by an electromagnetic pulse, causing him to eventually collapse, hardly able to keep himself up with one hand and his knees, as the Violet Offender slowly approaches Electro City, aiming his other blaster directly at his head.

“Nighty nighty, Mr. Tennyson.” The Violet Offender remarks, readying his blaster, as suddenly, a glowing, sparkling powder begins to fill the air around the two. Seeming to grow drowsy, his facial features drooping, the Violet Offender exclaims, “What?! What’s going… going…” as the blaster gradually slides out of his fingers.

“Did somebody say…” A high-pitched, trilling voice exclaims, as Electro City, reverting back to his human form, looks up to see a familiar sight. “...NIGHTY KNIGHT?!

The voice’s owner is revealed to belong to a small, fairy-like alien, hovering in mid-air just a couple feet above the two, having light-blue skin, a head of pointed dark-blue hair, four transparent, spotted wings, and as expected, a bright-blue, golden-rimmed Omnitrix symbol on the center of its chest.

“23… how did you… I froze you in time…?” A slightly-weakened Ben utters, confused as he gets to his feet.

“Your girlfriend found me and used Windy-Hindy’s powers to unfreeze me, so I came back here to help, using my Nighty Knight!” Nighty Knight responds.

“Hehe… I knew it…” The drowsy Violent Offender utters. “You do have one… Harangue was right…”

Not in the crosshairs of the sleep-inducing attack of Nighty Knight, a flustered Ben lunges forward, socking his fist into the face of the Violet Offender, sending him flying back into the charred dirt, defeated, before he crushes the deactivated EMP bomb, now laying on the ground, and looks up to face Nighty Knight.

“Still don’t need my help now, huh?” Nighty Knight lands, reverting to his human form: an 23-year-old version of Ben Tennyson from an alternate dimension, represented by his layered haircut, blue eyes, short facial hair, formal wear, jewelry, and his signature medallion in the shape of his blue-colored Omnitrix, resembling a blue-and-gold-colored version of the recalibrated prototype Omnitrix who he alternatively dubs the Hero Watch.

“Ben 23…” Ben Prime remarks, dusting himself off. “Thank you for that.”

“My question?” Ben 23 asks, as Ben Prime faces the remaining pair of Violet Offenders, one in the process of tearing the frozen wax off the missile launcher.

“Mmmmm…” Ben Prime makes a muffled vocalization of thinking, before uttering “No, thanks.” and suddenly transforming into a flash of green light, becoming Geothermite, a squat, rocky-skinned humanoid alien with bulbous growths of geo-thermal magma on his foreheads outer-arms and the Omnitrix symbol on his chest, before rushing back into battle.

“Alright… sure…” Ben 23 sarcastically responds, rolling his eyes. “Let me just sit out on the bleachers and watch you play ball.”

“DIE, TENNYSON!” One of the remaining Violet Offenders exclaims, raising up the now-rearmed missile launcher, preparing to fire its final shot toward Geothermite, to which he glares with concentration in his gaze and manifests a boulder-like mass of rock crackling with heat in his right hand.

Reeling it back, he blasted the flaming rock toward the Violent Offender, who startled by its appearance, quickly jumped back to dodge, awkwardly falling backwards in the process, causing the missile launcher to misfire, shooting the rocket straight into the sky.

“Itchy trigger finger?” Geothermite asks. “Looks like you just lost your final attack.”


“WHAT THE HELL?!” The previously-defeated Violent Offender yells from a distance away, his cheek bruised from Ben’s punch. “Why the hell didn’t YOU SAY SOMETHING?! YOU COULD HAVE KILLED US WITH THAT!”


“IT DIDN’T HAVE TO BE IN A CONVERSATION, YOU DUMBASS! YOU’RE SUCH AN IDIOT!” The defeated Violet Offender yells back, as the two break out in insults and soon, a full-blown argument, to which Geothermite stares on in disbelief, only to quickly look up, seeing a stream of strange, fluctuating energy reaching upwards into the sky.

“Woah, what the hell is that?!” Geothermite asks, as he slowly turns around, following the source to just a couple feet behind: Ben 23. “They’re MAGNETIC WAVES!”

Ben 23 was revealed to have taken on another one of his own alien transformations, his version of Ben Prime’s Lodestar, a silicon-based humanoid made out of oddly-bright-blue lodestone, designed with abstract, bright-yellow stripes and the Hero Watch symbol on his chest, along with having a floating, metallic head with a similarly-yellow, Y-shaped crest on his forehead, spiked shoulders, and claw-shaped hands emitting magnetic waves keeping the missile at bay.

“Missile...” Ben 23’s Biosovortian form exclaims. “ MAGNET DUDE!

“Oh, yeah… I just now remember your nicknames.” Geothermite stares, as Magnet Dude, utilizing his magnetism abilities, begins to slowly bring the still-active missile downwards. “Clever pun though.”

“BEN, GIVE A HAND! TURN INTO SOMETHING THAT CAN DISENGAGE THIS!” Magnet Dude exclaims, straining to hold it still. “HURRY!”

With a flash of green light, Geothermite transforms into a small, bright-red, gremlin-like alien with devil-like characteristics, including sharp ears and teeth, a pointed nose, and an arrow-shaped tail, dressed in an aviator’s outfit with the Omnitrix symbol on the front of a belt around his stomach.

JURY RIGG!” Ben’s new alien form exclaims, before lowering his goggles down, leaping onto the side of the active missile, and beginning to move at comically-rapid speeds, gradually taking apart the missile’s exterior, flinging metal parts everywhere. “DISENGAGE! DISENGAGE! DISENGAGE!”

Within an instant, Jury Rigg leaps off the now-dismantled missile, as its thruster gradually deactivates. As Jury Rigg dusts his hands off and readjusts his goggles, he reverts to his human form, allowing Magnet Dude to release the missile’s disassembled parts, all while the two Violet Offenders are still arguing.

“-AND YOUR MOTHER- Oh, what the hell?!” The defeated Violet Offender exclaims, seeing the now-dismantled rocket’s components crash to the ground.

“Where’s the fourth one?” Ben Prime abrasively asks, to which both him and Magnet Dude are alerted to the dark interior of an unfinished building within the site, merely rebar and girders in the crude shape of part of a building’s framework. The glow of headlights, one cracked, radiates from within the site, illuminating the boss of the Violet Offenders, the driver himself, back within the driver’s seat.

“He’s… in there.” The defeated Violet Offender utters, slowly stumbling back to his feet.

“I’m surprised he didn’t run off with the money.” The timid Violet Offender mumbles, now having fully regained consciousness.

“I think I know what his current intentions are.” Ben Prime states, before the car suddenly screeches, shooting out of the abandoned, unfinished building, to which Ben Prime leaps out of the way of the upcoming vehicle, as if it was an angry bull, transforming back into Kugelblitz once colliding back with the ground.

“WHAT, IS YOUR BOSS CRAZY?!” Kugelblitz exclaims toward the bruised Violet Offender.

“He gets a little hot-headed when he shifts toward the losing side.” The defeated Violet Offender responds, as the vehicle abruptly swerves around, aiming to charge at Kugelblitz, only to be suddenly stopped, soon revealed to be Magnet Dude’s magnetokinesis, as he weighs the car down, preventing it from moving in the dirt.

“Stop right there, Not-Orange Offender! Magnet Dude’s here to-” Magnet Dude monologues, during which the timid Violet Offender tosses him one of the laser blasters, allowing him to grab it and open fire on Magnet Dude. “Oof! Ow! Ouch! Ow, that hurts!”

“I’m going to say this one more time!” Kugelblitz exclaims, igniting his fists with flames. “GET OUT OF THAT CAR!”

Firing a blast of flames from his palms, he burns a hole straight through the driver, burning a hole through the center. Startled, the driver redirects his laser blasts toward Kugelblitz, who propels himself upwards with a fiery blast, jumping upwards and crushing into the side of the broken roof, causing it to dent, as he hops off and violently tears the driver door off. As the Violet Offender aims to fire his blaster at Kugelblitz, it’s caught in the generated magnetic waves of Magnet Dude, causing it to be blasted out of his hands and sent flying a good half-mile off into the distance.

“WHAT’S IT GOING TO BE?!” Kugelblitz angrily exclaims, as the Violet Offender, panicking, looks around the interior of the driver seat for something to use, spotting an open water bottle in his cup holder. Grabbing it, he comically uses it as a weapon, squeezing it to spray Kugelblitz in the face, only to be unaffected, besides his flaming hair being briefly extinguished. “That doesn’t even hurt, dumbass!”

“Go to hell, Tennyson!” The Violet Offender exclaims, reeling his body backwards and landing a kick directly into the jaw of Kugelblitz, sending him stumbling back.

“BEN!” Magnet Dude exclaims out of shock, prompting to suddenly release his magnetic attacks, allowing the driver to suddenly break free, as he gases it, driving forward before making an abrupt U-turn toward the heroes.

Kugelblitz, burning the boot-print-shaped imprint of dirt off his face, glares him down, as Magnet Dude volunteers to help, rushing forward toward the driver, only to be stopped by Kugelblitz, holding up the back of his hand toward Magnet Dude, who seems to understand his gesture, as he steps back.

“Bring it.” Kugelblitz exclaims, glaring at the maniacal look of the driver through the charred, cracked front window. “I hope you have your airbag on.”

As the driver floors it, both slamming his foot down on the pedal and activating the vehicle’s turbo mode, activating the semi-damaged rocket thrusters, Ben smacks the Omnitrix symbol on his belt, transforming in a short sequence, as he becomes a large, coral-composed humanoid alien, covered in many sharp edges with the Omnitrix symbol on the center of his forehead.

BARRIER REEF!” Ben’s new alien form exclaims, holding his arms up. As the vehicle nears by the millisecond, Barrier Reef slams his arms down, creating a bright-green, jagged construct of energy in the shape of a barrier reef. As the driver’s demented gaze turns to surprise, the front of the vehicle smashes straight into the energy barrier, pulverizing the front of it, shattering the window, and deploying the airbag, which is the only thing that saved the driver in that very moment.

As Barrier Reef walks over, Magnet Dude, from a distance, uses his enhanced strength to tear off the remaining door, the passenger door with the open hidden compartment filled with the bags of money, as he shakes the car door around, allowing the stolen bags of money to fall out onto the ground.

“Ugggghhh...” The driver, his face slightly bloodied, slowly pushes himself off the surface of his airbag, before he’s suddenly grabbed by Barrier Reef, who holds him a good foot off the ground by his suit collar.

“WHEN I SAY DON’T PULL ANYTHING, I MEAN IT!” Barrier Reef exclaims, rattling and shaking the driver around. “DO YOU HEAR ME NOW?!”

“Alright! Alright! I give, Mr. Tennyson, I give!” The driver begs, defensefully holding his hands up and pulling his mask off in the process, revealing his face underneath, just a face no different than a casual Bellwood civilian. Annoyed, Barrier Reef violently tosses the driver down onto the dirt ground of the abandoned construction site, before looking to the left, seeing the approaching cops, blaring their sirens.

Reverting back to his human form, Ben Prime turns around and begins to walk away, only to be suddenly stopped by Magnet Dude.

“What the heck was that?!” Magnet Dude exclaims, shocked. “I don’t jostle my criminals around like that!”

“Yeah, but you blast fireballs and beams of ice at them. It’s the same thing. I just do things a little differently.” Ben Prime exclaims, walking around Magnet Dude’s arm, to which he reverts back to his human form and runs up to Ben Prime, catching up with him as he seems to just casually walk away.

“Ben, that’s aggressive! Those are just people! You don’t bully them around that!” Ben 23 exclaims.

“They broke the law, resisted shot with lasers, threw me into asphalt, shot with missiles, almost blew me up, and then almost ran me over. I’ll do whatever I want with them.” Ben Prime retorts, irritated. “Cops will deal with the rest, so my job is done.”

“You’re not even going to take credit?” Ben 23 asks. “After you used your Windy-Hindy to unfreeze time, seemingly for the purpose of making sure you do so later on?”

“They knew I did it. They saw me. They see me walking away. Like I said, my job is done.” Ben Prime responds, as he puts his finger to his earpiece.

Eunice, I’m done. I took care of them, and Ben 23 got the money out of their vehicle.” Ben Prime speaks to the now-revealed owner of the female voice. “Unless there’s an emergency case or another Null Void invasion, I’m done today. Don’t bother me.”

“Yes, Ben.” Eunice simply responds.

As Ben Prime arms his Omnitrix and transforms into Jetray in a flash of green light, preparing to take flight, Ben 23 similarly transforms into Nighty Knight and in an attempt to stop Jetray from fleeing, exclaims, “The Ben Tennyson I knew and fought alongside would never do something like that!” and blasts a projectile beam of sleep dust from his fingertip toward Jetray.

“What am I supposed to apologize to the people who broke the law and tried to kill me?! NO!” Jetray refuses, turning around and firing a neuroshock blast at the cloud of sleep dust, causing it to ignite and burn into dust, as Jetray looks up at the mildly-terrified Nighty Knight. “Things have changed, 23... I’m a harder enforcer now... too many awful things have happened in the 5 years you haven’t seen you… and if you don’t like what you see… use your Windy-Hindy and get LOST!”

As Jetray flees, flying off into the sky, Nighty Knight stares in shock at what has become of Ben Prime, simply uttering his name, “...Ben?” in slight confusion, as the screen freezes, cutting to black as a logo fills the screen, before a single message fades in beneath it.


Noteworthy Events

Major Events

  • Now exclusively in the present day of the mid-Summer of 2020, opposed to the decade-long ago flashback taking up the first-half of Chapter 1, the world of Benjamin Tennyson has changed drastically:
    • Ben Prime's appearance is now significantly older, at the age of 25 years old, with facial hair and clothes, hinting at his very slow, gradual transformation into his future self, Ben 10,000.
      • Ben Prime has an uncharacteristically grouchy and grizzled personality, telling his partner to stop worrying about collateral damage, him refusing the help of Ben 23 several times, and him angrily handling the Violet Offenders' boss after he had refused several times to obey Ben once the group were finally defeated.
    • The Omnitrix resembles its Omniverse counterpart, albeit with a strange extended interface on its left side, the functionality and purpose of which unknown.
      • Along with that, as promised by Azmuth, Ben was finally granted complete Master Control on his 18th birthday, in December of 2014, which has resulted in Ben using and discovering a good 20 or so new aliens as a result that he used for the first time throughout the year of 2015.
    • The Violet Offenders allude to a few past events that happened during the 10 year time-skip, including some sort of huge war against alternate versions of himself in his Bellwood a few years prior, that now in the modern day, have resulted in frequent visitors of alternate dimensions wishing to come to Bellwood. Jetray alludes to more in the past 5 years alone, calling themselves "awful" but doesn't further elaborate.
    • Ben's former partners and allies, Gwen, Kevin, and Rook, are apparently nowhere to be seen as of Chapter 2, instead being replaced by a returning minor protagonist from Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, the sentient, prototype "Unitrix" device, who dubs itself Eunice.
    • Ben 23 has similarly grown older, now 23 years old, and expresses better utilization of his aliens, such as using Magnet Dude to catch the fragmentation missile and lower it to the ground to allow Jury Rigg to dismantle it.
      • The Hero Watch has also seemed to have re-calibrated appearance-wise. Its effects have yet to be seen.
    • Bellwood, most notably Will Harangue, are more familiar with the ragtag bank-heist-eccentric Violet Offenders group, who made a few silent cameos in Ben 10: Omniverse.
  • Ben Prime meets his alternate self from Dimension 23 in the first time in 5 years.
  • Ben 23 is confused and concerned by Ben Prime's attitude, only to discover that he's drastically changed personality-wise since their last encounter, and he is now worrisome of the "hero" he has become.

Minor Events

  • Ben Prime stops yet another bank heist by the Violet Offenders, and they are arrested off-screen.
  • A confirmed hidden entrance of Undertown is revealed to exist within an abandoned construction site in uptown Bellwood.
  • Will Harangue still hates Ben, even 10 years later.
  • A Nemuina's projectile sleep dust is revealed to be able to be instantaneously burned and disintegrated by a neuroshock blast from an Aerophibian.



  • Ben Tennyson (prime; first reappearance present-time)
  • Ben 23 (first reappearance)
  • Eunice (voice-only)


  • The Violet Offenders (first reappearance)
  • Will Harangue (first reappearance)
  • The Orange Offenders (Dimension 23; mentioned)

Aliens Used

By Ben Prime

  • Kugelblitz (x2; first appearance)
  • Dinosword (first appearance)
  • Fasttrack (x2; first reappearance; first time off-screen transformation)
  • Clockwork (cameo)
  • Jetray (x2; first reappearance; first time off-screen transformation)
  • Chromastone (first reappearance)
  • The Worst (first reappearance; off-screen transformation)
  • Chandelier (first appearance; cameo)
  • Electro City (first appearance)
  • Geothermite (first appearance)
  • Jury Rigg (first reappearance)
  • Barrier Reef (first appearance)

By Ben 23

  • Windy-Hindy (first on-screen reappearance of Clockwork; off-screen transformation)
  • Nighty Knight (x2; first reappearance of Pesky Dust; first time off-screen transformation)
  • Magnet Dude (first reappearance of Lodestar; off-screen transformation)


  • Stated above, Ben Prime's new appearance and clothing was to begin bridging the gap toward his future self, Ben 10,000.
  • Ben's usage of his first on-screen alien in the chapter being Kugelblitz was meant to reference the partially-reoccurring theme of the franchise of Ben's first-used alien in each of the franchise's series was centered around fire and heat. In the original series, Ben transformed into Heatblast first, while in Ben 10: Alien Force, Ben transformed into Swampfire first.
    • However, the trend was broken with Ben using Humungousaur as his first transformation in Ben 10: Ultimate Alien and Ben using Lodestar as his first transformation in Ben 10: Omniverse.
    • AmpFibian was technically the first alien used by Ben in Chapter 1 of Multiverse vs. Tennyson, while Negative Frankenstrike also appeared before him, used by Albedo. However, both technically could not count, due to them appearing in a flashback.
  • The boss of the small Violet Offenders team, very commonly dubbed "the driver" through the chapter, bares characteristics with Kevin, namely his anger when his car is repeatedly damaged by Ben.
    • According to the creator, WTB, the similarities between the two were a coincidence.
  • The Violet Offenders were given voices and more personality compared to their appearance in Ben 10: Omniverse to give them some flair. They were originally going to be given names to enforce the idea they were merely just simple Bellwood citizens, but the idea was scrapped to empathize the fact they're just nameless criminals.
  • The getaway car used by the Violet Offenders is the same car, or at least an extremely similar car, used by them in the Ben 10: Omniverse episode, Showdown: Part 1, during a short flashback montage showing 11-year-old Ben's constant and unnecessary over-usage of Feedback.
  • Ben 23 both mentions Fastcat and Speedyquick, his versions of Fasttrack and XLR8 respectively.
  • Ben Prime was originally not going to use Clockwork to revert Ben Prime's powers, but instead finally convince him to finally unfreeze time. However, the scene dragged on for too long, and there was still no clear reasoning why Ben 23 would stay behind and not assist Ben until later into the fight, so it was scrapped in favor of Ben using Clockwork to both unfreeze time and freeze Windy-Hindy.
  • Magnet Dude refers to the driving Violet Offender as "not-orange", referencing how in Dimension 23, his version of the Violet Offenders are differently-colored and go by the "Orange Offenders".
  • Will Harangue was originally going to reappear after the Violet Offenders' defeat, prior to Ben Prime starting to exit the scene, confronting Ben with questions about his supposed "uncaring" and "reckless" nature that would infuriate Ben instantaneously, causing him to turn into Kugelblitz a third time and destroy Will Harangue's cameraman's equipment in a fit of rage. The part was removed because it took up much time, didn't seem necessary, and would cause Ben Prime to come off as more of a hot-headed jerk, rather as an aged, grizzled hero with a dwindled tolerance for crime.
  • Chandelier was going to appear longer on-screen, but he was left as just a cameo.
  • Windy-Hindy was originally described as being "bluish-gold", but the description was changed to dark-blue after a day prior to the episode's official release, Derrick J. Wyatt released an official design of Windy-Hindy, showing his confirmed colors.
  • Ben 23 was originally meant to transform into more aliens, particularly his version of Gutrot, dubbed "Chemical Man" when Ben transforms into Kugelblitz a second time, to which Chemical Man would generate a blast of flammable gas, allowing Kugelblitz to ignite it with a fireball, creating an explosion that would have knocked out the remaining Violet Offenders. However, the part felt unnecessary and when it was scrapped, Chemical Man lacked a place for the rest of the episode, and it was decided to save him for a later episode.
  • A very short scene at the end, showing the mutated Albedo silently in his cell, was considered, but scrapped because the episode felt long enough and didn't need to involve Albedo.
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