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Multiverse vs. Tennyson
Season 2, Episode 1
Air date 7/29/2020
Written by XxXWTBxXx
Directed by XxXWTBxXx
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"Omni-Kickstart" is the fourteenth chapter, and premiere to the second act, of the fan-made Ben 10 continuation, Multiverse vs. Tennyson.


"The happy go-lucky persona of a very, very difficult world begins to peel away, as the horror that crosses through space and time begins to bleed into their pages."


The opening scene opens with an empty, foliage-surrounded road, as quickly, a familiar RV drives down the road. It appears to resemble Grandpa Max’s RV, the Rust Bucket, but on closer inspection with the panning view after it, following its exterior, it reveals itself as much more modernized, blue and white instead of its recognizable beige with thin, red-and-blue stripes. It visibly features a green, bordered symbol taking on the form of a cartoony UFO on its left side, and a metallic, rusted bumper.

Within the Rust Bucket, something appears familiar: Grandpa Max in his 60’s driving the Rust Bucket, with a disinterested, 10-year-old Ben Tennyson and a fascinated, 10-year-old Gwen Tennyson sitting near him… but their appearances felt… uncharacteristic, as if there were more… cartoonish.


“Aw, man, this stinks… I thought we were going to have fun… why of all possible places are we going to a crummy old junkyard?” The cartoony, post-universally-rebooted Ben asks, bored and looking out a window, to which at that exact moment, a loud pop was audible from the RV’s engine, to which a characteristically-sounding, but differently-voiced Grandpa Max responds, “That’s why, Ben. Ol’ Rustbucket is not in good shape after our last encounter with Xingo.”

“Yeah, but like, don’t repair shops exist? This seems kinda... gross… and weird...” Reboot Ben asks, lifting up his arms to reveal the bizarre Omnitrix over his left wrist, resembling the prototype, but almost entirely black-and-grey, with white support tubes around the dials, to which his Gwen responds, “Aw, come on, Ben. I thought you liked the gross and weird.”

“Nuh uh, I can be classy too. You see, we’re going to ‘Old Man Jeremy’s Jury-Rigged Junkyard’... and I happen to have absolutely no clue how good it is. Now, back at home, Old Man Thomas’ junkyard? That was the way to go.” Reboot Ben says, to which Reboot Gwen responds, “Ben, you’re critiquing scrapyards.”

“Well, yeah, that happens when you have specific taste toward exploring and checking out cool abandoned cars. It’s like walking around in prehistoric times.” Reboot Ben responds, to which Reboot Gwen remains silently, cartoonishly imagining a thought bubble of a prehistoric setting, showing her Ben frightfully running from a rampant, roaring T-rex. Shaking her hand to brush the thought away, she asks, “Well, you won’t know if you like it until you try it, right?”

“Mmmmm, I guess you’re right.” Reboot Ben responds, to which another loud pop emitted from the Rustbucket and Reboot Max comments, “I don’t mind how good it is. I just hope they have the right parts. There’s use for everything, including the stuff people throw away.”

The scene cuts ahead a couple minutes, now showing the Rustbucket parked outside the supposed junkyard, with the “Reboot” versions of Ben, Gwen, and Grandpa Max walking into its empty, rusted interiors, surrounded by piled walls of junk and trash, including signs of rusted, demolished cars and various mechanical apparatuses.

“Here we are, kids. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Reboot Max exclaims, to which Reboot Gwen, plugging her nose, responds, “I’m not finding treasure myself.”

“Hm, what about you, Ben? Ben?” Reboot Max asks, to which Reboot Ben looks around in anticipation with wide, gleaming eyes, making a constant, “oooo… aaaa…” in amazement from what was literally abandoned junk lying around in heaps upon heaps. As he continues to marvel, Reboot Max comments, “Guess his mind was changed pretty quick. Well, meet me back at the Rustbucket in an hour. Don’t go too far. It’s a junkyard, not a maze, and-” and upon briefly closing his eyes, realizes Reboot Ben was already running.

“Guess he’s pretty ecstatic.” Reboot Max asks, noticing Reboot Gwen still standing nearby, who comments, “Yeah, but I’m willing to help you look for parts for the Rustbucket, Grandpa.”

“Ah, Gwen, that’s very sweet of you-” Reboot Max comments, before being suddenly cut off by the sounds of a distant fiery explosion. Briefly looking off in the distance, they see the aftermath of an orange explosion of flames from one of the heaps nearby. “Sheesh. I didn’t know he was THAT ecstatic. He’s already transformed into Heatblast.”

“Are you sure?” Reboot Gwen curiously responds, her finger to her chin, and commenting, “Heatblast’s flames are more yellow. Those look orange to me.” to which Grandpa Max simply responds, “I’m sure either way it’s nothing to worry about. How much trouble could Ben really get? There’s nothing but scrap metal here.”

Meanwhile, deeper into the scrapyard, a stumbling figure, shrouded in dark-orange flames, yells in anguish, as bright-red sparks shoot off from a familiar, but bizarre symbol on his collar. He collapses onto his backside upon shooting another rupturing explosion of flames from his hands, groaning and rubbing his head. As he stumbles back up to his feet, he quickly turns over to see Reboot Ben running by, visible through an abandoned car’s open front windows.

Meanwhile, Reboot Ben completely forms a crude ramp of sheets of rusted metal and walking back in anticipation, readies his Omnitrix prototype, going over the silhouettes of what appear to be Heatblast, Diamondhead, and oddly, Rath, despite being an alien he’s yet to unlock at that age. Selecting Cannonbolt, he transforms into a cartoony incarnation of him, being a lot more rounded shape-wise, with a dark upper-face and the white Omnitrix symbol on his chest.

“Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy…” Cannonbolt utters, before quickly starting to run forward, quickly taking on his spherical mode and using it to take off like a bowling ball straight off the ramp, although the crudely-supported, makeshift ramp collapses halfway through his attempt to propel himself off of it, and as a result, sends him clumsily crashing into a heap of scrap metal, crushing them under his weight.

“Didn’t make it reinforced enough.” Cannonbolt says, emerging while in a slight daze, and reverting back to his human form, before moments later, Reboot Ben, transformed as a yellow-and-black clothed Diamondhead, finishes assembling a new, massive ramp made entirely out of crystals. “But that’s a different story, especially with Diamondhead! Man, I love this guy!”

As Diamondhead continues to prepare the ramp, he’s unknowingly stalked by a dark-haired figure, hiding inside an abandoned car, as he comments in a familiar male voice, “Tennyson? What’s that dork doing here? Whatever… he’s just messing around like a dweeb, as usual… I gotta-” before suddenly being cut off by being consumed in a flash of red light, transforming into a large, mechanical alien with large plastic tubes extending from the sides of his head to his large, blaster-like arms’ elbows.

“-AW, COME ON! I DIDN’T EVEN TOUCH IT THAT TIME! THIS IS SO LAME!” The dark-haired figure exclaims, as if speaking through an underwater-breathing apparatus. Frustrated and groaning, he scurries off away from Ben, narrowly avoiding him, transformed as Cannonbolt again, looking in his direction upon hearing his exclamation of frustration.

Shrugging his shoulders, he turns back around and begins rapidly rolling toward, then straight up the crystalline ramp and soars up into the sky, cheering as he smashes back into the scrapyard below. As he cheers, emerging from the rubble and reverting back to his human form yet again, he’s unknowingly being watched by a different, bizarrely-shaped silhouette, who quickly crawls back behind masses of rubble, discharging flickers of red electricity.

“Uggghhh… where is it?! I dropped it somewhere! I can’t lose it!” The dark-haired figure exclaims, taking on the form of what more resembles one of Ben’s aliens, namely XLR8, but before he can remain on-screen long enough for details to be made out of his appearance, he suddenly switches to what appears to be his armored variant of Four Arms, exclaiming, “Stop CHANGING ME! I need RUSH to help me look around, not QUAD SMACK!”

Punching a mountain of trash in frustration, he exerts way much strength and accidentally sends the pile on top of him. The sounds of collapsing metal and his suddenly-muffled yell of anguish alerts Reboot Ben, who searches for its origin a brief distance away. Confused, he emerges from the scrap metal, commenting, “What’s going on? I didn’t hit the ground that hard, did I? Then again… Cannonbolt does pack a big punch.”

Being suddenly alerted and frightened to the sounds of a deep, irritated yell of frustration, Reboot Ben exclaims, “Aha! I know that yell of distress! That’s KEVIN!” before glaring to see what appears to be a crystalline figure rapidly digging through a massive pile of scrap metal.

“...and he’s… digging?” Reboot Ben asks himself, staring confused before noticing that the figure appeared to resemble a dark-purple version of Diamondhead. “Wait, but that’s his rip-off Diamondhead… if he wanted to dig, he’d use Bashmouth! What’s going on? What’s he even looking for?”

Hearing his Omnitrix beep and light up, Reboot Ben smiles before activating it and in a short, flashy sequence, transforms into a cartoony, visorless, dorsal-finned version of XLR8, before he sprints off toward the direction of what seemed to be this dimension’s version of Kevin Levin. The scene shifts to him, taking the form of a dark-purple, armored Diamondhead, with heavily-armored shoulders and a sleeveless, purple-and-black bodysuit with crystals forming what resemble ribs on the sides of his waist and large knee-pads on his legs. Wearing a bizarre symbol on his chest, surrounded with a rusty-orange-metallic rim and resembling the Omnitrix’s traditional hourglass, but bright-red and cut in half to form a “K”, the bizarre version of Diamonhead continues to dig through the scrap metal, his hands morphed into excavator buckets, before XLR8 suddenly arrives, briefly staring at his desperate state.

“Are… you okay, Kev?” XLR8 asks, to which the bizarre Diamondhead turns toward Reboot Ben and snaps, “Go away, twerp! I’m trying to find something, and if you-!”

Within an instance, the bizarre Diamondhead suddenly transforms in a flash of red light, becoming a bizarre version of Heatblast without rocks on his arms, instead having olive-green rock covering his torso, and dark-red-hot rocks covering his knees, shins, and hands, the latter forming the shapes of fingerless gloves, alongside having a darker, more-fanged, skull-like face, flaming spikes atop his head resembling a mohawk, and the strange K-shaped Omnitrix symbol on his collar. Looking at his hands, he comments, “-aw, MAN! Look what you did! This is what I get for even talking to you! Get lost!”

“What’s going on, is your rip-off Omnitrix on the fritz again?” XLR8 sarcastically asks, to which the bizarre Heatblast groans and responds, “Well, yeah, genius! It’s been like this all day! Its parts are getting worn out, so I came here to replace them, and not only did a piece of the stupid thing fell off when I was looking around, I can’t find it, and now that it’s busted, I keep-”

“-transforming-” Reboot Kevin says, getting cut off as he unexpectedly transforms into his bizarre version of Four Arms, seen earlier and apparently dubbed Quad Smack, with pinkish-purple skin, black markings atop his four arms, a black goatee, and an outfit consisting of a red-and-black bodysuit with black boots, spiked gloves on each of his hands, metallic, plated shoulder-pads, and the K-shaped Omnitrix symbol on the center of his chest.

“-RANDOMLY!” Reboot Kevin continues, again suddenly transforming into his bizarre version of Cannonbolt, mostly resembling him, albeit with black, metallic armor on his biceps and lower-body, added, yellow-spiked, dark-red plating atop his backside, head, and shoulders that acts as his shell, large, yellow, spiked armor covering his outer-forearms, and the K-shaped Omnitrix symbol on the center of his chest, surrounded by the black metallic armor covering his lower-body and almost resembling a belt buckle.

XLR8 pauses for a brief moment, before suddenly bursting out into a fit of laughter. Reboot Kevin’s bizarre version of Cannonbolt barks back, “IT’S SERIOUS, TWERP!” but his exclamation falls on deaf ears as XLR8 falls back, reverting back to his human form and rolling on the ground, laughing hysterically. The bizarre Cannonbolt points a clawed finger at Reboot Ben, exclaiming, “Man, when I get this fixed, I’m gonna-” before suddenly transforming back into Quad Smack and attempting to continue what he was saying, but grows frustrated, turning back around to use his four arms to continue rifling through the scrap metal.

“So, this is them, huh?” A female voice speaks to herself from the shadows, definitely not the one seen earlier, as she appears to be taking the form of an orange-hued version of ChamAlien. “Lookie here, this universe’s Kevin has his OWN Omnitrix instead of mutant powers. B-F-D.”

“Too bad it looks like his Omnitrix is made out of garbage. Not like I give a damn. B-2-B. I’m here for that android’s remains. If we can get it, we’ll officially begin Phase 2 in improving the Transmogrificator prototype.” The female voice continues, revealing herself to be the partially-invisible Negative variation of the Dimension 23’s counterpart of ChamAlien: Invisilizard, confirming the voice to be none other than Albedo 23.

“Beware yourself, Dimension 133… for the greatest fiend the Internet’s ever seen…” Negative Invisilizard says, fully turning invisible and commenting, “, my catchphrase’s starting to get dumb… I’m not even online… why did I even come up with that? WHEN did I even come up with that?” as she crawls out of view.

“Is this it?!” Reboot Kevin exclaims, transformed as his bizarre version of what appears to be Wildvine, entirely humanoid with only two legs, and being much more taller and muscular, having skinny, bright-orange biceps and thighs, olive-green, brownish-green, and pale-yellow lower-limbs with large shoulders, bulky forearms possessing black spikes on their outer-sides, and four black claws on each of his extremities, alongside a dark face possessing a large bright-red eye and dark-gray lips, large, yellow-and-orange leaves covering his head and surrounding his neck to act as a collar, a massive pair of jagged, thorn-covered vines in place of his seed bombs, and the K-shaped Omnitrix symbol on his chest.

He holds up a piece of scrap metal, exclaiming it briefly with his single eye, and throws it aside in frustration upon realizing it’s not what he's looking for. Reboot Ben attempts to interfere out of curiosity, but Kevin’s bizarre version of Wildvine snaps a thorny vine at him, exclaiming, “BACK OFF, TWERP! I’M BUSY!”

“Busy doing what? You’re literally just going through rusty metal as Thornblade!” Reboot Ben exclaims, as Reboot Kevin’s version of Wildvine, apparently named Thornblade, responds, “I told you this earlier, dork! A part of my Antitrix fell off, and the longer I can’t find it, the worse this-” before suddenly transforming into his bizarre version of Cannonbolt and exclaiming, “-THIS SEEMS TO GET! If you want to help me, can you at least transform into Grey Matter?! You’d be small enough to search through this pile!”

“I thought I made it clear before that I don’t have Grey Matter anymore! You’re the one with Grey Matter!” Reboot Ben exclaims, as Reboot Kevin’s version of Wreckingbolt responds, having suddenly transformed into his version of XLR8, having predominantly-dark-green armor covering his entire body, with a brighter-green covering his arms and sharply-pointed armor on his elbows and knees. “That’s DARK MATTER! What’s with you and not getting names?! Do you seriously just know only TWO of them?”

“Hmmm… well, you’re Rush right now… there’s ummmm… Thornblade… Hot Shot...” Reboot Ben responds, thinking and counting on his fingers. “...Wrecking Ball? …there’s also Bashmouth… oh man, I swear that your Diamondhead name is on the tip of my tongue… was it… Black Ice?”

“NO! IT’S CRYSTALFIST, DORK!!” Rush snaps back, frustrated. “And it’s Wrecking-BOLT too. I have BETTER names than you, and you can hardly remember HALF of them?! Oh, why are I even getting upset with you, when I should be finding that piece of my Antitrix! Are you going to help me?!”

“Still recharging.” Reboot Ben responds, looking down at his Omnitrix, as Rush, suddenly transforming back into Crystalfist, turns back around and says, “Good, that should be an excuse to make you scram.” before morphing his hands into shovels and continuing to dig through the piles of metal. Reboot Ben scoffs in frustration, and turns away, commenting, “Well, if you get it working, let me know, because I’ll still be up to kick your butt.”

“In your dreams, Tenny-” Crystalfist responds, before suddenly transforming into Quad Smack, groaning in frustration but using his added limbs to his advantage as he continues digging. Reboot Ben, tapping his still-uncharged Omnitrix, looks around, suddenly catching a strange, dark figure out of the corner of his eye, retracting around a corner and fleeing with the sounds of awkward, mechanical footsteps.

“Whoa… did you see that?” Reboot Ben exclaims, unsure of what he had seen, but gets no definite response from Quad Smack. Frustrated by being ignored, he hurries off in the direction of the figure, still hearing the faint, but audible footsteps sprinting away and in his hurrying state, suddenly slams directly into an invisible figure, as the two of them stumble back and fall to the ground on their backsides.

OH, SON OF A-” The familiar voice of Negative Invisilizard exclaims, briefly becoming visible in her moments of stumbling back up and attempting to crawl away, as Reboot Ben, getting back up himself and dusting dirt off his shirt, notices the partially-visible alien creature fleeing away and exclaims, “Huh?! Whoa... are you… another ALIEN?! In this scrapyard of all places?!”

“Damn it… he saw me! Gotta hide!” Negative Invisilizard utters under her breath, quickly taking off and managing to squeeze underneath an abandoned car, as Reboot Ben hurries after her and exclaims, “Hey, get out from under there!” before hearing the sounds of his Omnitrix beeping, its recharge complete.

Go away, go away, go away, go away-” Negative Invisilizard repeatedly under her breath, attempting to crawl away, before suddenly transforming in a flash of apricot-orange light, and by the time Reboot Ben, having transformed off-screen into a more-cartoonishly-proportionate Four Arms, lifts up the car to see where she had crawled off too, she was already gone, having slithered off underneath mountains of junk as the apricot-orange counterpart of Goop, Negative Muck-A-Muck, her anti-gravity projector soon following behind the crevice she was flowing into.

“Ah, man… where’d she go?” Four Arms exclaims, tossing the car aside and pondering in confusion, as cartoon thought bubbles of the Antitrix, the dark figure, and Negative Invisilizard all pop up above his head one-by-one. “First, Kevin’s Omnitrix is on the fritz, even though that’s what he gets for making it out of garage parts… and now this was this… WEIRD figure watching me from the shadows… and then I stumbled into this even-weirder chameleon girl who ran away from me... I just hope space cooties aren’t a thing...”

“That dark figure… the metallic footsteps…” Four Arms wonders, before shaking his hands to extinguish his thought bubbles and slam the side of his fist into an open palm upon realization. “The Forever Knight! I should have known! He’s probably here, trying to use junkyard parts to fix his armor that I busted! What if he gets hold of that piece of Kevin’s Omnitrix? I gotta stop him… but that’s easier said than done! I have no clue where he is! Gotta find Gwen! She’ll know where I could start looking!”

As Four Arms begins to run off, the slimy form of Negative Muck-A-Muck emerges from the exhaust pipe of an abandoned vehicle, slowly uttering through her anti-gravity projector’s crackling speaker: “A peculiar dimension… one that has manifested a new Ben Tennyson, even after its universal reboot… from what it seems, this dimension has some defining attributes... even, a Kevin Levin that wields an Omnitrix bootleg… not many of these around in arm’s reach... Bad Ben, you getting all this?”

“Loud and clear. Bad Ben am listening.” A familiar voice, obviously not belonging to Bad Ben, responds, to which Negative Muck-A-Muck angrily exclaims, “Benzarro, F-F-S, give Bad Ben back the earpiece! I’m trying to report back to him, and if so help me, god, that if you actually manage to screw up a mission, I will-”

“Alice, it was a joke. J-K. J-K.” Bad Ben’s voice suddenly responds, revealing he wasn’t actually Benzarro, just doing an impression of him, to which Negative Muck-A-Muck, fully emerging out of the abandoned car’s exhaust pipe and picking pieces of dirt off her projector, responds, “Damn it, Bad Ben! Take this seriously! This android we’re searching for nearly killed you!”

“Yeah, and I totally demolished that damn machine before!” Bad Ben retorts. “Look, you were sent on this mission because that android’s extremely weak right now! This’ll be easy for you! Just swoop in, shut down whatever functional systems it’s somehow running off of, and bring it back to us! I’m still on my mission, so wrap things up before I’m done!”

“F-Y-I, I have the firepower of the Epitomes, artificially-evolved alien forms! I can completely and utterly handle this situation, so stop patronizing me! I’m not a child who doesn’t know what they’re doing, unlike this dimension’s Ben Tennyson!” Negative Muck-A-Muck retorts. “Just keep working on our little pet project… talk to you later. C-Y-A.”

As Albedo 23 ends her earpiece transmission, cutting off Bad Ben’s groan of annoyance, she suddenly reverts back to their human form in a flash of apricot-orange light. Looking over a mound of scrap metal to see the still-searching Reboot Kevin, now transformed as Wreckingbolt, she cracks her knuckles and with a smile, readies her Epitome Gauntlet and selects the holographic form of her orange-hued version of Cannonbolt, named Negative Rollaway, before slamming her hand down on the Epitome Gauntlet’s primed core, triggering a sudden scene transition.

“HAH!” Wreckingbolt suddenly exclaims, holding a single, circular metallic piece up into the air, upon realization that is the missing part of the Antitrix. Suddenly reverting back to his human form in a flash of red light, revealing himself as a thin, scrawny, 11-year-old version of Kevin Prime with black, shoulder-length hair, pale skin, dark-brown eyes, and an outfit consisting of a torn black T-shirt, a padlock necklace around his neck, blue jeans, red-bottomed, black shoes, and the Antitrix on his left wrist, resembling a shoddily-constructed, makeshift replica of the prototype Omnitrix, with the half-cut-off, K-shaped, bright-red Omnitrix symbol on its center, four, bent, metallic protrusions emerging from each corner of the symbol, ending in glowing-red lights, and its aforementioned missing dial, discharging some flickers of red electricity.

Bringing it up to his face, glaring at it, he brings it around the exposed core of the Antitrix and attempts to push it back on, only to realize that it wasn’t a fit and was just another piece of trash. Frustrated, Kevin throws it aside in frustration, crosses his arms, exclaims, “It’s hopeless! I’m never going to find that stupid part! I might as well just break this thing down and rebuild it from scratch, and I hate building-!” and as Kevin rants, he uncrosses his arms, sliding them into his pockets, and immediately cuts himself off, feeling something within his left pocket and slowly pulling it out to reveal it was in fact the very part he had presumably lost.

“Oh, yeah... I stuck in my pocket earlier...” Kevin chuckles, realizing what it was, but as he attempts to simply push it back onto the Antitrix’s exposed core, he finds out that although it was a perfect fit, it wouldn’t stick on. Groaning in frustration, Kevin looks around and eventually lowers his head under a rusted metal table nearby, searching its underside and examining several dried wads of chewed gum stuck to it. Finding the seemingly-freshest gumwad, he plucks it off, stretches it out, wraps it over where the Antitrix’s dial should be, and pushes the disconnected dial over it, essentially “gluing” it back on.

“Good as new!” Reboot Kevin joyfully exclaims, finally having “repaired” his Omnitrix. Throwing his arm up with a victorious stance, the sudden fast movement of his arm causes the dial to peel off slightly, to which Reboot Kevin pushes it back down, uttering, “Gotta get to that hardware store and pick up some glue-”

Within an instance, Reboot Kevin is alerted to the sounds of a large shadow rolling behind him. Turning around, he looks around in confusion, only to suddenly hear the sounds of rolling now emitting from behind him again. Confused, Reboot Kevin yells out, “HEY, LOSERSON! CUT IT OUT! I’M NOT MESSING WITH YOU RIGHT NOW!” to which he is cut off by the area of a massive rolling shadow slowly entering his vision, slowly rolling from behind a mountain of scrap metal. Squinting, Reboot Kevin watches what seems to be Cannonbolt continue to emerge from around a corner, and slowly unravel to reveal a large, broad, orange-eyed silhouette.

“Now, look at what we have here.” A feminine voice unfamiliar to Kevin speaks. “An 11-year-old Kevin Levin? Wielding an Omnitrix? What a boring, yet novel concept.”

“What are you even talking about…” Reboot Kevin bluntly responds, to which the orange-eyed silhouette responds as she emerges from the shadows and reveals herself as Negative Rollaway, stating “As I expected… looks like you’ve yet to discover the existence of interdimensional travel… but I am curious of how much you know... F-O-A-F told me your dimension has got the android I’m looking for.” to which Reboot Kevin merely stares, baffled in response, before asking, “Did you just speak in letters?”

“Uggghhh… alright... HAVE you SEEN a DIS-EM-BODI-ED RO-BOT here?” Negative Rollaway responds, annoyed and speaking in lateral, to which Reboot Kevin responds, mocking her lateral hand gestures, “I HAVE NOT… SEEN A DIS-EM-BODI-ED RO-BOT HERE. YOU are WEIRD. HAVE a NICE DAY.” before starting to walk away, grumbling in frustration.

“Ahhh… playing hard to get, I see? That’s fine. I’m hard to get too. Let me show you what I’m talking about.” Negative Rollaway remarks, suddenly morphing into the feminine Negative Mr. Mummy, her version of Snare-Oh, in a flash of apricot-orange light, extending out her arms and quickly wrapping around Reboot Kevin, yanking him back and pulling out her arms, quickly encasing Reboot Kevin’s upper-body in bandages, restraining his arms.

“HEY! WHAT’S THE BIG DEAL?!” Reboot Kevin exclaims, struggling against his newfound restraints to which Negative Mr. Mummy remarks, “Can’t have a risky Omnitrix wielder like yourself wandering around in the gaze of that android! When I take care of that hunk of junk, I’ll let you go! Until then, you better shut your trap and stay here!”

“Huh?! ‘Omnitrix wielders’? What are you talking about, I just want to get out of this dump!” Reboot Kevin snaps back, to which before Negative Mr. Mummy attempts to respond, only to see the formation of a familiar, bright-blue time portal in the distance. Cursing under her breath, she wraps her arms around Reboot Kevin’s furiously-kicking legs and begins to drag him away, out of the sight of a familiar pair of figures steadily emerging from the portal: Professor Paradox and Ben 10,000.

“Ahhh… here we are. Dimension 133, in the present-day era, after its universal reboot.” Professor Paradox remarks, inspecting a holographic interface on his Chrono-Navigator gauntlet, before suddenly noticing their not-so-appealing surroundings. “Oh my... it appears we’ve landed a peculiar, yet fitting location for where the android may be located... that space-time anomaly she created upon arrival has not resulted in any major effects to the dimension’s timeline, perhaps not at all...”

“But you’re absolutely sure it was sent here by Ultimate Ben, right?” Ben 10,000 asks, to which Professor Paradox responds, “Precisely… but do be weary though, it appears this version of Ben Tennyson is still youthful and unaware of the concept of dimensional travel and alternate versions of himself…”

“...yet strangely possesses Vaxasaurian, Appoplexian, and Aerophibian DNA already…” Professor Paradox continues, pondering, to which Ben 10,000 chuckles, “You’re telling me, professor... one of Ultimate Ben’s starting 10 aliens was Way Big, for god’s sake… or wait, was it Atomix? Ah, you get the picture regardless. No-one out there got their aliens in the same order as me.”

“Benjamin, there’s infinite worlds where everyone got aliens in the same order as you, and infinite worlds where they didn’t. The multiverse is entirely infinite. There’s no beginning or end.” Professor Paradox responds, to which Ben 10,000 huffs and remarks, “Ah, you know what I was referring to.”

Within an instance, Ben 10,000 activates both of his Biomnitrix gauntlets and suddenly begins rapidly morphing in an illuminating pair of green flashes, suddenly becoming Diamondmutt, a fusion between Diamondhead, retaining his entirely-crystallized body and large, protruding back spikes, and Wildmutt, retaining his overall head and body structures, bright-orange coloration, and quadrupedal stance, the Biomnitrix on the center of his chest. Immediately beginning to sniff the ground, putting Wildmutt’s enhanced senses to use, he quickly begins to take off in the direction where the android may be, as Professor Paradox exits through a time portal off-screen, and Diamondmutt is unknowingly being watched from the shadows by a mechanical figure hiding among the scrap metal.

Meanwhile, the Reboot variations of Grandpa Max and Gwen continue searching through various piles of scrap metal, before the latter begins to see the steadily-arriving, out-of-breath Four Arms approaching her, yelling out “Gwen! GWEN!” as by the time he approaches her, he puts his hands on his knees to catch his breath and reverts back to his human form in a flash of green light.

“Whoa… Ben, are you okay?” Reboot Gwen asks, concerned, to which Reboot Ben responds, exasperated and in-between gasps, “Here in… empty scrapyard… Forever Knight… chameleon girl... vanished under car… Kevin searching…”

“Ben, you’re not making any sense.” Reboot Gwen responds, to which Reboot Ben, finally getting his breath back, exclaims, “The Forever Knight... he’s here with us! I caught it in the shadows, all creepy, stalking Kevin and I earlier! I don’t know what he’s doing in this empty scrapyard, but I just know he’s not up to good!”

“Whoa… wait, the Forever Knight? I thought Phil took care of him.” Reboot Gwen responds, now worrisome, to which Reboot Ben exclaims, “That’s what I thought… what do you think he’s trying to do, build another time portal out of junkyard parts?”

“Ben, I doubt that...” Reboot Gwen responds, as Reboot Ben, slightly panicked, retorts, “You don’t know that! Remember when he transferred his mind into his empty helmet and possessed people like some crazy ventriloquist?! I don’t know what this nutjob is capable of, but I’m not going to sit around and wait for him to cause trouble!”

“How do you even know it’s him?” Reboot Gwen responds, as Reboot Ben exclaims, “Glowing eye! Metal footsteps! He’s like a robot, which is exactly what Forever Knight is like!” to which Reboot Gwen, suspicious of Ben’s vague description and squinting while pondering, asks, “Ben… are you absolutely sure it was the Forever Knight? I mean… he’s got a metal suit, but I don’t think he’s a machine in any way… what do you mean by ‘glowing eye’?”

“You know… like it was all red and scary!” Reboot Ben exclaims, a thought bubble over his head imagining a crude, sketched-out illustration of a creepy, red-eyed cybernetic robot with medieval aspects to his damaged, mechanical outer-body and an energy sword on his right hand. “It’s totally Forever Knight! I don’t know how, but it’s definitely him, and I’m going to stop whatever he’s doing!”

Reboot Ben readies his Omnitrix and begins scrolling through its selection, as Reboot Gwen, confused, comments, “You’re… already recharged? Weren’t you Four Arms like, a minute ago?” to which Reboot Ben responds, “Yeah, I don’t know why, but this thing seems to be on my good side... it’s charging back up faster than it’s supposed to… not that I’m complaining though! Alright, time to turn up the heat with Heatblast!”

As Reboot Ben slams his hand down on the primed core, displaying a blacked-out silhouette of a cartoonishly-proportionate Heatblast, it discharges some green sparks mid-slam, causing its silhouette to suddenly morph into an unfamiliar silhouette, before Reboot Ben activates it moments prior. Instead of gaining a fiery aesthetic, he begins rapidly shrinking and gaining a distinct, bright-gray skin.

“Alright… Heatblast to the rescue, and-” The unfamiliar alien exclaims upon fully transforming, Reboot Gwen staring down at him in shock, before realizing, “-and I do not sound like Heatblast… cousin Gwen, who do I transform into exactly? And where are you staring at me like that?”

“BEN! YOU’RE- YOU’RE-” Reboot Gwen stares out, completely bewildered and baffled, to which Reboot Ben’s unknown transformation suddenly exclaims, “Wait… I sense… something strange going on with my mind… like, I have a… sort of heightened intellect? It can’t be… I thought the Omnitrix lock-” as he suddenly turns to the side, facing a broken glass shard laying on the ground, that appears to be the size of a full-blown mirror to him.

Lifting it up and affixed against a nearby upright, rusted tin-can, Reboot Ben exclaims his amphibious, gray-skinned alien, only 5 inches tall, with large, bright-orange eyes, rectangular pupils, four-fingered hands, three-toed fingers, and a bright-green, black-striped jumpsuit distinctively represented by the white Omnitrix symbol on its backside. His eyes twinkle in excitement, as he begins to realize what he actually transformed into.

“BEN, YOU’RE-” Reboot Gwen exclaims, to which Reboot Ben’s unknown transformation, shivering with excitement, reveals itself as, “GREY MATTER! HOLY MOLY! THIS IS GREY MATTER! I THOUGHT THE OMNITRIX LOCKED HIM AWAY FOR GOOD!”

“Maybe, you… unlocked it yourself?!” Reboot Gwen exclaims, as Grey Matter responds, “Well, however I may have done it, I finally got a way to do my algebra homework for when the Summer ends! What a relief! I was going to have to use Slapback instead!” to which Reboot Gwen, confused what he means, asks “...why exactly?”

“Well, you know, he’s dense… with knowledge…” Grey Matter responds, rubbing the back of his head and soon realizing, “Being Grey Matter again for the first time in forever is making me realize that’s a ridiculous idea… well, no matter that! Grey Matter’s back in action, and the Forever Nutcase is about to get a taste of brains!” before he suddenly turns and runs off into action. Obviously knowing Grey Matter, one of the Omnitrix’s smallest aliens, wouldn’t last in a battle, Reboot Gwen rectuantly considers heading after him, but eventually shrugs and does so, leaving Reboot Max, who’s been unaware of the entire situation.

Meanwhile, as Diamondmutt sniffs around several corridors of mountains of scraps, Negative Mr. Mummy continues to drag the restrained Reboot Kevin through the shadows, being forced to jostle him around in a furious attempt to cease his struggles. Reboot Kevin grumbles loudly, revealing that his mouth had been bandaged shut by Negative Mr. Mummy off-screen.

“Shut it, twerp!” Negative Mr. Mummy demands, keeping her voice low to not alert Diamondmutt, as she strikes the Epitome Gauntlet symbol on her shoulder, transforming her into an orange-hued, feminine version of Pesky Dust, named Negative Nighty Knight.

“You see that freaky crystal dog? I’m going to knock him out. Watch and learn how the real Omnitrix-wielding professionals do it.” Negative Night Knight trills, taking flight and beginning to slowly sneak up from behind Diamondmutt, as he was distracted and currently in the process of digging around in scrap metal, in search of where the android may be. As Reboot Kevin rolls his eyes and arrogance, his gaze catches hold of a large metal fragment of shrapnel sticking out of a pile of metal.

Stumbling to his feet, he wanders over toward it, turns his body around, and begins to saw away at his restraints, as suddenly, Diamondmutt’s senses are overwhelmed by a bizarre, bright-orange powder starting to feel his gill-like sensory organs. The giggle of Negative Nighty Knight filling his ears, Diamondmutt collapses forward, drifting off to sleep within a near instance, and suddenly reverting back to his human form in flashes of green light. By the time Ben 10,000 reawakens, he finds himself within a black abyss.

“Well… this is different…” Ben 10,000 says, slowly rising to his feet and feeling a cold, mechanical hand grab hold of his shoulder. When he yelps out in shock, turning around, he finds nothing there, and soon begins to realize what exactly is happening, uttering under his breath, “...a dreamscape.”

“Correction, my lean, mean, green friend!” A joyous feminine voice calls out from the darkness, to which Ben 10,000 looks up to see Negative Nighty Knight hovering in the air and surrounded with an aura of orange light. “This is the palace of your worst ‘nighty-knightmare’ and I’m making sure you’re NEVER waking up!”

“Alice Bedortha, of Dimension 23...” Ben 10,000 sternly responds, as Negative Nighty Knight calls back, “Yup, in the flesh herself… I’m surprised you know who I am, Mr. 10k… people call me just another brilliant nobody of that dimension… would a brilliant nobody be able to replicate the powers of the Hero Watch, and EXCEED it further? You tell me… ah, in actuality, that’s rhetorical, because I already know!”

Within an instance, Ben 10,000’s dreamscape rapidly begins to morph into the streets of the alternate Bellwood of Dimension 23, although now desolate and abandoned, through Negative Nighty Knight’s oneirokinesis. Within an instance, several of Albedo 23’s Ultimate forms begin to manifest before her, including the newly-revealed Negative Epitome Dino-Mighty, alongside the previously-depicted Negative Epitome Mr. Monkey, Negative Epitome Freezelizard, Negative Epitome Fish Fingers, and Negative Epitome Dog-Nabbit.

“Behold! My astral heaven!” Negative Nighty Knight exclaims, throwing her arms up, as she suddenly briefly pauses and comments, “Wait, one second…” before suddenly, a decrepit tombstone reading the name of “Benjamin Kirby Tennyson, Dimension 23” bursts out of the asphalt ground before Negative Nighty Knight. “...and perfect! Now, it’s my astral heaven!”

Startled slightly, as soon, the Epitome duplicates begin to approach him, Ben 10,000 attempts to activate his Biomnitrix gauntlets, but they are entirely unresponsive, realizing that Negative Nighty Knight was keeping them from being activated within the dreamscape.

“Real shame you’re here, while that machine’s running around I-R-L… I mean, I’ll be okay myself! I’m not a version of Ben Tennyson… but you are… you’re Ben Prime, aren’t you?” Negative Nighty Knight states, snapping her fingers to stop the Epitomes. “You’re legendary among the multiverse, I-I-R-C. You’ve done the things only little Omnitrix wielders have done. You’ve beaten invasion after invasion, recreated your own universe, tapped in the sheer power of your Celestialsapien form, and hell, you beat that wind-up clockwork toy from restarting your universe! Look at you now, all grown-up and wielding your own little Omnitrix… you made those yourself, right? I made my own too! Self-made Omnitrixes F-T-W!”

“Why do you talk like that?” Ben 10,000 bluntly asks, to which Negative Nighty Knight hesitates for a moment, before casually stating, “...weird habit… now... how should we do this? Should I tear you apart with my own arsenal of evolved aliens, or should I let the machine do the work for me, while you’re helpless to fight back from my dreamscape? Please do actually respond. This one is not actually rhetorical.”

“Former.” Ben 10,000 quickly states, before Negative Nighty Knight snaps her fingers, allowing the Epitome duplicates to continue advancing toward him again. However, Ben 10,000 immediately speaks up, loudly clearing his throat to get her attention and gesturing to his unresponsive gauntlets, stating, “Play fair.”

“You’re kidding?” Negative Nighty Knight raises an eyebrow, before sighing and stating, “You know what… sure, I’ll give you a chance… I’d like to see what the legendary Ben 10,000 has up his sleeves!” and thus, snapping her fingers, causing the Biomnitrix gauntlets to reactivate and briefly glow with green light.

“That’s better! SANDFARE!” Ben 10,000 exclaims, slamming his gauntlets together and rapidly morphing into a fusion of what appears to be the upper-body of Fanfare, complete with his propeller-tipped arms, although with the Biomnitrix symbol on a portion of cloth atop his forehead, and a sand-composed lower-body originating from Sandbox. Raising out his hands, Sandfare advances toward the five Epitome duplicates, beginning to blast them back with a combination of Fanfare’s aerokinesis and Sandbox’s psammokinesis, creating a massive sandstorm from his propeller hands.

Meanwhile, outside in the scrapyard, Reboot Kevin finally tears free of his bandage restraints, tearing them off his mouth to finally get clear gasps of air, before tossing the rags on the ground and stomping on them in frustration, exclaiming, “NOBODY MUMMIFIES ME!” before suddenly hearing the sounds of whirring mechanisms behind him. Turning around and seeing part of a black silhouette retracting back into the shadows, Reboot Kevin readies his poorly-”repaired” Antitrix, exclaiming, “Oh, NO! I’m not doing this stupid thing again!”

Selecting the blacked-out silhouette of Quad Smack, he quickly morphs in a short transformation sequence and becomes his bizarrely-mutated, purple-skinned Tetramand form, as he furiously begins pounding and punching various piles of scrap, attempting to track down the source of the mechanical sounds. Digging in the trash for a weapon, he uncovers a rusty, bent, but still-mostly intact golf club and holding it offensively, yells out, “SHOW YOURSELF, DWEEBYSON, BEFORE I PUT THE ‘SMACK’ IN ‘QUAD SMACK’!”

As Quad Smack begins furiously smacking through hunks of scrap metal, a bizarre silhouette slowly emerges from one of the piles, getting a closer look at Quad Smack, as it stares with a mechanical, digital interface that was entirely cut-off and non-functional down its left side. The interface’s digital scanners were almost entirely busted by whatever trauma disabled much of its line of sight, and they were displaying various lines of corrupted binary and nonsensical gibberish, hardly able to detect the crude interface of the Antitrix.

Nearly falling in the line of sight of Quad Smack, it quickly scans the arrival of another Omnitrix wielder in the distance, just managing to pick up its Omnitrix’s more-familiar, fully-completed bio-energy signature, and upon activating a degree of mechanical thermal vision through its single functioning eye, it soon detects the dexterously-climbing Grey Matter trying to locate the source of the ruckus caused by Quad Smack, to which it eventually identifies him atop one of the scrap piles.

“KEVIN-!” Grey Matter exclaims, to which Quad Smack immediately realizes he was there and takes a few swings at him, although Grey Matter expresses an enhanced degree of jumping strength, which he uses to dodge Quad Smack’s attacks and eventually leap onto his forehead, causing Quad Smack to yell out in shock and clumsily stumble back, yelling, “GROSS! GET OFF ME! GET OFF! GET OFF!”

“BEN! KEVIN!” Reboot Gwen angrily exclaims, following after Grey Matter and soon being forced to separate the radically-sized Omnitrix wielders, before both of their Omnitrixes suddenly time-out and revert them back to their human forms in flashes of green and red light. “Guys... quit fighting!”

“He started it! He jumped on my FACE!” Reboot Kevin retorts, angrily pointing at Reboot Ben, who retorts himself, exclaiming, “Well, yeah, you were transformed as Quad Smack swinging around a rusty golf-club! You tried to hit me! What are you even doing out here anyways?”

“Fixing my Omnitrix, then I got ambushed by this freaky chick who ALSO has an Omnitrix! She bandaged me up as this weird mummy and transformed into a fairy and fell away to fight this nasty dog made out of diamonds!” Reboot Kevin retorts, as thought bubbles showcasing Negative Mr. Mummy and Negative Nighty Knight, alongside Diamondmutt, appear over his head, to which Reboot Gwen, briefly hesitating in bewilderment, responds, “’re kidding.”

“I’m not lying!” Reboot Kevin exclaims, pushing him back up to his feet and dusting himself off. “Why are you two even out here? I thought Dweebyson over here said he didn’t even have Dark- I mean, Grey Matter!”

“That’s why I thought up until recently, but apparently, the classics are coming back!” Reboot Ben retorts, a thought bubble of cartoonish illustrations of various unlocked aliens appearing above him, including a lankier, dark-purple version of Upgrade, a bipedal, entirely-humanoid Wildvine with only two legs, Overflow, a mechanical, bright-red alien with containers and tubes of flowing water on his head and chest, a respirator over his mouth, and cannon-shaped forearms filled with water, with the Omnitrix symbol on his chest, the previously-depicted Grey Matter, an insectoid alien apparently resembling that of Stinkfly, but was entirely humanoid, with a slender body colored various shades of blue and having various stripes, compound eyes, black antennae and claws, open orifices on his collar-bones, a pair of tall, bright-orange, black-outlined wings, and the Omnitrix symbol on his chest.

“Kevin… is that… gum stuck under your watch’s dial?” Reboot Gwen comments, pointing at the poor job that was Kevin repairing the Antitrix’s detached dial, to which Reboot Kevin slowly responds with a wide-eyed, gradually retracting his left arm away, “...maybe… maybe not… probably not… actually, you know what, definitely NOT.”

The sounds of metallic scraping begin to emit from a nearby heap of scrap metal, followed by the sounds of discharging electric sparks and grinding metal. Terrified, the two Omnitrix wielders slowly rise up to their feet, staring intensely at the source, while Reboot Kevin slowly scoops up his dropped golf club and begins to prod the pile. Reboot Gwen staring in confusion, Reboot Ben notices what Kevin is doing and exclaims, “That’s not how you do check a rusty pile of scrap metal making weird noises, Kev!” before he quickly readies his recharged Omnitrix and selects an unfamiliar alien silhouette.

Reboot Ben smacks down on the dial, triggering a transformation sequence. Consumed entirely in a mass of glowing-blue-and-white plasma energy akin to electricity, he rapidly bulks up and gains both added height and extended arms. His torso is swiftly covered in stone armor with shoulder-pads possessing four energy spikes on each side, plates on his forearms, and armor covering his legs from the mid-thigh down. His head slowly forms a wide stone helmet akin to a gladiator, as moss forms atop his stone armor’s collar and shoulders, and his white Omnitrix symbol forms atop the center of his chest.

“This is how you do it!” Reboot Ben’s unknown transformation exclaims, using his plasma-composed form to manifest an electrokinetic construct in the shape of a golf-club in his hand, which he begins to use to similarly prod the heap of metal. Reboot Gwen groans in slight annoyance, as Reboot Kevin throws his arms up and exclaims, “I DON’T HAVE SHOCK ROCK, DWEEBYSON!”

“Well, I guess that’s one point Shock Rock, zero points-!” Shock Rock responds, only for a red light to emit from the pile of scrap metal, followed by several mechanical tendrils rupturing out of the metal and jabbing straight into the Omnitrix symbol of Shock Rock. The others stumble back in shock and confusion, as Shock Rock yells out, “WHAT THE- HEY, GET OFF, FOREVER CREEP!” and struggles to yank the tendrils off.

Gradually, electricity begins to follow into the tendrils, slowly branching off into their source, that begins steadily emerging from the twisted metal, slowly beginning to take shape as much of their body begins to manifest the same electrokinetic constructs of Shock Rock. Reboot Gwen stumbles back with a look of horror, as Reboot Kevin, noticing her distress, readies his Antitrix.

“GET OFF! THAT’S NOT YOUR SHOCK! THAT’S SHOCK ROCK’S SHOCK… ROCK!” Shock Rock exclaims, finally manifesting an electric construct in the form of a machete to slice the ends of the tendrils apart, finally severing them. However, he was too late, as standing before was a monstrosity of damaged metal and electrokinetic constructs manifesting the entirely-missing left side of its body, as its only present eye, cracked but functional, steadily begins to glow with the Fulmini DNA of Shock Rock’s power, and speaks in a heavily-distorted voice that repeatedly phases in and out:


Neomni. More specifically half of her.

“Ah, sick! You aren’t the Forever Knight! What are you, one of Steam Smythe’s junkyard bots? Another Weatherhead?!” Shock Rock exclaims with disgust in his voice, before taking a battle stance. “Well, whatever you are, walking, talking piece of tin, you’re mine to take care of! Time to fight shock with Shock Rock!”

Leaping into battle, Shock Rock battles the reanimated, bisected android, quickly transforming his energy machete into a massive halberd that swings directly into the robotic side of Neomni’s head, only for her, now revitalized with Shock Rock’s scanned DNA, to spring back into action, lifting out her mechanical arm and firing a blast of Water Hazard’s high-pressure water from her palm, both blasting Shock Rock back and electrocuting him in the process.

As Neomni advances forward, she’s suddenly interjected by his bizarre doppelganger version of what appears to be Upgrade, large and lumbering with more angular, dark-blue circuitry, a head not separate to his body and practically a lump possessing one large bright-red eye. Alongside possessing large, dark-blue armor atop its shoulders and forearms, it features a pair of spiked mace-like blobs of liquid metal atop its shoulder-blades and the Antitrix symbol on its chest.

“BACK OFF, ROBOTIC CREEP! BOOTLEG’S HERE TO SHUT YOU DOWN!” Kevin’s bizarre version of Upgrade exclaims, before quickly liquefying his body and leaping forward, attempting to technologically merge with Neomni’s mechanical side, only to be effortlessly repulsed back by her Fulmini electricity. Bootleg slams back against the ground, reverting to his human form in a flash of red light, as he holds his head and groans, “Right. Bootleg’s not about electricity.”

“Aw, man!” Reboot Kevin exclaims, noticing the flickers of red sparks surging from the Antitrix’s loosening dial, which he pushes back on and slowly rises back up to his feet. “I really wish this was a dream now!”

Meanwhile, Sandfare struggles to hold off his own within the mindscape of Negative Nighty Knight, blasting both Negative Epitome Mr. Monkey and Negative Epitome Fish Fingers back with a blast of high-pressure sand particles, before he’s barraged and blasted apart by Negative Epitome Dino-Mighty’s bone missiles. Quickly reforming back into the snarling Diamondmutt, he fires several razor-sharp crystalline quills back at Negative Epitome Dino-Mighty, which quickly begin to divulge into thick layers of crystals that rapidly engulf her upper-body. Snuck up from behind by Negative Epitome Dog-Nabbit, the two Vulpimancers square off with one another, and Albedo 23’s form’s vastly-enhanced strength and agility proves victorious.

Violently throwing Diamondmutt aside, he sluggishly pushes himself back up and suddenly transforms in flashes of green light, gaining Humungousaur’s overall body structure, scales, and facial structure, although with his lighter scales instead colored the bright-yellow scales of Dinosword, although with having his added arm-blades and spikes running down his neck and back, with the Biomnitrix symbol on the center of his chest.

Ben 10,000’s fusion leaps into battle, exclaiming “HUMUNGOUSWORD!” as it slashes and throws Negative Epitome Dog-Nabbit, before using his enhanced strength to effortlessly take out Negative Epitome Fish Fingers in the process, effortlessly withstanding his attempted bites to his forearm, swinging him around and throwing in the projected line of fire of Negative Epitome Mr. Monkey’s webs, leaving the two to collide with one another, engulfing them in the latter’s webs.

Suddenly barraged with a powerful blast of Negative Epitome Freezelizard’s ice-cannons, he struggles up against the gradually-recovering Negative Epitomes, Dino-Mighty bursting out of his crystallized confinements and Dog-Nabbit starting to slowly recover, snarling and approaching Humungousword. Negative Nighty Knight watches from a distance, bored, as she rests atop a golden throne she manifested prior, yawning before pulling out her phone and beginning to text.

“ALRIGHT, THEN, TIME FOR-” Humungousword exclaims, striking the Biomnitrix symbol on his chest and transforming into yet another new fusion, overalls resembling Astrodactyl in terms of body structure, although with his entire body composed entirely out of Heatblast’s rocky exterior and molten inner-body, alongside Heatblast’s hollow eye-sockets, fingers, and hands, and the Biomnitrix symbol on his chest. “HEATDACTYL- wait, no, my god- HEATBLASTRODACTYL! HAHAHAHA! THAT ONE’S LITERALLY PERFECT!”

With that, Heatblastrodactyl takes flight with his flaming jetpack and deploys a pair of pyrokinetic energy whips from his forearms, using them to quickly wrap around Negative Epitome Dog-Nabbit, repeatedly swing him around, and smash him straight into the side of Negative Epitome Dino-Mighty, repeatedly pummeling one against the other until releasing them, rendering them a defeated heap.

Again blasted by the remaining Negative Epitome, that of Freezelizard, Heatblastrodactyl squawks before firing a blazing blast of star power from his beak, easily burning straight through her ice cannon blasts, before overpowering her with slashes and swats of his energy whips, violently flipping her onto her backside with a finishing smack, as her bulky, ice-armored backside renders her unable to get back up.

“Aw, what the hell?!” Negative Nighty Knight suddenly pipes up, suddenly seeing all of the defeated Negative Epitomes. Putting her phone away and taking flight, she angrily fumes, remarking, “I regret giving you the luxury of having a fighting change! I knew the great 10,000 would have some stupid alien fusion up his ass to save him! UGGGGHHH! F-F-S!!”

“This one’s called Heatblastrodactyl... get it?” Heatblastrodactyl chuckles in response, to which a severely-irritated Negative Nighty Knight responds, “No. Where I come from, that’s not Heatblast and Astrodactyl. That’s Charcoal Man and… oh god, what was it? Jetpackyl? Dino-Flighty?”

“Just trying to lighten the mood.” Heatblastrodactyl remarks, crossing his arms, before Negative Nighty Knight begins to fly toward him, exclaiming, “I’ll light the mood, alright!” before snapping her fingers, causing the Bellwood buildings to suddenly explode and erupt with flames. The make-believe city soon takes on an apocalyptic look, as Heatblastrodactyl witnesses Negative Nighty Knight disintegrate into her sleeping dust and begins flying toward him.

Morphing back into Sandfare, he blasts the swarm of sleeping dust back with a miniature sandstorm and unintentionally spreads it throughout the entire area in the process, as soon, the defeated Negative Epitomes begin to inhale and shift under the bizarre effects of the sleeping dust, beginning to melt into amorphous blobs that soon begin to conjoin together into a massive mountain of bubbling liquid, taking shape to a hulking monstrosity of evolved alien DNA, possessing Negative Epitome Dino-Mighty’s overall upper-body structure, Negative Epitome Mr. Monkey’s added eyes, arms, and spider legs, Negative Epitome Freezelizard’s backside and ice cannons, Negative Epitome Fish Finger’s jaws, claws, and fins, and Negative Epitome Dog-Nabbit’s lower-body structure, topped off with Negative Nighty Knight’s wings and Epitome Gauntlet symbol on her chest.

“Ah, shit.” Sandfare remarks at the sight of the gigantic monstrosity, who violently roars and showers Sandfare in an eruption of burning sleeping dust from her mouth. Consumed in the flames, Sandfare is seemingly obliterated in the flames and turned into dust…

...until the Epitome monstrosity is blasted back with a gigantic burst of freezing wind. Stumbling back, Sandfare emerges from the flames and reveals his new fusion of what appears to be Way Big, possessing his overall body structure, but with Big Chill’s colorations, body patterns, darker pupils, mouth, fingers, wings, and sharpened toes, exclaiming “WAY BIG CHILL!” as he reveals the Biomnitrix symbol atop his chest and takes a battle stance, before rushing forward.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, Negative Nighty Knight, petrified while her mind was inside the dreamscape, begins to overproduce her sleeping dust, creating a cloud around her that begins to blanket her form. A great distance away, Shock Rock barrages the reanimated Neomni with a flurry of attacks. Forming a series of energy shurikens, he flings them in the direction of Neomni, embedding them into the side of her face, before ramming her with a large shield that he uses to flip Neomni up and over his shoulder, before she’s encircled with a vortex formed by the dark-green blur of the zooming Rush, pulling her up into the air, until she’s violently thrown aside into a mountain of scrap metal, although she begins to quickly recover

“Hey, Tennyson!” Rush exclaims, slightly exhausted and regrouping with Shock Rock. “This thing’s tough, and especially heavy! Couldn’t you use one of your special power-ups to take this thing out?”

“Nuh uh, Shock Rock can deal with her! Besides, what died and gave you permission to be the one to give me advice-” Shock Rock responds, before Rush leaps forth, shoving Shock Rock out of the way of the oncoming Neomni, curled up in a ball and using the powers of Cannonbolt. Encircling back around, she uncurls, crackling with electricity, and blasts the heroes with Tropiguana’s solar beams emitting from her mouth, which Rush suddenly smacks the Antitrix symbol on his chest, morphing into Crystalfist to reflect the solar energy off of his armored forearms.

“ANY DAY NOW, LOSERSON! COME ON ALREADY!” Crystalfist exclaims, in need of assistance, to which Shock Rock leaps back up to his feet and manifests a pair of energy balls from his hands, lobbing them in the direction of Neomni and disorientating her for a moment, allowing Crystalfist to slam his hands into the ground and create a massive barrier of crystals to encase and trap Neomni. “That’ll keep her at bay!”

“It’s a... she?” Shock Rock asks, confused, to which Crystalfist briefly hesitates in response and instead changes the subject, exclaiming, “What’s with you today? First, you’re apparently unlocking what loser aliens you’ve previously had, now your Omnitrix’s working better than mine! That’s not fair!”

“I said it once and I’ll say it again, that’s what happens when you…” Shock Rock says, yawning in the middle of his sentence. “ your Omnitrix out of garage parts.”

“Are you YAWNING?! DUDE, THIS IS SERIOUS!!” Crystalfist exclaims in frustration, to which Shock Rock weakly nods in response, leaning forward and starting to doze off. As Crystalfist stares in bewilderment, Reboot Gwen regrouping with the two others, Shock Rock collapses forward onto the ground, reverting back to his human form and beginning to loudly snore, surrounded by wisps of a powdery substance in the air.

“I don’t think this ground’s sanitary to sleep on.” Reboot Gwen remarks, hands on her hips, to which Crystalfist, analyzing the bizarre situation, remarks, “Something’s not right. Tennyson’s some hero fanatic, he doesn’t just fall asleep like that… what’s that stuff flying around him? Actually, you know what, forget this, I’m taking a look myself.”

Suddenly smacking the Antitrix symbol on his chest, Crystalfist transforms in a short sequence and becomes an extremely-tall, gangly, demonic, red-skinned, corrupted variation of Grey Matter, his body long and slender with clawed hands and prehensile-shaped feet, his head possessing two, short, horn-like growths, and his outfit that of a light-gray vest over a black, sleeveless jumpsuit with the Antitrix symbol on his chest, opposed to his backside, identifying his name as the aforementioned “DARK MATTER!” and leaping forward, examining the swirling sleep dust flying around the sleeping Reboot Ben.

“Dark Matter’s good at analyzing?” Reboot Gwen comments, watching Dark Matter analyze what appears to be a gaseous substance, to which he responds, “Of course, dude’s smart… looks like this is some sort of… I can hardly tell what I’m looking at, but it has similar properties to anesthesia gas. Whatever it is, whoever inhales it can get knocked out by it.” while Reboot Ben, laying on the ground, continues to snore.

“Knock-out gas? You don’t think it’s Zombozo, or Dr. Endstory?” Reboot Gwen asks, to which Dark Matter responds, “Possible, but doubtful. I think this is something else. Let me turn into Undertow to try and wake up-” but before he can finish his sentence, the still-malfunctioning Antitrix flickers with electricity before unexpectedly transforming into his doppelganger version of Heatblast: Hot Shot.

“...nevermind, I guess.” Hot Shot comments, annoyed, before the two of them are suddenly alerted to the sounds of Neomni, literally beginning to burst through Crystalfist’s restraints with Rath’s wrist-claws, emitting terrifying sounds of grinding metal and crackling electricity. “Looks like this wacko’s not defeated yet… Gwen, take your dweeb cousin aside.”

“What are you going to do?” Reboot Gwen asks, to which Hot Shot, clenching his hands into fists and channeling flames from them, simply responds, “What I do best.” before Neomni violently ruptures out of her crystalline prison using Rath’s strength.

As Reboot Gwen scoops up and drags the sleeping Reboot Ben out of danger, Hot Shot leaps forward and begins to barrage the escaped Neomni with several fireballs, only for her to utilize the telekinetic powers of what appears to be of Evolved Galvan origin, technically that of Ultimate Grey Matter, and transforms the fireballs into sizzling blobs of molten rock through Magmalight’s powers, before launching them back at Hot Shot. Hot Shot braces himself, but his Antitrix malfunctions again, transforming him into Wreckingbolt, who notices and uses his newfound transformation to curl into a spiked ball and begin to roll forward, violently colliding with Neomni’s body, sending her crashing into heaps of broken metal.

“COME ON, TWO-FACE! DO YOUR WORST!” Wreckingbolt calls out from within his spherical mode, continuing to push Neomni deeper into the heaps of rusted metal. Activating Arctiguana’s powers, Neomni fires a beam of icy energy from her damaged mouth and begins to rapidly slow Wreckingbolt, forcing him to emerge from his spherical mode, freezing and covered in sheets of ice, allowing Neomni to recover and activate Spidermonkey’s powers, generating his tail and beginning to fire a stream of webbing at Wreckingbolt in an attempt to overwhelm him, but said webs were burned off by him suddenly transforming back into Hot Shot, using a pyrokinetic laser to disintegrate said weapons, before he maltransforms into Dark Matter.

“YOU CALL THAT YOUR WORST?! ALLOW ME TO ONE-UP YOU!” Dark Matter exclaims, generating a viscous, vermilion-red gunk akin to cerebrospinal fluid from his arms, and quickly hardening them into a pair of needle-shaped blades, composed out of solid, dark-red plaque, before he leaps forward and slashes at Neomni. Reboot Gwen watches from the sidelines, hiding behind a broken-down car’s hood, as Dark Matter slashes at Neomni’s mechanical side, to which she responds by firing a blast of Astrodactyl's internal stellar energy from her mouth, throwing him off and shattering his plaque blades, only for Dark Matter to leap back up and smash his feet into the underside of Neomni’s jaw, slamming her back again.

Awakening to sheer darkness, Reboot Ben groans and gets up to his feet, looking around to see a black abyss surrounding him, the ground nothing but bleakness. Scratching his head and looking in confusion, Reboot Ben calls out, “Uhhh… HELLO?” and is only met with his own echo in response. Pondering, he attempts to activate his Omnitrix, and finds it surprisingly responsive, to which he comments, “Already charged back, like I never even went alien. What are you, on your A-game today? I’m not complaining, just curious.”

“WHO’S THERE?” A female voice calls out, as Reboot Ben takes a battle stance and exclaims, “CHARMCASTER! I KNEW YOU HAD SOMETHING TO DO WITH THIS!” before soon, the levitating, sleeping-dust-surrounded form of Negative Nighty Knight manifests from the shadows, staring down at Reboot Ben in annoyance and bewilderment.

“How… how did you get into the dreamscape?!” Negative Nighty Knight exclaims with frustration, to which Reboot Ben scratches his head in response and asks, “Dreams? You, uhhhh… you’re not associated with Charmcaster, or Zombozo, or the Forever Knight?”

“I have no clue who any of those people are... listen, youngling, I am Alice Bedortha, wielder of the Epitome Gauntlet, of Dimension 23!” Negative Nighty Knight bluntly responds. “YOU are the Ben Tennyson of Dimension 133 after its universal reboot centuries ago... I see history’s being repeated… you’ve already unlocked a few post-recalibration aliens yourself...”

“What’s this mumbo jumbo you’re talking about? Did you send that freaky, cut-in-half android after us?!” Reboot Ben responds, annoyed, to which Negative Nighty Knight clarifies, “What? N-NO! I came here to obtain IT, but it appears the legendary ‘Ben 10,000’ has come to interfere with my plans, so I’m having some sleepytime fun with him! HOWEVER, it looks like you wandered right into the crosshairs, huh? Just brilliant, I-M-O!”

“Can you... take me out of this dream and get rid of the android?” Reboot Ben politely asks, to which Negative Nighty Knight angrily responds, “If I HAD that power, I’d already be out of this pathetic dimension, but I DON’T! O-M-F-G, I don’t even know why I’m wasting my time and mental stamina with such a juvenile alternate Ben, I’m out of this empty pocket of space! I’ll B-B-S to take care of you when I’m done being rid of Ben 10,000!” and within an instance, Negative Nighty Knight vanishes into a poofing cloud of sleeping dust.

“Hey, GET BACK HERE!” Reboot Ben exclaims with frustration, seeing the sleeping dust were seemingly forming some sort of flowing portal. Wishing to enter it, but the portal being too high up to reach, Reboot Ben readies his Omnitrix, switching between the silhouettes of Cannonbolt, the re-unlocked Grey Matter, and bizarrely, Humungousaur, before landing on a familiar silhouette, smacking down on his Omnitrix’s primed core and within a short transformation sequence that blankets his body into plant matter, becomes the humanoid Wildvine.

“OH YEAH, TIME FOR THE VINE! ENCORE-STYLE!” Wildvine triumphantly exclaims, extending out several vines from his back and using them to propel himself upwards with one brisk jump, sending him flying straight into the portal and after Albedo 23, and as soon, he flows through the swirling vortex, finds himself face-down and atop a stone ground. Pushing himself up, dizzy, he discovers himself to be within an apocalyptic cityscape, the sky fiery and ablaze. “Woahhh… Kansas doesn’t have anything on this…”

Suddenly alerted to the sounds of monstrous roars, Wildvine turns to see Ben 10,000, still transformed as Way Big Chill and surrounded with a cosmic blizzard so intense the buildings in their radius were being coated in thick layers of frost and snow, violently battling the Negative Epitome monstrosity of Evolved Vaxasaurian, Evolved Arachnichimp, Evolved Polar Manzardill, Evolved Piscciss Volann, Evolved Vulpimancer, and Nemuina DNA, launching a beam of half-freezing, half-burning energy from his mouth down on Way Big Chill, only for him to respond with an uppercut to its jaw, pushing it back.

“WHAT THE-” Wildvine exclaims, shocked and extending outwards his vines, making a leap of faith onto the ledge of another skyscraper, as the Epitome monstrosity is sent crashing through the building he was standing on moments prior. In the crosshairs of the cosmic blizzard, Wildvine shivers and attempts to run to the sidelines for safety, but soon collapses, his left leg crumbling from his plant matter body being petrified by the extreme cold. Way Big Chill crosses his arms in a plus shape and launches a powerful blast of freezing cosmic energy down at the Epitome monstrosity, only for it to take flight with massive, flaming wings, responding to Way Big Chill’s attack with a flurry of flaming bone missiles from its uppermost set of hands.

“C-C-Come on… come on, W-W-Wildvine… just a l-l-little.. m-m-more...” Wildvine stutters and shivers, attempting to continue crawling to safety, as his body continues to freeze, solidify, and break apart into chunks of icy plant matter by the second. Weakly extending out a vine, he manages to pull himself just far enough to keep the blizzard from petrifying one of his remaining vines and use it to hit the Omnitrix symbol on his chest, transforming in a flash of green light that seems to catch the Epitome monstrosity’s attention.

SLAPBACK!” Reboot Ben exclaims, morphing into an unfamiliar transformation of a large, muscular humanoid frog with bright-green, shiny, metallic skin, a bright-gray helmet over his dome-shaped head with black around his eyes and spanning to the sides of his head, and large, metallic eyebrow-like protrusions over his eyes, and a blue-and-white, black-striped sleeveless jumpsuit covering his body, with the large Omnitrix symbol on his backside. Pointing up to the monstrosity of alien anatomy, he calls out, “I’M GOING TO SLAP YOU BACK TO WHATEVER PLANET YOU CAME FROM!”

Roaring in response, the Epitome monstrosity raises an arm and smashes its gigantic palm atop Slapback, only for him to release another burst of green light. Confused, the monstrosity raises its hand and realizes that the attack caused the new alien to split into two clones with half the size of their original form, and roaring out again, the Epitome monstrosity instead smashes the two clones again, causing them to release another flash of green light and now resulting into four clones, each a quarter the size of Slapback’s original size.

Attacking again, the monstrosity instead creates a vocalization of pain and recoils back from how dense one of the clones were, allowing them to leap into action, one grabbing the wrists of another clone, spinning him around with immense strength, and exclaiming, “SLAPBACK… POWER!!!” before flinging him toward the monstrosity, apparently so heavy that upon colliding with the gigantic monstrosity’s chest, sends it sprawling back and crashing into the ground with a massive shockwave. Baffled, Way Big Chill turns to the skyscraper, seeing the other three clones, as they excitedly wave back at him, one of them exclaiming, “Hi, there!”

Meanwhile, the scene returns to the brawl between Reboot Kevin and the reanimated right side of Neomni, empowered by Fulmini electricity. Dark Matter lunges back, firing several blasts of flaming plasma at Neomni, quickly encasing various parts of his body in crystallized plaque, only for her to effortlessly break through them with Humungousaur’s strength, and lunge up into the area with Bullfrag’s jumping strength, creating a powerful shockwave that upon narrowly colliding with Dark Matter, who quickly rolls out of the way and due to his still-malfunctioning Antitrix, suddenly morphs into Bootleg.

Using his technokinesis and liquid metal form, Bootleg quickly gets the idea to fuse to the scrapped remains of an abandoned car and upgrade it to a functional state, now armed with spikes and energy blasters on the sides, which he uses to quickly floor the pedal and ram Neomni straight into the ground, attempting to grind Neomni to a metallic pulp from underneath the spiked wheels of his vehicle. Off to the sidelines, Reboot Gwen quickly avoids the sleepwalking Reboot Ben, still under the effects of Negative Nighty Knight’s sleeping dust, as he wildly swings his arms around as Four Arms.

“Ben, come on! Snap out of your sleepwalking, and wake up!” Reboot Gwen pleads, only for him to suddenly transform into a flash of light, becoming the previously-depicted, mechanical alien known as Overflow, as he incoherently sleeptalks, mumbling his alien’s name upon suddenly transforming into him, before lifting out his arms and firing beams of water from openings on the top of his forearms just behind the back of his wrists.

As Reboot Gwen continues to avoid the sleepwalking Overflow, Bootleg continues to lay waste to Neomni, slamming into her repeatedly and firing energy blasts at her. Utilizing Jury Rigg’s powers, she manages to partially dismantle the hood of Bootleg’s upgraded vehicle, before activating a combination of Buzzshock’s and Shock Rock’s electrokinesis to both fry the upgraded vehicle’s reanimated engine and zap Bootleg’s liquid metal form, sending him crashing to the ground and transforming into a previously-depicted, albeit-hidden alien from earlier: Undertow, his bizarre version of Overflow, dark-cerulean-blue in coloration with greatly-enhanced forearm cannons with canisters of swamp-green sludge on their outer-sides, plastic tubing with added tubing on his sides, and a larger respirator.

“TIME FOR YOU TO TAKE A DIP IN UNDERTOW’S WATERS!” Undertow exclaims, firing beams of dark-green sludge from his palms which violently drench Neomni’s electrical body and causing her to violently shake and malfunction. Briefly overwhelmed, Undertow slams his cannons into the ground and terrakinetically forms the dirt ground beneath Neomni into sludge, causing her to begin rapidly sinking while in her stunned state. Suddenly alerted to the sounds of Reboot Gwen running in distress, he turns, seeing her emerging from the piles of scrap metal while narrowly avoiding blasts of water.

“What now?!” Undertow exclaims, annoyed, as the sleepwalking Overflow turns the corner, transforming in yet another flash of green light into the stumbling XLR8. “What the what?! I thought that twerp was asleep! What’s he doing now?!”

“He’s sleepwalking, and not to mention fighting for his life! Whatever he’s dreaming, it’s not pretty!” Reboot Gwen exclaims, as XLR8 attempts to sprint at Undertow, only for him to be blasted back by Undertow’s sludge and upon colliding with the ground, emerges back up, transformed as the previously-depicted Stinkfly, weakly flying and loudly snoring. Firing several blasts of lime-green slime from the orifices on his collar-bones, the Antitrix continues to malfunction, transforming Undertow into Thornblade, as he holds out his arm and creates a large barrier of thorny vines to block off Stinkfly’s attacks.

“My, he’s not even being awake right now, and he’s being a dork!” Thornblade exclaims with frustration, the Antitrix discharging jolts of discharging from his partially-loosened, which Reboot Gwen notices and exclaims, “Is your Omnitrix always supposed to look… like it’s falling apart?”

“What? No, it’s just falling apart! I was going to go fix it, then the twerp and this freaky, bisected robot showed up!” Thornblade responds, pushing the Antitrix’s dial back into place, as suddenly, Reboot Ben bursts through the barrier of thorny vines, transformed as a nude version of Rath with half-white eyebrows, a prominent underbite, a lack of stripes on his hips and thighs, and the prototype Omnitrix symbol on his chest.

Snoring loudly, Rath lets out a drowsy roar and continues ripping through the vines with his extended wrist-claws, while a frustrated Thornblade extends vines out from his arms in an attempt to restrain Rath, also alerted to the sounds of the slowly-recovering Neomni, breaking free of the pit of sludge with Ultimate Spidermonkey’s mobile spider-legs pushing her free.

“AW, COME ON!” Thornblade exclaims with frustration, using one of the jagged tendrils on his backside to grab hold of Reboot Gwen and toss her out of the way, allowing the recovered Neomni to blast Thornblade from behind with hydrokinetic blasts of Overflow’s powers from her left arm, and for Rath to finally tear free of his restraints and leap forward, although is effortlessly thrown off by Thornblade, as his Antitrix continues to malfunction and now transforms him back into Quad Smack.

Meanwhile, back in the dreamscape, the detransformed Ben 10,000 and two of Slapback’s clones hide within an abandoned, desolate building within the apocalyptic cityscape of the distorted version of Dimension 23, while the other two clones of Slapback continue fighting the Epitome monstrosity outside, having both duplicated yet again to now form four, even-smaller clones with added strength and density.

“So… you’re the Ben Tennyson from this dimension, correct?” Ben 10,000 asks, to which both of the Slapback clones eagerly nod in response. “Bizarre… you have access to aliens I’ve never even seen before… and aliens I didn’t even unlock when I was your age… tell me, what did you call this duplicating one again? Slapback?”

“Yeah, Slapback… now let me- oh, US ask you some questions…” One of Slapback’s clones responds and asks. “...what the slap is going on here?! Robots cut in half? Parallel dimensions? Dream inception? Me, but OLD?!”

“You’re under the effects of an alien known as Pesky Dust, capable of projecting a knock-out dust that can put people to sleep and manipulate their dreams. That giant monster out there, is the ringleader herself: Alice Bedortha, otherwise known as Albedo 23, another wielder of the Omnitrix from another dimension, although not a version of you.” Ben 10,000 responds. “I, myself, am Ben 10,000, an ACTUAL alternate version of you from the year 2042. My Omnitrix can create alien fusions.”

“Aw, man, that sounds cool! I want that!” One of Slapback’s clones exclaims. “But, speaking of alternate dimensions, what’s all this about me being a ‘reboot’? I mean, that doesn’t even make any sense... am I not me?”

“Your universe has existed for much longer than mine, and has already completed its lifespan. Centuries ago, your universe died and rebirthed itself, which is the universe you are in now.” Ben 10,000 responds. “I guess that makes you ‘Reboot Ben’, I suppose?”

“Too bad that doesn’t make me not the slightest less confused on what’s still happening.” One of Slapback’s clones responds, scratching his chin, as the ground shakes with the ongoing fight outside the desolate building, as his other clone asks Ben 10,000, “, uh, think your wacky Omnitrix has some juice to help us out here?”

“If we can beat Alice, we can break out of the dream. Simple as that. If you help me out here, I’ll take down Neomni for you.” Ben 10,000 responds, readying his Biomnitrix gauntlets, to which both of Slapback’s clones stare in confusion and allow Ben 10,000 to clarify, “The robot. Half of her is in this dimension. Half of her is somewhere else. She also has Omnitrix powers. It’s incredibly confusing, but just roll with it.”

“That should be like a motto.” One of Slapback’s clones jokingly exclaims, as Ben 10,000 slams his Biomnitrix gauntlets together, transforming into a cross between Jury Rigg, possessing his entire body structure, including his pointed ears, nose, and devil-tipped tail, but was entirely composed of Upgrade’s black-and-green liquid metal, possessing his rounded physique, circuitry lines, and eye ring, with the Biomnitrix symbol in the center of it.

Exclaiming, “JURY GRADE!” in a high-pitched, electronically-filtered voice, Jury Grade sprints out of the abandoned vehicle and spotting an abandoned tanker truck, rapidly uses a combination of Jury Rigg’s machinery modification, and Upgrade’s technokinesis, eventually merges with the truck, turning it into a massive tactical vehicle armed with bladed spikes, various energy blasters, and a rocket booster on the backside. Both of Slapback’s clones giddy at the sight of it, they hop into the opened passenger seat and are fascinated with the display of various buttons, one of his clones asking, “What does this do?!” and narrowly pushing on the buttons.

“Not yet!” Jury Grade exclaims, his head emerging from the dashboard, alongside one of his arms, as he points to one large green button and exclaims, “This one is what you wanna push! We’re going to take Alice out once and for all!” to which both of the Slapback clones nod and push the button at the same time, activating the rocket booster and sending the modified truck billowing down the highway so fast the skidmarks left by their tires were on fire.

Meanwhile, the monstrosity continues to fight the now-several Slapback clones, each of her successful attacks only causing him to duplicate more and more, growing stronger and heavier with each addition of new clones. Growing exhausted, the Slapback clones lock arms, throwing themselves up into the airs, and while in mid-air, soaring down onto the monstrosity of Negative Epitomes, bombard it with a barrage of heavy punches, sending it smashing into the ground once again and upon being overwhelmed, causing the monstrosity to violently explode into an eruption of burning sleeping dust, finally defeating it.

As the Slapback clones fall to the ground, all merging back together into one clone, the silhouette of Negative Nighty Knight emerges from the cloud of sleeping dust, taking flight and exclaiming, “YOU… HOW?! W-T-F?! HOW DID YOU MANAGE TO DEFEAT MY MONSTER?! WHAT KIND OF ALIEN EVEN IS THAT?!”

“The best kind of alien!” Slapback responds, flashing a thumbs-up, to which Negative Nighty Knight, groaning and flailing around in anger, suddenly transforms in a flash of apricot-orange light, becoming an enlarged version of Negative Nighty Knight, taller and ganglier with medieval armor covering her upper-face, chest, shoulders, forearms, and lower-body in place of her dress, with darker skin, jagged wings, and the pronged Epitome Gauntlet symbol on the center of her chest-plate, as she triumphantly exclaims out-loud, “EPITOME NIGHTY KNIGHT!” before slashing at Slapback with her metal claws.

“Hey, OW! That HURT!” Slapback exclaims, stumbling and gripping his scratched arm, to which Negative Epitome Nighty Knight maniacally responds, “OF COURSE! EPITOME NIGHTY KNIGHT HAS THE ADDED POWER OF NOW BEING ABLE TO HURT YOU DIRECTLY! IF I CAN HURT YOU ENOUGH, YOUR WOUNDS WILL CARRY OVER TO YOUR BODY I-R-L! NOW, F-Y-I, I’M GOING TO MAKE SURE YOU NEVER WAKE UP AGAIN!

“That’s a-” Slapback exclaims, dodging another slash of Negative Epitome Nighty Knight before turning tail and beginning to sprint away, calling out, “-A LITTLE DARK IF I SAY SO MYSELF!” while Negative Epitome Nighty Knight follows him in hot pursuit, her in-flight speed greatly enhanced too.

Back in the real world, Reboot Kevin, still transformed as Quad Smack, continues to battle with the reanimated Neomni, the two trading hand-to-hand blows, only for one of Quad Smack’s punches to finally be blocked and electrocuted by Neomni, only for him to be unphased, thanks to the Antitrix-enhanced Quad Smack’s higher resistance to energy attacks. Upper-cutting and sending her flying back, he morphs into his bizarre version of Stinkfly, a more-muscular insectoid with bright-red skin, a larger chin, beetle-like characteristics including a denser, golden carapace armoring much of his body, dark-brown wings protected by golden wing-cases, and a large, grayish-beige horn emerging from his forehead: Skunkmoth.

“COME ON, UGLY! YOU’VE STILL YET TO SHOW ME YOUR WORST!” Skunkmoth exclaims, taking flight and barraging with several blasts of bright-orange, acidic slime from his hands, which Neomni reflects and destroys with an energy whip projected from her left forearm, originating from Astrodactyl, before firing several Ultimate Humungousaur bone missiles to disorientate him, using Ultimate Grey Matter’s telekinesis to then drag the stunned Skunkmoth toward her, and upon grabbing him, using Triedge’s powers to try and drain his life-force. His attempts to fire acidic slime are extinguished by Neomni wrapping an energy-composed hand over his wrists, but soon, she’s thrown back by a burst of red electricity from the Antitrix.

“OH NO, YOU DON’T, CREEP!” Skunkmoth exclaims, suddenly striking the Antitrix symbol and transforming in a flash of flickering red light, becoming an unfamiliar alien transformation in the form of a humanoid, werewolf-like husky with scruffy, bluish-grey-and-cream-colored fur, large forearms, sharp, dark-gray, metallic claws on each of his fingers and toes, pointed ears, dark teeth, a small tail, a dark-orange-and-red armored vest covering his torso, black gauntlets and pants, and metallic shoulder-pads, with the Antitrix on the center of his vest-covered chest. “TIME FOR ME TO GIVE YOU MY WORST: MEET BASHMOUTH!

Holding out her arms, the sparking Neomni activates Ditto’s powers, splitting into a trio of clones, before leaping into battle. Bashmouth rushes toward them, running quadrupedal, as he extends out a large row of metallic, razor-sharp teeth from his inner-maw and violently sinks them in the side of one of the clone’s heads, violently tearing out several electronic components and seemingly disabling said clone.

Another clone combines the powers of Steambriner and Shock Rock, blasting beams of electrified brine from their chest, although Bashmouth quickly deflects said attack upon extending out plated, metallic armor from over his forearms, while the third clone summons forth the weather-manipulating powers of an unknown alien, and fires a powerful lightning strike that merely bounces off Bashmouth’s left forearm’s armor.

The second clone generating Murk Upchuck’s tongues, they attempt to restrain Bashmouth, but were unsuccessful, instead wrapping the tongues around his right forearm and pulling the clone toward him, landing a powerful blow to the mechanical side when close enough, sending them crashing backwards into the first clone. Bashmouth leaping after the two vulnerable clones, they use Ditto’s powers to merge back together, before launching a powerful blast of Ultimate AmpFibian’s enhanced electrokinesis to launch him off.

Channeling the unknown alien’s atmokinetic abilities through her arms, the Neomni clones blast Bashmouth with swirling vortexes of electrified rainwater, that he manages to block with his armored forearms, as he angrily exclaims, “RIGHT NOW, I’M SO GETTING FLASHBACKS OF THOSE WEATHER-DORKS!”

Suddenly, the remaining, damaged clone surprises Bashmouth from behind, wrapping her arms around his midsection and violently electrocuting him with Shock Rock’s electrokinesis in an attempt to stun him, before rapidly activating Comatose’s abilities, manifesting soft, white tentacles from her mechanical left arm to wrap around Bashmouth’s chest until he’s drawn into a deep sleep and collapses, defeated and reverting back to his human form. Again activating Ditto’s powers, the two clones merge back into one, standing over the defeated Reboot Kevin, as the two are alerted to the still-sleepwalking Reboot Ben a distance away and activating XLR8’s powers, sprints after him with enhanced agility.

Meanwhile, in the dreamscape’s desolate streets, the half-sized Slapback continues to flee from Negative Epitome Nighty Knight, repeatedly throwing orb-shaped projectiles of toxic, corrosive sleeping dust from her hands, as she eventually corners him against the backside of a burning brick building, as Slapback slams his shoulder against the brick wall, attempting to break it down but despite making a dent, discovers the wall had repaired itself almost instantly.

“I DON’T THINK SO!” Negative Epitome Nighty Knight exclaims, telekinetically grabbing Slapback and throwing him to the side, sending him crashing into the garage-filled contents of a dumpster, before she snaps her fingers and causes surrounding gravity to flip the other way, although she remains unaffected, sending Slapback flying upwards and out of the dumpster. His backside slams against the nearby brick wall in the process, causing him to duplicate into two and only making him heavier, as his two doubles helplessly hang onto the ledge of a building’s roof, watching the dumpster soaring up into the sky.

“You know, the dimension I come from, I settle scores by punching them-” One of Slapback’s clones yells in defiance, as the other continues, “-not using freaky dream tricks to fling them around!” before the two of them manage to swing into one another, merging back together. Uncaring and not responding, Negative Epitome Nighty Knight holds out her index finger, channeling flowing flames from them, before pointing forward and firing a massive blast of energy that destroys the building Slapback is hanging onto, sending him flying throughout the air amongst rubble… suddenly, a roaring truck shrieks down the streets, upgraded with Jury Grade’s liquid metal, and being driven by a shades-wearing Slapback, who presses a button to automatically open the passenger door to allow the other Slapback to soar in and suddenly collide with his double, the two of them merging back together into his normal-sized Ekoplektoid form.

“Huh?! Whoa, I’m back in one piece! Awesome!” Slapback triumphantly exclaims, soon realizing the pair of shades on his face and removing them in slight confusion, to which Jury Grade, his head still protruding from the dashboard, comments, “Yeah, that store we were hiding in earlier was a clothing store.”

YOU!!” Negative Epitome Nighty Knight exclaims with frustration, flying through the smoking rubble of the destroyed building and trembling her fists in anger, as Slapback reverts back to his human form in a flash of green and Jury Grade responds, “Time for the wake-up call, Alice… it’s time to get ready for work! Neomni must be stopped!”

“This IS my work, Ben 10,000... getting rid of you and your hazbin helpers! When I’m done, the entire multiverse will know the name of ALICE BEDORTHA!!!” Negative Epitome Nighty Knight responds, maniacally laughing, as she raises her hands and morphs the asphalt street beneath Jury Grade’s upgraded truck into stony chains that entangle its tires, before readying to launch another explosive attack.

Jury Grade suddenly unmerging from the truck, he fires an optic beam at Negative Epitome Nighty Knight, who blocks it with a energized shield made out of compressed sleeping dust, before launching said shield into an explosive blast of energy that Jury Grade liquefies his body to rapidly dodge.

“You’re up to bat, kid! You and me!” Jury Grade exclaims, as Reboot Ben emerges from the abandoned truck and frantically tries to activate his timed-out Omnitrix to engage in battle. Groaning in frustration, Jury Grade extends out an elastic arm, grabbing hold of his wrist Omnitrix, and uses Upgrade’s technokinesis to upgrade the Omnitrix to the point of negating his cooldown, recharging his Omnitrix fully.

“Woah! How’d you do that?!” Reboot Ben comments, readying his Omnitrix, to which Jury Grade, quickly dodging another one of Negative Epitome Nighty Knight’s attacks, exclaims, “You’ll learn it when you’re older! Now, dial up a heavy-hitter alien, so we can take down this feral fairy and escape before that android kills you!”

“Android does WHAT-?!” Reboot Ben responds, shocked, as Jury Grade fires another optic beam to keep Negative Epitome Nighty Knight at bay, and exclaims, “JUST TRANSFORM INTO SOMETHING AND HELP ME!” to which a panicky Reboot Ben smacks down on his primed Omnitrix’s core, activating a transformation sequence, his body being coated in brown and beige scales, as he rapidly gains height and transforms into the reptilian Humungousaur, gaining stony spikes running down his backside and tail, and similar to Ultimate Humungousaur, a black mace at the end of his tail, possessing a trio of rocky, stalagmite-shaped spikes.

“HUMUNGOUSAUR! PERFECT!” Jury Grade exclaims, as he smacks the Biomnitrix symbol on his face and begins to rapidly transform himself, becoming a fusion between XLR8, possessing his blue skin, cone-shaped helmet, clawed hands, elbow spikes, lower-body structure, spherical wheels on the ends of his feet, and tail, and Blitzwulf, possessing his overall upper-body structure and muscular physique, facial structure, and collar, with the Biomnitrix symbol on the front of a collar around his neck. “XLRWULF!

“You’re both XLR8 and… Bashmouth?” Humungousaur responds, confused, to which XLRWulf states, “No... what? XLR8 and Blitzwulf… do you not have the latter one from the dimension you come from?” to which the duo turn to face the levitating Negative Epitome Nighty Knight, telekinetically surrounding her with masses of flaming rubble, to which Humungousaur simply comments, “Man, and I thought time travel was the only truly-confusing Sci-Fi concept out there… this girl gives me real Billy Billions vibes...”

“Welcome to the multiverse, kiddo.” XLRWulf comments, as Negative Epitome Nighty Knight lets out a cry of rage and telekinetically flings the rubble at the duo, who quickly lunge out of the way, XLRWulf utilizing XLR8’s enhanced speed and Humungousaur leaping onto all fours, as the two both pounce upward and lunge at Negative Epitome Nighty Knight, attacking with claws and fists.

Meanwhile, the scene shows the sluggishly-wandering, sleepwalking Reboot Ben, transformed as Overflow, loudly snoring and bumping around throughout the scrapyard’s corridors of scrap metal, all while being pursued by the rapidly-sprinting, Kineceleran-fast Neomni, who fires several balls of energy from her electrokinetic side in an attempt to stop him, only for him to suddenly switch to Cannonbolt, leaving his armored backside invulnerable to the energy blasts, and for him to hardly flinch. Readying another attack, she’s alerted to several rocks thrown at the back of her head.

“HEY! BACK OFF FROM MY COUSIN!” Reboot Gwen exclaims, throwing another rock, which bounces off upon making contact with the electrically-composed side of her head. Activating what seems to Chandelier’s powers, but amplified to a massive scale, Neomni shrouds her left arm in a layer of caustic, bubbling, dark-red wax, coated in various wicks of flames, as she reels her arm back and fires a blast of molten wax at her.

“Come on! Ben, wake up! I need you!” Reboot Gwen exclaims, quickly dodging the blast of molten wax, as the snoring Cannonbolt stumbles and turns around, suddenly transforming into Rath in a brief flash of green light, before instinctively growling and pouncing onto the backside of Neomni’s body, letting out a series of slightly-lucid, snoring roars, as he nips and bites into the metallic side of her neck.

In response, Neomni violently thrashes, attempting to throw him off, as she spews blasts of molten wax and electricity, as Reboot Gwen comments, “Good enough... I guess!” and sprints away to safety, narrowly avoiding a blast of Ultimate AmpFibian’s powerful electric bolts from the flailing Neomni, unaware of the sleeping form of Reboot Kevin in the vast distance of where she was running away from, slowly being surrounded by a faint cloud of familiar dust. 

As Reboot Kevin suddenly sits up, he blinks his droopy eyes to clear his hazy vision, and finds himself within the middle of a pitch-black abyss before him, hesitating for a while, as he looks around and eventually comments, “This feels unwelcoming… and overused.”

Deeper into the dreamscape, XLRWulf and Humungousaur continue violently battling Negative Epitome Nighty Knight, as she launches various blasts of energy at the duo, and telekinetically throws masses of rubble. Managing to surround and briefly stun her within a vortex he manifests with his enhanced speed, XLRWulf launches a supersonic howl into the vortex, trapping it inside and causing it to ricochet back and forth, repeatedly hitting Negative Epitome Nighty Knight, and allowing Humungousaur to throw a broken-down vehicle at her, sending her flying back into a building and causing it to explode.

“Nice thinking.” XLRWulf comments, to which Humungousaur comments, “Man, dream psychics are very… explosive. I swear, this is like a Michael Day movie.” while envisioning a sunny sky, before its cartoony sun violently explodes in a sudden supernova, from a thought bubble above his head. XLRWulf stares at it in confusion, prodding it with his clawed hands and causing it to unexpectedly pop like a bubble.

“Wh- what was that?!” XLRWulf asks, startled by the bubble popping, as Humungousaur shrugs in response, unsure himself, before the two are alerted by Negative Epitome Nighty Knight emerging from the smoke of the burning building, covered in severe burns and soot, that she effortlessly manages to regenerate, before snapping her fingers, extinguishing the flames, and then again, causing the ground beneath the two heroes to morph into a pair of stony chains that wraps around their limbs, restraining and pulling them to the ground.


“You are just the whiniest person I’ve ever met.” XLRWulf exclaims, annoyed and struggling against his chains, to which Negative Epitome Nighty Knight roars in response, yelling, “G-A-G-F! I DON’T CARE ANYMORE! I’M GOING TO FRY BOTH OF YOUR BRAINS, SO YOU HAVE NOTHING YOU CAN USE TO WAKE UP WITH WHEN I’M DONE! T-T-F-N, DWEEBS!” and lifting out her left arm.

As she readies a blast of electrified energy from her index finger, with the intent of using it to obliterate their brains, a distant war-cry begins to emit above her, causing her to briefly pause her attack and look around in confusion, listening to it seemingly grow louder and commenting, “...W-T-F is that noise?” before a shadow begins to form above her.

“That’s your cue to move two inches to the left!” Humungousaur exclaims, as suddenly, Negative Epitome Nighty Knight is suddenly smashed over the head by a pair of gloved, dark-purple fingers, sending her flying back and shambling around, completely disorientated, and allowing the two to look up…

...and being met with the aggravated gaze of Quad Smack.

“NOBODY TIES ME UP!” Quad Smack exclaims, punching the ground and creating a powerful shockwave that crashes straight into Negative Epitome Nighty Knight, sending her flying back, before turning to face the two Omnitrix wielders, hesitating, before asking, “...alright, I’ll say it: what’s going on here? Twerp, who is your friend, and why is he part-Rush, part-Bashmouth?”

“Oh, come on! XLR8 and Blitzwulf! XLRWULF!” XLRWulf responds, rapidly vibrating his arms at an accelerated speed to finally break free his stony chains, using his sharp claws and enhanced speed to eventually tear through his remaining restraints and free Humungousaur in the process, who reverts back to his human form in a flash of green light. The trio face the recovering Negative Epitome Nighty Knight, twitchily taking flight and revealing the busted left side of her mask.

“So… we’re all asleep… this is a dream world... that’s what’s keeping us asleep… it isn’t Charmcaster… it isn’t Zombozo... it’s another Omnitrix wielder from another dimension… her alien form can hurt us in this dream… it wants to kill us for some reason… there’s a killer, half-Shock-Rock robot running around the junkyard…” Reboot Ben clarifies, as Quad Smack nods with each of his clarification and counts them on his fingers, before raising another finger upon stating, “...and it’s attracted to you, Tennyson.”

“That’s an… interesting way to put that statement.” XLRWulf snorts after a brief awkward pause. “...because, seriously, that thing only goes after Bens with Omnitrixes… if we don’t wake up soon, that thing WILL kill you.”

“I’m too young to DIE!” Reboot Ben exclaims, terrified, to which Quad Smack angrily responds, “You WON’T, if you stop acting like a wuss for once! You’re sleepwalking around, transforming like crazy, and that’s somehow keeping you safe for the time being! I tried to PROTECT you, for some reason I don’t understand myself, but that freaky machine put me to sleep, and now, some wacky sleeping dust pulled me here with you two!”

“She’s overproducing her sleeping dust. Her physical form is exerting all her energy, but her mind remains hyperactive.” XLRWulf responds. “Look, there’s one great weakness with her form’s species. When Nemuinas physically involve themselves with one’s dreams that they influence on them, they’re susceptible to being ‘pinched’ if that makes any sense. If we can ‘pinch’ her, it’ll make her wake up and shut the whole dream down…”

“...I don’t like the innuendos you’re making.” Quad Smack responds, to which a frustrated XLRWulf exclaims, “PUNCH HER, AND WE’LL WAKE UP, AND YOUR FRIEND DOESN’T HAVE TO BE KILLED BY THAT ANDROID.”

“Well, now, I know you hit girls! Damn, aren’t you married?!” Negative Epitome Nighty Knight exclaims, to which XLRWulf barks back, “YOU tried to burn me alive as a giant monster! You have no authority telling me what you deserve and don’t deserve!” to which Negative Epitome Nighty Knight mocks him, twirling her finger around the side of her head in a screwball motion.

“Are you recharged yet?” XLRWulf asks Reboot Ben, to which Quad Smack, suddenly transforming off-screen in a flash of red light, grabs hold of Reboot Ben’s Omnitrix as Dark Matter, grabs it by the dial, and rapidly rotates it a few times clockwise, causing it to beep loudly and turn from red from green. He lets go of him and comments, “As long as this gets me out of here faster.”

Reboot Ben glares at him out of the corner, readies his Omnitrix, selects the icon of Diamondhead, and transforms in a flash of green light, followed by Reboot Kevin in a dual transformation sequence. As Reboot Ben’s body is coated in a layer of green-blue crystals, he suddenly twists the Omnitrix symbol on his chest, causing it to turn horizontal and glowing-green, as he sprouts mechanical, dark-greenish-blue, white, and black, full-body armor, with a dark-gray helmet complete with a glowing-green, V-shaped visor, tubes extending from the tilted top and bottom of the Omnitrix symbol, and glowing-green highlights on his forearms and thighs, while Dark Matter’s gangly frame bulks up, grows fur and metallic armor, and finally becomes the snarling Bashmouth.

“You want to dream big, huh, princess?! Well, dream on!” Omni-Kix Diamondhead exclaims, extending a pair of crystalline blades from the top of his armored forearms, as Bashmouth bares his metallic row of teeth and XLRWulf takes a running stance.

“Hmph... very well, boys…” Negative Epitome Nighty Knight scoffs in response, holding out her arms and lowering herself to the ground, as slowly, mechanical tendrils and broken rubble begin to engulf her body. The trio of Omnitrix wielders watch as Negative Epitome Nighty Knight composes a massive gestalt in the form of a gigantic, four-armed upper-body, melded to the ground beneath her and made entirely out of shattered stone, twisted metal, broken glass shards, flames, and her Evolved Nemuina form’s armor. “TIME FOR YOU TO SEE WHAT TRUE EPITOME POWER IS MADE OUT OF!

Releasing a mighty roar from her gestalt’s armored face, she unleashes a blast of acidic sleeping dust from her mouth, and despite Omni-Kix Diamondhead attempting to protect the group with a massive crystal shield, the acidic dust eats through the crystals, but upon the shield being corroded all the way through, the trio were revealed to be gone, and before she can realize where they’ve gone, her gestalt is suddenly struck across the face by the leaping XLRWulf, who barrages her with lightning-fast blows, to which she grabs him with one arm and throws him aside, smashing him into the ground with a fell swat when he lands on the asphalt ground, before she’s struck behind by Omni-Kix Diamondhead’s crystal projectiles.

The gestalt twists around, reeling up a flaming fist and bringing it down on Omni-Kix Diamondhead, who creates a massive crystal spike to violently slice off the gestalt’s head, causing it to release a grinding scream of shock, as she reels the stump back and clutches it, allowing several metallic tubes to regrow in its place and eventually remanifest its hand.

Sweeping her arm in an attempt to crush Omni-Kix Diamondhead, her arm was suddenly pulverized by a sudden force, who reveals itself as the magnetically-levitating Speedstar, the Biomnitrix fusion of Speedbump’s muscular reptilian form, complete with his crested head, protruding horn, and double-ended tail, and Lodestar’s black-and-yellow, magnetite-composed body, magnetically-levitating, metallic head, shoulder spikes, and clawed extremities, the Biomntirix symbol on his chest, exclaiming “SPEEDSTAR!

As the gestalt regenerates, assimilating some of Omni-Kix Diamondhead’s former shield’s crystals to form a new crystal-bladed hand, Speedstar strikes, hopping on the ground and rapidly building momentum to blast a hole straight through the gestalt’s chest with a magnetic eruption that begins to destabilize the gestalt’s form, causing pieces of metal to begin falling off. Fending Omni-Kix Diamondhead and Speedstar off with an exhale of flames, Bashmouth suddenly leaps forward, hopping straight onto the gestalt’s face.

“LISTEN HERE, ALICE! CURB THIS NOW! I DON’T LIKE THE TWERP EITHER, BUT I’M NOT GOING TO BE RESPONSIBLE FOR HIM KICKING THE BUCKET!” Bashmouth roars, and in response, the gestalt exhales sharply and suddenly hawks a massive loogie of coagulated sleeping dust, sending Bashmouth flying back. Omni-Kix Diamondhead summons a crystal ramp to capture him, leaving him laying in the street, covered in a pile of sparkling, bright-orange sludge that causes him to retch at the sight of it.

NEVER!!!” The gestalt roars, before suddenly having part of her left shoulder blasted apart by Speedstar, combining both his magnetic levitation and concussive headbutting. He lands against the ground, stopped by Omni-Kix Diamondhead forming a crystal barrier, and launches himself off of it, shattering in the process and sending him smashing straight through her regenerating side. Omni-Kix Diamondhead and the freed Bashmouth both attack from behind, launching massive crystal attacks and powerful roars that manage to do some damage, although the gestalt was able to regenerate it almost instantly.

“We’re hardly making a dent! She’s just piecing her giant body back together as soon as we damage it!” Omni-Kix Diamondhead exclaims, to which Speedstar, recovering from his third headbutt, exclaims, “You’re right! Speedstar’s manipulation over ferromagnetism is starting to diminish the metallic aspects of her gestalt, but she’s armoring herself up with Diamondhead’s crystals!”

“There’s gotta be a weak point we’re not seeing! It’s a giant monster, for pete’s sake!” Bashmouth exclaims, to which Omni-Kix Diamondhead, thinking and manifesting an imagination bubble of Negative Epitome Nighty Knight being thrown by Humungousaur into the one of the buildings and causing it exploding, suddenly gets an idea, stating, “Wait a minute… that’s it! Michael Day!”

“What are you going on about, dweeb?” Bashmouth responds, launching a powerful roar afterwards to prevent the gestalt from smashing the duo with one of her arms, as Omni-Kix Diamondhead points up at her, stating, “Explosions! Explosions are her weakness! We need a strong enough force to blast her form apart!” before looking around, realizing the abandoned tanker truck that Jury Grade upgraded earlier, and continuing, “OLD ME! THE TRUCK!”

“You’re right!” Speedstar responds, creating a magnetic force-field to shield himself from the gestalt’s fire breath, before offensively pushing it back in an attempt to shove her away. “Keep her busy! I’ll do the rest!”

As the gestalt roars and launches a massive blast of corrosive sleeping dust down on th heroes, Omni-Kix Diamondhead quickly manifests a barrier of crystals in an attempt to protect both himself and Bashmouth from the acidic dust, but it was eating through it faster than he can protect himself. Seeing a nearby fire hydrant, Bashmouth roars over to it and with one fell swing of his armored forearm, smashes it open and unleashes a geyser of water that he uses the underside of his foot to redirect and dilute the acid to the point of neutralizing it.

“Hey, nice job, Kevi-!” Omni-Kix Diamondhead responds, turning to face him, only to stop at the sight of Bashmouth drinking from the geyser of water, lapping it up like a dog, to which he turns, his face wet, and exclaims, “What?! I’m parched!”

Speedstar continues to brawl against the gestalt, struggling to defend himself with magnetic force-fields, as he magnetokinetically flings several masses of twisted metal in an attempt to disorientate and stun her, only for her to assimilate and absorb the rubble to armor up her diminishing structure. Lunging forth, he headbutts straight through the gestalt’s side, sending it partially tumbling through the ground, although at the cost of the remains of his form’s energy, tumbling to the asphalt ground before him, having reverted back to his human form.

Looking up at the two other Omnitrix wielders, he groans, pushing himself up and commenting, I may or may not have underestimated my part in the plan…” before the trio suddenly turn to see the gestalt in the process of steadily recovering, now densely armored with a combination of metallic rubble and Petrosapien crystals. Omni-Kix Diamondhead groans, commenting, “Aw, nuts…” under his breath, as Bashmouth suddenly strikes the Antitrix symbol on his chest and transforms into Skunkmoth.

“I WILL distract her. You two get that tanker.” Skunkmoth comments, opening up the cases on his wings and starting to take flight, soon heading straight after the monstrous gestalt of materials. “It’s time to see if Alice likes the taste of an acid bath herself for a change!”

As Skunkmoth zooms off, Ben 10,000 grabs hold of his forearm, having badly scraped himself in the tumble after unexpectedly reverting from Speedstar, and looks up at Omni-Kix Diamondhead, commenting, “Man, I really miss being a kid.”

“Aw, come on, old me. I hated the idea of growing up when I was younger, but I don’t know, getting a credit card, getting a car, I can dig the idea.” Omni-Kix Diamondhead responds, scratching the back of his helmet in an awkward manner, and suddenly reverting back to his human form in a flash of green light, to which Ben 10,000 smirks in response at the sight of a younger version of himself, only to be suddenly alerted to the angrily-roaring gestalt, swatting at Skunkmoth, who was barraging her with several blasts of orange acidic slime.

“Aw, man! How am I supposed to beat this thing when the Omni-Kix enhancements drain the juice of the Omnitrix faster than normally?! How does Kevin recharge mine earlier?!” Reboot Ben vents his frustration, interacting with the timed-out Omnitrix, to which Ben 10,000 responds, “Accessed the back-up energy supply, letting the primary one recharge… and if your ‘Omni-Kix Diamondhead’ used up the back-up one… then that means the other one's powered back up...”

Grabbing hold of the Omnitrix, Ben 10,000 twists the Omnitrix’s dial around a few times in a clockwise motion, and thus, the Omnitrix loudly beeps with the activation of the other energy supply and enters its bright-green, fully-recharged mode. Reboot Ben beams with delight, as Ben 10,000 comments, “Don’t break it. I’m a hero, not a technician.”

As the two activate their Omnitrix and Biomnitrix gauntlets respectively, Reboot Ben is steadily armored up in the metallic, armored skin of Slapback and grabs at the large Omnitrix symbol on his backside in an attempt to activate his Omni-Kix form. Ben 10,000 doing so for him, turning it sideways and bright-green, Slapback gains a suit of dark-blue, white, and black, full-body armor atop his entire body, with a large respirator-like apparatus covering the lower-half of his white helmet, tubes extending from the respirator and from the top and bottom of the tilted Omnitrix symbol, and glowing-green highlights on his shoulders and forearms, while Ben 10,000 becomes the Biomnitrix fusion of NRG’s entire mechanical, bolted suit molded to fit Barrier Reef’s sharply-edged body structure, complete with NRG’s grill-plate, chest seal, and the Biomnitrix symbol on his chest, which he identifies as “NR-REEF!

“Don’t you think Slapback is a tad chaotic?” NR-Reef curiously asks, to which Omni-Kix Slapback responds, “Precisely! When I’m armored like this, I get the special power of being able to release explosions of energy everytime I separate and merge back together!”

“Hmmm… works for me!” NR-Reef exclaims, lowering his body to the ground and as Omni-Kix Slapback takes an excited battle stance, NR-Reef manifests a radioactive energy barrier from underneath him, launching Omni-Kix Slapback up until the air and directly in the line of the sight of the gestalt.

As Skunkmoth realizes his plan as he passes by him while in mid-air, he smacks Omni-Kix Slapback’s back, multiplying him into a pair of denser clones that manifest a disorientating explosion to the gestalt, as they smash straight into her and send her violently tumbling backwards, crashing into the ground below and demolishing a building’s foundation in the process.

As NR-Reef, still on the ground, begins to sprint for the tanker truck, he launches several radioactive blasts from his grill-plate in an attempt to continue damaging the gestalt. The gestalt violently roars, struggling to tear the two Omni-Kix clones off her body, as their sheer weight begins to crack and break through her form. Launching a beam of fire from her mouth at them, their armor proves fireproof, as they run up the chest of the gestalt and upon reaching her face, strike her with powerful blows that begin to tear through her amalgamated armor.

Roaring loudly and starting to crumple, the gestalt fires off several crystal shards composing her body like quills, as two manage to strike Skunkmoth while in mid-air, piercing his armored carapace and sending him tumbling out of the sky. Moments from hitting the ground, the Antitrix begins suddenly malfunctioning again, surging with red electricity and transforming him into Hot Shot, allowing him to propel himself upwards with streams of flames projected from his hands, and eventually land back against the ground, roughed-up but still standing. Taking pyrokinetic propulsion-improvised flight, he groups back up with NR-Reef, leaving Omni-Kix Slapback to continue taking care of the gestalt.

NOOO! NOOOOOO!! STOP IT!!! STOP IT NOW!!!” The gestalt roars, her limbs and body starting to crumple with each of Omni-Kix Slapback’s devastating blows and explosive self-duplication. Heading toward the tanker, Hot Shot suddenly morphs into Crystalfist in a burst of malfunctioning red light, and using this opportunity, uses his crystallokinesis to begin raising the tanker up in the air, tearing through its wheels’ restraints in the process. NR-Reef assists him, using his generated radioactive energy barriers as added support.

Multiplied into eight minuscule clones, all of Omni-Kix Slapback’s clones lock arms with one another, and with a dramatic sequence, each of them begin to throw one another clone upwards into the destroyed, cracked face of the massive gestalt. Suddenly merging back together into two clones, they release an explosive force so powerful it violently destroys much of the gestalt’s body, the levitating Negative Epitome Nighty Knight in the very center starting to poke through.

GUYS! NOW! TURN THIS DREAM INTO A MICHAEL DAY MOVIE ENDING!” One of Omni-Kix Slapback’s clones calls out, and with one fell swoop, Crystalfist and NR-Reef extend their barriers upwards, literally sending the entire tanker truck flying at the broken gestalt. The two clones throwing one another to regroup, they merge back into one and slide to safety, as Crystalfist shields the trio with a massive crystal shield and NR-Reef fires a radioactive blast of energy at the tanker.

WAIT, NO! WAIT, NO, NO, NOOOOO!!” Negative Epitome Nighty Knight calls out, emerging from her destroyed gestalt form, as the tanker truck is obliterated by NR-Reef’s blasts and violently erupts in a fiery explosion of ignited gasoline. “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

As Negative Epitome Nighty Knight screams in prolonged horror, the explosion engulfs her Evolved Nemuina form, obliterating it within the flames, and causing the entire apocalyptic world before the four of them to shatter. Everything plunging into a black void and sinking upwards like it was water in a sink that had its plug pulled, Omni-Kix Slapback, Crystalfist, and NR-Reef are the last to go down the vortex… everything goes dark.

Ben 10,000 expectedly awakens, feeling cramped and strained from lying awkwardly on a dirt ground for so long. Seeing dispersing, ineffective sleeping dust in the air starting to fade away, Albedo 23 is violently flung back off-screen, forced out of her Evolved Nemuina form and sending her crashing atop a heap of scrap metal. Pushing himself up, Ben 10,000 looks up at the sunny sky, realizing they were successful. They were out of the dreamscape.

“Come on, Kevin… come on…” Reboot Gwen whines, desperately trying to wake up the unconscious Reboot Kevin from his total slumber, to which his eyes eventually flutter. Groaning in pain from collapsing to the ground and brushing his head, Reboot Gwen exclaims, “Kevin! You’re awake!” and embraces him, causing him to blush, wide-eyed and shocked.

Transformed as the dark-purple Upgrade and drowsily stumbling around in an unconscious daze, who was practically in an all-out battle with the sleepwalking Reboot Ben, Neomni’s projection of a crackling stream of Fulmini electricity violently awakens Upgrade, causing him to suddenly snap back to the real world and revert back to his human form. His joy upon realization they were successful is short-lived, as he’s narrowly blasted apart by Neomni, continuing to utilize Shock Rock’s powers.

“Oh, great! I forgot about you!” Reboot Ben exclaims to Neomni, before looking down at his charged-up Omnitrix, which he dials up and comments, “It’s a good thing I get to wake up to all my devices having recharged while I was sleeping! Time for Shock Rock to drain off all your stolen energy!” before smacking down on the primed dial, causing him to instead unexpectedly begin transforming into Four Arms, twisting the dial on his chest and fully coating his body in bright-red, white, and black tactical armor, his face shielded and possessing a pair of green visors, and the top of his forearms prominently featuring green-highlighted rocket boosters.

“...or Four Arms! Super-powered Four Arms, in fact! That’s even better!” Omni-Kix Four Arms exclaims, slamming his four fists together, continuing, “Alright, freaky Forever Knight bootleg, time for the four arms! Each fist with your name on it!” and suddenly lunging forward to attack Neomni, who protects herself from Four Arms’ dual right hooks with a Fulmini energy shield, before blasting him back with Overflow’s hydrokinetic blasts from her left arm.

As Reboot Max continues to rift through the scrapyard for the past hour, having accumulated a plastic bag full of seemingly-useful parts, he’s confronted by both Reboot Gwen and Reboot Kevin, exclaiming, “Hmmm… oh, hey, Gwen... and Kevin? I didn’t know you were here. You’re a scrapyard browser too? Man, the usefulness you can find here. Such a waste it’s all thrown away.”

“Nevermind that, Mr. Tennyson… where’s your grandson?” Reboot Kevin responds, suddenly being startled by the sounds of a fiery explosion. The trio look over at the sight of Ben 10,000 being flung through masses of scrap metal, extinguishing wicks of flames clinging to his facial hair, as an enraged Albedo 23, transformed as Negative Mr. Mucky, her version of Swampfire, bursts through the metallic rubble and roars, “YOU RUINED EVERYTHING!”


“Then, that’s an excuse for me not to hold back against you anymore! You want a fight?! Too bad! I’m wrapping this disaster up RIGHT NOW!” Ben 10,000 exclaims, suddenly slamming his Biomnitrix gauntlets and transforming into what appears to be a fusion between ChamAlien’s overall body structure, and Alien X’s celestial, starry coloration, absence of a mouth, and trio of horns emerging from her forehead in place of ChamAlien’s helmet’s spike, with the Biomnitrix symbol on the center of his chest. “CHAMALIEN X!!!

As the two enraged Omnitrix wielders leap at one another, violently trading blows and smashing through heaps of metal, Reboot Max slowly turns back and calmly asks, “ that something that I should worry about?”

“Keep your distance, and you’ll be fine.” Reboot Kevin responds, activating his malfunctioning Antitrix and attempting to transform into Wreckingbolt, although the core jams and retracts back down without activating, to which Reboot Kevin groans in frustration, revealing it was slow to respond and not functioning properly now, as Reboot Gwen asks, “Grandpa Max, where’s Ben? Have you seen him?”

“Oh, have I seen him? Most definitely. He’s so excited about getting his old aliens back that he tired himself out, and he was walking around like he was sleepwalking!” Reboot Max chuckles, as Reboot Gwen’s face contorts into fright upon realizing Max was unaware of Ben sleepwalking. “I tell you, it was the funniest thing to see… he even made a new robot friend, I presume! One of the Weatherheads, maybe? Looked almost... half-Shock-Rock to me.”

Meanwhile, Omni-Kix Four Arms continues to brawl Neomni, trading enhanced blows with one another. Launching several blasts of Fulmini electricity from her left side, Omni-Kix Four Arms’ resistant armor proves nigh-invulnerable against the electrical attack, and thus, Neomni switches to the tactic of restraining his moments, Neomni utilizes the powers of an unknown alien, manifesting a large, bright-red energy construct in the shape of an old-fashioned lock that loops around and suddenly locks Omni-Kix Four Arms’ legs together, pinning his lower-body.

As he struggles to crawl toward Neomni, she simply manifests another energy lock to restrain his right arm, and seeing how he was hardly able to crawl, she steadily begins to approach him, manifesting a large energy dagger from her energy left arm, before suddenly, Omni-Kix Four Arms lifts out his left upper arm and fires out his fist like a rocket, sucker-punching Neomni straight across the face and cracking his only eye. Greatly blinding her, Omni-Kix Four Arms struggles to break free of the locks encasing his limbs, only able to barely crack them.

“Aw, this isn’t good…” Omni-Kix Four Arms groans, reclaiming his ejected rocket fist and watching Neomni use the powers of Goop to regenerate her shattered eye, beginning to regain her limited, but functional sight back. Bracing himself for what happens next at Neomni’s hands, Omni-Kix Four Arms is shocked to see her be violently slammed into the dirt ground by the telekinetically-thrown Negative Beetle Biter, her version of Eatle, fighting the nigh-omnipotent ChamAlien X fusion.

“Not fun anymore when you’re the one being telekinetically thrown around, huh, Ms. Bedortha?!” ChamAlien X exclaims in a voice sounding like three, echoing counterparts of ChamAlien all talking at once, as Negative Beetle Biter lunges up and sprouting the three prongs around her Epitome Gauntlet symbol, bulks up to a massive degree, soon becoming Negative Epitome Beetle Biter. Rapidly devouring scrap metal through her monstrously-massive vertical jaws, she fires several enhanced bio-energy blasts back at ChamAlien X, who effortlessly deflects them back at her.

“BEN!” Reboot Gwen suddenly exclaims, arriving alongside Reboot Kevin. Neomni stumbling back to her feet, her malfunctioning scanners finally begin to redetect the presence of Reboot Ben, she manifests an energy axe from her energy left arm, and swiftly throws it at Omni-Kix Four Arms, only for it to be deflected by Reboot Kevin, who uses a rusty sheet of metal as a shield, and allows Omni-Kix Four Arms to reach forward, claim the fallen energy axe, and use it to smash apart the locks restraining his limbs.

“Phew, thanks, Kev.” Omni-Kix Four Arms comments toward Reboot Kevin, as he fires a pair of his rocket fists at Neomni, sending her stumbling back in a daze, as he rushes forward and begins rapidly barraging her with a barrage of powerful, armored blows that shatters the remains of her mechanical jaw. As she extends an arm out, utilizing the acidic slime generation of Goop to an attempt to burn through his arm, Omni-Kix Four Arms smashes a fist straight through her elbow, horrifically deforming her arm as a result, before slamming another fist into her broken jaw, forcing it into her mouth and firing it off as a rocket. She flies back and smashes against the ground in a heap of collapsing parts, discharging electricity and dark fluid.

Meanwhile, Negative Epitome Beetle Biter continues relentlessly devouring more and more scrap metal, firing several energy blasts that ChamAlien X effortlessly deflects or literally flicks away. Reaching forward with an extended arm, he grabs hold of the Epitome Gauntlet symbol on the right side of her chest, and despite her defiant screams to stop, ChamAlien X uses his omnikinesis to gain the power of energy absorption, draining the Epitome Gauntlet’s power until it forcefully weakens to the point of reverting her back to her human form.

Tossing her aside, an enraged Albedo 23 stumbles back up to her feet, calling out, “THIS ISN’T OVER, BEN 10,000!! WHEN THE COMING STORM ARRIVES, YOU’LL BE AT THE MERCY OF OUR ‘HIGHER-UP’!!!” to which a disinterested ChamAlien X merely holds out his left hand and with a snap of his flickers, mimicking Negative Epitome Nighty Knight from earlier, Albedo 23 wails out in terror as her body is consumed in a wormhole that banishes her out of Dimension 133 in a flash of black-and-white light, leaving nothing of her behind.

Omni-Kix Four Arms continues decimating Neomni, landing blow after blow that cracks away at her severely-weakened blow. With a punch across the tangible, mechanical right side of her face, her cracked eyeball gruesomely pops out of its socket, dangling by several wires, and as Omni-Kix Four Arms readies the final blow, a bone-chilling series of beeps begin to emit from the Omnitrix, and before he can land it, he finds himself reverted back to his human form.

“Uh oh…” Reboot Ben comments, stepping away from the heavily-disfigured, but still-walking android that begins to lift its warped energy arm toward Reboot Ben to fire a blast of lethal electricity at him. Reboot Ben attempts to try and access his Omnitrix’s other power supply through precise rotations of the dial, but his panicked state was causing him to slip up, and with literal moments left, Reboot Ben braces himself…

...before Neomni is suddenly lifted into the air by an invisible force that reveals itself to be the clutches of ChamAlien X, causing her energy blast to misfire and shoot up straight into the air, vanishing into the sky.

Intangibly embedding his hands and the razor-sharp stinger on the end of his tail, ChamAlien X begins to rapidly drain Neomni’s own energy and despite her violent thrashes, her movements begin to slow down more and more. Literally falling apart in a heap, her shattered, dangling right forearm peeling away and collapsing to the ground, Neomni lets out a terrifyingly-shrill, electrified groan as she finally powers downs and collapses in a heap of shattered armor fragments and battered, broken electronics, her Fulmini enhancements vanishing in flickers of blue light.

“...and that’s how you end a power trip.” ChamAlien X remarks, telekinetically lifting up Neomni’s jumbled remains and storing them with a spherical orb of celestial energy. “With all this, the virus’ development will increase tenfold, and you’ll be nothing more than a disembodied, unarmed right side running around during the whole time. Your time’s up, Neomni. You’re not going anywhere anymore.”

“That was so cool!” Reboot Gwen exclaims, to which Reboot Ben, having reverted out of Omni-Kix Four Arms off-screen, comments, “Yeah, you totally kicked that thing’s butt! What was it called... ‘Nee-omi’?”

“Neomni. It’s bad news. I’m just glad I finally escaped Alice’s dreamscape and stopped it.” ChamAlien X responds, staring at the trio of Dimension 133 inhabitants. “So… this is it, the post-reset Dimension 133… I have to say, my anticipations were not at all correct, and I am impressed by what has happened… I’m Ben 10,000, an alternate version of your Ben here from Dimension 10, during the year 2042… I’ve come here to stop this very android, and be rid of a nosy foe of mine trying to mess around with me, but my job is done.”

Manifesting a swirling portal of celestial energy behind him, ChamAlien X turns to face the portal, pushing the telekinetically-stored remains of Neomni’s right side through, and before he can enter himself, he’s stopped by Reboot Ben, who asks, “What’s this about a… virus?”

“A virus to destroy Neomni. To stop her.” ChamAlien X responds, to which Reboot Kevin, baffled, exclaims, “What? You- I mean, WE totally took down that robot! What do you mean you still have to stop her?”

“Because all we defeated was her right side! Her right side’s out there in a different dimension, and although greatly weakened, weaker than the right side, the longer I delay myself from stopping, the more time it will have to fulfill its goal of eradicating all Omnitrix-wielding of Benjamin Tennyson throughout the multiverse!” ChamAlien X exclaims. “Now, I find out she also has the power to leech off alien DNA to give her prosthetics for her ‘bisected’ state right now!”

“Is… that a bad thing?” Reboot Kevin responds, to which ChamAlien X exclaims, “Of COURSE, IT’S BAD! Listen, thank you for your help, but I have to return to my allies, so we can stop this automaton once and for all… if that Alice returns to this dimension, I’ll be here to get rid of her again, but until then… stay safe.”

“Wait!” Reboot Ben exclaims, stopping ChamAlien X again from stepping through a portal, and as he turns around to hear what he has to say, Reboot Ben nervously hesitates, before exclaiming, “Let me help you!”

“What?!” Reboot Gwen exclaims, shocked, to which ChamAlien X exclaims, “No, that’s a ridiculous idea! I understand why you wish to help, but you can not make yourself another target of Neomni, nor can you abandon this dimension and unnaturally interrupt its flow!”

“So, what is he supposed to do? Cower in fear in hopes the other half of that walking anatomy lesson doesn’t return with a second wind?!” Reboot Kevin exclaims with crossed arms. “Listen, the kid wants to help you, and if the kid helps you, that’s one more opponent facing off against Neomni. The more, the merrier, correct?”

“Yes, but the flow of your dimension will be disrupted without his presence! He's your Benjamin Tennyson! He can’t be absent for a lengthy amount of time, it could affect the future of his timeline!” ChamAlien X responds, to which Reboot Kevin retorts, “Well, from it seems, ‘Mr. Ten-Thousand’... you have hundreds of aliens within your gauntlets! Is the idea of one being able to like, I don’t know, freeze everything until Ben gets back too far-fetched?”

“Mmmmm… no, in fact, this form I have right now could do just that… it could freeze the temporal flow of this dimension for as long as you needed. When you come back, it’ll automatically unfreeze and proceed as if you never left.” ChamAlien X begrudgingly responds, “...but that depends, are you really up for it?”

“I don’t want those robot halves running around, beating up cool counterparts of me from different dimensions! I’m in!” Reboot Ben exclaims, taking a confident stance and walking to ChamAlien X’s side, as the latter comments, “Fine, but if I have to wipe your memory when we’re done to not mess with future events, don’t be surprised.” before he gestures out to Reboot Kevin, asking, “What about him? Is he in too?”

“Yeah, but on one condition… you fix this.” Reboot Kevin responds, holding out his malfunctioning, electrically-surging Antitrix, to which ChamAlien X inspects it, mouthing, “...where did you make-...” before suddenly exclaiming, “Wait a second, is that gum under the dial?! That’s disgusting, and it’s old too!” and wrapping his hand around the Antitrix, infusing it with celestial energy and upon removing it, reveals the fully-reattached, repaired dial.

“Sweet.” Reboot Kevin simply remarks, walking over toward ChamAlien X and Reboot Ben, leaving only Reboot Gwen left, who seems to recognize this and simply comments, “Oh, I better sit this one… like you said, I’ll blink my eyes and they’ll already be back, right?”

“Yup.” ChamAlien X simply says in response and slowly raising his arm, he loudly snaps his right index finger and thumb, releasing a temporal shockwave of celestial energy from his form that causes the dimension’s flow of time to suddenly halt, everything turning grayscale with the exception of the unaffected trio. Reboot Max, looking around in confusion of where his grandchildren went, and Reboot Gwen, her hands resting atop one another, cease all movements and begin colorless, as ChamAlien X states, “Done. They’re frozen. Time will unfreeze when the two of you return.”

“There’s not going to be some weird paradox because of this, right?” Reboot Kevin asks with crossed arms, as ChamAlien X responds, “Nope. With that said and done, it’s time to leave this dimension already.”

“Aw, come on, what’s wrong with MY dimension?” Reboot Ben asks, slightly offended, to which ChamAlien X chuckles in response and clarifies, “Oh, no means anything wrong with it… it’s just… more different than mine...”

A thought bubble over his head appears, displaying various key points in Dimension 133’s timeline, including Reboot Ben unlocking a bipedal squid-like alien with coiled-up tentacles for arms, tentacles extending from his jaw, and black, spiked armor with the Omnitrix symbol on his chest, what appears to be his Upgrade merging with the prototype Omnitrix, the Reboot Omnitrix versions of Diamondhead, Grey Matter, Wildvine, Heatblast, Four Arms, Cannonbolt, Stinkfly, Overflow, and XLR8, all armored with Fulmini rock and electricity…

...a character resembling a cross between Reboot Ben and his dark-purple Upgrade, Kevin creating the Antitrix in his garage, both Kevin and the previously-depicted Forever Knight vanishing deeper into a swirling, dark-purple time portal, a white, mechanical key glowing with bright-green energy, and Reboot Ben’s access to his most-recently-unlocked alien transformation, Jetray, who features lighter colors, a dark-orange crest, much-larger patagia connecting his wings to the sides of his torso, and now extending down to the end of his tail, and the white Omnitrix symbol on his chest.

With another snap of his fingers, ChamAlien X causes the thought bubble to vanish in a puff of smoke, and soon enters through his generated portal, soon hesitatingly followed by both Dimension 133’s Omnitrix-wielding counterparts of Benjamin Tennyson and Kevin Levin. The time portal slowly closes behind the trio, leaving Dimension 133 in a petrified state of time.

As the scene focuses on the motionless Reboot Gwen, a dark figure begins to slowly rise up from behind her, wearing a distinct, ragged fedora atop his head, and glaring with bright-red eyes, as the screen freezes, cutting to black as a logo fills the screen, before a single message fades in beneath it.


Noteworthy Events

Major Events

  • Within the universally-rebooted Dimension 133, its 10-year-old version of Ben Tennyson, alongside his cousin Gwen and Grandpa Max, visit a scrapyard during their Summer vacation in search of parts to repair their Rustbucket after a past encounter with one of this version of Ben's reoccurring foes.
    • Already there, Dimension 133's 11-year-old of Kevin Levin, bizarrely wielding a bootleg, man-made Omnitrix dubbed the 'Antitrix', searches for parts to repair the Antitrix, although due to its faltering state, he loses the rim of the Antitrix's dial and begins rapidly mistransforming into bizarre, mutated aliens not unusual to him, as his faulty Antitrix contains cross-contaminated "hybrids" of alien DNA.
    • After fooling around with the scrapyard's rusty landscape, Reboot Ben and Reboot Kevin eventually run into one another, with the latter telling the former to leave him be for him to search for the Antitrix's missing face-plate, not accepting Reboot Ben's help upon remembering that several of his past aliens have been locked from many of his past adventures and Omnitrix reboots, including Upgrade, Wildvine, Grey Matter, a mechanical, aquatic alien named Overflow, and his entirely-unfamiliar, humanoid-appearing Stinkfly.
    • Not accepting his help, Reboot Ben childishly laughs at his misery, briefly talks about his bizarre alien's nicknames, and eventually leaves him be, unknowingly being stalked by a pair of figures, the former revealed as Albedo 23, transformed as her version of ChamAlien, Negative Invisilizard, to hide in the shadows. Reboot Ben's attempts to follow the latter result in him bumping into Albedo 23, although she flees before he can catch him.
    • Hearing the other figure's metallic footsteps, Reboot Ben falsely believes them to be a major foe of his, the Forever Knight, and runs off to alert his version of Gwen. A hiding Albedo 23 re-emerges from the shadows, and speaks to Bad Ben on an earpiece, revealing her presence in this dimension was to hunt down one of the still-animate remains of one of Neomni's halves, her technology capable of being repurposed in perfecting the Transmogrificator gauntlet prototype, and cutting off the transmission upon reassuring her ally she'll have things under control.
    • As Albedo 23 heads off to confront Reboot Kevin, he realizes he had merely put the missing dial on his pocket, and thus sticks it back on, although it won't stay affixed on. Finally ready to leave the scrapyard, Albedo 23 suddenly appears, confronting him on the whereabouts of Neomni's animate right side. When Reboot Kevin denies and attempts her off, she uses Negative Mr. Mummy, her version of Snare-Oh, to restrain him, falsely believing Neomni is hunting after all Omnitrix wielders, rather than just versions of Ben Tennyson.
    • Just then, Albedo 23 quickly hides alongside the restrained Reboot Kevin upon the formation of a nearby time portal, both Professor Paradox and Ben 10,000 emerging, revealing that they were similarly searching for Neomni's half. Transforming into Diamondmutt and using his enhanced senses, Ben 10,000 gets to work, Professor Paradox leaving and the mechanical figure from prior secretly watching the searching Ben 10,000.
  • Meanwhile, Reboot Ben finally regroups with Reboot Gwen, revealing his beliefs of how the Forever Knight may be in the scrapyard trying to repair his broken armor, although Reboot Gwen skeptically believes it may not be him from their past encounter with him, as he had merely been controlling his head and possessing people as bodies, so the presence of his physical body would be unlikely.
    • Reboot Gwen comments how strange how his Omnitrix has already recharged, and although Reboot Ben has noticed that too, he's not complaining, and readies to transform to face and take down what he still presumes as the Forever Knight directly, although instead of Heatblast, he transforms into an alien he presumed to be locked: Grey Matter.
    • The two of them sharing their shock at Reboot Ben having transformed into an alien he presumed to have never re-unlocked, and this boosts Reboot Ben's confidence in the Omnitrix, choosing to instead head off into battle to face the Forever Knight. Knowing Grey Matter is not the best alien in combat, Reboot Gwen decides to follow him.
  • Meanwhile, Albedo 23 leaves Reboot Kevin in a hidden area of the scrapyard, stalking the searching Diamondmutt. Needing to first take care of his interference in her mission, she transforms into her Nemuina form, Negative Nighty Knight, and uses her projectile sleeping dust to put Ben 10,000 to sleep, manifesting a dreamscape that she uses to confront him.
    • Using her dream manipulation, she constructs a battlefield in the form of Dimension 23's Bellwood's streets, summoning many of her Epitome transformations as minions, and taunting Ben 23 in the process, before she faces off against Ben 10,000, at least granting him the power to still transform and give himself a fighting chance.
    • Outside her dream world, Reboot Kevin breaks free of his restraints, cutting them open with loose metal fragments, and faces against the arrival of another black silhouette, who merely realizes to just be Grey Matter. The duo fight for a brief moment, unknowingly being watched by a broken-down machine hiding among a pile of nearby scrap, before the fight's broken up by Reboot Gwen.
    • As they argue about how Reboot Ben's apparently re-unlocked a past alien, and Reboot Kevin's crude temporary Antitrix repairs, they are alerted to metal scraping emitting from one of the scrap piles. Reboot Ben transforms into another unfamiliar transformation, an electrokinetic golem-like alien named Shock Rock, to inspect it, before suddenly, metallic tendrils burst out of the pile, and fuse the Omnitrix, scanning the Fulmini DNA.
    • The source gaining the power of Shock Rock's electrokinetic constructs, it reveals itself as Neomni's surviving right half, using the constructs to generate a new half of her body. The duo quickly fight the reanimated robot, although with her re-energized form, she fully reactivates her access to her Ultimatrix core's DNA database and effortlessly fends off the two Omnitrix wielders.
  • Back inside the dreamscape, Ben 10,000 uses multiple Biomnitrix fusions to fend off Albedo 23's summoned Epitomes, and despite her great advantage in being able to manipulate the dreamscape to her whim, Ben 10,000 begins to prove himself more dexterous in battle compared to six replicas of her Evolved Epitome forms. Growing frustration and desperate, Negative Nighty Knight fuses herself with her Epitomes, creating a massive amalgamation of all of their features that Ben 10,000 readies himself to fend off with Way Big Chill in the now-fiery Bellwood 23 dreamscape.
    • Outside in the real world, Albedo 23's frustration begins to have an effect on her motionless Nemuina form and begins to rapidly overproduce her sleeping dust in a growing cloud. In the distance, Reboot Ben and Reboot Kevin fend off Neomni, managing to trap her in a crystal cage, although the spreading dust cloud begins to have an effect on Reboot Ben, thus causing him to lose consciousness and enter him to the dreamscape.
    • Using his mutant Galvan transformation, Dark Matter, Reboot Kevin notices the dust in the air and analyzes it, using his enhanced intelligence to study it and reveals its similarities to anesthesia gas, essentially revealing those who inhale it are knocked out by it. Before they can fully theorize on who could have released the gas, Neomni breaks free and rushes after Reboot Kevin. He agrees to fend her off, as long as Reboot Gwen agrees to carry away the sleeping Reboot Ben and try and wake him up.
    • Inside the dreamscape, Reboot Ben finally directly meets with Albedo 23, although she brushes him off to focus on Ben 10,000, but he follows into the fiery cityscape, discovering Way Big Chill's battle with the Epitome monstrosity, managing to both quickly avoid one of his cosmic blizzards and transform into yet another unfamiliar transformation, Slapback, to land a powerful hit on the monstrosity and greet the surprised Ben 10,000.
    • Back in the real world, although Reboot Kevin holds his own against Neomni's weakened state, using much of his aliens and his constant mistransformations to his advantage. He soon discovers that not only was Reboot Gwen unsuccessful in taking Reboot Ben out of Neomni's line of sight, but he is now sleepwalking and randomly transforming, as the sleeping dust is having a bizarre effect on his unconscious state. Reboot Kevin attempts to drag Reboot Ben out of danger, although Neomni's persistence proves extremely difficult.
  • In the dreamscape, two of Slapback's clones and Ben 10,000 have managed to escaped Albedo 23's line of sight, and thus, allows Ben 10,000 to reveal Pesky Dust's dream-associated abilities, Albedo 23's identity, and that he's an alternate version of himself from the year 2042 capable of utilizing alien fusions. Revealing the simple plans of defeating Albedo 23 to escape the dreamscape, the duo ready themselves to take on Albedo 23's Nemuina form, who herself faces Slapback's other two clones, who merge back together, and filled with rage, transforms into the further-powerful Negative Epitome Nighty Knight.
    • Back again outside in the real world, Reboot Kevin continues to furiously fend off Neomni, forcing himself to utilize his exclusive transformation, Bashmouth, although his efforts are overwhelmed by several multiplied clones of Neomni, who use Comatose's abilities to knock out Reboot Kevin and begins to head after the sleepwalking Reboot ben to exterminate him. Meanwhile, the spreading cloud of sleeping powder begins effect on Reboot Kevin.
    • Epitome Nighty Knight hunts down Slapback's clone, and eventually corners him, throwing him around with the usage of her enhanced manipulation over the dreamscape's environment. Ready to finish him, Ben 10,000 and Slapback's other clone suddenly arrive and brawl with Negative Epitome Nighty Knight, merging Slapback's clones back together, and revealing Neomni plans to kill Reboot Ben while he's in his sleep.
    • With Reboot Kevin asleep, and nobody left to defend the sleepwalking Reboot Ben, Reboot Gwen struggles to try and distract Neomni, although she remains on edge and fends her off. The sleepwalking Reboot Ben manages to utilize his random transformations to defend himself and stun Neomni, allowing Reboot Gwen to run off to safety, while Reboot Kevin finally discovers himself now inside the dreamscape.
    • Ben 10,000, transformed as XLRWulf, and Reboot Ben, transformed as Humungousaur, easily fend off Albedo 23's Evolved Nemuina form, despite her immense power in her dreamscape, and despite their efforts to overwhelm her, she proves persistent and readies to finish them off, only to be suddenly usurped by the arrival of Reboot Kevin, who learns of the race of Nemuina's vulnerability of having their induced dreams interrupted through defeat.
    • As they ready themselves for Albedo 23's final stand, generating a gigantic gestalt of materials composed, all three of them activate powerful transformations, with Reboot Kevin becoming Bashmouth and Reboot Ben activating his exclusive "Omni-Kix" power-ups. Through much trial and error, they rupture a tanker truck to destroy the gestalt and rip Albedo 23 out of the dreamscape, freeing them as a result.
  • With the main trio reawakening, Reboot Ben keeps Neomni at bay with Omni-Kix Four Arms, as Reboot Gwen regroups up with her Grandpa Max, only to discover they were successfully able to reawaken, as a vengeful Albedo 23 attempts to battle an aggravated Ben 10,000, who transforms into an almighty fusion of ChamAlien X. Although Reboot Ben struggles at one point, Neomni is stunned by the sudden interference of Ben 10,000 and Albedo 23's fight, allowing Reboot Kevin to arrive and assist his Ben.
    • With the trio reunited, they finally defeat the two villains, ChamAlien X both banishing Albedo 23 out of Dimension 133 and draining Neomni's energy to the point of deactivation, neutralizing her energy constructs. Gathering what's left of her, she readies to leave, although the Reboot Ben, Gwen, and Kevin persist him to reveal more details about Neomni.
    • The two Dimension 133 wielders decide to assist in Ben 10,000 in taking down the still-present other side of Neomni out there in the universe, and although Ben 10,000 proves incredibly reluctant, due to their young age, minimal inexperience, and potential absences from their dimension, he compromises, using ChamAlien X to freeze all time until they return, repair the Antitrix, and open a dimensional portal, alongside agreeing to teach Reboot Ben on how to quick-switch and better utilize his Omnitrix.
    • As the trio leave Dimension 133, taking Neomni's right side's remains and ready to find her left side, a familiar, fedora-wearing figure manifests from behind the frozen Reboot Gwen, having watched their progress the entire time.

Minor Events

  • The Reboot continuity makes its first appearance in Multiverse vs. Tennyson, and exists as a separate dimension to the main timeline. As of the events of Multiverse vs. Tennyson, the Reboot's point in time takes place during Season 4, but before both Season 5 and the Ben 10 Versus The Universe film.
    • Chapter 14 canonically takes place after the events of both the Reboot episodes Cosplay Day, which involved the Forever Knight's pre-Season-3 debut as a helmet, and Digital Quality, where Omni-Kix Slapback first discovered his explosive duplication ability.
  • The Antitrix is mentioned by name for the first time.
  • Ben 10,000 reveals that one of Ultimate Ben's original first aliens from when he first received his Ultimatrix was either Atomix or Way Big, although he can't remember which one.
  • Reboot Ben reunlocks all of his past-locked aliens, although seemingly has not regained his Chimera Sui Generis transformation, temporarily named Gax and named Squidstrictor in other dimensions.
    • The out-of-show reason behind this specific design was because of Gax's oncoming return in the Season 5 film, and that he plans to be officially renamed. Not only does the creator, WTB he wishes to not use him without knowing his soon-to-be-released rename, he mainly wishes for his return's spotlight to be in that of the movie opposed to MvT.
    • In show, Gax probably would be unlocked alongside the others, but either just won't be used on-screen, or won't be used at all, seeing that Reboot Ben would probably be not that big of a fan of transforming into an alien that turned out to be part of one of his greatest nemesis' fractured DNA.
  • Neomni scans Fulmini DNA from Shock Rock, adds it to her database, revealing her Ultimatrix core's possession of a scanning feature, and uses its electrical constructs to replace the missing side of her body, and not only fully restore her access to her core's alien abilities, but also empower some of her specific attacks, such as electrifying projected hydrokinetic blasts.
  • Much information regarding the abilities of Nemuina's are revealed, including stress causes overproduction of their sleeping dust and allow more than one intended person to access their generated dreamscapes, their sleeping dust has similar properties to anesthesia gas, and that if they are attacked and defeated while in a dream, they will be forced out of it upon transforming back, thus freeing whoever it is inside in the process.
  • Albedo 23 reveals that Dimension 23 counterparts of many of the alternate Bens' villains, namely Charmcaster, Zombozo, and Forever Knights, either do not exist, or she has not heard of them.
  • Neomni's pre-unlocked usage of Cascan DNA through Overflow's hydrokinetic blasts confirms the existence of several of the presumably-exclusive aliens to Dimension 133 exist outside of that dimension and are present within the Omnitrixes of other Ben Tennysons, potentially including Ben Prime, Ben 23, Ben 10,000, etc.
  • As previously depicted in the Reboot continuity, primarily the Season 3 episode What Rhymes with Omnitrix?, Galvans, such as the mutant Dark Matter, are intelligent enough to enter Omnitrix codes to access its secondary power source and cause it to fully recharge.
  • The key points of the Reboot dimension so far, imagined by ChamAlien X, were:
    • Reboot Ben unlocking Gax, and Reboot Ben later using Upgrade to upgrade his Omnitrix and defeat Vilgax, from the Season 1 four-parter finale Omni-Tricked.
    • Reboot Ben temporarily gaining the "Omni-Enhanced" Fulmini DNA-originating power-ups through Season 2.
    • Reboot Ben discovering Glitch, the fusion of his sacrificed Galvanic Mechamorph DNA with the Omnitrix's host DNA of himself, from the Season 2 five-parter finale Innervasion.
    • Reboot Kevin building the Antitrix, sometime before the events of Season 3.
    • Reboot Ben discovering the key that unlocked the Omni-Kix power-ups, from the Season 4 premiere episode, Summer Breakers.
    • Reboot Ben unlocking Jetray, from the second Season 4 episode, Gentle Ben.



  • Reboot Ben (first appearance in classic continuity)
  • Reboot Gwen (first appearance in classic continuity)
  • Reboot Max (first appearance in classic continuity)
  • Professor Paradox
  • Ben 10,000
  • Ultimate Ben (mentioned)
  • Phil Billings (Reboot dimension; mentioned)
  • Ben 23 (mentioned)
  • Ben Prime (mentioned)
  • Ken 10 (mentioned)
  • Glitch (imagined by ChamAlien X)
  • Old Man Thomas (mentioned)
  • Old Man Jeremy (mentioned)


  • Reboot Kevin (first appearance in classic continuity)


  • Neomni (right side)
  • Alice Bedortha / Albedo 23
  • Left-Handed Jack (cameo)
  • Bad Ben (voice only)
  • Xingo (mentioned)
  • Benzarro (mentioned)
  • The Forever Knight (mentioned; imagined by Reboot Ben)
  • Steam Smythe (mentioned)
  • The Weatherheads (mentioned)
  • Zombozo (Reboot dimension; mentioned)
  • Dr. Endstory (mentioned)
  • Charmcaster (Reboot dimension; mentioned)
  • Billy Billions (Reboot dimension; mentioned)
  • Michael Day (mentioned)
  • The 'Higher-Up' (mentioned)
  • The Coming Storm (mentioned)

Aliens Used

By Reboot Ben

  • Cannonbolt (x3; first reappearance in classic continuity; second time off-screen transformation; third time sleepwalking cameo)
  • Diamondhead (first reappearance in classic continuity; off-screen transformation)
  • XLR8 (x2; first reappearance in classic continuity; second time sleepwalking cameo)
  • Four Arms (x3; first reappearance in classic continuity; first and second times off-screen transformations; second time sleepwalking cameo; third time cameo and intended alien was Shock Rock)
    • Omni-Kix Four Arms (first appearance in classic continuity)
  • Grey Matter (first reappearance in both continuities; intended alien was Heatblast; reunlocked)
  • Shock Rock (first appearance in both continuities)
  • Overflow (x2; first appearance in both continuities; both times sleepwalking cameos; second time off-screen transformation; reunlocked)
  • Stinkfly (first reappearance in classic continuity; sleepwalking cameo; reunlocked)
  • Rath (x2; first reappearance in classic continuity; both times sleepwalking cameos; first time off-screen transformation)
  • Upgrade (first reappearance in classic continuity; sleepwalking cameo; off-screen transformation; reunlocked)

By Reboot Kevin

  • Hot Shot (x4; first appearance in classic continuity; doppelganger of Heatblast; first time cameo and off-screen transformation; fourth time cameo)
  • Undertow (x2; first appearance in classic continuity; doppelganger of Overflow; first time vocal cameo and off-screen transformation)
  • Rush (x3; first appearance in classic continuity; doppelganger of XLR8; first time cameo and off-screen transformation; second and third times off-screen transformations)
  • Quad Smack (x6; first appearance in classic continuity; doppelganger of Four Arms; first time vocal cameo and off-screen transformation; second time vocal cameo; third and fourth times cameos)
  • Crystalfist (x3; first appearance in classic continuity; doppelganger of Diamondhead; first time off-screen transformation; second time vocal cameo)
  • Wreckingbolt (x4; first appearance in classic continuity; doppelganger of Cannonbolt; second time vocal cameo; third time off-screen transformation)
  • Thornblade (x2; first appearance in classic continuity; doppelganger of Wildvine; first time off-screen transformation)
  • Bootleg (x2; first appearance in classic continuity; doppelganger of Upgrade)
  • Dark Matter (x2; first appearance in classic continuity; doppelganger of Grey Matter)
  • Skunkmoth (first appearance in classic continuity; doppelganger of Stinkfly)
  • Bashmouth (first appearance in both continuities)

By Albedo 23

  • Negative Invisilizard (off-screen transformation)
  • Negative Muck-A-Muck (off-screen transformation)
  • Negative Rollaway (off-screen transformation)
  • Negative Mr. Mummy
  • Negative Nighty Knight
    • Negative Epitome Nighty Knight (cameo)
  • Negative Mr. Mucky (off-screen transformation)
  • Negative Beetle Biter (off-screen transformation; cameo)
    • Negative Epitome Beetle Biter

By Albedo 23 (Daydream)

  • Negative Invisilizard (cameo; imagined by Four Arms)
  • Negative Mr. Mummy (cameo; imagined by Reboot Kevin)
  • Negative Nighty Knight (cameo; imagined by Reboot Kevin)

By Ben 10,000

  • Diamondmutt (first appearance)
  • ChamAlien X (first appearance)

By Albedo 23 (Dream)

  • Negative Nighty Knight
    • Negative Epitome Nighty Knight (first appearance of Ultimate Pesky Dust)
  • Negative Epitome Dino-Mighty (summoned by Negative Nighty Knight; later fuses)
  • Negative Epitome Mr. Monkey (summoned by Negative Nighty Knight; later fuses)
  • Negative Epitome Freezelizard (summoned by Negative Nighty Knight; later fuses)
  • Negative Epitome Fish Fingers (summoned by Negative Nighty Knight; later fuses)
  • Negative Epitome Dog-Nabbit (summoned by Negative Nighty Knight; later fuses)
  • Monster Alice (first appearance; fusion of Negative Nighty Knight, Negative Epitome Dino-Mighty, Negative Epitome Mr. Monkey, Negative Epitome Freezelizard, Negative Epitome Fish Fingers, Negative Epitome Dog-Nabbit)

By Ben 10,000 (Dream)

  • Sandfare (x2; first appearance)
  • Diamondmutt (cameo)
  • Humungousword (first appearance; cameo)
  • Heablastrodactyl (first appearance)
  • Way Big Chill (first appearance; off-screen transformation)
  • Jury Grade (first reappearance)
  • XLRWulf (first appearance)
  • Speedstar (first appearance)
  • NR-Reef (first appearance)

By Ben 10,000 (Daydream)

  • Diamondmutt (cameo; imagined by Reboot Kevin)

By Reboot Ben (Daydream)

  • Upgrade (x2; both times cameos; first imagined by Reboot Ben; later by ChamAlien X)
  • Wildvine (cameo; imagined by Reboot Ben)
  • Overflow (cameo; imagined by Reboot Ben)
  • Grey Matter (cameo; imagined by Reboot Ben)
  • Stinkfly (cameo; imagined by Reboot Ben)
  • Gax / Squidstrictor (first appearance in both continuities; cameo; imagined by ChamAlien X)
  • Omni-Enhanced Diamondhead (first appearance in classic continuity; cameo; imagined by ChamAlien X)
  • Omni-Enhanced Grey Matter (first appearance in classic continuity; cameo; imagined by ChamAlien X)
  • Omni-Enhanced Wildvine (first appearance in classic continuity; cameo; imagined by ChamAlien X)
  • Omni-Enhanced Heatblast (first appearance in classic continuity; cameo; imagined by ChamAlien X)
  • Omni-Enhanced Four Arms (first appearance in classic continuity; cameo; imagined by ChamAlien X)
  • Omni-Enhanced Cannonbolt (first appearance in classic continuity; cameo; imagined by ChamAlien X)
  • Omni-Enhanced Stinkfly (first appearance in classic continuity; cameo; imagined by ChamAlien X)
  • Omni-Enhanced Overflow (first appearance in classic continuity; cameo; imagined by ChamAlien X)
  • Omni-Enhanced XLR8 (first appearance in classic continuity; cameo; imagined by ChamAlien X)
  • Jetray (first reappearance in classic continuity; cameo; imagined by ChamAlien X)

By Neomni (Right Side)

  • Fulmini (Shock Rock; scanned/unlocked; replaces much of body)
    • Orishan (Water Hazard; combined with Fulmini electricity)
    • Arburian Pelarota (Cannonbolt)
    • Floral Manzardill (Tropiguana)
    • Appoplexian (Rath)
    • Evolved Galvan (x2; Ultimate Grey Matter/Ultimate Albedo)
    • Luxava (Magmalight)
    • Polar Manzardill (Arctiguana)
    • Arachnichimp (Spidermonkey)
    • Pturbosapien (x2; Astrodactyl)
    • Vaxasaurian (Humungousaur; cameo)
    • Incursean (Bullfrag)
    • Planchaküle (Jury Rigg)
    • Nosedeenian (Buzzshock; combined with Fulmini electricity)
    • Evolved Arachnichimp (Ultimate Spidermonkey; cameo)
    • Evolved Vaxasaurian (Ultimate Humungousaur)
    • Necroterran (Triedge)
    • Splixson (x3; Ditto; second and third time cameos)
    • Shiosame (Steambriner; combined with Fulmini electricity)
    • Wethosovorian (x2; Aerojet)
    • Murk Gourmand (Murk Upchuck)
    • Evolved Amperi (x2; Ultimate AmpFibian; second time cameo)
    • Circadian (Comatose)
    • Kineceleran (XLR8)
    • Evolved Hamsapien (Ultimate Chandelier)
    • Cascan (Overflow)
    • Astrynomian (Lock-En-Key)
    • Polymorph (x2; Goop; first time cameo)

By Reboot Ben (Dream)

  • Wildvine (first reappearance in classic continuity; reunlocked)
  • Slapback (x2; first appearance in both continuities; second time cameo)
    • Omni-Kix Slapback (first appearance in classic continuity)
  • Humungousaur (first reappearance in classic continuity)
  • Diamondhead (cameo)
    • Omni-Kix Diamondhead (first appearance in classic continuity)

By Reboot Kevin (Dream)

  • Quad Smack (off-screen transformation)
  • Dark Matter (vocal cameo; off-screen transformation)
  • Bashmouth
  • Skunkmoth
  • Hot Shot (cameo)
  • Crystalfist


  • That of the premiere chapter of Multiverse vs. Tennyson's second act, Chapter 14's production was just as fun as it was hectic. Many past plans and ideas were scrapped and reworked in various ways.
    • One of the most prominent examples being that Kevin's malfunctioning Antitrix was intended to get crossed with Reboot Ben's Omnitrix after getting struck with the anomalous properties of Fulmini electricity, generated by Neomni, not only causing one to transform the other in a similar case to what happened with Ben Prime and Ben 23 in the Omniverse episode, It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Ben World Part 2.
    • However, because of the broken Antitrix, Reboot Kevin would cause Reboot Ben to transform into semi-useless fusions, including the partially-strong, partially-intelligent Grey Arms (Grey Matter/Four Arms), the strong and dense, but extremely-unstable Slapbolt (Slapback/Cannonbolt), the counteractive Heatflow (Heatblast/Overflow), and the self-electricity-vulnerable Shock Grade (Shock Rock/Upgrade), the concept greatly inspired by the 2005 original series episode, Dr. Animo and the Mutant Ray.
      • Grey Arms' usage would have been a reference to a similar fusion from the Reboot Season 1 episode, Riding Out the Storm. Both this improved version of him and Slapbolt are free-to-use fusions created by user Alanomaly.
      • Reboot Ben would eventually learn positives for these bizarre fusions. Grey Arms would be a proficient fighter with enhanced strategy skills, Slapbolt would be a nigh-unstoppable loose cannon that would highly damage and stun Neomni, Heatflow would be able to create scolding steam from his cannons, and Shock Grade would be able to create solid metal technokinetic weapons with more complex structures.
      • In the end, Shock Grade would use his technokinesis to repair their Omnitrixes, although the bio-energy feedback to the Antitrix would temporarily mutate Reboot Kevin into an 11-way alien fusion inspired by his 2005 original series mutation, who would have assisted ChamAlien X in defeating Neomni and would be cured through his nigh-omnipotence.
      • Although these ideas and plans weren't able to be worked into the final plot, the creator, WTB anticipates them to be reused in a future chapter.
  • The presence of the thought bubbles is a running gag that actually exists in the cartoony fabric of Dimension 133, able to be interacted with by XLRWulf and extinguished by ChamAlien X.
  • The choice of giving Reboot Ben back his locked aliens was because the creator, WTB is not a fan of the Reboot's fan-nicknamed "rule of 10" (the rule that per season, if new aliens debut, they must replace pre-existing aliens to keep the roster limited to only 10 aliens) and wanted to have aliens return in prepare readers for the locked aliens' official return in the Reboot's upcoming movie, Ben 10 vs. The Universe.
    • The in-show reason is that they're the result of one of Neomni's created time-space anomalies messing with the fabric of pre-existing events.
  • The Antitrix being damaged, having its dial's face-plate rim almost fall off, and Reboot Kevin attempting to repair it through chewed gum were also all references to the 2005 original series episode, Dr. Animo and the Mutant Ray. His random transformations were inspired by the ones Reboot Ben had throughout the Reboot Season 1 finale Omni-Tricked after obtaining Gax.
  • Reboot Ben trying to remember Crystalfist's name and calling him "Black Ice" is based off the preliminary name he had prior to Season 3's release.
  • Although missing one half of her entire body, Neomni seemingly shouldn't be able to walk around, as she presumably is prior to her reveal. In actuality, she was more hobbling around, trying to reactivate her malfunctioning systems to regain access to her DNA database, and scuttling about on only two limbs.
  • Steam Smythe was originally meant to make a brief joke cameo appearance when Reboot Gwen reveals her skepticism that it is the Forever Knight who's stalking Ben. He would have briefly appeared in the background, gathering spare parts in a cardboard box, and would have slowly backed off and ran away upon seeing Reboot Ben in the distance, the latter entirely oblivious to his background appearance. Although the creator, WTB considers the idea to be funny, it was decided not to add it so it didn't derail the current conversation.
  • In an earlier rough-draft, instead of Negative Nighty Knight sneaking up and knocking Diamondmutt out, Negative Invisilizard would have failed on an ambush on Ben 10,000 and the two would have briefly fought until Albedo 23 eventually uses Negative Nighty Knight's sleeping dust to knock him out.
    • The idea of the scene was scrapped because it felt it would have most likely gone on for too long. Ben 10,000 would have made a passing reference to Subdora upon seeing Albedo 23's feminine Merlinisapien form, and Albedo 23 would have used Negative Epitome Dog-Nabbit to fight Diamondmutt and overpower him.
  • Albedo 23's summoned Epitomes would have included Negative Epitome Mr. Mucky and Negative Epitome Beetle Biter, but they were removed upon deciding five Epitomes was more than enough against Ben 10,000, although the latter was used by Albedo 23 later on in the chapter.
    • Their presence are also greatly inspired by the Sentient Ultimates from the Ultimate Alien episode, The Ultimate Sacrifice.
    • The Epitome monstrosity is named "Monster Alice" in the Aliens Used tab, based off both of the temporary mutations Reboot Kevin takes on in the Season 3 episode, Which Watch, and Season 4 episode, Tales From the Omnitrix respectively, which are both simply dubbed "Monster Kevin" in the episode credits.
      • In addition, it serves as a reference to the mutated Albedo Prime, and how he is also partially composed of some of his Ultimate aliens.
  • Prior to getting the idea of using Shock Rock's constructs to replace Neomni's missing side, the original chapter plan would have had her potentially use Ultimate Lodestar's powers to magnetically pull scrap metal onto her missing side and crudely rebuild prosthetics with the rusted metal, but it was scrapped in favor of the Shock Rock idea.
  • Neomni's strangely-mute nature in this chapter was because of her critically-damaged voice-box, obviously because of the greatly-missing portion of it, and because the creator, WTB didn't want to constantly write her very glitchy dialogue if she was partially still capable of speech.
  • The fusions of Humungousword and Speedstar were both pitched by user Alanomaly, and created because of fusion name puns.
    • Albedo 23 trying to remember the name of Ben 23's Pturbosapien form, briefly calling him Jetpackyl was a considered Ben 23 name for Astrodactyl also pitched by Alan, although Dino-Flighty was instead decided to be used to reference his Vaxasaurian form, Dino-Mighty.
  • Similar to her usage of the abilities of Faucet, Bronzoon, and Hightide by Neomni in Chapter 6, she again uses the powers of aliens who haven't been used on-screen yet, including Aerojet, Ultimate Chandelier, and Lock-En-Key to foreshadow there's more aliens still yet to debut.
  • Reboot Ben and Reboot Kevin both mistaking XLRWulf to be a fusion of XLR8 and Bashmouth references how many fans of the Reboot originally thought Bashmouth to be associated with, or the same species as Blitzwulf, due to both being similarly-colored canine aliens.
  • The mention of Michael Day were references to how the Reboot creates typically-one-off characters based off celebrities, the most prominent example that of Vin Ethanol, a parody of Vin Diesel.
  • In an earlier rough draft, Ben 10,000 was originally going to use Pesky Rot, a fusion of Pesky Dust and Gutrot, to generate knock-out dust to defeat Albedo 23, knocking her out and losing consciousness, where she would be captured and comically interrogated in a future chapter. However, the interrogation idea was no longer desired while writing, and thus, ChamAlien X was instead also used to defeat her alongside Neomni.