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Multiverse vs. Tennyson
Season 1, Episode 12
Air date 6/21/2020
Written by XxXWTBxXx
Directed by XxXWTBxXx
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"Enter The Void: Part 2" is the twelfth chapter of the fan-made Ben 10 continuation, Multiverse vs. Tennyson.


"Plunged into the abyss that is the Null Void realm, the heroes are a long way from home, and soon realize the true evil coming after them."


The opening scene opens with… nothing.

Pitch black. Absolute darkness.

Only the sounds of working machinery and various anomalous sounds of bizarre ambience, only in the distance in the form of howling echoes, its extreme volume loud enough to shake through whatever setting this was. Only one sound was loud enough to be heard, the sounds of a running, whirring, mechanical device, projecting... something.

Ben Prime’s eyes shot open, but his vision remained dark. His sounds of speech were muffled by something metallic shielding his mouth and restraining his jaws shut, but with the sound of scraping fingernails, Ben Prime could hear the sounds of something unwiring and unhooking the mechanical apparatus covering his mouth. Soon feeling it slowly escape his face, followed by the overwhelmingly-cold air of what felt like an industrial location, Ben Prime’s words sounded out, filled with panic and terror.


Volumeeeee… keep it down… things echo throughout here...” A scarily-familiar, very rough voice sounded out, terrifying Ben Prime further.


Four… four… four… fourfourfourfourfour years… I can’t get over how long it’s truly been since I’ve seen your face...” The voice spoke, chuckling with malice. “Well, not exactly ‘see’ by your means… I don’t exactly have the intended organs anymore, but that hasn’t stopped me...”

“...I know that voice.” Ben Prime merely remarks, gritting his teeth, as the familiar voice hesitated for a moment, before letting out an ugly chuckle in response and yelling out in a combination of disbelief and glee, “It’s YOUR voice, dumbass! I mean, who did you honestly expect it to be? Good ol’ Backwards Jack?! He doesn’t talk right anymore!”

“His… name is Jack?” Ben Prime responds, to which the voice responds, “Well, yeah? Hey, I think you’re starting to not talk either! Am I right, boys?!” and is soon followed by the sounds of not just his laughter, but several others, causing Ben Prime to wince in horror at the realization there were several individuals watching his attempts to even move.

“Ohhh, what’s wrong, Prime? Can’t move any part of your body? Well, you can’t exactly do that in a status of… hm, should I tell him?” Another voice, identical to the previous but with a less-rougher tone, speaks, as the first voice responds, “No… don’t. He doesn’t need to know. He might find a way to escape, or probably get his wrist loose enough to activate his Omnitrix, although I believe the latter is less likely as he may assume.”

“What the hell are you talking about?!” Ben Prime responds, as the several voices murmur in response, as the original voice speaks up, “Believe me. We’ll come back to you. We’ve reconsidered a lot of personal opinions, gained some new ones, got rid of some old ones, had a lot of discussions, and we decided… you’re valuable to us. Just like Mr. Livingston… the Conductoid nobody who created the Nosedeenians… what have you done in the past 10 years, Prime?”

“Saved my dimension, and the entire multiverse, from you assholes... that’s what the hell I did.” Ben Prime barks in response, to which the voice continues, “’s funny, isn’t it? You put me through so much hell the last few times we met, yet I don’t feel inclined to attack you anymore, to take out my anger just because I have the chance to. You’re in an absolutely-vulnerable state, a state I could literally kill you in, and I only want to sit here with my allies, and let us marvel at how far you’ve fallen. When this journey of ours ends, people will marvel at not just me, but all of us of how much we climbed up, fell down, and not only climbed BACK up, but climbed even higher.”

“You’re a PSYCHOPATH, AND YOU WON’T GET AWAY WITH THIS!!” Ben Prime yells out in denial, as the voice chuckles in response, soon followed by the chorus of the several other voices laughing in response.

A flash of orange light violently shines through whatever is covering Ben Prime’s eyes, and with a sudden snap, the tearing of cloth fills Ben Prime’s ears, and his gaze is overloaded with the sight of several crucial details: the setting of a brightly-lit, futuristic spaceship’s interior, covered with glowing-purple interfaces and lights, as Ben Prime is seemingly suspended in mid-air within a large, open, circular room, surrounded by several alternate versions of him: Bad Ben, Nega Ben, Benzarro, Albedo 23, and even in the distant background, the Nemetrix-wielding Panuncian of Khyber.

Standing before him, telekinetically clutching his removed blindfold, stood Mad Ben, transformed as his Sentient Chemicoal form, Mad MindMatter, slowly allowing the torn fabric to fall to the ground. Ben Prime attempted to lower his head, but found it was literally being restrained by the sides, keeping it in place as Mad MindMatter “stared” down at Ben Prime with nonexistent eyes, held out his hands, telekinetically snapped the metallic restraints on the sides of Ben Prime’s head, and lowering his hands, uttered a chilling phrase under his breath:

“I’m not psychopathic… I’m mad.

As the several sinister alternate Omnitrix wielders erupted in a chorus of laughter, Mad MindMatter reverting back to his human form to reveal his grotesque, helmeted human appearance, Ben Prime stared in shock as he slowly looked down at himself, finally revealing how horrifically-mangled his body has become, appearing to be within a stasis tank of energy frozen in time, his body having manifested extremely distorted and thus, leaving much of his body from the neck down appearing to be literally diced in several vertical and horizontal segments like a living jigsaw puzzle, all while his head remained in a mechanical compartment atop the tank, his face exposed with an open window.

Ben Prime screamed in absolute horror, his head writhing around violently, as he looked over at his right arm, frozen upwards into the air in a state of irregular contortion, and leaving him literally able to see literal strips of his own open flesh and bone, down to various patches of his nerves, marrow, veins, and the blood within those veins, while his left arm remained stuck, pointing downwards in a gesture most comparable to reaching outwards with an outstretched palm, each of his five fingers levitating a few centimeters off of their intended joints, as the Omnitrix laid as a dismantled mess, floating several inches above the exposed flesh of his left wrist, while its interface still glowed bright-green.

Everything below his waist was reformed backwards, all but his right leg, remaining literally scattered in several, sliced-up pieces, his foot a few feet to the left of where it would normally be, while his left leg was beyond comprehension, bent to completely inhuman angles and proportions, while his femur and several crucial arteries were entirely visible to the naked eye. Ben Prime continued to scream his lungs, despite the fact they were literally visible to the open air through the spiky mess that was his exposed ribcage, as he tried to force himself to not look at the eldritch horror that had became the botched reformation of his disintegrated body.

“Aw, don’t go to pieces, Humpty Dumpty… I’m sure Jack will figure out how to put you back together again!” Bad Ben exclaims, but Ben Prime’s response is his continued screams of horror as he was unable to move his dismembered body parts.

Walking over to a bizarrely-intricate control panel to the left side of the stasis tank, Nega Ben lays his hand on a rectangular switch and ignores Ben Prime’s hysterical demands to know what he’s doing, suddenly flipping the switch downwards. Within an instance, the stasis tank’s energy deactivates, and stuck suspended in mid-air, Ben Prime suddenly begins to howl in pain as his corrupted body begins to violently attempt to chronologically repair itself, the process forcefully and repeatedly happening and failing dozens of times a second, as his form grotesquely flails and convulse with no determinate presence of joints. Nega Ben flicks the switch back up, activating the stasis tank and freezing Ben Prime’s temporally-scrambled state.

As the scene slowly begins to zoom out, it moves down the distant hallway behind the group, as Ben Prime gasps and pleads are heard again, only for the audible sounds of the switch being flipped down again, and Ben Prime’s distancing screams before the switch is flipped back up, and the process is repeated again, as the scene slowly fades to black. White text begins to appear at the center of the bottom of the screen.


Within the partial wreckage of the Plumbers Headquarters’ main lobby, still in the process of being repaired by Crabdozer’s rampage, Magister Patelliday, and a bandaged-up Rook Shar are seen overwatching the repair, while a group of various aliens, some Plumbers and others hired technicians, including Galvans, including Blukic and Driba, Galvanic Mechamorphs, and Planchaküles, the latter of which the species of Jury Rigg, are mending and storing various control panels and screens.

The elevator system revealed to have been fully repaired, Kevin emerges from the open elevator, entering the headquarters as he’s followed by a a bizarre, dark-blue, pseudo-reptilian, canine-like alien, adorned with spiked hair running from her collar to the tip of her tail, sharp red eyes, a black-striped neck and legs, and a dog collar around her neck, revealed to be his own alien pet, Zed, along with Ben 23, his companion, Skurd 23, and Jen.

“We’ve already had a few days of repair… overall, they’re mostly complete, but it’s going to be another day or two until we get all of our systems back online.” Rook Shar speaks to Eunice, as Gwen suddenly injects, asking, “Did you identify who the intruder exactly was?”

“It was Khyber, the Zaroffian huntsman and a medium-tier, Plumbers-priority wanted criminal. There’s no doubt about it. I don’t know how he snuck in, but he was aided by that alternate version of Ben Tennyson, and all he came to do was receive the Nemetrix. He was gone within an hour of his arrival.” Rook Shar responds, as Eunice comments, “I do not understand why that device wasn’t dismantled. It’s been in the possession of Plumbers for over 10 years.”

“As much as how crude and poorly-constructed the device is, it contains a definite database of alien predator DNA... DNA that can be studied by First-Thinker Azmuth, and stored within the ‘Codon Ark’ vault for potential future supply, either for further studying or prevention of species extinction.” Rook Shar responds. “Its destruction was only to be authorized by Azmuth himself, and he didn’t do so for that specific reason.”

“You do not look well.” Kevin states, joining the group and seeing the bandaged-up Rook Shar, to which Rook Shar bluntly responds, “You tend to look not well after nearly getting mauled by the natural predator of Pyronites, but I got well compared to my allies. Great casualties, many are still in critical condition. Thank the stars we had medics on standby.”

“Gwen…” A deep, elderly voice calls out off-screen, as Gwen, Kevin, Eunice, and Rook Shar all turn to face its origin, the newly-arrived Grandpa Max Tennyson, the grandfather of both Ben and Gwen Tennyson, a man in his mid-70’s with light-gray hair, wrinkles, wearing a black shirt covered up by his signature, bright-red, buttoned-up, floral-designed Hawaiian shirt, along with a beard, white pants, brown shoes, and a visibly-mechanical right arm. “...I didn’t think you were already here.”

“Grandpa Max!” Gwen exclaims, jumping into his arms and hugging him, as Kevin smiles, greeting Grandpa Max, and comments, “Nice to see you too. Surprised Blukic and Driba finally got that teleporter working effectively.”

“We can hear you.” Blukic says off-screen, as Grandpa Max responds to Kevin, “Nonsense. I was on my way here myself. I’ve been out of Bellwood too long, taking care of the remains of the Limax Invasion’s forces.” while Eunice also greets Grandpa Max.

“Grandpa Max…” Ben 23 stares in awe, as Grandpa Max turns toward Ben 23 and looks him up and down with confusion, asking, “Ben… why are you dressed like that? You’re not 30 yet...” as Skurd 23 similarly looks Grandpa Max up and down, asking, “Master, who is this elderly man, and why does he have such a good sense of fashion?”

“That's the Ben Tennyson from Dimension 23. He came here for reasons our Ben won’t really disclose, even to me, his own temporary partner.” Eunice clarifies to Grandpa Max, to which Ben 23 responds, “Dude’s not been living healthily. I was going to help him myself, but then… things happened.”

“Bizarre things, and they’re starting to spiral out of control. Our Ben has completely vanished from this timeline… I’ve tried everything I could with the time manipulation of a Chronosapien, but it’s like something is repulsing my efforts back at me.” Eunice exclaims. “...something capable of detecting the Sotobro Effect, most definitely another manipulator of time.”

“You don’t think it’s…” Gwen asks, slightly concerned to which Eunice cuts herself off, exclaiming, “Maltruant has been dismantled for several years. The repeat of his cycle has hardly begun. Eon, on the other hand… I don’t know what’s happened to him, but I highly doubt he’d just… kidnap our Ben and run away. It’s not him either. It’s someone, or something else, who is much more dexterous and intricate with their chronological abilities, enough to keep Clockwork from pulling our Ben back.”

“Whatever it is… Ben definitely didn’t leave himself. Something ripped him out of his own timeline, and it’s doing a damn good job keeping us from finding him.” Kevin says, as Rook Shar responds, “Then… he’ll have a way to come back, right? He wields the Omnitrix, he has the powers of hundreds of aliens.”

“Except we don’t know what’s happening to him, or if he’s in a state where he can use the Omnitrix. Whoever this person is, they’re rejecting my spells to sense where exactly he is within neighboring universes… but for all we know, he could be trying to get back to us.” Gwen responds, as Grandpa Max says, “Whoever this is must have taken him far, somewhere not close to this universe. If you seek help on tracking him down, we’ll need help from Azmuth. That’s my grandson, and it’s my duty as a grandfather to rescue him. Eunice, come with me, I think that there’s still some functional systems that can get us in contact with-”

“No need.” A sudden voice comes out of nowhere, as Gwen, Kevin, Eunice, Ben 23, Skurd 23, Grandpa Max, and Rook Shar look around in confusion, only to suddenly see a white flash of light before them, that upon fading out, revealed the recently-teleported form of the arriving Azmuth, to which he clarifies to the awestruck group, “I also happened to be on my own way. I was called to assist in the repairs of this headquarters.”

“Well, that was fast.” Eunice states, as Gwen and Kevin both greet Azmuth, being the first time they’ve seen him in years, and inform him about Ben Prime’s situation.

“Well… you have not one but two versions of Tennyson here with you, do you not? If neither of you can’t use the powers of Clockwork, use your second, yet much more effective option.” Azmuth responds, as Eunice asks, “And what would that be?” to which Azmuth remains silent in response, awaiting for them to understand what option he’s referring to, to which Skurd 23 breaks the silence with a single “ahem” and exclaims the peculiar name of “Mr. Universe. One of my master’s aliens.

“Could that work?” Rook Shar asks, to which Ben 23 responds, “Yeah, but… I’ve never actually transformed into him before… well, not recently, that is, but-” and Skurd 23 cuts him off, stating:

Mr. Universe is a powerful transformation, although my master has only used a very, very, very select amount of times. Only once, as of the time I’ve been attached to the Hero Watch. He can do many things, one of which is track down the alternate version of my master, and potentially bypass the repulsive maneuvers of whoever’s trying to keep his disappearance a mystery.

“Oh, that reminds me which version of Tennyson you are.” Azmuth exclaims, as Gwen crosses her arms and says, “That’s a bit rude, don’t you think?”

“I was referring to his naming scheme. Our Ben doesn’t name his aliens like these classical ‘superhero’ icons your human fiction is filled with.” Azmuth responds back, as Gwen simply states, “Oh.” in response and uncrosses her arms, as Azmuth responds to Skurd 23, “Very well, then, if this alien transformation of your own Omnitrix can truly help us, then have its user use ‘Mr. Universe’ to help us find our Benjamin Tennyson.”

Skurd 23 pressing his tendrils against the buttons on the sides of the Hero Watch’s interface, he scrolled through the holographic silhouettes, briefly passing through the familiar silhouettes of his versions of Arctiguana, Gravattack, AmpFibian, Blitzwulf, The Worst, and Crashhopper, all respectively dubbed Freezelizard, Orbit Man, Dr. Jelly, Howl Hound, Mr. Potato, and Blue Jump Buggy, finally stopping on a tall, muscular humanoid silhouette, represented by dark skin and three horns emerging from his forehead. Tempted, Ben 23 raises his hand, before Skurd 23 gives the simple word of “Behold, master… Mr. Universe!” and allows Ben 23 to smack his palm down on the Hero Watch’s core.

Within an instance, his left arm is rapidly consumed in blue energy, gradually turning black with thick dark-blue outlines and cyan-blue spots resembling miniature stars. His torso rapidly changes, followed by the rest of his body rapidly doing the same, as his now-featureless face is surrounded by a cosmic background of various stars and planets, the middle of his face containing a visual of the planet Earth, that rapidly pulses with energy before erupting to reveal Mr. Universe’s form, a tall, muscular humanoid with a solid-black body outlined with dark-blue, covered in bright, tiny, gleaming, cyan-blue star-like spots, pure-white hands, a large, protruding chin, the lack of a mouth, and a trio of sharp horns emerging from the center of his forehead, the outer two branching outwards.

Mr. Universe.png

MR. UNIVERSE!!!” The newly-transformed Ben 23 exclaims, levitating in the air and seemingly speaking in three, distinctly-different voices at once, as the others stare in awe, before Kevin smirks, briefly chuckles, and comments, “Heh… Alien XXIII.

His bright-blue eyes abruptly opening, Ben 23 finds himself within what appears to be the middle of outer-space, surrounded by hundreds of distant, blinking white stars. Looking down at himself, he discovers he appears to be floating within the dark abyss, his Hero Watch devoid of the presence of Skurd 23, and as he turns around, he’s greeted by a familiar female voice: “Benjamin Tennyson… it’s been years, hasn’t it?” and soon reveals two large, bright-blue-colored, disembodied, mask-like faces before Ben 23: one circular, smooth and feminine with eyelashes and eyebrows, and the other prominently-shaped, grizzled, and masculine with dark around his eyes and prominent wrinkles.

Oh, Bellicus, look! It’s the blue one from Dimension 23!” The feminine one, named Serena, exclaims, to which the masculine one, named Bellicus, scoffs, “Hardly. It’s been years since he’s joined our arguments.” as Ben 23, in a confused tone, asks, “...good to… see you too?” as the scene slowly fades to black. White text begins to appear at the center of the bottom of the screen.


“We’re here.” A stern, masculine voice narrates over the chaotic landscape of the anomalous realm, its sky various shades of bright and dark reds, splattered with black and white like it was one massive canvas. Its skyline went on forever, appearing to be infinite, as the landscape itself were hundreds and hundreds of various floating masses of stone of various sizes, albeit mainly flat platforms that went on for miles, floating within mid-air, held together by bizarre strands of dark-purple matter, resembling muscle fiber.

Emerging from a swirling, bright-green portal, Ultimate Ben comments, “It’s a lot more disturbing than I recollected myself.” before he’s slowly followed by Gwen 10, Ben 10,000, Kenneth, and eventually, Professor Paradox, the portal staying open behind them.

“Dad… this is where you send all the criminals, right?” Ken asks, to which Ben 10,000 responds in a serious tone, “Absolutely. It’s a world full of infinite madness, and it’s where criminals are set to be imprisoned. Kenneth, I want you to stay close, and if you are in serious danger, do not be afraid to use number 11.”

“What’s… number 11?” Gwen 10 curiously asks, as Ben 10,000 responds, “I knew Ken would eventually get into serious danger, danger that I wouldn’t always be there to save or protect him, so for his 11th birthday, I granted him one transformation I personally unlocked myself, an absolute powerhouse that will not only give him an edge in battle, but the means to run from one if chooses to.”

“How many aliens do you have?” Ken asks Gwen 10, as she responds, “Little over 20… how much does your dad have?”

“Eh, he’s lost count.” Ken responds, shrugging, as Ultimate Ben asks Professor Paradox, “Professor, I didn’t know you had the capabilities of entering such a… macabre location, one especially without any sort of flow of time.”

“The Null Void is a realm that has ‘soft spots’ peppered throughout every universe in the multiverse, each one having different locations. Some can be punched through to allow entrance, although it’s virtually impossible to use one as an exit, but not to worry, we will have a means of exiting this realm when we are finished.” Professor Paradox responds, before suddenly, a pair of figures enter through the slowly-closing time portal, revealing themselves as Dr. Blurakami and Albedo, the latter healed of his wounds.

“So… you decided to join us.” Ultimate Ben comments, his hands on his hips, to which Dr. Blurakami responds and gestures toward Albedo, his head lowered and face shadowed, “I’d do anything to help him. Without his Galvan physiology’s Psychic Stabilizers, his abilities are greatly weakened, and I can’t afford to leave him defenseless. Wherever you’re all going, we’re coming too… as long as you trust him first, anomaly or not.”

“What does she mean by ‘anomaly’...?” Ken asks, as Ben 10,000 responds, “From what I remember… in my future, Albedo has been in that facility for decades… he was not supposed to escape and if he did, he was eventually returned… Neomni’s tampering with the continuum altered my own timeline’s past… and now, here he is.”

Without the universal tampering of a rogue machine… I would have rotted there until I died…” Albedo gloomily comments, as Ben 10,000 responds, “Times change, Albedo. Events are shifting every waking moment, and I guess, some of her generated anomalies would have effects considered more positive than negative. I would have never expected this possibility, but there’s no point in trying to change it back to how it was. Albedo… you deserve better.”

As Albedo looks up at Ben 10,000, revealing his uppermost pairs of glowing-red eyes and the Triedge-healed scars where his Psychic Stabilizers once were, he suddenly spots approaching silhouettes nearing the group. As the group turn to face the silhouettes, they discover a hoard of snarling, feral Null-Void-native Vulpimancers, their fur red-violet and messy with pale-magenta stripes running down their backs, alongside much larger jaws, featuring four prominent fangs and long, drooping, beastly tongues, and larger claws protruding from their paws.

“It appears we are unwelcome to the natives.” Ben 10,000 remarks, as Ultimate Ben cockily responds, “What, are you scared by a couple of wild mutts? Not me, pal. They don’t call me ‘Ultimate Ben’ for nothing.” to which Ben 10,000 responds with crossed arms, “MAN, you really do have an ego. Sheesh, Ultimate Ben.” and shakes his head.

“Professor Paradox… any suggestions on what to do?” Gwen 10 asks Professor Paradox, as he responds, “A suggestion? Use the gadget on your wrist, and do what you do best in these trying times, while on the other hand, I must make my temporary departure.”

“Wait, you’re leaving us?!” Ben 10,000 exclaims, shocked, to which Professor Paradox responds, “Ben, you are the least childlike of the group here. You will not be in any danger. As of the location you must uncover, the reason why you have been brought to this realm...” before he suddenly takes out a mechanical device akin to a makeshift stopwatch from his back pocket, before handing it to Ben 10,000.

“Your… stopwatch?” Ben 10,000 responds, confused, as Professor Paradox responds, “Correction, my stopwatch has been long dismantled for other purposes. This alternative will act as your guide. Follow its hand like the needle of a compass, and it will detect the background radiation of where you’re intended to go: the heart of these spreading anomalies… a being known as Left-Handed Jack, corrupted and shifting in and out of timelines.”

“I thought you said Neomni was the one creating these timelines!” Ken exclaims, as Professor Paradox responds, “Neomni is indeed creating, but Left-Handed Jack is transforming into infections… viruses that are spreading throughout various dimensions and corrupting them for his own will… we must not let him succeed, for he could create permanent damage to the space-time continuum… and on another hand, Dr. Blurakami, it appears I require you to join me on my quest to acquire more assistance.”

“I’m not leaving Albedo behind!” Dr. Blurakami objects, as the Null-Void-native Vulpimancers suddenly attack, pouncing at the group. Within a flash of white light, Ken transforms into Wildvine and throws several Vulpimancers back with elastic slashes of his clawed arms, before plucking several seeds off his back and lobbing them like explosives, creating smokescreens that disorientates the Vulpimancers’ thermographic perception of surroundings, while Ultimate Ben gains the powers of Diamondhead, creating several crystalline shields to block off the oncoming aliens. However, several Vulpimancers bypass both the smoke clouds and crystal shields, a few tackling Albedo, only for him to suddenly blast them off with a burst of blue flames, revealing that despite greatly weakened from the loss of his Psychic Stabilizers, he still has a portion of his power.

“I understand your care toward him, but he will be fine on his own! You must come with me!” Professor Paradox exclaims, as Albedo is violently scratched across his chest by a striking Vulpimancer, to which he regenerates the oozing claw marks, albeit at a decreased speed, and blasts his attacker with an electrified burst of flames. “Dr. Blurakami, there’s no time! Hurry!”

“But… but I VOWED to protect him at all costs! I won’t leave his side!” Dr. Blurakami exclaims, before suddenly catching the attention of a Vulpimancer who lunges at her with bared jaws, only to be suddenly blasted by a stream of burning ice, emitted from Albedo’s mouth, as he groans out, “Blurakami… go with him.

“Albedo-!” Dr. Blurakami exclaims, as Albedo groans out, slamming a pair of Vulpimancers back with a violent punch, “I am not just purely brains... I can hold my own in a battle, even while now in this weakened state… and I am pleading that you go with this professor… if I can trust him, someone who’s sense of joining forces has been damaged from years of evil deeds... then I believe that YOU can too, Blurakami… GO, NOW!

Although still hesitant, Dr. Blurakami finally takes Albedo’s word and, within an instance, uses her enhanced speed to quickly head toward Professor Paradox’s sides, as he exclaims, “Ultimate Ben, to the Prime timeline, the same year!” as Ultimate Ben, throwing aside a Vulpimancer, unaffected by its attacks thanks to Diamondhead’s vast durability, quickly strikes the Ultimatrix symbol on his chest, spawning the silhouette of Ultimate Clockwork behind him, before he suddenly channels flowing chronokinetic energy through his hand and with a fellow swoop of his arm, launches a time ray from his hand that engulfs both Professor Paradox and Dr. Blurakami, transporting them out of the Null Void. The two now gone, Ultimate Ben whips around and quickly shifts to the powers of Steambriner, to launch beams of scalding brine at a lunging Vulpimancer, throwing them back.

“I gotta say, you’re really good at this. I’m starting to believe I underestimated that little boy scout badge on your chest.” Ben 10,000 confidently exclaims, as Ultimate Ben chuckles, “Yeah, and I’d like to see what those gauntlets on each arm do.”

“Oh, YOU wanna see the Biomnitrix in action? Watch and learn, pal.” Ben 10,000 responds, as he rushes at a small group of charging Vulpimancers, yells out, “FOURMUNGOUSAUR!!” and slams both of his gauntlets together, engulfing each side of his body in a flash of green light. Suddenly transforming, Ben 10,000 sprouts the large, bulky, reptilian form of Humungousaur, although gains the red-hued coloration, additional eyes and arms, thorny skin, facial hair, gloves, tank-top, and pants of Four Arms, finally gaining the Biomnitrix symbol on the center of his chest.

Revealing his capabilities of alien fusions, Fourmungousaur lunges into the air with enhanced jumping strength and smashes his fist into the ground, creating a shockwave that suddenly throws the Vulpimancers back, as Gwen, transformed as her Tetramand form, barrages the stragglers attempting to escape with barrages of punches, defeating them.

“Fusions, huh? Interesting and very diverse-sounding, but, wait… ‘Fourmungousaur’? Really? Don’t you think something like, ‘Saur Arms’ would work better?” Ultimate Ben asks, to which Fourmungousaur responds, “Honestly, the names are the last priority. They aren’t exactly their own original aliens.”

“Alright, I know that’s true, but like… c’mon… Saur Arms. It works better.” Ultimate Ben responds, as Fourmungousaur argues back, “Why would I use the latter syllable of Humungousaur’s name in place of the first word of Four Arms’ name? That’s not how my naming gimmick works!”

“Well, make an exception! Saur Arms works much better than Fourmungousaur! I mean, in what world does ‘Four’ sound like a better substitute for ‘Hu’?! ‘Saur’ can replace ‘Four’ because it would still have the same overall pronunciation! I mean, why is that hard to understand?!” Ultimate Ben argues, as Fourmungousaur argues back, “It’s NOT hard to explain! I’m just not doing it because I don’t hold naming the hundreds and hundreds of potential fusions I have with special names! I mean, that’s insane! I don’t have that much free-time!”

“Well, then transform into, I don’t know ‘Clockgrade’ and give yourself free-time by literally freezing time and also making some cool technology!!” Ultimate Ben yells back in frustration, as Fourmungousaur crosses both pairs of his arms, exclaiming, “Don’t criticize me! I just gave you a complaint earlier!”

“Well, NOW, I’m giving you criticism, Saur Arms!” Ultimate Ben responds, as Gwen’s Tetramand form suddenly interjects, angrily explaining, “ARE YOU TWO SERIOUSLY FIGHTING?! WE’RE IN THE MIDDLE OF A BATTLE RIGHT NOW!”

“GWEN 10! FOURMUNGOUSAUR OR ‘SAUR ARMS’!” Fourmungousaur exclaims, using air quotes when pronouncing the latter, to which Gwen’s Tetramand form responds, “Who cares?! I don’t even name mine! They’re not celebrity icons to me, they’re components of a LITERAL alien arsenal!” before throwing a Vulpimancer, attempting to bite her face off, back.

As Fourmungousaur and Ultimate Ben continue arguing in frustration, they are unaware of the massive entity slowly rising in the background, just a half-mile away from them, its blurry form covered in a patchwork mess of dark-gray and purple skin, black stitches, and silver bolts and armor plates, but the two eventually halt their arguing and face their skyscraper-sized newcomer, who turns around to face the five of them and violently roars, revealing his helmeted upper-head and three glowing-red eyes.

“What… is THAT?!” Ultimate Ben exclaims, completely shocked, as Fourmungousaur says, “Oh, you didn’t have an Incursean War, huh? Lucky you. Meet Way Big’s gothic cousins, the mutant To’kustars… but I call them ‘Way Bads’... they were made by frog people and a mutant crab.”

As the helmeted mutant To’kustar’s roar echoes throughout the Null Void, it alerts the arrival of a few other Way Bads, all with more-coherent, dark-purple armor compared to the helmeted one, including a pair of masculine ones, the first gravely deformed with a bulbous right side of his face, distorted head structure, metallic spikes emerging from the sides of his head, and limb-like appendages emerging from his shoulder-blades, and the second grotesquely gangly and skinny with hook limbs coming out of his back, blades on his forearms, an eyeless face with large bladed spikes emerging from the back of his head, and a large pair of bright-red eyeballs and an open mouth of metallic teeth, a visible maw, and tongue-like intestines on the front of his torso.

A female Way Bad soon followed, heavily-scarred with smaller arm-blades, spiked shoulder-pads, and metallic plating covering the left side of her face like a broken mask, as the slowly-arriving mutant To’kustars soon began to face their intruders, and Wildvine exclaims, “W-What do we do? Do we run?!”

“That’s cowardice, and I’m not cowardice. I just split a dimension-hopping android with the powers of an Ultimatrix in half 3 hours ago. I’m ready for anything now.” Ultimate Ben confidently exclaims, as Fourmungousaur remarks, “Still ego.” to which Ultimate Ben snaps, “It’s not EGO! It’s CONFIDENCE!” and smacks his hand against his Ultimatrix symbol, exclaiming, “ULTIMATE HUMUNGOUSAUR!” as Fourmungousaur, Wildvine, Gwen’s Tetramand form, and Albedo join Ultimate Ben’s side, ready to fight their massive foes, as the scene slowly fades to black. White text begins to appear at the center of the bottom of the screen.


Oh… Bellicus, how could you not feel any sort of joy? Benjamin Tennyson of Dimension 23 has finally transformed into his Celestialsapien form again!” Serena 23 exclaims, as Bellicus 23 scoffs and retorts, “Because he hasn’t bothered about us for the past years! It’s all ‘rating’ this and ‘public image’ that. Motion request to eradicate Ben 23 from all of existence.” as Serena 23 gasps and exclaims, “Motion denied! How dare you, Bellicus! He’s our guest, and we should be thankful he’s returned!

“Did… I come at a bad time?” Ben 23 asks, as Serena 23 responds, “Not at all! It’s just that… you’ve been gone for so long! The third piece of the limitless transformation of Mr. Universe!” before Bellicus 23 loudly exclaims, “Pathetic name! Celestialsapiens aren’t these so-called ‘misters’! Motion request to alter his name!

“No, Bellicus, stop being rude! He’s our voice of reason!” Serena 23 responds, as Belicus 23 exclaims, “He may be a guest, but to me, he’s not welcome at all! I don’t understand why he’s even here!”

“Listen, I have an ally. He’s an alternate version of myself, and he’s been abducted from this timeline, and something out there is keeping him from being found. I need you two to help me track him down.” Ben 23 exclaims, as Serena 23 responds, “Simple knowledge of an unknown location? Wouldn’t Windy-Hindy’s manipulation of time work better?” to which Ben 23 exclaims, “That’s what we’ve been trying to do, but something keeps cutting me off everytime I try it! They know everytime I’m trying it!”

I see. They’re able to effortlessly detect the Sotobro Effect, and neutralize Windy-Hindy’s powers... it’s most certainly another individual capable of manipulating time, perhaps even space too… just like us!” Serena 23 responds, as Ben 23 asks, “Well, can you please help me find him?”

I would refuse, but since Serena is so ecstatic about your return, and will most likely agree to your decision, I have no power over refusing to the carried motion, so I will reluctantly accept alongside both of you, on the condition that you stop neglecting your Celestialsapien form.” Bellicus 23 says, as Ben 23, confused, asks, “What do you mean ‘neglecting’? I use various aliens all the time!”

Really, and when’s the last time you used ‘Fright Face’ for his intended purpose, or used Fastcat instead of Speedyquick, or considered selecting ‘Battery Man’ for once? That sounds like favoritism.” Bellicus 23 responds, as Ben 23 protests, exclaiming, “It’s not favoritism! They’re situational aliens! I can’t transform into them if they won’t be useful for me!”

REALLY? Transforming into your Citrakayah form is supposedly ‘situational’ for you?” Bellicus 23 remarks, as Serena 23 interjects, “It’s true. You do have some alien forms you do not transform into many times: Teeny-Weeny… ‘Lotter Otter’… Dr. Jelly… Spooky Specter… I’d count more, but you understand what I mean by now.

“But, I use Skurd to enhance my other transformations with the electric arm-braces of Teeny-Weeny, or the tendrils of Spooky Specter! That has to count to some extent!” Ben 23 comments, as Bellicus 23 retorts, “To some extent, it does, but not entirely! You’re only using the minimal positive aspects of those transformations to aid the ones you overused! Not every alien you transform into has to be utterly dependent on brute strength or energy projection!

“Alright! Alright, fine! You convinced me! I’ll use Fright Face more often, and such! Just carry the motion and whatever!” Ben 23 responds, as Serena 23 merely states, “That's all we've wanted. Thank you, Benjamin Tennyson.

Meanwhile, outside Mr. Universe’s physical form, Gwen, Kevin, Eunice, Rook Shar, Jen, Grandpa Max, Azmuth, and groups of various Plumbers stand near him, staring in awe at the literal Celestialsapien form before them, completely frozen due to Ben 23’s mentality being somewhere else. Skurd 23, resting atop the Hero Watch symbol on his chest, exclaims, “Alright, alright! Move along! Mr. Universe isn’t an attraction, he’s a powerhouse of reality-altering capabilities!”

“How long does this usually last?” Jen asks Gwen, as she responds, “What, Ben using Alien X? He’s talking to Bellicus and Serena right now, trying to come to an agreement. It’s only a matter of time until we get results. Until then, we just have to wait.”

“I’m surprised 23 even has Celestialsapien DNA in his ‘Hero Watch’... so, what, is he talking to his own versions of Bellicus and Serena?” Eunice comments and asks, to which Azmuth responds to her, “Invalid. The two personalities he’s speaking to happen to be the exact same ones that our Ben speaks to. Alien X’s DNA sample is a singularity that spans throughout the multiverse. The two personalities that aren’t that Omnitrix’s wielder are always the same Bellicus and Serena. I’m just hoping they remember who our Ben was.”

“How long has it been since our Ben transformed into Alien X?” Grandpa Max asks, as Azmuth responds, “Almost 4 years, give or take. Just hope these two cosmic split personalities retain good memory.”

“Move along! Move along! Stop staring! Haven’t you ever seen a Celestialsapien before? Well then... MAYBE look for a few seconds-” Skurd 23 continues to remark toward the crowds of Plumbers, suddenly cut off by Mr. Universe suddenly coming to life and loudly exclaiming, “MOTION CARRIED. BEN TENNYSON, OF THIS UNIVERSE, WILL BE FOUND.

Suddenly raising his left arm out, Mr. Universe flattens his palm and manifests a circle of glowing-cyan energy upon rotating his palm in a clockwise motion. Thrusting his hand forward, the circle of energy shoots forward and quickly enlarges, becoming a portal-like view into another realm. The glow of bright-cyan energy illuminates the entire lobby, as all those inside stare into the projected view, seeing the chaotic skies of Null Void, zooming deeper and deeper into its distorted depths to uncover a bone-chilling sight: the abandoned, skeletal remains of a floating alien spaceship, represented by its severely-decayed hull and dangling masses of the Null Void’s purple growths hanging from its underside, its overall origin obviously unknown.

“What is that?!” Jen asks, awestruck, but is met with no reason, as Mr. Universe’s projection continues to zoom in more and more, moving throughout various hallways and finally halting within a massive circular room.

Everyone gasps in horror at the sight of the stasis tank. Ben Prime’s head rests slack within its container, his face ghoulishly-pale and coated in dried trickles of blood and mucus. Gwen covers her mouth in disgust, while Grandpa Max turns away to not see any further.

The headquarters’ surroundings suddenly begin to visually distort. A familiar theme rings through the air.

Mr. Universe’s eyes widen in horror, his left one bizarrely flickering red as a bizarre shape began morphing within said eye, forming a vertical slit that soon took a humanoid form, appearing to be just levitating a few feet in-front of him from Mr. Universe’s point-of-view. Leaning over and tipping his fedora, Jack grasps his cane and spoke:

".ʞɔɒd miʜ ǝʞɒɈ bnɒ ǝmoƆ"

Seemingly aware of its presence, Skurd 23 grunts as part of the top of his slimy scalp suddenly bulges outwards, suddenly creating and fully forming the stinger-tipped tail of Invisilizard, Ben 23’s version of ChamAlien, that lunges forward in an attempt to stab the entity. Despite literally being Mr. Universe’s eye, it was physically struck, which causes him to wildly spin around, his fedora flying off his pierced forehead, as Jack suddenly holds out his mechanical left hand, and with a sudden swipe across his face, causes the covered portion of his face that was under his palm to vanish, soon the rest of his body as he lowers his arm. Like sucked through a wormhole, Jack’s body implodes on itself, his mechanical hand last to vanish, as his fedora was gone before it hit the ground.

Before retracting Invisilizard’s tail stinger, Skurd 23 used said tail to strike Mr. Universe’s Hero Watch symbol, suddenly reverting him back to his human form in a sudden flash of blue light that upon clearing, reveals the surroundings’ distortion, and Mr. Universe’s projection was both suddenly gone. Collapsing onto his back, Ben 23 gasps in shock, looks over at Skurd 23, who was in the process of retracting Invisilizard’s tail, and exclaims, “YOU SAW IT TOO?!”

“YES, I DID! I STABBED IT, MASTER!” Skurd 23 responds, equally shocked, as the duo look up at the startled Gwen and Kevin, seeing a series of disembodied, mechanical fingers drum on Kevin’s shoulder, as Ben 23 quickly rushes back to his feet and yells out, “IT’S STILL HERE!!” before leaping forward, suddenly transforming into his version of Fasttrack, dubbed Fastcat, and lunging toward the side of Kevin, narrowly witnessing the hand literally vanish out of view.

“WHAT’S YOUR PROBLEM?!” Kevin asks, shocked, as Fastcat looks around in a panic, yelling out, “THAT THING IS STILL HERE!!

“You saw something?!” Grandpa Max asks, confused, as Fastcat quickly continues to look around, soon spotting the concerned look of Eunice and steadily looking toward her, gradually beginning to see its waving left hand slowly reach from around her head, crackling with sparks of bright-red electricity from in-between its wriggling fingers.

“IT’S TELEPORTING IN AND OUT OF THIS DIMENSION! ANCHOR IT DOWN, SKURD!” Fastcat exclaims, as rapidly, Skurd 23 extends his slimy tendrils down Fastcat’s left arm and quickly manifests the heavy, mechanical arm of Windy-Hindy. Managing to hold the arm up, Skurd 23 fired a time ray toward the hands, causing Eunice to suddenly lunge out of the way, and for Jack to suddenly vanish. Quickly glancing around, Fastcat saw bits and pieces of the entity rapidly begin to flicker up and down from behind several individuals, and soon, more than just one of Jack, as soon as he was visibly hiding behind most of the Plumbers within the lobby.

“HE’S TOO FAST!! HE’S CREATING TEMPORAL AFTERIMAGES OF HIMSELF!!” Ben 23 yells out, as Skurd 23, extending some of his slimy tendrils upwards, exclaims, “NOT TO WORRY! WINDY-HINDY’S KEY, COMING RIGHT UP!!” and manifests the dark-blue key of Ben 23’s version of Clockwork atop Fastcat’s head, causing his head to involuntarily slouch at an awkward angle due to how heavy it was at first. Straightening his neck, Fastcat used his arms to twist and slowly rotate the key, before suddenly releasing a chronokinetic pulse of energy throughout the headquarters. Time began frozen, as everyone but Fastcat and Skurd 23 themselves turned to grey, and all of the temporal afterimages of Jack vanished.

“Hiding, huh?” Fastcat asks, looking around, as Skurd 23 retracts the heavy head-key. “I thought you were so tempted to get my attention! Come on out, freak, and show yourself!”

Fastcat slowly looks around, unable to find anyone but besides the shocked, petrified expressions of all of his chronologically-frozen allies. Sighing, and staying on high alert, Fastcat began to rapidly run around, searching all of the backsides of Gwen, Kevin, Eunice, Rook Shar, Jen, Grandpa Max, Azmuth, and the dozens of Plumbers and various alien technicians within the lobby, growing frustrated from his lack of results. Finally stopping to catch his breath, he looks up at Grandpa Max, and utters under his breath, “I can’t believe their Ben got it lucky…”

“You still miss him?” Skurd 23 asks, resting atop the Hero Watch symbol on his chest, as Fastcat responds, “Everyday, I do... I’ve grieved for years, decades, ever since I was 6 and a half years old, and I still can’t get over his loss…”

“I’ve learned a lot about you, humans, and I still am… but one I at least know from the start is the concept of grief. It hurts to lose someone closest to you, someone that’s your blood, with the knowledge you’ll never see them again, but you can’t let sorrow and untrue guilt consume you. Your Grandpa Max would not have wanted that.” Skurd 23 comforts Fastcat. “He would have wanted you to grow up, and become the hero you always wanted to be. You’ve made me, and all of your allies, proud, so now make him proud, master. That's all we've wanted.

Getting a brief flashback of what Serena 23 said to Ben 23 while transformed as Mr. Universe prior, he slowly turns around, his expression now forced in a serious look of pride and confidence, as he holds out his Windy-Hindy arm, channeling chronokinetic energy  from his fist, and yells out, “COME ON OUT! IF YOU WERE MORE VILLAINOUS THAN YOU WANT ME TO THINK, YOU WOULDN’T BE HIDING!!”

Dead silence fills the frozen headquarters, as Fastcat looks over at the petrified forms of Gwen, Rook Shar, Jen, and finally, Grandpa Max, doing a double-take with the latter upon seeing strange about his silhouette, as he looks over to see an almost humorous sight of a familiar black fedora resting atop his head. Glaring, Fastcat uses his enhanced speed to snatch the fedora off his head and look inside of it, finding nothing, but as he looks back up…

".ꓘƆOT ꓘƆIT"

Horrified by the ghoulish face staring from over Grandpa Max’s shoulder, Jack suddenly lunges out, releasing an electronically-distorted shriek as he lashes out and attempts to strike him with his cybernetic hand. Blocking with his Windy-Hindy arm, the two exchanged blows for a brief moment, although Fastcat looked in shock as he felt Windy-Hindy’s mechanical arm atop his forearm shatter with each of Jack’s electrified swipes. Finally managing to manifest a time ray, he fires at Jack, blasting him in the chest and throwing him back in a wall.

“WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH MY FRIEND?!” Fastcat yells with frustration, running over and barraging Jack with a series of blows, kneeing him in the face before using his enhanced strength to use Fastcat’s non-augmented arm to repeatedly jab Jack in the face, before he finally comes to his senses and emits a rupturing pulse of chronokinetic energy that sends Fastcat flying back. Groaning, Fastcat’s fur turns light-gray and begins to crack like stone, before Ben 23 emerges from the rapidly-disintegrating Citrakayah form, soon seeing the crumpling dust and crumpled fragments of Chronosapien armor before him.

“You… you destroyed FASTCAT?!” Ben 23 exclaims, seeing Jack getting to his feet and without his fedora, finally revealing his bizarrely-deformed face, his face jagged and distorted as if covered with calcified, cracked plates of dark-red matter resembling rock, with two misshapen gashes in place of a nasal cavity and clumps of rotted, stark-white hair sticking out of his lumpy, ridged scalp. His eyes were grotesquely large, and almost crystallized in appearance, bulging out of their sunken, darkly-circled sockets with maniacal rage and bloodshot veins more resembling bright-red lines of warped circuitry, while his mouth was lipless and prominently crooked, crimson-red teeth of varying size sticking outwards.

His fedora, laying on the ground a couple feet away, shuffles before it levitates upwards, its movements unnatural as if it was falling in reverse time, before it eventually returns atop Jack’s scalp, silhouetting his malformed head and reducing his gigantic eyes to piercing-red glows, as he again utters:

".ꓘƆOT ꓘƆIT"

Gritting his teeth, Ben 23 activates his Hero Watch and suddenly transforms into his version of Bullfrag, the blue-dressed, gold-visored Battletoad, before he suddenly leaps into action, jumping up into the air and smashing down onto Jack, his anatomy crumpling and shifting irregularly, literally bends and “glitches'' to the right, teleporting out of the way of Battletoad’s attack. Turning around to face Jack, Battletoad extends his tongue, only for Jack to suddenly grab it with his right hand and slam his arm down, sending Battletoad crashing to the ground. His mechanical hand sparking with electricity, Jack rushes at him, and swipes at him, only for Battletoad to lunge out of the way, causing the ground Jack slashes into it to violently fissure.

Pouncing onto one of the lobby’s walls, Battletoad ricochets off it and drop-kicks Jack, smashing him in another wall before repeatedly slamming the back of his head into it. Coming back to his senses, Jack headbutts him, both throwing Battletoad off and cracking the right side of his visor. Lunging forward, Jack swipes at him, only for Battletoad to quickly duck out of the way and kick upwards, slamming his foot into his chest and pushing his back. His hands clenched into fists, Battletoad exclaims, “Need some back-up, Skurd!”

On command, Skurd 23 extends his tendrils outwards and quickly encases the right arm and scalp of Battletoad in crystalline constructs made from Grindstone Man’s abilities, forming his right arm, clutching a crystalline sword, and a helmet stylized like his visor. Lunging forward, the two sides trade blows, Jack continuing to shift and disjoint his anatomy, as he stretches his left arm and attempts to strike Battletoad with his electrified mechanical hand. Bopping and weaving, Battletoad trades his crystalline sword to his right hand, lunges forward, and slashes at Jack, leaving a massive tear across the right side of his fedora’s brim.

In response, Left-Handed Jack screeches, his jaw unhinging into a massive maw of his crimson teeth, before he suddenly began to shift around rapidly, soon forming a trio of temporal afterimages, acting as duplicates, as the trio lunges at Battletoad with raised left arms. Skurd 23 quickly expanding Battletoad’s Grindstone-Man-armored arm into a massive crystal shield, it defends him from the trio, although immobilizes Battletoad in the process, as the trio of Jacks began to strike at the shield, spatially began to tear through it with disintegrating strikes. Struggling to keep his ground, Battletoad yells out, “SKURD!! GIVE ME A HAND!!”

“I don’t have hands, and if I did, I would be giving you all of them right now, but I’ll see what I can DO!” Skurd 23 exclaims, as suddenly, the cracking crystal shield rapidly begins to sprout and retract various crystal spikes, barraging the trio of afterimages with piercing blows and finally throwing them off, at the cost of destroying the crystal shield but no longer immobilizing Battletoad. Slashing at one of the afterimages with his crystal sword, Battletoad violently beheads them, causing them to erupt in a burst of disintegrating chronokinetic energy, before Skurd 23 forms an armored mace of flaming Charcoal Man rock from Battletoad’s freed left arm to allow him to blast another afterimage with flames, turning him to crumpling ash.

Halting to catch his breath, Battletoad quickly looks throughout the lobby and its frozen occupants, seeing no signs of the third duplicate, as he asks, “The last one… where is HE?!” before he suddenly began to hear the buzzing of electricity in his ear, feeling a pair of fingers drum up against his temple. Before Battletoad can turn around and defend himself, Battletoad is thrown back with an electrified blast, before violently crumpling to dust, the remains of his now-smashed visor, crystal helmet, and flaming mace’s rocks. Ben 23 emerging from the dust, seeing his Hero Watch was now depleted of its energy, he looks up at Left-Handed Jack looming over him, who slams his foot into his chest, pushing Ben 23 back down and sounding off an audible crack, as he begins to raise his mechanical hand upwards.

“Please… DON’T! HAVE A HEART! HE’S JUST A CHILD!” Skurd 23 exclaims. “I looked back in time earlier, with Windy-Hindy’s powers… I saw you used to be a human like my master once… that means you’re not a soulless being of another realm, and you can offer him mercy! You’ve already taken two of his transformations!! Isn’t that enough?!”

With a brief pause, Jack eventually responds, his right eye now partially visible in the light exposing the portion of his face through the tear in his brim:

".ǝɿɒmɈʜϱin lɒiɈɒqƨ ɒ oɈni ǝm bǝnɿυɈ Ɉi bnɒ ˎǝɔno γɔɿǝm ǝvɒϱ I"

“I can understand you through Windy-Hindy’s powers…” Skurd 23 utters under his breath, his slimy outer-body soon gaining the glowing texture of Windy-Hindy’s gears, as he exclaims, “Please… don’t hurt him! If you still retain some of your human nature, you’d show benevolence toward my master! You’ve defeated him, so LEAVE IT AT THAT! ISN’T THERE SOMEONE ELSE YOU’D LIKE TO TAKE YOUR ANGER OUT ON?!”

“Skurd… what are you doing?!” Ben 23 exclaims, recovered and revealing Jack’s kick had cracked and partially shattered the hourglass-detailed symbol of the medallion around his neck, to which Skurd 23 responds, “On my cue, run. Get to the Null Void. You still have Windy-Hindy, or even better, Mr. Universe. Save their Ben Tennyson.” and Jack speaks:

"-nɿυɈǝɿ ni Ɉυd ...ǝʇil ƨiʜ ǝɿɒqƨ ll'I nǝʜɈ..."

“Skurd… Skurd, what are you trying to say-?!” Ben 23 exclaims, before suddenly, Left-Handed Jack extends out his left arm, distorting his physiology, as he suddenly grabs Skurd 23 and with a sudden rip, tears him from the Hero Watch symbol, causing both his gear-like texture and the Hero Watch symbol atop his forehead. “-SKURD!!”

“That’s your cue… master, thank you for everything you’ve done for me.” Skurd 23 responds, as Jack retracts his arm and with his hand now crackling electricity, Skurd 23 closes his eyes, as he’s slowly aged into dust within Left-Handed Jack, seeping out of his opening grasp. Ben 23 looks on with trembling horror and in absolute shock, yells out, “NOOOOOOOOO!!!” as he watches his ally be killed before his very eyes, while Jack continues:

".ǝɿɒmɈʜϱin lɒiɈɒqƨ ɒ oɈni ǝm bǝnɿυɈ Ɉi bnɒ ˎǝɔno γɔɿǝm ǝvɒϱ I"

As Ben 23 continues to back away in trembling horror, tears falling down his face, Left-Handed Jack slowly approaches him, beginning to raise his crackling left hand up above his head, before violently bringing it down in a fell swoop, as the screen freezes, cutting to black as a logo fills the screen, before a single message fades in beneath it.


Left-Handed Jack’s eyes widen in bloodshot horror, as he gasps out in horror. Ben 23 opens his shut eyes, finding his hand only inches from his face, but completely frozen, as Jack stumbles back, looking down at the staff-like object piercing through his chest, ending in a metallic blade. Now sensing the manifestation of temporal energy from him, a familiar face peaks over his shoulder and asks, “I’m sorry… did I interrupt something?”

“WHAT?!” Ben 23 exclaims, shocked, as suddenly, the blade rips upwards through Jack’s body, causing him to stumble as his upper-torso and head divides into collapsing halves, exposing leaking, fizzling chronokinetic energy, and petrified energy in the form of a jagged skeleton, from within his body in place of human flesh and organs. “...professor… PARADOX?!

“Hello, my boy!” Professor Paradox exclaims, as suddenly, Left-Handed Jack’s partially-dissected halves smack back downwards, reversing time to regenerate, as his anatomy twists and reforms to have him suddenly be facing the newcomer. As he screeches with rage and attempts to strike him, a lightning-fast blur collides with his chest, sending him crashing onto his back.

“NOT SO FAST, CROOKED MAN!” Dr. Blurakami yells out, her fist clenched, as Jack seemingly melts downwards before suddenly reforming into him standing up. His mechanical hand crackling with electrified chronokinetic energy, he rushes at the duo with rage, as they quickly defend him off, with Professor Paradox slashing him with the bladed tip of his cane, and Dr. Blurakami knocks him around with extremely-fast blows, granting the time to a vengeful Ben 23 to aggressively activate his recharged Hero Watch and transform.

HOWL HOUND!!!” Ben 23 roars, having transformed into his white-furred version of Blitzwulf off-screen, before he leaps forward and attacks Jack from behind, surprising him as he gruesomely claws Jack across his face, further tearing his fedora’s brim. Regenerating through selectively reversing time and undoing his injuries, Jack zooms his own cane and attacks Professor Paradox, the two channeling chronokinetic energy through their canes, as they use them like swords and trade blows with one another.

Although Professor Paradox began to gain the upper-hand, Jack eventually uses his cane’s hook to wrap it around his ankle and pull his leg forward, tripping him and giving him the moment to raise his cane above his head in an attempt to plunge it straight through his vulnerable face. However, with a deafening sonic howl and the explosion of wood splinters, Jack stumbles in shock and drops his now-broken cane, discovering that Howl Hound had caused it to explode with a direct sonic howl. Enraged by his ally’s murder, Howl Hound lunges at the stunned Jack, instinctively plunging his clawed hands into his chest, before emitting a sonic howl straight into his face, causing it to begin cracking like stone.

Slamming him moments later, Howl Hound smashes his face straight into the lobby’s ground, and as Jack begins to push himself back up, only to be suddenly kicked into a wall by Dr. Blurakami with extreme built-up momentum, causing the force of her foot making contact with Jack’s skull to be like an anvil was lobbed at him. Sent crashing into a wall, his damaged fedora flying off in the process, Jack involuntarily releases a pulse of chronokinetic energy and within an instance, the trio begin to realize the environment of the headquarters’ lobby regaining color.

“There it is: he unfroze time! He’s going to escape in mere MOMENTS!” Professor Paradox exclaims, as suddenly, everyone, including Gwen, Kevin, Eunice, Rook Shar, Jen, Grandpa Max, and Azmuth, began to move again, looking around in confusion, as Gwen notices the timewalker’s sudden appearance, and yells out, “PROFESSOR PARADOX?!”

“Behold, your unwelcome house guest: Left-Handed Jack!” Professor Paradox exclaims, gesturing toward the spatial distortion himself, as he shields his deformed face upon realizing the Prime counterparts of Gwen and Kevin. “His left arm! GRAB IT, OR HE’LL ESCAPE!”

Within an instance, Howl Hound struck the Hero Watch symbol on his abdomen, transforming into the Perk variation of Vomit Man, as he extends out his tongues, wrapping them around Jack’s mechanical hand, and pulling it outwards. As Jack struggles to free his artificial hand, several allies lunge into battle, Kevin absorbing the metal of one of the headquarters’ walls to armor himself, before lunging forward and wrapping his arms around Jack’s right arm, pulling it back. Mimicking Gwen’s Anodite abilities, Eunice manifests tendrils of mana from her hands, quickly using them to assist in restraining Jack’s left arm, while Gwen herself, her eyes glowing pink, exclaims, “APPENDAGA REGORIA!”, a spell that paralyzes Jack, freezing his torso and lower-body, as he violently screeches, convulsing his partially-paralyzed head.

“HOLD HIM STILL! HOLD HIM STILL!!” Professor Paradox exclaims, as the other heroes surround the restrained Left-Handed Jack, as he loudly screeches and continues violently shaking his head, struggling to bend and warp his anatomy in an attempt to escape, as Kevin, struggling, asks, “Professor… what is this thing?!”

“It’s what was trying to keep all of you out. It’s a survivor of an obliterated dimension, and it’s what took your Ben.” Professor Paradox responds, facing Gwen. “Gwen, you must use your telepathy on him! You must enter his mind!”

“Does he even have one in there?!” Gwen responds, shocked by his feral responses to being restrained, as Professor Paradox responds, “Yes, and he’s hiding secrets from all of us! While he was the one to abduct your Ben, there’s more than just Jack… there’s others that are pulling the ones to pull the strings...”

“There’s always others.” Kevin sarcastically responds, as Jack, his head violently convulsing, spouts out in an enraged state:


Approaching him, Gwen holds out her hands, tapping into her Spellcaster form, previously depicted in battle during her fight with Albedo in Chapter 11, as her eyes begin to glow bright-pink and she exclaims the mind-reading spell of “APERIRE ANIMO!” as Left-Handed Jack screams out, his eyes now similarly glowing pink, and within an instance, Gwen finds herself immersed in the scrambled, garbled thoughts of Jack, represented as distorted flashes of various colors, mainly green and red. Trying to make sense of them through force, Gwen closes her eyes, tightens her grip, and amplifies her spell, before she opens her eyes to find herself not longer within the Plumber Headquarters, but a gravely-distorted, red-hued abyss, its surroundings bits and pieces of what appeared to be rock from the Null Void, and sensing a presence behind her, she turns and is met with a pitch-black figure, represented by Jack’s familiar fedora and trench-coat.

“JACK!” Gwen exclaims, channeling mana through her hands, as the figure slowly pivots their head to the left, revealing the glare of their glowing-red left eye. Fully turning around, Gwen was shocked and repulsed back by the sight of what appeared to be Ben Prime, with fully-red eyes, staring back toward her, dressed entirely in Left-Handed Jack’s clothing.

“It’s… it’s you, isn’t it? You’re him… well, a version of him…” Gwen speaks, as the manifestation of Ben Prime remains entirely silent, just levitating within the red-tinted abyss before the two of them. “...what happened to you?”

Shockingly, Jack responds… entirely coherently…



“Oh my god... you’re in pain…” Gwen responds, shocked.


“Why did you kidnap our Ben?!” Gwen demands, angered.


“Then let us turn you back. I know we can help you as long as you give us the chance.” Gwen responds, holding out her hand.


“Your… dimension?! Your entire world was destroyed by Ben?!” Gwen exclaims, shocked, before suddenly breaking out in denial. “NO, that’s not true! Ben couldn’t be so careless to just eradicate an entire world, eradicate an alternate version of himself!”


Within an instance, Left-Handed Jack’s form violently explodes in an eruption of red electricity, startling Gwen, as the electricity begins to extend outwards, soon dispersing, as Gwen soon stares in awe at the sight of several massive, red-eyed silhouettes having manifested from within the abyss, the one in the center a bulky, muscular figure with a circular left eye and glowing-red highlights all over his body, surrounded by the silhouettes of Mad Ben, Bad Ben, Nega Ben, Benzarro, Albedo 23, Khyber and his Panuncian, Neomni, Inspector 13, and various unknown silhouettes. Gwen trembles at the sounds of rumbling, as soon, as one massive silhouette rose from behind all of the silhouettes, revealing his four, glowing-red eyes, before he unleashed a booming roar toward her.

“GWEN!” Kevin exclaims, seeing Gwen, entranced by her telepathic link with Jack just moments prior, be suddenly repulsed, quickly caught by Dr. Blurakami. Maniacally laughing in a distorted tone, Left-Handed Jack suddenly releases a piercing shriek that manifests a sonic blast of chronokinetic energy that began to rapidly freeze his surroundings, turning the environment red-hued and distorted, before he effortlessly broke free of the now-frozen Kevin, Eunice, and Vomit Man.

Finally standing back up, the immobilizing spell no longer having effect on him, and inspecting his mechanical arm, he glances over at the frozen Gwen, and with moments of hesitation, slowly smiles with a warped grin of hideous teeth, before swiping his mechanical hand across the front of his face, causing his head to suddenly vanish, and as soon, he implodes inwards and was gone moments later, the fingertips of his left hand briefly visible to others as he unfroze time in the process of his departure, as Kevin, looking around, suddenly exclaims, “He’s GONE!”

“It was no use… he froze time and escaped...” Gwen says, slowly being helped to her feet, as Professor Paradox asks, “Gwen, you spoke to him… what did he tell you?”

“Professor Paradox is right. There ARE others pulling the strings.” Gwen says, reverting out of her Spellcaster form. “He was an alternate Ben, and he was destroyed and scattered through space and time, and whoever his ‘higher-up’ is, has been piecing him back together. That’s why he kidnapped our Ben… because Jack is loyal to him, for relieving his agony.”

Slowly removing the damaged medallion from around his neck and inspecting its damaged state, Professor Paradox slowly approaches Ben 23, resting a hand atop his shoulder and simply saying, “I witnessed what happened. I’m sorry.”

“He sacrificed himself to prevent Jack from getting rid of me on the spot… I lost him, just like how I lost my Max...” Ben 23 solemnly responds, pocketing his broken medallion, as Professor Paradox comforts himself, patting his hand on his shoulder and exclaiming, “If only there was a way to ‘bring him back’, alongside your obliterated versions of Fasttrack and Bullfrag.” as Ben 23 nods in response, before squinting his eyes, looking up at Professor Paradox, and asking, “… do you know what happened? You didn’t arrive that early-”

Smiling, Professor Paradox holds out his gauntlet-covered right hand, as Ben 23 stares with curiosity and anticipation, as he slowly opens the gauntlet to reveal a familiar, bright-cyan blob in the center of his metallic palm, who simply states, “Because I told him that.”

“S-Skurd? SKURD?!” Ben 23 exclaims, scooping him up, as Skurd 23 merely responds, “Did you miss me? I expected you did. Your time-traveling professor friend here may or may not have done some ‘time things’ prior to his arrival, which may or may not have involved altering my fate.“

“You...” Ben 23 responds, looking up at Professor Paradox. “ brought him back.

“His sacrifice was honorable, but it was undeserved. The space and time anomalies ravaging throughout the multiverse would have altered his demise regardless of his fate. I’d figure I cut to the chase by pulling a few strings.” Professor Paradox responds, allowing Ben 23 to slowly let Skurd 23 rest atop the Hero Watch, restoring the symbol on his forehead. “You will also happen to notice that your ‘Fastcat’ and ‘Battletoad’, in actuality, were not actually destroyed by Left-Handed Jack.”

“Tell me… are any of you gaining a sense of ‘deja vu’ by these events?” Professor Paradox asks, glancing over at Gwen, Kevin, Eunice, Rook Shar, Jen, Dr. Blurakami, Grandpa Max, Azmuth, and the various Plumbers, as in the background, Blukic raises his hand and simply comments, “I am.”

“So… what do we do now?” Jen asks, to which Grandpa Max suddenly interjects, exclaiming, “Now… we go rescue my grandson.” as the scene slowly fades to black. White text begins to appear at the center of the bottom of the screen.


As several Null Guardians, light-gray-colored creatures represented by long bodies ending in tentacles, mouths of sharp, dark-yellow teeth, and bat-like wings, fly throughout the skies of the Null Void, the scene shifts downwards to reveal Ultimate Ben brawling the masculine, facially-deformed Way Bad, first using XLR8’s speed to quickly avoid its attempts to stomp on him, then grinding to a halt and smacking the Ultimatrix symbol on his chest, exclaiming, “BIG CHILL!” and firing a frigid mist of freezing moisture that encases the Way Bad’s foot, causing its attempts to take a step toward Ultimate Ben to backfire, and sending it collapsing into the ground, while Ken, still transformed as Wildvine, flings several seeds that quickly burrow into the ground near the fallen Null Void and rapidly sprout into vines that quickly begins to wrap around and restrain it by the wrists.

Meanwhile, Fourmungousaur brawls yet another masculine Way Bad, represented by a large, pointed fin atop its head, an eerily skull-like face, and several, deep, black scars across its entire body. Expelling a pair of sonic claps that disorientates it, he suddenly transforms in a flash of green light, his new fusion form gaining the upper-body structure, fur patterns, partial facial structure, and metallic bolts of Shocksquatch, but the remaining facial structure and lower-body of Crashhopper, with the Biomnitrix symbol on his abdomen, which, while running toward the Way Bad, Ben 10,000 identifies as, “CRASHOCKER!” before he leaps into the air and upon landing, releases an electrified shockwave that sends the Way Bad stumbling back.

“Way Bad? TOO BAD!” Crashocker exclaims, using his enhanced jumping strength to lunge up into the air, and his indestructible, insectoid skull to smash straight into the jaw of the skull-faced Way Bad, sending him tumbling back and smashing into a field of floating Null Void islands. As the helmeted Way Bad swings one of its arms down, trying to squash Crashocker, a mass of razor-sharp crystals suddenly forms from around him, stabbing the Way Bad’s palm and forcing him to retract in pain. Crashocker turns around to find its origin to be Gwen’s Petrosapien form, who asks, “Did you just stand entirely still and let that thing try to crush you?”

“I was gonna electrocute it when it tried to touch me.” Crashocker responds, as suddenly, the helmeted Way Bad raises up its foot, its shadow alerting the two heroes to its attempts to squash them, before suddenly, the Way Bad is blasted back with a radioactive blast beneath it, suddenly revealing itself to be originating from Ultimate Ben, using the powers of NRG. As the Way Bad stumbles back, Ultimate Ben exclaims, “BALL WEEVIL!” upon striking his Ultimatrix and blasts several globules of plasma at the Way Bad’s legs, before suddenly detonating them all at once, destroying the ground beneath Way Bad and sending it crashing through.

“What kind of bone-headed move was that?! You almost took this whole island down!” Gwen’s Petrosapien form exclaims, as Ultimate Ben, using Fasttrack’s speed to regroup, exclaims, “Yeah, but I took down the monster literally the size of an Empire State building, didn’t I?!” to which Gwen’s Petrosapien form scoffs in response, both Ken, still as Wildvine, and Albedo, joins the rest of the group, and Crashocker, reverting back to his human form, pulls out the stopwatch replica, inspecting its fluctuating hand.

“We need to head south-west of where we are. I think it’s best we used aliens capable of flight to avoid any further attacks, and to maneuver the Null Void’s terrain.” Ben 10,000 exclaims, as Albedo clarifies, “Nothing more than islands from what I’ve seen.

Hearing distant howls, the group looks over to see a hoard of various Way Bads heading in the direction of their fallen allies, including the aforementioned male Way Bad with facial features atop the front of his torso, and a pair of male Way Bads, one possessing a neck grotesquely elongated in length, purple armor and an extended head-fin covering the upper-half of his face metallic shackles around its wrists, and various extended, metal-surrounded, optical growths sticking out of its backside, sides, hips, and shins, and the another gangly, with a metallic neck and mid-section, and being covered with jagged, spiked growths, stringy, black flesh, and most noticeably, several massive, bulbous, dark-red tumors sticking out of its back, shoulders, forearms, and the sides of its calves.

“Ummm… we better hurry. These Way Bads look Way Mad.” Wildvine nervously says, to which Ultimate Ben stifles a chuckle in response.

As the group all activate their means of flight, Ben 10,000 transforming into Chuck Chill, a comical combination of Perk Upchuck’s overall facial and body structures, green coloration, spouts on the back of his head, and extremities, and Big Chill’s wings, antennae, eyes, mouth, and patterns, with the Biomnitrix symbol on his abdomen like Upchuck, Ken transforming his white-clothed version of Stinkfly, Gwen’s Petrosapien form striking the Omnitrix symbol on her left pectoral to morph into her femininely-shaped, darker-covered Aerophibian form, Ultimate Ben gaining the powers of an alien soon revealed to be Crane Fly, and Albedo sprouting ectoplasmic wings from his back, all five of them head off from the damaged Null Void islands, and as they finally move off-screen... orange blur suddenly rushes to the ledge of one of the distant islands, revealing itself as the orange-bandaged, shoulder-pad-armored, metal-helmeted Mad XLR8, who glares down at the fleeing heroes, before he turns around to face his slowly-arriving allies in the form of Bad Ben, Nega Ben, Benzarro, and Albedo 23, all respectively transformed as Bad Spidermonkey, Nega Snakepit, Patient Assemble, or Benzarro’s zombified, damaged version of Bloxx, and finally, Negative Rollaway, all using their alien forms’ enhanced degrees of agility, and elasticity for Benzarro, to maneuver throughout the Null Void’s landscape.

“Heartwarming to see us all together for the first time in years, and now with new members.” Mad XLR8 exclaims, gesturing toward Negative Rollaway, and soon, Khyber’s Panuncian, transformed as the massive Slamworm, a silhouetted entity riding atop his back, who hops down to group with the others, soon followed by his pet transforming back into her Panuncian form.

“Who’s this?” Nega Snakepit asks in confusion to the newcomer, as Mad XLR8 clarifies, “This is the mastermind behind our latest ally, the Nemetrix-wielding Panuncian… I give you one of the greatest huntsmen in the universe: Khyber.

“It’s funny, isn’t it? I expected to spend the rest of my life hunting after the wielder of the Omnitrix, but now… they’re my allies...” Khyber says, lowering his hood and finally revealing his Zaroffian appearance, a turquoise, large-jawed alien humanoid with teeth fused with his lips, dark-red, sunken eyes, and gills under his cheeks, while he was dressed in a black, red-striped suit, with metallic-gray pants, gloves, and a belt, black boots, and the remains of several bones of creatures he’s hunted, including a ribcage across his chest, a tailbone acting as his right shoulder-pad, and a horned skull acting as the left, ribs covering his backside and shins, and talon-like claws atop his shoes.

Through past encounters and misuse of his bootleg Nemetrix, Khyber’s physiology had become morphed with Kaosseffexx Ultimasauria DNA, the species of the predatory species of Humungousaur, and the Nemetrix transformation dubbed Tyrannopede. His face had became dark-red, with large fanged teeth, horns across the sides of his head, and a large, hollow horn protruding from his forehead, alongside black plates running down his back, his underside now light-gray scales, and his arms replaced with two pairs of dark-purple, animalistic limbs tipped with dark-red fingers, and retained humanoid structure of his hands, while his lower-body were similar animalistic appendages, although more muscular and now possessing a tail ending in dark-red spikes shaped like ribs. His outfit and bony armor damaged by his transformation, Khyber possessed added metallic reinforcements to his armor and dark-red bandages around his arms.

“Hehehe... that is funny.” Mad XLR8 responds, as the snarling Panuncian approaches the group, but is kept back by Khyber, who exclaims, “Easy, girl. We’re on their side.”

“What we do now?” Patient Assemble asks, to which Mad XLR8, suddenly reverting back to his human form in a flash of orange light, turns to face off into the chaotic realm that was the Null Void, steadily removing the metallic helmet atop his head and taking a sharp, malformed inhale. His scalp naked with every follicle of hair absent, the back of his head was revealed to be covered in horrific, fleshy burns. Breathing out what remained of his nose, Mad Ben slowly turned to face the group, horrifying all of them but Khyber when he revealed his deformed face.

“Now… we begin our project…” Mad Ben speaks through deformed remnants of lips. “We start by being rid of those heroes down below. Join me in their obliteration. All of you, deploy your respective fragments of the Transmogrificator.

As each of the alternate versions of Ben rapidly transform back to their human forms, in flashes of minty-green, bright-gray, dark-purple, and apricot-orange light, they each extract a metallic device from their pockets, revealing them to be constructed of varying sources, such as the Techadon technology of Inspector 13, and various mythical artifacts of magical origin. Mad Ben suddenly transforming in a flash of orange light to become the metallic-helmeted Mad Jury Rigg, he grabs the four pieces and begins to assemble them together, using the assistance of Bad Ben, who transforms into Bad Upgrade in a flash of minty-green light, as the two Omnitrix wielder begins fusing the parts together.

After minutes of working, Mad Jury Rigg and Bad Upgrade eventually retracted backwards, revealing the fully-assembled parts, taking the form of a black, mechanical, right-handed gauntlet, forged together with glowing-pink mana and glowing-red circuitry that soon melded together to take on a dark-purple color. Mad Ben lifts the gauntlet up into the air, smiling wildly, as the scene slowly fades to black. White text begins to appear at the center of the bottom of the screen.


Ben Prime lays petrified within his makeshift chamber, completely locked in a trance as if he was unconscious. His face stained with streams of dried blood and mucus, he’s incapable of speaking or making any sort of external response to his surroundings, as his body remains corrupted and dismantled within the machine.

In a sudden instant, a swirling green portal suddenly opens from within the chamber’s interior, and a futuristic, airborne vehicle rapidly emerges from the portal, resembling a miniature spacecraft with two cockpits covered by black-tinted windows, and being colored primarily-white, with the right side possessing green highlights and the left side possessing orange highlights. The vehicle steadily grinds to a halt, and separates into two, reforming into a pair of smaller, motorcycle-like vehicles, revealing themselves to be the Time Cycles, as the windows open to reveal Kevin, Gwen, Eunice, and Grandpa Max inside, two in each motorcycle.

Jen suddenly follows too, phasing into their dimension while transformed as a feminine Sideslash, while Professor Paradox opens a time portal, allowing him to enter and additionally allow access to Ben 23, Skurd 23, and Dr. Blurakami, all of them battle-ready, with Grandpa Max adorned in full-blown Plumber armor and wielding an array of weapons, Ben 23 transformed as Howl Hound, and Dr. Blurakami similarly armored and wielding a Mark 12 Techadorian Multiblaster. Rook Shar was not present, due to still recovering from her injuries, along with Azmuth and Zed.

Jen reverting back from her alien form while her allies emerge from the Time Cycles, she exclaimed, “BEN!” at the sight of the stasis tank, to which Howl Hound rushes forward and begins to blast the glass exterior of the stasis tank with a sonic howl, causing it to begin cracking. Shocked, Professor Paradox yells out, “STOP! DON’T!” and manages to halt Howl Hound in the nick of time.

“Your Ben’s body is chronologically unstable! If you destroy that tank and release him while he’s like that, he could be ripped apart by the fabric of reality around him!” Professor Paradox clarifies, as Grandpa Max, squinting, says, “That’s not a tank… that’s an experimental Techadon teleporter pod. A few of these are in Plumber’s possession. This one looks like a prototype.”

“They… teleported him?” Kevin says, confused, as Grandpa Max clarifies, “No, they… erased him… and recollected all of his scattered molecules by inputting his bio-energy signature and forcefully attempting to teleport him from the location he was at. If they had done it a few seconds too late, he would have been too unstable, and have been disintegrated by the time he was reformed.”

“Oh my stars, that’s really disturbing…” Dr. Blurakami says, disgusted. “How do we get him out of there in one piece?!”

“If there’s a way to reprogram the teleporter’s control panel, and tap back into the archive of your Ben’s bio-energy signature, it could force a chronological restart and repair his body.” Professor Paradox responds, to which Jen looks over at the control panel, arms her Cosplayer, and says, “Reprogram, huh? Leave it to me!” before suddenly striking down on the Cosplayer’s interface, as she’s rapidly coated in liquid metal, transforming her into Upgrade. Lunging forward and merging her body with the control panel, she’s rejected and blasted off with crackling electricity.

“Oh… firewall… and a good one too… but that’s no match for…” Upgrade says, before suddenly smacking the Cosplayer symbol on her chest, causing it to suddenly sprout its eight metallic prongs and rapidly transforming her body into her Evolved Galvanic Mechamorph form. “...U L T I M A T E   U P G R A D E !”

Leaping forward again, and softening her body into flowing liquid metal, Ultimate Upgrade merges with the control panel, completely unaffected by its electrical discharge and easily bypassing the firewall, exclaiming, “I  F O U N D  I T !”

Upon discovering the archive of Ben Prime’s bio-energy signature, she immediately begins to do her work, crackling electricity surging out from the base of the unstable prototype teleporter pod. Suddenly escaping his trance, Ben Prime begins to scream out in pain, his body rapidly distorting and soon, beginning to violently piece itself back together, the fragments of his destroyed body pushing themselves back together, soon followed by the Omnitrix itself. Ultimate Upgrade successful and unmerging with the heavily-sparking control panel, Howl Hound turns toward Professor Paradox, who nods in response, before he turns and unleashes a sonic howl at the teleporter pod, causing its glass exterior to violently explode and free Ben Prime, who falls to the ground in a heap.

“BEN!” Gwen yells out, as she and the rest of her allies, slowly rush over, slowly helping Ben Prime back up to his feet, as he groans out, “...gwen…?” and stares blankly with bloodshot eyes, weakly smiling. Gwen hugs Ben Prime upon realization that although injured, he was okay, soon joined by Kevin, Eunice, and Grandpa Max, as Jen and Ben 23 both revert back to their human forms, respectively in flashes of emerald-green and bright-cyan light.

As Ben Prime is laid onto his back, Eunice accesses her recently-replicated Remotion DNA, the species of Rollback, and lays her forehead onto Ben Prime’s forehead, soon chronologically reversing his injuries, as his bloodied, pale face soon replenishes back to normal. Ben Prime, now reinvigorated, gasps for air and recoils from pain, leaning onto his side and briefly gasping, before turning back to his allies and squinting through blurry vision, as he hears the relieved voice of Grandpa Max, uttering, “Ben… it’s okay.” before he suddenly lunges up, hugging Grandpa Max again, as he chuckles and hugs him back, saying, “...I’m here.”

Slowly releasing him, although still weakened, Ben Prime manages to keep his balance, as he looks up toward his allies and asks, “How…” in a confused state, to which Skurd 23 pipes up, “Mr. Universe, one of my master’s aliens.” and Gwen clarifies, “...he has Alien X...”

“Now, that’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time.” Grandpa Max comments, before suddenly, alarms begin to surge throughout the chapter and soon, the crackling of an intercom system, followed by a familiar, monotone voice, exclaiming, “SO… YOUR EFFORTS WERE NOT IN VAIN… AND IN THE PROCESS, YOU DESTROYED THE VALUABLE TELEPORTER PROTOTYPE.”

“Not valuable! Just old!” Grandpa Max exclaims back at the voice, who responds, “REGARDLESS, YOU WILL PAY FOR YOUR EFFORTS. DEPLOY HOLOGRAPHIC VISUALS.” as a mechanical arm extends from the ceiling, ending in a projector that manifests as a holographic screen that reveals the voice’s origin: Inspector 13.

“The weapons master! Inspector 13!” Kevin exclaims, shocked, as Inspector 13 responds, his voice now emitting from a speaker on the projector, “EX-WEAPONS MASTER. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHY I AM KNOWN ONLY BY MY FORMER ASSOCIATION.” as he looks over toward Jen and continues, “IT APPEARS ONE OF MY PRODUCTS HAS RETURNED TO ITS ORIGINAL OWNER. ALMOST 10 YEARS LATER… CALYPSO.”

“Good to see you too, and I don’t go by Calypso anymore. It’s Jennifer.” Jen responds, as Inspector 13 responds, “YOUR NAME IS IRRELEVANT TO ME, ONLY THE DEFEAT OF YOU AND YOUR ALLIES ARE. DEPLOY PLASMA CAGE.”

As suddenly, a massive apparatus begins to extend downwards from the ceiling, glowing with projected light and readying to project energy cages around the heroes, the heroes jump into action, with Grandpa Max firing energy blasts at the plasma cage deployer until it’s destroyed with an explosion and begins to collapse downwards. Quickly acting, Jen suddenly transforms into EpiCentaur, grabbing ahold of the falling deployer, using her enhanced strength to push it over her head, and throw it forward at the holographic screen, crushing and destroying its projector in the process.

Alarms continuing to blare, Inspector 13 exclaims over the speakers, “DEPLOY LOCKDOWN MODE.” as suddenly, mechanical doors leading down a hallway out of the room slam shut. Kevin runs forward, absorbing the alien metal forming the walls, and morphing his arms into crowbar-like appendages, struggles to open the doors, but is ineffective, exclaiming, “HE’S LOCKING US IN!”

“DEPLOY GUARD ROBOTS.” Inspector 13 exclaims over the speaker, as suddenly, several large compartments within the chamber’s rooms open upwards, as several magenta-red Techadon Robots erupt from the shadows, their armored visors glowing bright-red as they deploy energy blasters from their right arms and open fire on the heroes, although they are protected by Gwen quickly putting up a shield of solid mana, as Kevin remarks, “There’s not one day we break into some location and not get blasted by a bunch of robot bodyguards.”

“Do what you do best, children.” Professor Paradox exclaims, inspecting a holographic interface being projected out of the back of his mechanical gauntlet, the Chrono-Navigator, before forming a time portal behind him. “In the meantime, I must enter another location. You have back-up on the way, but it appears they’re having trouble of their own.”

“Wait, so you’re just bailing on us?!” Kevin exclaims, alarmed, to which Professor Paradox asks, “...and in what capacity do you still require my help? You are where you want to be, you have Ben, go destroy some evil robots.” before vanishing through a portal, summoning another one to take the unoccupied Time Cycles with him. Smirking, Kevin reabsorbs and armors himself with alien metal from the floor beneath him, forming a spiked mace from his right fist and commenting, “I do like that doing that.”

“Tiring, but beats a bored Saturday.” Gwen simply responds, and upon dropping her mana shield, the heroes lunge into action, Ben Prime, Ben 23, and Jen activating their Omnitrixes, and all transforming in flashes of bright-green, bright-cyan, and emerald-green light, respectively becoming Humungousaur, the dark-blue, gold-highlighted Dimension 23 version of Armodrillo, dubbed Toolboxx, and a feminine version of Whalewind, as Kevin quickly attacks a Techadon Robot, Gwen firing disc-shaped projectiles of mana, Grandpa Max and Dr. Blurakami begins opening fire on several of the robots, and Eunice mimicking the powers of all of the Omnitrix wielders’ three alien forms, before slamming her hands into the ground and creating a shockwave toward several robots.

Mayhem ensues, as Inspector 13, within a dark, isolated security room with a wall purely covered in various security monitors, watches various monitors, seeing Humungouaur grab ahold one of the Techadon robots and slam it into the ground, pulverizing, Toolboxx impale one through the head with a rotating drill, before allowing Skurd 23 to morph his other hand into the head of Dog-Nabbit, who bite down and decapitate a nearby Techadon Robot in the process, Whalewind blast her wind breath at several robots, throwing them back against a wall and allowing Grandpa Max and Dr. Blurakami to blast them apart, Gwen tearing through several damaged robots with beams of mana energy, Kevin sawing off the blaster-wielding right arm of yet another robot with a bladed arm, before smashing its visor with his mace fist, and Eunice combining his seismokinesis and wind breath to violently decimate many robots attempting to fight hand-to-hand.

Your offense is pointless.” A deep, gravelly voice emits from the shadows, represented as a pair of pale-red eyes. “Let me fight them myself. I’ll obliterate them before they can even realize they’re in the Null Void.


And once the gauntlet is returned to base, and these heroes are disposed of, I will be granted free reign over the laboratory’s prototype models, correct?” The gravelly voice asks, as Inspector 13 looks over a group of monitors, showing the aforementioned laboratory, containing dozens of stasis tanks filled with bubbling, bright-green fluid and several, bizarrely-shaped silhouettes, before eventually responding, “MOST DEFINITE.”

The Techadon robots destroyed, and their semi-functional remains being eradicated by both Toolboxx and Kevin, Humungousaur struggles to open the mechanical doors to the hallways, exclaiming, “They’re reinforced! Not even Humungousaur can break through them!” to which Whalewind, suddenly morphing into Crashhopper, exclaims, “Leave it to ME!” before using her enhanced jumping strength to lunge forward an attempt to smash the doors down, only for her to flimsily bounce off and clumsily fall to the ground. Eunice mimicking Crashhopper’s jumping strength, she lands a hard kick to the door, utilizing both Vaxasaurian and Talpaedan strength at once, and even that only lands a large, but shallow dent.

“REALLY reinforced.” Eunice comments, as Crashhopper gets back up to her and Kevin comments, “Try ripping them open with MindMatter’s telekinesis, or burning them open with Kugelblitz’s flames.” while still smashing several of the Techadon robots’ remains. In flashes of green light, Humungousaur morphs into MindMatter and Crashhopper transforms into a feminine Kugelblitz in a dual transformation sequence, as they utilize their telekinetic and pyrokinetic attacks onto the doors, although get nothing but more dents and minor burns.

“Surprised Inspector 13’s Techadon technology has gotten this advanced.” Kugelblitz exclaims, shocked but mainly impressed, unlike MindMatter, who continues to struggle to try and use his telekinesis, but eventually gives up, exclaiming, “Bullshit. I have a better idea.” before smacking his Omnitrix symbol and suddenly enlarging to 20 feet in height, as he yells out, “VOLCANIWYRM!!” and reveals his massive transformation.

“Oh no… BACK UP! THIS ONE’S A HEAVY HITTER!” Grandpa Max yells out, as everyone takes cover, Kugelblitz and Toolboxx both reverting back to their human forms, as Gwen puts up a mana shield and Volcaniwyrm holds out his elongated, tendril-like arms, the vents on his forearms erupting with plumes of smoldering smoke, before firing out blasts of scalding, dark-red blood that begin rapidly corroding through the mechanical doors, violently eating through the surrounding walls in the process.

As the doors are successfully destroyed, although in a relatively-chaotic way, Gwen lowers her shield and exclaims the aerokinetic spell of “INCENDIA ABSUM!” that extinguishes the burning smoke and allows the melted metal around the opened doors to cool to a hardened state. As Volcaniwyrm reverts back to his human form, Eunice, annoyed, asks, “You couldn’t have just used someone equally as acidic, but more contained, like Goop?”

“I don’t give ‘Volcaniwyrm’ enough credit.” Ben Prime responds, to which Eunice clarifies, her arms crossed, “Because his powers are burning smoke, and boiling blood. That’s why.” as the group heads down the now-opened hallway. Noticing several of the security cameras, Gwen exclaims, “CAMERA OBLITERA!” and manifests several miniature bursts of mana that begin to deactivate them one-by-one.

Meanwhile, within the security room, Inspector 13 notices the slowly-deactivating cameras and activating the intercom again, exclaims, “DEPLOY HALLWAY GUARD ROBOTS. ERADICATE ALL INTRUDERS.” and soon, visible through the monitors, several Techadon robots begin rushing down one of the hallways after the heroes.

“WE STILL HAVE COMPANY!” Grandpa Max exclaims, seeing a swarm of the Techadon robots taking a sharp right turn from within a distant hallway, and heading in the direction of them, deploying their energy blasters and immediately opening fire, Gwen putting up another mana shield. All three of the Omnitrix wielders again quickly activate their Omnitrixes again, and respectively transform into a bizarre alien not visible at first, Lightning Volt, Ben 23’s younger version of Frankenstrike, and at first, a feminine Kugelblitz, before going a step forward, the Cosplayer’s symbol gaining its eight prongs and evolving her into her feminine version of Ultimate Kugelblitz.

The view panning down, Lightning Volt and Ultimate Kugelblitz stare downwards in confusion at Ben Prime’s peculiar transformation, a small, jelly-bean-shaped humanoid with pale-green skin, dark-green warts atop its torso, dark-green, branch-like arms, eyes bulging off the sides of his head, and a circular mouth in the center of his face, his outfit consisting of black briefs and a green belt possessing the Omnitrix symbol. Ben Prime attempts to identify this transformation, but instead emits a series of gurgles.

“What is that?!” Lightning Volt exclaims, disgusted, as Eunice, crossing her arms, comments, “That’s Snot Goblin. Gross, but somewhat useful.”

As the Techadon robots continue firing, the trio of Omnitrix wielders jump into battle, with Ultimate Kugelblitz firing extremely-powerful pyrokinetic blasts that begin melting through their armor, as Lightning Volt blasts them with electromagnetic bursts, and Snot Goblin firing globules of glue-like mucus that clings to their armor. Lightning Volt getting an idea, he fires out a paralyzing lightning wave, which electrocutes the blobs of snot sticking to the robots’ armor, violently destroying them in an explosion and allowing the group to continue proceeding, with Snot Goblin being comically dragged from behind by Dr. Blurakami, as they are pursued by more Techadon robots.

Entering a massive room within the warship at the end of one of the hallways, Gwen exclaimed “FACIO GRAVIS!”, a gyrokinetic spell that slammed the metal doors shut and blocked the group off from the robots. Ultimate Kugelblitz and Lightning Volt used a combination of their powers on the door, the former welding it shut and the latter electrocuting and short-circuiting it to prevent opening it technology-wise. The heroes caught their brief, Snot Goblin reverting back to Ben Prime in a flash of green light, as Dr. Blurakami asks, “Alright… so, we got Ben… now how do we get OUT of here?!”

“We just have to wait out until Professor Paradox’s help arrives, but until then, we-” Grandpa Max responds, before suddenly, a deep, gravelly voice makes itself known from across the room, asking, “Tennyson… I anticipated we’d meet, just not this early…

ILLUMINATUS-!” Gwen exclaims, summoning a photokinetic aura of illuminating mana light from her hands, only for suddenly, the massive room’s lights activate, revealing its presence to be stylized similar to the chamber room where Ben Prime was imprisoned within, but was massive in size, possessing several defining attributes, including a balcony-like ledge across the room, and several alien inscriptions engraved into the walls. As the heroes stare around in shock, the voice continues, now revealed as a familiar pair of pale-red eyes atop the balcony, “Over 10 years that I’ve been imprisoned in this dimension… everything I had back then… everything I’ve built up... was gone in moments, all because of you...

“Yeah, so what if Ben did? In fact, I’d like to know the reason why, evil-doer.” Ultimate Kugelblitz responds, to which the voice, glaring, angrily responds, “NOT TENNYSON! TENNYSON COULD BARELY HOLD HIS OWN AGAINST ME! I’M REFERRING TO HIM!” and points forward, directly not toward Ben Prime, but Kevin.

“Me?! I’ll have you know I made a lot of enemies in the Null Void, so if you want your scary villain monologue to make sense, you have to elaborate who exactly the hell you are.” Kevin responds, gesturing to himself. “Actually, you know what, I have a better idea. Other Ben, the one who isn’t ourselves or a girl, hit him.”

“Lightning Volt’s good at that!” Lightning Volt cheerily responds, slamming one fist into his palm, before he fires a pair of lightning blasts from his towers directly at the voice’s origin, only for the lightning to be deflected back and shielded by a blast of flames from Ultimate Kugelblitz, as the voice exclaims, “If you had challenged just after my defeat a decade ago… that move would have potentially worked… but it won’t anymore.

“I have a better version!” Skurd 23 exclaims, suddenly encasing Lightning Volt’s left arm in Build-A-Guy’s blocks and morphing a launcher-based weapon, supplied by blocks atop a makeshift backpack of ammunition on his backside, that Ben Prime dubbed the Bloxx-Lobber, but in Ben 23’s case, was simply the Build-A-Lobber, as he began firing electrified blocks of hardened clay at the voice, only for them to be easily destroyed with several energy blasts. “Hm… this usually works…”

I don’t have enough patience for this juvenile behavior… Jack, get rid of all but the two I desire…” The voice exclaims, as suddenly, a trio of rapidly-shaking afterimages of Left-Handed Jack begin phasing through the walls behind the group. Although Gwen and Grandpa Max attempted to blast them back, their shaking states revealed they were literally phasing through any attacks, before they eventually became intangible and wrapped elongated arms around the allies, one grabbing ahold of Gwen and Eunice, another grabbing ahold of Ultimate Kugelblitz and Dr. Blurakami, and the third grabbing hold Lightning Volt and Grandpa Max. Although Ben Prime tries to transform to stop them in time, the afterimages of Jack phase back through the walls, taking their allies with them. Absorbing the metal of the wall and slamming a hammer-morphed fist against it, Kevin yells out, “GWEN! NOOO!!”

That’s more like it.” The voice comments, to which Ben Prime successfully transforms into a tall, slender humanoid alien, named Feedback, with rubbery-black skin, golden bolts atop his outer-shoulders, forearms, and outer-hips, one large single eye, two long, tendril-like antennae extending from the back of his head and ending in pronged plugs, a similarly-pronged tendril acting as a tail extending from his backside, metallic, hollow plugs atop each of his fingertips, and a sleeveless jumpsuit for an outfit, possessing the Omnitrix symbol on the center of his chest, as he yells out, “BRING THEM BACK!!”

I don’t think so… my quarrel deals with only you two… on the other hand, your allies can settle scores with your own nemesis… and in the mean-time...” The voice responds, before he suddenly fires another red energy blast toward the duo, only for Feedback to suddenly absorb the attack through the plugs atop his fingertips, and fires it back, blowing a hole straight through the balcony and causing a figure to come falling through, miraculously managing to land on his feet, as he slowly stands back up and reveals his aged silhouette, while repeatedly uttering, “10 years… 10 years… 10 years...” under his breath.

“You are SO GOING TO CALL OFF YOUR LITTLE DEFORMED MINION, OR I’M PUTTING YOU IN THE FLOOR!” Kevin exclaims, transforming his left arm into an enlarged mace, to which the voice responds, “That’s not in the cards, hatchling… I will not heed to your demands… I’ve waited a decade for this moment…

“Did he just call me a ‘hatchling’? Wait… Ben, is that-” Kevin asks, before suddenly growing shocked upon realization, as the red-eyed voice responds, “While my mind believes that name means nothing to me now, my body disagrees greatly.” before glaring forward, now having a better look at Ben Prime and Kevin, and commenting, “’ve grown older, hatchling...”

“Speak out of the shadows, so I can say the same to you.” Kevin responds with a stern tone, before finally dropping the bombshell. “...AGGREGOR.

Finally emerging from the shadows, the aforementioned villain named Aggregor reveals himself as a severely-aged human, covered in minor scars and torn clothes, in the form of a crudely-stitched, reassembled tunic and jeans, while his chest was partially exposed through tears in his tunic, exposing a massive scar across his left pectoral, his scalp was bald, exposing four, small, flesh-colored horns emerging from his scalp and another large scar across the left side of his scalp, branching down to that side of his forehead, his dark hair was overgrown, and his eyes were a gleaming, pale-red, surrounded by black marks and an additional scar below his right eye. Although usually partnered with his signature bladed spear weapon, it was absent, making the source of his energy blasts unknown.

I do not look my best...” Aggregor responds, as Kevin cockily remarks, “Yeah? You look like shit… which makes sense coming from a piece of shit.” and Feedback briefly chuckles in response to Kevin’s insult.

While your friends are settling scores with their own villains, it’s time I settle my own... like I said, I’ve waited a decade for this very moment… to take revenge on the two who robbed the Ultimate Prize from me...” Aggregor responds. “It’s a shame I couldn’t also bring your 10-year-old self here to complete the trio, but I will work with what I can get…

“News flash, dumbass. You brought him, and he’s not a push-over. He’s Ben Tennyson” Kevin responds, gesturing toward Feedback, to which Aggregor responds, his voice growing gradually deeper with his final sentence, “I am not afraid of him, no matter how much more powerful he’s become in the past 10 years… in fact, I should thank him, along with you… with all that time in this hellish Null Void realm, I was able to take back the power I had lost, through scavenging and absorbing the raw power of all the criminals locked in here WITH ME!

Aggregor holds his right arm out, as it violently mutates with an eruption of red light, growing into a massive tendril of Heatblast’s flames and rock, turned blackened with the coloration of Nighthowler’s shadows, noticeably gaining the magma bulbs of Geothermite, and Magmalight’s layered shoulder-plates. Holding out his left arm, it extended outwards into the muscular structure of Four Arms, only elongated, gangly, and tipped with a grotesque, three-fingered hand like Sideslash, additionally possessing Shocksquatch’s bolts on the sides of his wrist, and a massive tentacle erupting from his wrist, being the structure of Eelectricity’s tail, albeit the upper-half of it covered in bright-red Upgrade circuitry, the lower-half of it covered in the stripes of XLR8’s tail, and the tip of it possessing Jury Rigg’s devil tail’s tip.

Aggregor’s back violently tears open, exposing the flowing molten wax and jagged coral spikes of Chandelier and Barrier Reef, the left wing of Stinkfly, composed from Nighthowler’s shadows, the right wing of a Null Guardian, albeit larger and composed of Heatblast’s flames and darkened rock. As Null Guardian tentacles erupt from his lower-back, their patterns being a combination of AmpFibian’s with Ghostfreak’s black stripes, Aggregor’s massive torso bursts through his tunic’s burning remnants, possessing the structure of Four Arms, but covered in Heatblast’s flowing flames and blackened rock, with Reverbatim’s equalizers on his chest, Terraspin’s chest holes, Clockwork’s gear window on the center of his chest atop NRG’s chest seal, the black, crystalline shoulder spikes of a Wigsilian Org Beast, a species of monstrous Null Void inhabitants, and a pair of extra arms, resembling that of Armodrillo’s, but his hands that of the structure of a potential combination of the feral Null Void Vulpimancers, and Wildmutt’s.

Feedback and Kevin watches in horror, as the mutated Aggregor stands back onto the ground, previously supported in the air by his Null Void tentacles, revealing his left leg had become that of Fasttrack’s, while the right leg had become that of Water Hazard’s. His face rupturing into flames and burning through his flesh, oozing out blood in the process, he throws his head back before launching it forward and releasing a piercing screech, his head now reduced to a blackened, turned-upright Ghostfreak skull, retaining Aggregor’s horns and being surrounded by Heatblast flames, while also possessing Eatle’s jaw structure, NRG’s grill-plate around his collar, and the fiery tongue of a Havok Beast, another monstrous race of Null Void monsters.

“Aw, shit.” Kevin bluntly says, as Feedback suddenly places his hand onto his shoulder, turns his head and looks Kevin in the eyes, and simply responds, “Together. Let’s do what he says, and settle scores.”

“You are really persuasive, Ben.” Kevin responds, smirking and enlarging his fists, transforming them into a hammer and spiked mace respectively, as the two quickly lunge into battle against the mutated Aggregor, as the scene slowly fades to black. White text begins to appear at the center of the bottom of the screen.


Heading over a massive pit within one of the Null Void islands, Chuck Chill, Stinkfly, Gwen’s Aerophibian form, Ultimate Ben, using Crane Fly’s powers of flight, and Albedo, fly toward the ghostly, abandoned warship, with Chuck Chill, inspecting the stopwatch replica, and exclaiming, “This is it! The stopwatch leads here!”

“Do you think this supposed ‘Neomni’ is inside?!” Albedo asks, to which Ultimate Ben exclaims, “Neomni has been completely decimated for the time being! If she’s coming back, it won’t be anytime soon! Let’s just see where this stopwatch continues to take us once we get inside-”

“ULTIMATE BEN! LOOK OUT!!” Chuck Chill suddenly yells out, as suddenly, a paralyzing blast of sonic waves strikes Ultimate Ben from below, knocking him straight out of the air and sending it spiraling downwards into the island below. His allies quickly flying downwards after him, Albedo extends out his left uppermost arm, activates his gyrokinesis, struggling at first to fully form a gravitational aura, and quickly grabs Ultimate Ben before he plummets into the ground. The group quickly lowering, Albedo hears another oncoming sonic blast, and quickly blocks it with a shield of nuclear energy.

“You okay?!” Gwen’s Aerophibian form exclaims, helping Ultimate Ben back up, as he slowly comes back up and looks up at the source of the sonic blasts, soon discovering its source floating several feet away from them: what appeared to be a levitating, gold-and-silver-armored bell, possessing a single, pupiled eye in the shape of an upside-down triangle, and its Omnitrix symbol on the front of its “clapper”, possessing a distinct, minty-green coloration.

“YOU!! WHY?! I THOUGHT YOU WERE ON BETTER TERMS!” Ultimate Ben exclaims, betrayal in his voice, as Bad Ben’s Metacho transformation, named Bronzoon, devilishly chuckles and responds, slowly moving forward toward the group, “You’re a decent, albeit egotistical, partner to work with, Ultimate Ben... but I have true allies along with me… and they’re about to take care of all five of you.”

Within an instance, the group are suddenly ambushed by various angles. Gwen’s Aerophibian form is barraged with a series of exploding rocks from the unveiled Nega Geothermite, quickly transforming into her Petrosapien form to utilize her enhanced degree of durability, and eventually forming a crystal shield to block his attacks, while Chuck Chill, sensing purple light crackling from a miniature island above, extends out his frosty tongues, grabs his son by his Stinkfly transformation’s legs, and yanks him out of the way of the electrical attack, revealing its origin to be from Patient Smite, Benzarro’s version of Frankenstrike.

“What’s going on?!” Gwen’s Petrosapien form exclaims, confused and trying to withstand Nega Geothermite’s attack, as she’s suddenly blasted by another sonic attack, albeit now coming from the revealed Negative Copy Copy. Her crystal form crackling from Albedo 23’s Sonorosian form’s sonic scream, she strikes the Omnitrix symbol on her left pectoral, transforming into her feminine Loboan form, who compared to Blitzwulf, had a more slender figure, smaller mane, and lighter fur. “Let’s see how YOU LIKE IT!”

Blasting Negative Copy Copy into oblivion with her much-stronger sonic howl, Albedo 23’s human form angrily remerges, transforming her into her orange-hued version of Stinkfly, the Negative version of Big Bug, who begins firing slimy projectiles from her eyes back at Gwen’s Loboan form. Sensing Gwen 10 in trouble, Stinkfly himself transforms into his white-clothed version of XLR8, lowers his visor, and begins rapidly circling around Negative Big Bug, consuming her in a vortex, overpowering her in the process, but being sneak-attacked by Bad Bronzoon, with a sonic blast of his own, activating his sonic mind control in the process and using it to stun Ken, causing him to fall to the ground and revert back to his human form.

Albedo 23 transforms into Negative Rollaway, curls up into a ball, and attempts to crush the stunned Ken, only for Chuck Chill to pull him out of the wall with his tongues, consume several of Nega Geothermite’s explosive attacks, and fire them back out at Negative Rollaway, creating blasts of freezing bio-energy, that she withstands due to her durability. Slowly, the group are surrounded by the sinister Omnitrix wielders, as Ultimate Ben strikes his Ultimatrix symbol, summoning the powers of Barrier Reef and quickly attempting to shield the group off with a massive barrier of energy.

“What’s wrong, heroes… breaking down because you don’t have your precious professor with you?!” Nega Geothermite asks, chuckling and barraging the energy barrier with attacks, as Chuck Chill, after consuming several nearby more rocks, blasts the attackers with several freezing blasts of bio-energy, only for the combined efforts of Bad Bronzoon and Patient Smite, morphing into Patient Burn, his version of Heatblast, to easily destroy them with sonic and fiery blasts. The group continues to be surrounded, Ken slowly recovering and returning to his senses, as a familiar figure reveals himself from a ledge above, standing above the massive island pit, represented at first as a sunburnt, armored version of ChamAlien that suddenly transforms back into a humanoid shape with a familiar metallic helmet.

“Well, well, well… here arrives your stealthy killers...” Mad Ben utters with a condescending tone, revealing the Power Watch over his left wrist to confirm his identity as an alternate Omnitrix wielder. “ appears everything is falling into pieces… the perfect collapsing of a house of cards… if only your precious professor was here to save the day...

“You’re… you’re… I know you! I REMEMBER YOU!” Chuck Chill exclaims, suddenly reverting back to his human form in a pair of green flashes of light, to which Mad Ben responds, “Yes… 30 years ago in your time, was it? You look really good for your age… while I, on the other hand, beg to differ, and I wonder who was the cause for it. It’s time I settle some old scores.”

As the five heroes stare in shock at Mad Ben’s arrival, and approaching Omnitrix-wielding allies, the screen freezes, cutting to black as a logo fills the screen, before a single message fades in beneath it.


Noteworthy Events

Major Events

  • Chapter 12 proceeds a bit of time after the ending of Chapter 11, with Ben Prime having been resurrected after being spatially obliterated by Left-Handed Jack, although at a horrifically-improper degree and thus, left suspended from the neck down in a prototype teleporter pod repurposed to freeze those inside.
    • Mad Ben and his allies of alternate Omnitrix wielders reveal themselves to Ben Prime, and proceed to violently torture him while in his vulnerable state, repeatedly deactivating and reactivating the stasis tank to allow his chronologically-unstable body to repeatedly fail to try and self-repair itself.
  • Within the Plumber's Headquarters, in the process of repair after Crabdozer's attack, a bandaged Rook Shar watches over the repair and speaks to Ben Prime's allies regarding both his disappearance and the theft of the Nemetrix, Rook Shar correctly believing it to be the work of Khyber.
    • Grandpa Max and Azmuth both arrive, the latter having returned back to Bellwood earlier than expected, wishing to assist in the rescue of Ben Prime, although Gwen reveals something capable of detecting the Sotobro Effect with ease has been cancelling out their efforts of manipulating time to return Ben Prime.
    • With very little options, Skurd 23 suggests the use of Mr. Universe, the Dimension 23 counterpart of Alien X, that although Ben 23 is hesitant to use, eventually agrees to, summoning forth his rarely-used, very powerful alien transformation and coming in contact with Bellicus and Serena.
  • Meanwhile, Ultimate Ben, Ben 10,000, and his son, Kenneth, and Gwen 10 arrive in the malformed Null Void realm with the assistance of Professor Paradox, and two of the heroes they've gathered off-screen after the events of Chapter 11, that of Albedo and Dr. Blurakami, while Ken mentions his access to a special 11th transformation in his Omnitrix replica.
    • Professor Paradox reveals that the space-time anomalies created by Neomni have affected Ben Prime's timeline, and was the catalyst of Albedo escaping the rehabilitation facility. Albedo solemnly reveals if it wasn't for her tampering, he most likely would have rotted in that facility until the day he died.
    • Just then, several Vulpimancers native to the Null Void arrive and attack the group. As they hold them off, Professor Paradox announces his departure, both granting Ben 10,000 a replica of his stopwatch capable of acting like a compass-like guide that will bring them to the mysterious entity known as Left-Handed Jack, responsible for worsening the anomalies created by Neomni and turning them into "infections" which could cause permanent damage to the space-time continuum.
    • Requesting Dr. Blurakami to go with him, she refuses leaving Albedo's side at first, but is coaxed into going with him by Albedo himself. The duo are transported out of the Null Void by Ultimate Ben using Ultimate Clockwork's abilities, and they face the wrath of Null Void's most powerful prisoners, the Mutant To'kustars of the Incursean War years ago, dubbed the Way Bads, where the group all decide to stand their ground and fight them off.
  • Returning within Mr. Universe's celestial mindscape with Ben 23 and the Dimension 23-appearing versions of Bellicus and Serena, they marvel at Ben 23's return after Mr. Universe laying dormant and unused for some time. They agree to help Ben 23 locate Ben Prime's whereabouts, overriding the unknown foe's attempts to prevent their powers from discovering him, but not before he agrees to curb his potential favoritism and lesser usage of many of his alien forms.
    • From the outside of his celestial mindscape, Mr. Universe springs to life and summons a portal that reveals a massive abandoned war-ship within the Null Void that deep inside, contains the grotesquely-formed, tortured Ben Prime. Jack threateningly reveals himself to Ben 23, and is fended off by Skurd 23, who reverts Ben 23 back to his human form.
    • The duo then realize that Jack has yet to leave the group, and is threatening to spring another attack. Realizing he was teleporting in and out of their very dimension, hiding behind various individuals and creating distracting temporal afterimages of himself, Skurd 23 uses Windy-Hindy to freeze time and anchor him down.
    • Frustrated, Ben 23 vents how he misses his long-deceased version of Grandpa Max, and is motivated by Skurd 23's words of making him proud. With that, he faces the wrath of Left-Handed Jack head-on and violently brawls him, losing both his Citrakayah and Incursean DNA samples of Fastcat and Battletoad respectively in the process. Despite Skurd 23's assistance of added DNA weaponry, he loses, and Skurd 23 surrenders himself to prevent Ben 23's life, telling him to flee to the Null Void with Windy-Hindy to rescue Ben Prime.
    • Jack rips Skurd 23 from the Hero Watch and ages him to dust before Ben 23's eyes, destroying him, before attempting to attack Ben 23 himself, only to be suddenly usurped by the arrival of Professor Paradox and Dr. Blurakami, who knock Jack aside, rescuing Ben 23, and force him to unfreeze time. With Ben 23's allies now aware of Jack's presence, they restrain him with the use of their abilities.
    • Under Professor Paradox's wishes, Gwen uses a telepathic spell to enter his mind, finally facing the true Left-Handed Jack and finally discover that he was a human once, another alternate version of Ben Tennyson, who reveals that Ben Prime unintentionally destroyed his dimension, shattering his body across space and time, and how his 'Higher-Up' pieced what he could of his existence back together, creating a deformed, agony-fueled manipulator of time and space that is the present-day Left-Handed Jack.
    • Gwen refuses the idea that Ben Prime would have eradicated and entire dimension, but Jack shrugs it off, saying that it will not matter in the end, because the heroes will have bigger problems on their hands. Vanishing and revealing the silhouettes of various antagonists, including those seen before and those unfamiliar, Gwen is forced out of Jack's mindscape, allowing him to overpower those holding him back and escape from their dimension.
    • The heroes recovering, Professor Paradox approaches the mournful Ben 23, revealing that although Skurd 23's sacrifice was heroic, it was unjustified, and as a result, Professor Paradox had went back in time and overwritten his death, thus reviving Skurd 23 and additionally bringing back both of the Hero Watch's destroyed transformations. Revitalized with confidence, the heroes ready themselves to rescue Ben Prime.
  • Back in the Null Void, with much effort, the heroes eventually take down some of the Way Bads. Faced with the arrival of even more Way Bads, they decide to flee, using the stopwatch replica to allow them to begin heading off to their destination of where Jack is.
    • They are unknowingly watched by Mad Ben from a distance away, alongside the alternate Omnitrix wielders and the arrival of both Khyber and his Panuncian, who comment how it feels great to be all together for the first time in years, welcome the arrival of Khyber, and begin their "project" by constructing a gauntlet-shaped device, composed out of technological and mythological parts, known as the "Transmogrificator" that Mad Ben acquires.
  • Meanwhile, within the war-ship, the battle-ready heroes arrive within the chamber containing the suspended Ben Prime. They attempt to immediately break him out, but hearing from Professor Paradox how his body is chronologically unstable and could be destroyed if released in that state, and how the repurposed teleporter pod he's in could contain a record of his bio-energy signature that could be used to repair his physical form, Jennifer uses Ultimate Upgrade to do so, freeing Ben Prime and allowing Eunice to heal his lingering injuries.
    • Ben Prime quickly recovers, embracing the arrival of his allies, including Grandpa Max, and discovers Ben 23's possession of Celestialsapien DNA when asking how he was found. All seeming well, they are unexpectedly confronted by Inspector 13 via intercom, noticing the return of Jennifer, who calls by her former name. Attempting to capture them, they revolt, and thus, he summons hoards of Techadon robots the group begin to quickly fend off and take out, while Professor Paradox takes his leave again to return back to the other group of heroes.
    • Within a control room aboard the war-ship, Inspector 13 monitors the group through security cameras, and argues with an off-screen ally, who demands to face the group himself, which Inspector 13 refuses, stating his arrival will come soon enough, and how he'll gain free reign over several "prototypes" within an unknown laboratory's stasis tanks when the Transmogrificator prototype is returned to the "base" and the heroes are defeated.
    • The group finally defeat the Techadon Robots, bust through the reinforced doors attempting to lock them in, and with the use of Gwen's spells, begin rapidly disabling the security cameras to limit Inspector 13's monitoring. Seeing this, he summons robots after them, and although they dispatch them easily, they are guided into a large training room, suddenly now facing against the unknown ally of Inspector 13 from before.
    • They attempt to attack him, but their attacks are easily shrugged off. The unknown foe wishing to settle scores with strangely Kevin, he summons Left-Handed Jack to abduct the others, leaving just him and Ben Prime. Given clues, Kevin takes a guess on who their foe may be, and guesses correctly, revealing himself as none other than a villain of theirs: Aggregor. Vengeful for his defeat and imprisonment from a decade prior, Aggregor faces the two, revealing his subsistence of absorbing the energy of many of the Null Void's prisoners, and mutates into a gargantuan monstrosity of alien DNA. The duo stand their ground, wishing to take him once and for all.
  • Meanwhile, the other group of heroes begin to head toward the exterior of the war-ship, having pin-pointed Jack's location, before they are unexpectedly ambushed by Bad Ben, who knocks them out of the sky and begins to close in on them with the assistance of Nega Ben, Benzarro, and Albedo 23. Confronted by the arrival of Mad Ben, Ben 10,000 realizes who he is from years ago, while Mad Ben finally declares that he's ready to settle some decades-old scores against the heroes.

Minor Events

  • Rook Shar reveals during the 10-year time-skip that the Nemetrix wasn't dismantled and destroyed by Azmuth, like the original Ultimatrix, was because it contained a defined database of alien predator DNA Azmuth could study and store within the 'Codon Ark' vault for future supply in case of further studying or preventing species going extinct.
  • Similar to information regarding the original future of the 2005 series, Grandpa Max has had his right arm cybernetically replaced after losing it while fighting in the Invasion War of 2017.
  • Albedo's wounds of where his Psychic Stabilizers once were have been healed off-screen, described as being from Triedge's regenerative life-force bestowal. Although not specifically specified, it was from Ultimate Ben's usage of Triedge's abilities.
  • Azmuth reveals that the Bellicus and Serena of Ben Prime's Alien X and Ben 23's Mr. Universe are the same, as the Celestialsapien DNA sample of Alien X is a singularity that spans throughout the multiverse, and thus, the two personalities exist in every version of Alien X, although with minor physical differences reflecting the alternate Omnitrixes they are within, with Bellicus 23 and Serena 23 being bright-cyan-blue in color.
  • Ben 23's medallion is broken during his fight with Left-Handed Jack, and now keeps it in his pocket.
  • Mad Ben takes off his helmet for the first time, revealing himself to be horrifically burned and blind from an unknown event.
  • Khyber is revealed to have been mutated with Kaosseffexx Ultimasauria DNA after accidentally transforming into Tyrannopede during Ben 10: Omniverse.
  • The Time Cycles, from Ben 10: Omniverse, return, used by the heroes to enter the Null Void and precisely locate where Ben Prime is. If Ben 23, Jen, or Eunice were to simply use Clockwork to enter the Null Void, they'd have trouble precisely aiming for where Ben Prime is located inside the war-ship.
  • Build-A-Guy's version of the Bloxx-Lobber is revealed to be simply called the Build-A-Lobber.



  • Ben Prime (resurrected)
  • Ben 23
  • Skurd 23 (death; resurrected)
  • Kevin
  • Gwen
  • Zed (first reappearance)
  • Eunice
  • Jennifer / Calypso
  • Ultimate Ben
  • Ben 10,000
  • Gwen 10
  • Ken 10
  • Dr. Glenda Blurakami
  • Professor Paradox
  • Rook Shar
  • Grandpa Max (first reappearance)
  • Azmuth
  • Bellicus 23 (first reappearance of Bellicus)
  • Serena 23 (first reappearance of Serena)
  • Magister Patelliday (cameo)
  • Blukic (vocal cameo)
  • Driba (cameo)
  • Grandpa Max 23 (mentioned)
  • Lyric Livingston (mentioned)


  • Albedo


  • Mad Ben
  • Bad Ben
  • Nega Ben
  • Benzarro
  • Alice Bedortha / Albedo 23
  • Khyber (first proper reappearance)
  • Khyber's Panuncian
  • Left-Handed Jack (first proper appearance)
  • Null Void-Native Vulpimancers (first reappearances)
  • Mutant To'kustars / Way Bads (first reappearances)
  • Inspector 13
  • Techadon Robots (first reappearances)
  • Aggregor (first reappearance)
  • Maltruant (mentioned)
  • Eon (mentioned)
  • The Limax (mentioned)
  • The Incursean (alluded)
  • Dr. Psychobos (alluded)
  • The 'Higher-Up' (cameo; mentioned)
  • Neomni (cameo; mentioned)
  • The Coming Storm (cameo; mentioned)
  • Various Unknown Antagonists (cameo)

Aliens Used

By Mad Ben

  • Mad MindMatter (vocal cameo)
  • Mad XLR8 (off-screen transformation)
  • Mad Jury Rigg (cameo)
  • Mad ChamAlien (off-screen transformation; cameo)

By Ben 23

  • Windy-Hindy (off-screen)
  • Mr. Universe (first reappearance of Alien X)
  • Fastcat (destroyed; restored)
  • Battletoad (destroyed; restored)
  • Howl Hound (x2; second time off-screen transformation)
  • Vomit Man (Perk; cameo)
  • Toolboxx
  • Lightning Volt

By Ken 10

  • Wildvine
  • Stinkfly
  • XLR8 (cameo)

By Ultimate Ben

  • Triedge (off-screen)
  • Diamondhead
  • Ultimate Clockwork (cameo)
  • Steambriner
  • Ultimate Humungousaur (cameo)
  • XLR8 (cameo)
  • Big Chill
  • NRG (cameo)
  • Ball Weevil
  • Fasttrack (cameo)
  • Crane Fly
  • Barrier Reef

By Ben 10,000

  • Fourmungousaur / Saur Arms (first reappearance)
  • Crashocker (first reappearance)
  • Chuck Chill (Perk; first appearance)

By Gwen 10

  • Tetramand (Four Arms; off-screen transformation)
  • Petrosapien (Diamondhead; x2; first time off-screen transformation; second time vocal cameo)
  • Aerophibian (Jetray)
  • Loboan (Blitzwulf)

By Skurd 23

  • Invisilizard (tail; used himself)
  • Windy-Hindy (left arm/head-key/gear-patterns; first two used on Fastcat, latter himself)
  • Grindstone Man (left arm/sword/helmet/shield/spikes; all used on Battletoad)
  • Charcoal Man (mace on left arm; used on Battletoad)
  • Dog-Nabbit (head on right hand; used on Toolboxx)
  • Build-A-Guy (Build-A-Lobber; used on Lightning Volt)

By Eunice

  • Chronosapien (chronokinesis; gained from Windy-Hindy; off-screen)
  • Anodite (mana constructs; gained from Gwen)
  • Remotion (chronological reversal; gained from Jen/Rollback)
  • Vaxasaurian (enhanced strength; gained from Humungousaur)
  • Talpaedan (seismokinesis; gained from Toolboxx)
  • Humpbackus (wind breath; gained from Jen/Whalewind)
  • Orthopterran (enhanced jumping strength; gained from Jen/Crashhopper)

By Bad Ben

  • Bad Spidermonkey (off-screen transformation)
  • Bad Upgrade (cameo)
  • Bad Bronzoon (off-screen transformation)

By Nega Ben

  • Nega Snakepit (off-screen transformation)
  • Nega Geothermite (off-screen transformation)

By Benzarro

  • Patient Assemble (Bloxx; off-screen transformation)
  • Patient Smite (Frankenstrike; off-screen transformation)
  • Patient Burn (Heatblast; cameo)

By Albedo 23

  • Negative Rollaway (x2; first time off-screen transformation; second time cameo)
  • Negative Copy Copy (off-screen transformation)
  • Negative Big Bug (cameo)

By Khyber's Panuncian

  • Slamworm (off-screen transformation)

By Jen 10

  • Rollback (off-screen)
  • Upgrade
    • Ultimate Upgrade
  • EpiCentaur (cameo)
  • Whalewind
  • Crashhopper (vocal cameo)
  • Kugelblitz (x2; both times cameos)
    • Ultimate Kugelblitz

By Ben Prime

  • Humungousaur
  • MindMatter
  • Volcaniwyrm
  • Snot Goblin (first appearance)
  • Feedback (first reappearance)

Spells Used

  • Appendaga Regoria
  • Aperire Animo
  • Incendia Absum
  • Camera Oblitera
  • Facio Gravis
  • Illuminatus


  • Chapter 12's opening torture sequence was a surreal scene loosely inspired by another torture scene, this one from the 2018 American superhero movie, Avengers: Infinity War, where cybernetic character Nebula is dismantled, suspended in mid-air, and repeatedly pulled apart.
    • Ben Prime's head was originally inside the stasis tank itself, and his screams of agony were meant to grow violently distorted while he was being tortured, but to allow him to breath and allow the antagonists to talk to him directly, his head was left poking out of the top through an opening.
  • Bad Ben's taunt of calling the spatially-scrambled Ben Prime "Humpty Dumpty" was a macabre placeholder line that was decided to be left int he final product due to the creator, WTB considering itself to be hilariously dark.
  • Khyber is considered a medium-tier-priority threat to the Plumbers, and not any higher, due to the fact he's been out of their radar for a long time, not until recently.
  • Chapter 12 reveals the reinvention of the canon continuity's retconned Codon Stream, being that of the 'Codon Ark', a special archive of alien DNA on the planet of Galvan Prime, accessible by only Azmuth and those close to him, such as Eunice, Myaxx, and maybe Ben Prime, if he has a ton of permission, meant to store and supply DNA across the cosmos for studying and prevention of species-wide extinction. Stated above, the Nemetrix was not dismantled during the 10-year time-skip as it contained a large database of predatory DNA that could be added to the arc.
    • As the name implies, of course, it's named after Noah's Ark.
  • Several of the heroes attempted to use chronokinetic powers to bring Ben Prime back off-screen after the events of Chapter 11, such as Ben 23 using Windy-Hindy, Jen using Rollback, and Eunice using Windy-Hindy's powers. During this process, she acquired Rollback's powers through Jen, which is what she later uses to heal Ben Prime's injuries after being freed from his torture.
  • Jen was not considered to use Alien X herself, as she has yet to master her Celestialsapien form's potential, and is generally fearful of having that much responsibility in convincing her personalities into locating Ben Prime's whereabouts.
  • Kevin's remark of "Alien XXIII" is inspired by the widely-favorited, fan-made nickname of Ben 23's version of Alien X, the "XXIII" being the Roman numeral for 23, as the "X" in Alien X's name was also the Roman numeral for 10. It was considered to be used for him, but was exchanged for Mr. Universe due to generally liking that name more.
  • Stated above, Ultimate Ben used Triedge's powers off-screen to heal Albedo's wounds, additionally leaving him scars in place of his lost Psychic Stabilizers.
  • Many of Ben 23's alien names are revealed in this chapter, including a silhouetted cameo of Blue Jump Buggy, his version of Crashhopper, Bellicus 23 mentioning Battery Man, his version of Buzzshock, and Serena 23 mentioning Lotter Otter, his version of Ditto, and alongside Mr. Universe, Invisilizard, and Battletoad, all six names were pitched by user Alanomaly.
  • Jack's creeping, wriggling hands appearing from behind the heads of Kevin and Gwen were based off the origin of Left-Handed Jack's inspiration, snippets of a weird nightmare the creator, WTB had of him playing a virtual reality game while being followed by a character by a red-faced, fedora-wearing character loosely resembling Jack.
    • The sudden, startling appearance of Left-Handed Jack over Grandpa Max's shoulder was inspired by an infamous jumpscare from the 2010 horror/thriller movie Insidious, when the antagonistic red-faced demon suddenly manifests from partially behind one of the main character's heads and loudly roars at the female protagonist.
    • Left-Handed Jack aging Fastcat and Battletoad's forms to dust and obliterating them from the Hero Watch's database were inspired by what happened to Way Big, Swampfire, and Ultimate Swampfire at the hands of Eon from the Ben 10: Ultimate Alien episode, Ben 10,000 Returns.
  • While in production, the fake-out ending halfway through the chapter was originally intended to be the actual finale, leaving a cliffhanger that would have potentially alluded Ben 23 was similarly obliterated by Jack, and instead of releasing the next chapter, Chapter 12 itself would have been updated and the second-half of the chapter would have been added, revealing Ben 23 was saved at the last moment.
    • This was scrapped because it was too much work, and it would have been easier to just release all of Chapter 12 at once, leaving the fake-out ending as a fourth wall break.
  • While in Jack's mindscape, his coherent speech was originally meant to have added .ogg files akin to the ones where he would speak backwards and distorted. They were all made, but not added due to not remembering to put them in on final release, although could be added in the near-future.
  • Mad Ben was originally not meant to unmask himself and reveal his severely-burned, deformed face until the end of the chapter when confronting the cornered heroes, although it was decided to be shown later to get it out of the way.
  • Ben Prime was originally meant to remain unconscious after getting rescued, and regain consciousness to stop Inspector 13 from deploying the plasma cage, similarly using EpiCentaur to stop it. The idea was scrapped because it seemed kinda cheesy, and instead, Jen was the one to use EpiCentaur and stop the cage, as she hadn't done much this chapter.
  • Volcaniwyrm was included due to the acid generated by other Omnitrix aliens, such as Goop's sludge or Gutbuster's slime spit, wouldn't be strong enough to corrode through the reinforced door, while Volcaniwyrm's scolding molten blood could practically melt through anything.
  • Ben Prime's usage of Snot Goblin and Jen's usage of Ultimate Kugelblitz were both meant to be used a bit more, although his appearance was cut short due to not wanting the chapter to run on for too long.
  • Khyber was originally the one to confront the group in the training room, and instead of Aggregor's mutation, it would have been his Panuncian transforming into Tyrannopede and leaping out to attack them. The idea was scrapped when it was decided to include Aggregor to MvT.
  • Aggregor's mutation, and his speech prior to his transformation on how he kept himself alive in the Null Void by feeding off its inhabitants' energy, was greatly based off the transformation of Kevin 11,000 from the 2005 original series episode, Ken 10.
  • Mad ChamAlien's inclusion was added at the last minute, influenced by Stealth Killer, Alanomaly's free-to-use take on Mad ChamAlien.
    • Stealth Killer's name was the inspiration behind Mad Ben's line of “Well, well, well… here arrives your stealthy killers...” due to Mad Ben in Multiverse vs. Tennyson not having special nicknames like Ben 23, his transformations instead referred to as "Mad" counterparts.