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Multiverse vs. Tennyson
Season 1, Episode 10
Air date 6/6/2020
Written by XxXWTBxXx
Directed by XxXWTBxXx
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"Unholy Divers" is the tenth chapter of the fan-made Ben 10 continuation, Multiverse vs. Tennyson.


"An old relic from a past interaction re-emerges, now their own person, as they feel excited to take down a pair of alternate dimensional lackeys."


The opening scene begins with a dark spacecraft's robotics laboratory, severely damaged with dangling cords, some discharging electricity, and broken lights hanging from the ceiling and smashed, sparking control panels visible throughout the robotics laboratory.

FALL 2013

A black, bright-red-highlighted Galvanic Mechamorph is seen interacting with one of the destroyed panels, releasing his liquid metal into it, and beginning to technologically enhance him, steadily repairing its damage, as one by one, a few of the lights start to reactivate, albeit buzzing loudly, with one fizzling back out in the process. An unknown, white-suited figure, walking throughout a hallway, scans the damage with an electronic device atop his wrist, perceiving the obviously-man-made damage ingrained into the metal walls: deep, asymmetrical claw marks.

Slowly re-entering the damaged main area, narrowly avoiding tripping over a shattered extraterrestrial blaster laying on the ground, the unknown figure slowly approaches the backside of the Galvanic Mechamorph, slowly drawing out a concealed blaster from out his sleeve upon detecting him, exclaiming in a low, monotone, robotic voice, “PARTICLE DISLOCATOR DEPLOYED. INTRUDER IDENTIFIED AS… INORGANIC, LIQUID-METAL ‘GALVANIC MECHAMORPH’ SPECIES. MOVE AWAY FROM THE DAMAGED CONTROL PANEL.”

“Like I’d be capable of doing any sort of harm…” The bright-red Galvanic Mechamorph responds in a robotic, although very familiar voice, slowly turning around to reveal the bright-red Ultimatrix symbol atop the center of his chest. “...Inspector 13, former Techadon Weapon Master.”

“ALBEDO OF THE ‘GALVAN’ RACE… YOUR NON-VIOLENT INTRUSION STRIKES ME AS… STRANGE… BUT EXPECTED…” Inspector 13 responds, revealed as a wrinkled, green-skinned humanoid alien with mechanical, bright-red eyes and an exposed nasal cavity. “MOVE AWAY FROM THE CONTROL PANEL, OR YOUR LIQUID METAL TRANSFORMATION WILL BE DISMANTLED AT A SUBATOMIC LEVEL.”

“I am very familiar with your technology, and I can assure you that my Galvanic Mechamorph form can still reassemble itself even after that degree of damage.” Negative Upgrade responds. “But I’m not here to pick a fight, especially after your facility’s attempted internal breach. I’m here to compose a non-hostile offer to you.”

Hesitating for a moment, Inspector 13 slowly lowers his arm, retracting his Particle Dislocator back into the sleeve, and exclaims, “ANY ATTEMPT TO ATTACK ME WILL RESULT IN YOUR ERADICATION… BUT MY INTRIGUED STATE WISHES FOR YOU TO... CONTINUE…”

“Our previous encounter left a sinister taste in your mouth, yes? I propose this deal to form and build a new relationship between us. We’re both independent, highly-intelligent inventors, are we not?” Negative Upgrade speaks, to which Inspector 13 evaluates, “WE SHARE SIMILARITIES, BUT WE ARE QUITE DIFFERENT. I AM A EX-TECHADON WEAPON MASTER, NOW SERVING AS AN INDEPENDENT DISPENSER OF ILLEGAL ALIEN WEAPONRY… YOU ARE A DISGRACED GALVAN SCIENTIST, TRAPPED IN THE FORM OF A DISCOLORED, GENETICALLY-DAMAGED CLONE OF BENJAMIN KIRBY TENNYSON OF THE ‘HOMOSAPIEN’ RACE.”

“Correction, Inspector 13…” Negative Upgrade speaks, suddenly transforming into a flash of red light, becoming Albedo’s true Galvan form, standing atop the control panel he’s revealed to have repaired with Negative Upgrade. “...but I am not trapped in Tennyson’s filthy, odorous human form anymore… not now, and not ever again…”


“As I had said earlier…” Albedo responds, annoyed. “We are both intelligent species, each with one very similar goal in mind… annihilate the wielder of the Omnitrix, and so-called ‘hero’ that is Benjamin Kirby Tennyson…”

“ARE YOU SUGGESTING A… ‘TEAM’... ‘UP’...?” Inspector 13 asks, his tone confused, even through his monotone voice, as Albedo, pointing toward him, exclaims, “PRECISELY! With my great intelligence and access to a variety of artificially-enhanced alien forms that are much more powerful than Tennyson’s arsenal, and your possession of diverse technology, our combined effort will be the catalyst that destroys the Tennyson child! You will not require the desire to obtain his Omnitrix, not with my crucial assistance and alien DNA access, and my efforts to help you will clear myself of any supposed ‘debt’ regarding the crystal!”

Hesitating again, Inspector 13 seems to be deciding, before finally responding to the eager Albedo, “YOUR SERVICES ARE WELL-PRESENTABLE, BUT NON-ESSENTIAL.”

“Non… non-essential?! Ex-weapon master, I offer the fundamentals of being the one to ANNIHILATE the individual responsible for the destruction of your Techadon machinery!” Albedo scoffs in frustration. “Do you not understand how valuable I truly am to you, or are you refusing to partner me because of my prior theft?!”


“Lost INTEREST?!” Albedo yells out, frustrated, gripping the sides of his head and in a reflex of anger, suddenly transforming into Ultimate Albedo, as he levitates upwards and points down at Inspector 13, exclaiming in a fit of anger, “INSPECTOR 13! LISTEN TO ME THOROUGHLY AND CLEARLY! PARTNER WITH ME, AND BEN TENNYSON WILL BE DESTROYED! THE OMNITRIX ITSELF CAN BE YOURS! IMAGINE HOW MUCH PROFIT IT CAN BE OBTAINED THROUGH SELLING TECHADON-MADE REPLICAS OF THE DEVICE! RECONSIDER, INSPECTOR! RECONSIDER-!”

“YOUR SERVICES ARE BEING DENIED. MY POSSESSION OF THE OMNITRIX IS NOT NEEDED ANYMORE. I AM NOW REQUESTING YOUR DEPARTURE.” Inspector 13 responds, unphased by Ultimate Albedo’s pleads despite the eagerness and persistence in his voice.

Flustered and swinging his fists in rage, Ultimate Albedo readies an energy blast from the third eye on his forehead, as Inspector 13 extends out his Particle Dislocator and points it up at Ultimate Albedo, and upon seeing the weapon, Ultimate Albedo freezes, immediately recalling his readied blast and exclaiming, “No… violence toward you isn’t required...”

“MY TIME HAS BEEN WASTED, AND MY PATIENCE HAS NEAR BEEN FULLY EXTINGUISHED. LEAVE IMMEDIATELY. YOU HAVE APPROXIMATELY 30 SECONDS.” Inspector 13 responds, retracting his Particle Dislocator, as Ultimate Albedo, reverting back to his original, non-evolved form, holds out his palm, exclaiming, “Wait.”

“29… 28… 27…” Inspector 13 begins to count down, to which Albedo, frustrated by his arrogance, exclaims louder, “WAIT! I HAVE AN ALTERNATE PROPOSITION!” but is again ignored, as Inspector 13 continues to count down, forcing Albedo to exclaim louder, “I’LL LIKE TO PURCHASE A PRODUCT!” to which it finally causes Inspector 13 to stop, hesitate for a brief moment, and exclaim, “I HAVE NOTHING TO OFFER YOU, NOT IN THIS STATE OF MY FACTORY.”

“In actuality, you do, and it’s not machinery I desire. It’s what caused the mess you’re standing in.” Albedo responds, to which Inspector 13 is surprisingly taken aback and displaying some, albeit a miniscule, albeit almost-non-existent amount of genuine emotions through shock, asking, “YOU WISH… TO PURCHASE THE SHAPESHIFTER? NONSENSICAL. IT’S PRIMITIVE AND FERAL.”

“To you, perhaps, but to my inventive standards, it may serve a use to me.” Albedo responds. “You truly desire keeping such an anomalous creature within your possession? What do you even plan to do with the shapeshifter? Some sort of glorified street act? Somehow making it aid in producing raw materials you use to create your machinery? Do what you do best, Inspector 13. Sell it. Hand off to me. I can make it worth your while, and pay off my ‘debt’.”

“YOU HAVE NO VISIBLE VALUABLES ON YOU, GALVAN. YOUR ‘WORTH MY WHILE’ SEEMS QUITE DOUBTFUL.” Inspector 13 responds, to which Albedo grins in response, before suddenly transforming back into Negative Upgrade, before suddenly evolving further in an additional flash of red light, becoming taller with a more solid appearance, his circuitry lines thinner, albeit sharper and glowing brighter, with the wire-like prongs of his Recreated Ultimatrix symbol almost “wrapping” around the sides of Negative Ultimate’s head. Although his hands are first merely clubbed lumps of liquid metal, they eventually form into a pair of four-fingered hands, as the newfound Negative Ultimate Upgrade introduces himself, exclaiming in a deeper, more robotic voice, “U L T I M A T E . . . U P G R A D E !”

“INTRIGUING… WHAT DO YOU PLAN ON OFFERING WITH THIS FORM?” Inspector 13 exclaims, as Negative Ultimate Upgrade holds out his hand, manifesting a technological hologram of flowing DNA strands, all with their signature bright-red eyes and Ultimatrix symbols, as Negative Ultimate Upgrade says, “D N A   O F   M Y   F O R M S . . .   Y O U   H A V E   N O   U S E   F O R   I T   ,   B U T   A   H I G H - P A Y I N G   C U S T O ME R   O F   E X P E R I M E N T A L   D E S I R E S  W O U L D ,  I N S P E C T O R . . . !”


“P E R H A P S . . .   B U T   T H A T   U N C O N T R O L L A B L E   N A T U R E   C A N   P L A Y   A   H A N D   I N   T A K I N G   D O W N   B E N   T E N N Y S O N   I T S E L F . . . !” Negative Ultimate Upgrade responds, using his liquid metal to absorb a piece of broken technology on the ground, flow it up in his body while upgrading it in the process, and eventually merging his displayed hologram into it as it re-emerges in his hands, now in the form of a black-and-red flash-drive. “I T ‘ S   A L L  I N  H E R E . . .  D E A L ?“

Slowly taking the flash-drive, Inspector 13 almost places it into one of the pouches from around his waist, hesitating again, as he looks up toward the repaired control panel and approaches it, inserting the newly-created flash-drive into an open slot, and causing the screen contacting to it to light up, displaying a scrolling interface of digitized genetic coding, as Inspector 13 turns back toward Negative Ultimate Upgrade and merely says, “DEAL ACCEPTED. THE SHAPESHIFTER IS NOW YOURS. ALLOW TO ACQUIRE IT MYSELF.”

“N O   N E E D .” Negative Ultimate Upgrade responds, suddenly morphing yet again in a flash of red light and becoming the cute, but sinister-appearing and pale-colored Negative Pesky Dust, who purrs in his Nemunia voice before stating, “I will gather it myself, Inspector 13. Just show me where it’s being kept.” as the scene slowly fades to black. White text begins to appear at the center of the bottom of the screen.


In both the front lawn and streets outside Ben Prime’s house, the enraged Albedo roars into the sky, before launching a sonic scream toward the transformed Ben Prime, who, taking the form of Ultimate Swampfire, quickly dodges said sonic scream, and forms a blue-flame-tipped vine whip from one of his hands to swat it at Albedo, who effortlessly catches the end of the whip and sends an electrical blast back toward Ultimate Swampfire, powerful enough to physically repulse him back and send him crashing to the ground. Albedo repeatedly smashes his mace-tipped tail into Ultimate Swampfire, preventing his attempts to get back and actually managing to defeat his Evolved Methanosian form.

Albedo sprints toward the fallen Ultimate Swampfire, holding out his hand and generating a blue fireball of flames, only for Ultimate Swampfire to suddenly transform in a flash of green light, and before Albedo can process his new transformation, he’s sucker-punched in the jaw by a pair of extended limbs, as Bloxx emerges from the burst of light, extending his arms downwards and pushing himself off the ground to grant himself some air, before he slams his fists into Albedo’s forehead, disorientating him, as he futilely slashes his claws at Bloxx, who uses his shapeshifting abilities to rapidly dodge.

Gwen and Kevin are both shown starting to recover from Albedo’s sonic scream, followed by Ben 23 and Dr. Blurakami, as Gwen comments, “Well… this is different.” before facing Dr. Blurakami and asking, “That’s… Albedo, the Galvan?! We haven’t seen him in years!! What does he want?!”

“He doesn’t want anything! He thinks Ben brought you two here to help arrest him, and he’s not planning on going back to the Galvan Prime rehabilitation facility that kept him like a prisoner for the past decade! I won’t let him EITHER! They mistreated him, and were the partial catalyst that turned him into THIS MONSTER!” Dr. Blurakami exclaims, as Gwen responds, “But someone’s gonna get hurt at HIS hand! I don’t plan on not interfering!”

As each of them begin to ready their abilities to assist Ben Prime, Gwen readies her Anodite powers, her eyes glowing bright-pink, while Kevin smacks his palm against the nearby street, covering his body in an armored layer of asphalt, Dr. Blurakami stays on the sidelines, believing the two of them were good enough support, as suddenly, the two turn back upon being alerted to a blue flash of light, seeing Ben 23 transform into a cyan-bluish-green Petrosapien form, his outfit half-golden and half-blue, with the Hero Watch symbol on his left pectoral, as he exclaims, “Make way for GRINDSTONE MAN!”

“ mean Diamondhead, right?” Kevin asks, to which Grindstone Man, hesitating, responds in an unsure tone, saying, “Yeah… yeah, yeah, same thing.”

The trio turning to see Bloxx being violently pummeled to a pulp into the ground by Albedo, his form cracking and breaking with each punch, Grindstone Man fires a series of razor-sharp crystal projectiles toward Albedo, causing them to embed into his face. Yelling out in pain and plucking them out of the side of his face, Albedo snarls and faces the trio, as Grindstone Man exclaims, “Hey, Albedo! Playtime’s over! It’s time for you to put your building blocks away!”

Gwen channeling mana from her hands, Kevin transforming his left hand into a sledgehammer and his right hand into an enlarged fist, and Bloxx rolling his eyes at Grindstone Man’s taunt, Albedo violently roars and tosses Bloxx alongside to fight the trio, while meanwhile, Dr. Blurakami discovers Eunice hiding behind the opposite side of Ben Prime’s car.

“W-What are you doing back here?! You can mimic the Anodite and Osmosian powers of Kevin and Gwen to help calm down Albedo!” Dr. Blurakami exclaims, as Eunice struggles to make contact with an unnamed individual named “Jennifer” on her earpiece, groaning in frustration, as he rips the earpiece out of her ear and exclaims, “We need back-up! Albedo is an extremely formidable foe, and Ben had to temporarily KILL him to defeat him last night! I highly doubt that even with the forces of Ben, 23, Gwen, Kevin, you, and myself could keep him down! I need a helper to report her to help us, but she’s not responding to her earpiece!”

Dr. Blurakami attempts to respond, but narrowly ducks when Kevin is violently thrown atop Ben Prime’s car, causing its roof to cave in, as a regenerating, badly-injured Bloxx yells off-screen, “KEVIN!” in dismay of his damaged vehicle, as Kevin, unphased by the presence of Dr. Blurakami and Eunice, exclaims back, “Sorry, Ben! I’ll fix it later!” before replacing his cracked asphalt armor with a metallic substitute of the green metal forming Ben Prime’s car, transforming his hands into blades, and leaping back into battle.

Eunice suddenly lays a hand on Dr. Blurakami’s shoulder, exclaiming, “Dr. Glenda Blurakami, listen to me! I need your assistance!” to which Eunice, startled and terrified, asks, “M-My assistance?! Albedo’s too strong! Both of the Omnitrix wielders can’t even defeat him for long!” as Eunice clarifies, “No, not that! I need you to locate Jennifer and bring her to us! She’s just powerful as Ben Prime, and her added efforts could help us beat Albedo!”

“B-But I don’t even know where this Jennifer is?!” Dr. Blurakami responds, as Eunice says, “I can’t connect to her via earpiece, but my robotic scanners can allow it to function as a tracking device! She’s somewhere in downtown Bellwood, located near the harbor! You will know who she is when you see her! Your speed will allow you to get to her in time!”

“You can’t come along?!” Dr. Blurakami asks, to which Eunice responds, “I have to stay behind to help Ben and his allies! You can’t fight him yourself, so it has to be YOU who gets Jennifer for us! Now, GO! WE’RE RELYING ON YOU!” and although Dr. Blurakami hesitates for a moment, Eunice tightly grabs her shoulder, places her removed earpiece in one of Dr. Blurakami’s ears, and says, “I’m counting on you. Citrakayahs can do anything.”

“...except run faster than Kinecelerans.” Dr. Blurakami solemnly responds, to which Eunice responds, “Yeah? But you’re STRONGER than them, both physically AND emotionally. Your species can do amazing things. YOU can do amazing things. YOU can help us, but you need to find Jennifer, or we’re never going to defeat Albedo.”

“I…” Dr. Blurakami responds, her facial expression contorting, as she looks down at her clenched, trembling fists, before she looks back up, now adorning a more serious expression, saying, “I’ll do it. I’ll save you all.” to which Eunice smiles, before Dr. Blurakami turns tail, using her enhanced speed to begin sprinting off toward downtown Bellwood.

Catching a glimpse of Grindstone Man, using the powers of Skurd 23 to transform his left arm into one of Orbit Man’s limbs to gravitationally hold Albedo, the latter of which starting to struggle against him with his own similar abilities, Dr. Blurakami is distracted for mere moments, as she continues using her enhanced speed to rapidly sprint up into downtown Bellwood, trailing a blue trail and maintaining her serious expression of determination, as Eunice, from a distance, watches her trail gradually vanish, exclaiming under her breath, “ can do amazing things...” as the scene slowly fades to black. White text begins to appear at the center of the bottom of the screen.


Within the familiar setting of the southern dockside harbor of Bellwood, a large brute-like alien, its body mainly saturated with greenish-hued skin and a purple coloration, rampages throughout the harbor, smashing wooden palettes and headbutting the exterior walls of shipping containers, making a series of eerie, but on second thought, almost comical series of zombified groans, to which a sudden buzzing in the voice causes him to stop, as he sluggishly raises one gauntlet-covered arm and presses a stitched finger to an earpiece in his revealed Transylian form, a crooked, purple-colored Omnitrix symbol embedded in his right pectoral.

“ME LISTEN.” The unknown Omnitrix user’s Frankenstrike form, dubbed Patient Smite, responds, to which an annoyed, female voice yells over his voices, “BENZARRO, QUIT MESSING AROUND! WHEN I SAID ‘USE YOUR HEAD’, I DIDN’T MEAN LITERALLY, YOU DUMBASS!” to which the so-called “Benzarro” responds, “BENZARRO AM TRYING HIS BEST.”


Grumbling loudly, the so-called Benzarro reverts back from Patient Smit, into his human form, revealing itself to be a bizarrely-stunted 25-year-old version of Ben Tennyson, entirely zombified in appearance, his clothes replaced by a purple straitjacket with the number “10” crudely sewed into his chest, his straitjacket’s restraints broken apart into loosely-fitting sleeves and black, buckled belts across his arms, collar-bones, and waist. His complexion blotchy and hued pale-green, he had bright-purple eyes, his right eyelid droopy, clumps of purple hair still visible on his mostly-bald scalp, a long, stretched neck, both his almost-constantly-sneering lips and underbite exposing his pale-yellow teeth, and exposed bare feet with animalistic toes. His Omnitrix loosely resembled the prototype model, albeit purple in coloration and fused to a buckle near the elbow of his left sleeve, appearing jumbled and almost makeshift as if it was hastily assembled.

“Me am Benzarro… me know what Benzarro is doing...” Benzarro spoke in his deep, zombified voice, obviously lacking a good portion of higher intelligence due to whatever current undead state he was in, as he began to clumsily stumble back toward the harbor’s warehouse, its large metallic doors open. “BENZARRO AM HERE!”

“HEY, S-T-F-U! I KNOW THAT! YOU WALKED 20 FEET!” The female voice yells out from inside the warehouse, revealing herself to be transformed as a feminine Gimlinopithecus, the species of Shocksquatch, although bizarrely-colored, with his black accents and Omnitrix symbol on the belt around her waist both colored apricot-orange, its Omnitrix possessing a golden rim, and on further inspection, it was eventually obvious what she was supposed to be, an oddly-female combination of what appeared to be Albedo’s Negative Shocksquatch and Ben 23’s Electricyeti: Negative Electricyeti.

Carrying a heavy pile of electronic, mechanical devices, she reveals the silhouette of a familiarly-suited figure within the darkness, who slowly turns toward Benzarro to reveal his glowing-red eyes, Inspector 13, who appears to have not aged a day since the time-skip of 10 years, although appears to have a few extra wrinkles. The Techadon Weapons Master insignia on his chest was absent, destroyed in a previous battle, and was now simply covered up by an extension of his metallic collar, and his right hand was now fully covered in a white glove.

“PROGRESS HAS BEEN PLENTIFUL. HELP FROM YOU TWO HAS BEEN GREATLY APPRECIATED.” Inspector 13 speaks, as Benzarro says, “Not to Al-bee-do, it ain’t.” to which Negative Electricyeti, fuming with frustration, grabs a wooden crater and lobs it at Benzarro in anger, who quickly swats at the interface of his “Viral Watch” and transforms into Patient Punch, his undead Tetramand form, his red skin greenish and splotchy, covered in scars and signs of disease, a portion of the right side of his face skeletal, with a beastly underbite, exposed teeth, and tears in his outfit, his belt resembling that of Benzarro’s buckled restraints, and his Viral Watch symbol crooked and no longer centered, instead slightly to the right.

Catching and crushing it in his hands without flinching, Patient Punch points out a diseased finger and yells out toward Negative Electricyeti, “BENZARRO NOT APPRECIATE YOU HURTING BENZARRO!”

“F-Y-I, I-D-G-A-F!” Negative Electricyeti spells out, still oddly talking in Internet slang, before the two sides lunge at each other. Obviously disinterested, although still displaying no emotion, Inspector 13 unsheathes the components of a dismantled blaster from his pockets, puts them together, and fires a bright-red energy blast from it toward Patient Punch, causing him to suddenly freeze and violently revert back to his human form in a burst of purple-hued smoke, before repeating said blast toward Negative Electricyeti, reverting her back in a burst of orange-hued smoke.

“HEY!” The revealed female Omnitrix user exclaims, finally being revealed as what appeared to the Albedo counterpart of Dimension 23, but on closer inspection, had some similarities clothing-wise and the same age, but looked nothing like the alternate version of Ben Prime, especially gender-wise, instead being longer platinum-blond hair in a similar hairstyle, golden earrings, apricot-orange and black clothing in the form of a sleeveless, midriff-exposing tank top, shorts, and shoes, a golden necklace around her neck and over said tank top, and finally, a bizarre, apricot-orange and golden cross between what appeared to be a replica of the Hero Watch and Albedo’s Ultimatrix Stabilizer on her right wrist and hand, with a pair of golden bracelets on her left wrist and a similarly-colored ring on her index finger.

“HOW DARE YOU!” The female “Albedo 23” exclaims, frustrated, as Inspector 13 clarifies his device, stating, “BIO-ENERGY DESTABILIZER. REVERTS ALIEN TRANSFORMATIONS WITH A SIMPLE BLAST. I REQUEST THE COMPLETE LACK OF FURTHER BICKERING. YOUR MASTER REQUIRES IT, TERRAN OF DIMENSION 23.” before dismantling the weapon and placing it back in his pockets, revealing that this supposed “Albedo 23” was in fact, not a Galvan, just a peculiar username, explaining the alternate gender.

“You will NOT INTERFERE WITH MY ‘EPITOME GAUNTLET’, and B-T-W, you are NOT in charge of me, INSPECTOR!” Albedo 23 exclaims, frustrated, to which Inspector 13 exclaims, “INVALID. I WAS NOT REFERRING TO MYSELF AS YOUR MASTER, BUT YOUR HIGHER-UP.”

“Whatever.” Albedo 23 responds, crossing her arms and slowly plopping back atop the top of a wooden palette behind her, pulling her apricot-orange phone, as Benzarro, recovering from having slammed his face in the ground moments after being reverted back from Patient Punch, slowly stumbles back up to his feet, dazed and stumbling, as Inspector 13 demands, “FEMALE TERRAN OF DIMENSION 23. FINISH YOUR WORK. YOU ARE NOT DONE.”

“F-F-S, just get the zombie to do it.” Albedo 23 responds, texting while holding her phone up in the air, as Inspector 13 turns to command Benzarro to do so, only for him to suddenly transform into the greenish, splotchy-skinned, ragged-clothed Patient Sprint, his version of XLR8, his visor permanently downwards and shattered to reveal half of his undead face, his feet mutated and somewhat clubbed in appearance, the lower-half of his tail ending in exposed bone, and his Viral Watch symbol tilted slightly and a tad too low compared to other versions of XLR8. Using his enhanced speed, Benzarro gathers up several mechanical devices across the ground, albeit bizarrely appearing to run backwards, and begins to rapidly assemble a construct of machinery, that upon near-completion, Patient Sprint humorously collapses from exhaustion, reverting back to his original form, as the construct is merely revealed to be a mass of jumbled machines with no comprehensible appearance that Benzarro threw together.

“NOT OPTIMAL.” Inspector 13 remarks, as suddenly, a booming shockwave rocks the entire warehouse, catching the attention of Inspector 13, Albedo 23, and Benzarro, the second one immediately returning to her texting, and the latter of which quickly rising back up to his feet and looking in confusion, as he simply asks, “WHAT THAT?” in his jumbled means of speech.

“ONCOMING INTRUDER!” Inspector 13 exclaims toward both Albedo 23 and Benzarro, finally catching the full attention of Albedo 23, as she exclaims out “W-T-F?!” in confusion and tucks her phone away, as Inspector 13 exclaims, “PROTECT THE FACILITY! OUR PROJECT MUST NOT BE STOPPED!”

“It’s probably the Ben 10 of this universe! Come, Benzarro! Make yourself the opposite of a P-I-T-A, and assist me!” Albedo 23 exclaims, to which Benzarro, confused and unevenly blinking only one eye at a time, asks, “HUH? WHAT THIS DO ABOUT BREAD?” to which a frustrated Albedo transforms into the orange Negative Speedyquick in a flash of the same-colored light, grabs onto the collar of Benzarro, and using her form’s enhanced speed, sprints out of the warehouse, dragging him alongside, leaving Inspector 13 to look over to the corner of the warehouse, seeing what appeared to be a sleeping animal.

Meanwhile, outside the warehouse, Benzarro is tossed to the ground like a ragdoll by Negative Speedyquick, who rapidly transforms into her stark-white, orange-hued, feminine Arachnichimp form, Negative Mr. Monkey, as Benzarro stumbles back up to his feet, as Negative Mr. Monkey swats the back of Benzarro’s leg with her tail to get his attention, and exclaims, “PAY ATTENTION! THE INTRUDER IS NEARBY, PROBABLY WATCHING US NOW!”

Nodding in response, Benzarro readies his Viral Watch and comically headbutts its primed dial, transforming into his Loboan form and version of Blitzwulf, dubbed Patient Hunt, oddly lacking zombified characteristics, besides his greenish coloration, ragged, purple-colored clothing, splotchy skin, and crooked Viral Watch symbol. Readying a sonic howl, the two Omnitrix users suddenly split up and begin to investigate the surrounding area, searching through shipping containers, various open crates, and the driving seats of a few nearby construction vehicles, including a crane and pair of forklifts. Unbeknownst to them, the surface of the waters within the harbor briefly bulges upwards, as if something invisible was flowing through them.

“How could that intruder be gone?! Their arrival created a SHOCKWAVE, F-F-S! THEY COULDN’T HAVE TRANSFORMED FAST ENOUGH AND TURNED INTO THEIR MERLINISAPIEN FORM!” Negative Mr. Monkey exclaims, frustrated, as she points toward Patient Hunt and exclaims, “BENZARRO! SONIC HOWL THROUGHOUT THIS ENTIRE AREA! THEY’RE HIDING NEARBY! I ABSOLUTELY KNOW IT!”

With that command, Patient Hunt recoils back, before reeling his head up and swinging it downwards, unraveling his jaws into four separated components and exposing his inner-maw that he reveals and unleashes a massive sonic howl from, sweeping through the entire area but uncovering no-one. Closing his jaws, Negative Mr. Monkey fumes with anger, stomping her feet, as she yells out, “O-M-G, THIS CAN’T BE HAPPENING!”

“Nothing here, Benzarro thinks.” Patient Hunt responds, to which Negative Mr. Monkey yells out, “That’s ridiculous! This was a SHOCKWAVE! SOMETHING CRASHED HERE! THEIR TALPAEDAN FORM, MAYBE? MOST LIKELY, THEIR ARBURIAN PELAROTA FORM! REGARDLESS, THERE’S SOMEONE ABSOLUTELY HERE TO STOP US, AND-”

“-THEY’RE RIGHT HERE!” An unknown female voice suddenly exclaims from the harbor, as by the time Patient Hunt is able to turn around in time to face, he’s violently thrown back by a hydrokinetic blast of water, throwing him to the ground several feet away, as Negative Mr. Monkey faces the revealed intruder, yet another Omnitrix wielder, in the form of a T’zun Army, the water-composed alien called Hightide, albeit with a feminine body structure and a dark, emerald-green Omnitrix symbol with its hourglass shape smoother and without points. “HIGHTIDE DOES A PRETTY GOOD JOB OF CAMOUFLAGE WITH A BODY OF WATER!”

“You…” Negative Mr. Monkey exclaims, as she turns back toward Patient Hunt and yells out, “GET YOUR ASS UP AND ASSIST ME! THE INTRUDER IS HERE!”

“Oh, ‘the intruder’, huh? And what exactly am I intruding on? Some secret thing you wouldn’t like me to find out, huh?” The unknown Omnitrix user’s Hightide form exclaims, as Negative Mr. Monkey opens fire on the unknown Omnitrix user with a flurry of fired web shots, but are effortlessly liquefied by Hightide’s hydrokinetic blasts, as she fires a series of hydrokinetic bullets for a formed index finger. Groaning, Patient Hunt stumbles back up to his feet, before suddenly unleashing a sonic howl that causes the unknown Omnitrix user’s Hightide form to rapidly vibrate until dissipated in a burst of released sonic-waves, sending her flying back into the waters behind and below her.

“AFTER HER!” Negative Mr. Monkey exclaims, suddenly transforming into a Polar Manzardill form, her Arctiguana, or in Ben 23’s case, Freezelizard, form, possessing an exposed underbelly and Epitome Gauntlet symbol on her left wrist. Lunging into the waters, Negative Freezelizard follows after the unknown Omnitrix user, searching for her while exhaling chilling breath. Unable to see anything, she continues to search, before she suddenly spots an emerald-green-eyed figure hiding under one of the wooden docks, an extremely-familiar, aquatic merman-like alien, Ripjaws, wearing black cloth on his upper-torso and forearms, and a mechanical, water-filled respirator on both sides of his neck, with the Omnitrix symbol on his right outer-shoulder, albeit with a feminine appearance due to its female user, including a slimmer body, visible lips, and the cloth covering her upper-torso akin to a tube-top.

As the unknown Omnitrix user’s Ripjaws form suddenly lunges out at Negative Freezelizard, opening her huge jaws, filled with huge fanged teeth, Patient Hunt stays above land, smacking the Viral Watch symbol on the collar around his neck and suddenly transforming into a ghoulish, undead Pyronite form, Patient Burn, who has splotched, purple-colored rocks composing his body, dense smoke surrounding his flames, and a crooked Viral Watch symbol more near his right pectoral than being on the center of his chest. Generating his smoking flames, he fires several blasts of them into the water, creating scalding bursts and attempting to draw out the unknown Omnitrix user.

Meanwhile, underwater, the unknown Omnitrix user’s Ripjaws form and Negative Freezelizard violently brawl, avoiding Patient Burn’s scalding attacks, as Negative Freezelizard, upon being thrown back by the former, blasting the unknown Omnitrix user with an icy beam from her maw, only for her to effortlessly avoid the icy beam with her enhanced swimming speed, transforming into a light-blue, partially-humanoid eel-like alien, with a long tail for a lower-body, sharp teeth, bolt-shaped markings branching off from its eyes, femine proportions due to its unknown user, and their Omnitrix symbol atop their left shoulder.

Wrapping her tail around Negative Freezelizard, the alien, Eelectricity, releases a powerful electrical blast into Negative Lizard to the point of forcing her to revert back to her human form, and upon realizing that she was in an environment she could not breathe in, she held her breath, armed her Epitome Gauntlet, and selected the holographic silhouette of her version of Ripjaws, dubbed Fish Fingers, similarly in appearance to the unknown Omnitrix user’s Ripjaws form, albeit with her signature apricot-orange and golden color palette, the lack of cloth covering her right shoulder, and the Epitome Gauntlet symbol on her left pectoral. 

“Who in the hell are you supposed to be? This disgraced dimension’s version of Benjamin Kirby Tennyson?!” Negative Fish Fingers exclaims, as the unknown Omnitrix’s Eelectricity user responds, “You can call me Jen… or more formally, Jennifer. When Ben’s not around these parts, I do the protecting... and you are...?”

“I’m Alice Bedortha… just a brilliant nobody from Dimension 23...” Negative Fish Fingers responds. “I can’t have some washed-up alternate Omnitrix wielder stopping what me and my boys have planned, so why don’t you do Alice here a favor and G-T-F-O?”

“Ooooh, Internet slang talk. You must be hip and trendy with the nobodies of Dimension 23.” Jen’s Eelectricity form responds, swaying her non-existent hips, as Negative Fish Fingers growls in frustration, before suddenly avoiding another scalding blast made by Patient Burn, exclaiming, “THAT NIGHT OF THE LIVING DUMBASS! WHAT IS HE DOING UP THERE?!”

“Guess your gross friend doesn’t have Ripjaws.” Jen’s Eelectricity form responds. “Sucks to be in his shoes… or if memory serves me right, he was bare-footed, correct?”

“S-T-F-U, Jennie. Let’s finish this. I have some texting to get back too.” Negative Fish Fingers responds, morphing her lower-body and loincloth-like flaps into a mermaid-like tail, as she lunges at Jen’s Eelectricity form, baring her large aquatic claws, to which Jen’s Eelectricity form quickly manages to duck below her, wrapping the end of her tail around her left ankle, and spinning her around to smash into the ocean floor, before paralyzing her with another electrified blast, and flinging her upwards above her.

Although Negative Fish Fingers recovers and attempts to propel back downwards, Jen’s Eelectricity form suddenly smacks the Omnitrix symbol on her shoulder, transforming into a humanoid, shark-like alien with a mechanically-armored body, her armor a metallic-dark-blue, golden-yellow, and dark-gray, including a large, smokestack-like fin atop her head, two large open ports to the inner-sides of her shoulders and atop her collar-bones, two light-blue markings running down from the ports to her chest, patterns resembling dripping water, the Omnitrix symbol on the “belt”-like construct around her lower-abdomen, and feminine proportions, as she yells out, “STEAMBRINER!” and identifies her alien form.

Although Negative Fish Fingers recoils in shock and attempts to retract backwards for a potential attack, she’s suddenly blasted enough as Jen’s Steambriner form launches a pair of high-pressure streams of scalding brine from the ports of her chest with enough force to violently send Negative Fish Fingers flying out of the boiling water and up into the air, suddenly resurfacing and crashing atop the wooden docks. Jen emerges from the waters, in her slightly-slimmer Grecarden form, using pillars generated beneath her to push her stony body out of the water.

“BEHOLD, THE CO-PROTECTOR OF EARTH OF THE MARVELOUS JEN 10!” Jen’s Grecarden form exclaims, as upon recovering, Negative Fish Fingers exclaims toward Patient Burn, clumsily attempting to shoot fireballs toward Jen’s Grecarden form, entirely unaffecting her tough rocky form, “BENZARRO! GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS, AND MAKE YOURSELF USEFUL F-F-S!”

“Benzarro trying best! Benzarro say before!” Patient Burn sputters out in his jumbled voice, as he suddenly blasts smoke from his hand toward Jen and Albedo 23, creating a blinding smokescreen that Jen’s Grecarden form is forced to enter, suddenly transforming into a more-feminine version of Nada Surf, blasting through the smokescreen with a tidal wave of seafoam. Emerging from the smokescreen behind Jen’s Nada Surf form, Patient Burn suddenly transforms upon smacking the Viral Watch symbol on his chest, transforming into a zombified Lepidopterran form, Patient Reek, his cracked carapace oozing slime, jaws drooling slime, and wings overtly-veiny, to which he immediately takes flight and blasts Jen’s Nada Surf form with erupting bursts of slime from all four of his eyes.

Albedo 23 emerges from the smokescreen, transformed as the orange-flaming, feminine Negative Charcoal Man, as she launches a fireball toward the slime-drenched Jen, causing a chain reaction between the combustible sludge that causes an explosion that sends Jen flying back, slamming back onto the ground and further away from the docks, her Nada Surf form severely damaged to the point of forcing her to revert to her human form, although her true appearance remained clouded within smoke still in the air, which Patient Reek launches several blasts of sludge toward Jen form to draw her away from the ocean and prevent her from hiding further and potentially escaping.

“This is it, Jennifer! Nowhere else to run! I-M-O, you should give up, and if we’re feeling nice enough, we’ll let you leave with just a warning and a beating!” Albedo 23 calls out, having transformed off-screen back into Negative Freezelizard. “Choose wisely, or else we’re having a refrigerated bootleg Tennyson menu for dinner!”

“Sorry, queens…” Jen suddenly utters, completely unphased and her silhouetted form gradually getting back up to her feet, as both Patient Reek and Negative Freezelizard stare in shock at the completely-uninjured Omnitrix wielder, their emerald-green Omnitrix symbol glowing through the smoke. “...but I’m NOT from the Stone Age… I don’t back out that easily...”

“SAY WHO?” Patient Reek squawks in a high-pitched voice, to which Jennifer steps through the smoke, finally revealing her form and how shockingly-similar it was to be Albedo 23: what appeared to be a female version of Ben Prime, his gender swapped and appearance augmented, adorning long brown hair tied back in a ponytail with a scrunchie, curly bangs, emerald-green eyes with larger eyelashes, prominent lips with scarlet-red lipstick, and an outfit similar to that of Ben Prime’s outfit when he was 16 years old, albeit a color-reversed variant of his white-and-green hoodie, instead primarily emerald-green with white accents, the number “10” instead on her left shoulder, and its zipper open to expose her black undershirt, alongside a pair of dark-green mini-shorts and black, green-accented tennis shoes. The Omnitrix, or the Cosplayer, over her left wrist was near-identical to Ben Prime’s, but with emerald-green colors, slight modifications to its designs, resulting in its slimmer, smoother appearance, and its previously-depicted, rounded hourglass symbol.

“...says Jennifer Tennyson, the co-protector of Earth!” The revealed Jen exclaims, as Negative Freezelizard commands toward Patient Reek, “BLAST HER!” to which Patient Reek begins firing a rapidfire series of slime blasts, only for Jen to suddenly activate the Cosplayer, exposing its stylized, square-shaped hologram wheel, as she selects the hologram of AmpFibian, and upon the core popping up, Jen looks up toward the two and exclaims, “IT’S CALYPSO TIME!” before slamming her hand down on the core, triggering a transformation, as white-and-blue patterns rapidly scale up her limbs and face, connective tissue connecting her inner-forearms to her sides begins to form, and tendrils emit from her shoulders.

AMPFIBIAN!” The newly-transformed Jen exclaims, as Negative Freezelizard demands toward Patient Reek, exclaiming, “PUT THAT STINGER TO USE, ‘BEN-ZOMBIE’! END HER!” to which Patient Reek lunges forward, rapidly flapping his wings, as he extends his stinger outwards and attempts to impale AmpFibian with it, only for her to activate her electro-phasing and fly straight toward Patient Reek, before aiming straight at the sludge-oozing wounds in his carapace and figuring an electrokinetic blast, powerful enough to violently electrocute the exposed slime and rapidly electrocute Patient Reek to the point his body begins rapidly smoking. Screeching wildly, he finally collapses and reverts back to his human form, just in time for AmpFibian to turn around and phase straight through one of Negative Freezelizard’s icy beams, which she rapidly fires toward AmpFibian.

“HAH, YOU CHOSE DR. JELLY?! B-F-D! THERE’S ONLY ROOM FOR ONE FEMME FATALE WITH THE POWERS OF AN OMNITRIX, IN THIS MEASELY DIMENSION, F-Y-I AND I-M-O, AND I DON’T SEE YOU HAVING A CHANCE OF BEING HER!” Negative Freezelizard yells out, continuously firing several blasts of ice from her mouth, finally managing to freeze AmpFibian while in mid-air, maniacally laughing as she struggles to fully phase through it fast enough. “TIME TO FINISH YOU, INTRUDER! BEHOLD... THE POWER OF MY EPITOME GAUNTLET!”

The Epitome Gauntlet symbol atop her wrist flashing with light, it suddenly sprouts a trio of metallic prongs in the form of a triangle, as Negative Freezelizard begins rapidly morphing in a flash of apricot-orange light. Growing bigger and more muscular, Negative Freezelizard’s backside, shoulders, and elbows become armored with dense layers of jagged ice and apricot-orange armor, the wire-surrounded Epitome Gauntlet symbol shifting to the front of a large mountain-shaped mass of ice atop her back. Her face became beastly and gradually more and more devoid of much of her prior feminine features, gaining a huge lower jaw and growths on her chin, while her upper-torso was now much larger, her arms enlarged and now gorilla-like with outstretched, clawed fingers, and a pair of large cannons on the sides of the icy mountain atop her backside.

EPITOME FREEZELIZARD!!” Negative Epitome Freezelizard yells out, as AmpFibian stares in shock at her newfound transformations, as Negative Epitome Freezelizard readies the cannons on her backside, firing an amplified pair of icy beams from her cannons, as suddenly, AmpFibian transforms in yet another emerald-green flash of light, but before Negative Epitome Freezelizard could register who it was, a concentrated beam of pure solar energy ruptures straight through the ice, tearing through the right side of Negative Epitome Freezelizard’s icy armor atop her backside, severely damaging her shoulder’s armor in the process, and as she wails in distress, a Polar Manzardill emerges from the melted ice, and was in fact a Manzardill, not an ice-shooting Polar one, but a green-skinned Floral Manzardill, covered in wildflowers and foliage with one large flower atop her forehead: Tropiguana.

“YOU BETTER HOPE YOU HAVE AN AIRBAG IN THAT GAUNTLET!” Tropiguana exclaims, to which Negative Epitome Freezelizard yells out, “YOU LITTLE RAT!! I’LL KILL YOU!!!” before firing her ice cannons back at her, coming out as a pair of massive icy columns, to which Tropiguana effortlessly melts them mid-firing with her solar beams. Starting to charge toward Negative Epitome Freezelizard, destroying each of her attacks, the two of them fire their attacks at once, their beams of ice and solar energy respectively violently colliding together, as they struggle to overwhelm their opponent.

Seeing Negative Epitome Freezelizard was leagues stronger and soon-to-be-victorious, Tropiguana suddenly morphs into Eelectricity and blasts her electrokinesis on full blast, causing it to intertwine with the melted ice below them and violently electrocute Negative Epitome Freezelizard. Seeing she was visibly stunned, Eelectricity transforms in yet another flash of emerald-green light, becoming a feminine, shapely Sabbattoir.

Her red patterns, visor, and horns glowing bright-green, Sabbattoir exclaims, “OSTARAKAISER!” and launches a powerful aerokinetic blast at Negative Epitome Freezelizard, strong enough upon combining it with her blue-colored “YULEKAISER!” hydromancy, sends Negative Epitome Freezelizard violently flying back into the waters, although thanks to her underwater breathing and enhanced cryokinesis, allows her to quickly resurface and begin freezing the surface of water to create a platform to stand on, seemingly beckoning Sabbattoir to finally hop down to face her.

Meanwhile, Benzarro stumbles back up to his feet, finally coming back to his consciousness senses after his electrocution, and haphazardly activates his makeshift Viral Watch to transform into Patient Punch, ready to assist Albedo 23, but is suddenly stopped by the white glove of a familiar figure grabbing one of his arms to prevent him from leaving, as he clarifies Benzarro to “HALT.” in his monotone voice.


“More valuable than Al-bee-do?” Patient Punch asks, confused, to which Inspector 13 hesitates for a moment, before simply clarifying, “NO COMMENT.” and using his assembled Bio-Energy Destabilizer to revert Patient Punch back to his human form.

“COME. WE WILL SEEK ADDITIONALLY ASSISTANCE FROM ALTERNATIVE WIELDERS.” Inspector 13 declares, starting to drag Benzarro away, who yells out, “What about Al-bay-do! She need Benzarro help!” to which Inspector 13 merely responds, “I WILL GRANT HER ASSISTANCE, BUT THROUGH A DIFFERENT WIELDER OF NON-GALVAN TECHNOLOGY. INITIATING... ZAROFFIAN WHISTLE REPLICANT.

Emitting a miniature speaker-like device from a miniature mechanical device emerging from the bolt on the left side of his head, the speaker releases a high-pitched whistle that upon echoing throughout the docks, eventually reaches inside the warehouse and awakens the sleeping animal within the facility, causing it to open its large red eyes and start violently growling. Leaping to his paws, the beastly animal rushes out of the warehouse and soars past the duo, as Benzarro catches a glimpse of its maroon-red and black fur, and the bizarre Omnitrix-like symbol on the spiked collar around its neck, confirming it to be the Panuncian of Chapter 7, as he simply exclaims, “Woah… that dog look weird...”

Meanwhile, within the frozen-over surface of the dockwaters, Jen and Albedo 23 continue to violently brawl, the former still transformed as Sabbattoir and launching several blasts of her Ostarakaiser aeromancy at the latter, who was transformed as her orange-colored version of Water Hazard, that of Negative Barnacle Man, who attempts to repeatedly strike Sabbattoir with hydrokinetic whips and blocks one of her aerokinetic attacks with a bubble shield. Launching a pair of scalding water beams at Sabbattoir, she defends her with her Lithakaiser pyromancy, rapidly evaporating Negative Barnacle Man’s water beams with bright-yellow flames.

“FACE IT, ‘JEN’! A-F-A-I-C, YOU CAN’T DO JACK SHIT TO STOP ME! I’M STRONGER, MORE EXPERIENCED, AND I’M AIDED BY MY EPITOME FORMS!” Negative Barnacle Man yells out, to which Sabbattoir merely glares in response, before asking, “You know, isn’t some bit- bastard on the Internet’s ultimate weakness is not giving them what they want: attention? Would it bust your ego if I stopped responding to you?”

“W-T-F IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN?!” Negative Barnacle Man yells out in rage, to which Sabbattoir clarifies, “You. Bastard. Weakness. No. Attention.” in chopped-up sections of her previous sentence.

“A-F-A-I-K, I MAY BE A BASTARD, BUT I’M A DAMN GOOD ONE AT MY JOB, WHICH IS TAKING PISS-POOR OMNITRIX WIELDERS LIKE YOU DOWN FOR THE COUNT!!” Negative Barnacle Man yells out, suddenly transforming into her orange-colored version of Eatle, Negative Beetle Biter, as she tears a section of the ice out from beneath her and devours it. “I’M GONNA CHEW YOU UP AND SPIT YOU OUT ON THE PAVEMENT!!!”

Negative Beetle Biter firing a blast of energy from her horn, Sabbattoir quickly leaps out of the way of it, defending herself with her Lithakaiser pyromancy. Suddenly hearing the sounds of a monstrous roar beneath her, Sabbattoir turns to see a sabertooth-like animal lunge off the docks and suddenly transform into Slamworm, becoming a massive, worm-like alien with lavender-and-orange-colored hide, a beak-like mouth filled with sharp teeth, three pairs of dark-red insectoid legs near the front of her body, one pair on the sides of her face near her jaws, spikes running down the backside of the first one-third of her body length, a white underbelly, a tail ending in a pincer-like pair of spikes, and a massive version of her spiked collar, containing the bootleg Omnitrix-like symbol on it.

“THE- ‘NEMETRIX’?!” Sabbattoir yells out in shock, as the lunging Slamworm directly slams into her, smashing through the ice and plunging her into the ocean below. Confused, Negative Beetle Biter pulls herself up the docks slightly, seeing Inspector 13 a good distance away, in the process of walking away and still dragging Benzarro.

“Summoning Khyber’s Panuncian to try and steal my thunder?! Fat chance, monotone bastard… I WON’T be OVERSHADOWED!” Albedo 23 exclaims, reverting back to her human form. “I’m Alice Bedortha, the GREATEST VIRTUAL FIEND THE INTERNET’S EVER SEEN!

Albedo 23 readies her Epitome Gauntlet, selects the hologram of Negative Fish Fingers, and transforms into her, before going a step further, her aquatic form growing darker, bigger, and more hunched, her already-huge jaws growing even wider with larger teeth and her anglerfish-like lure growing larger in the process. Growing gigantic claws and glowing-bioluminescent stripes all over her black-clothed body, the newfound Evolved Piscciss Volann roars out, “EPITOME FISH FINGERS!” before turning tail and lunging into the waters below after Jen.

Violently brawling the beastly alien predator, Sabbattoir relies on Slamworm’s dependence on oxygen, as it forces itself to resurface to breathe due to its non-aquatic nature, and thus, she attempts to stun through activating her Yulekaiser hydromancy, manipulating the ocean water into high-pressure beams straight upwards at Slamworm. Activating her purple-colored Mabonkaiser geomancy, Sabbattoir tears several rocky chunks out of the ocean floor and sends them flying up at Slamworm, barraging with various blows, and seeming to be on the verge of defeating the alien beast, she’s suddenly ambushed from behind and dragged underwater by Negative Epitome Fish Fingers.

Yelling out and unable to breathe underwater, Sabbattoir struggles to transform, although Negative Epitome Fish Fingers sinks her enlarged fangs into Sabbattoir’s arm when she attempts to hit her Cosplayer symbol. With a gaze of determination, Sabbattoir suddenly transforms in a flash of emerald-green light, suddenly revealing the Cosplayer’s capabilities of Master Control, as she first transforms into a feminine Walkatrout to use her squishy body to escape Negative Epitome Fish Fingers, before swimming a good distance away and turning around to transform handsfree again, becoming a grotesque, pufferfish-like alien with a large head, massive pair of sharp-toothed jaws, bulbous eyes on the corners of his black-lipped mouth, skin-tag-like growths sticking out of his scalp and chin, stubby, four-fingered hands, short legs, and a long tail with a slight bend near the end. With some feminine features, including a slimmer torso, her bizarre alien form wears black pants with bright-green stripes around his ankles, and the Cosplayer symbol on the middle of her abdomen, as he gurgles out in a voice and reveals her alien form’s name, “GUTBUSTER!

“LOOGIE MAN?! WAIT, NO! DON’T YOU-” Negative Epitome Fish Fingers exclaims, wide-eyed, as Gutbuster retches loudly, her body swelling up like an inflated pufferfish, before upchucking a stream of viscous, bright-green sludge from her mouth with a force strong enough to send Negative Epitome Fish Fingers flying back, coated in the adhesive substance and partially restrained because of her, leaving her struggling to free her restrained limbs, as she gradually fell to the ocean floor.

Albedo 23 temporarily defeated, Gutbuster returned her attention to Slamworm, who suddenly lunged out of the waters with a violent lurch and transformed when colliding with solid ground, becomes Buglizard, a four-legged, white-and-black-scaled reptilian alien with red accents, including her four eyes, sharp claws, the tips of a series of black, segmented spikes running down her back, and the tip of her long tail, protruding gums with exposed, razor-sharp teeth, a dark-red underside of her throat and chest, black feet with three claws on each, and her signature enlarged spiked collar with the “Nemetrix” symbol on the center, as Gutbuster exclaims, “Buglizard, the natural predator of Stinkfly, huh?! Too bad you’re not the natural predator of Gutbuster!”

Firing several volleyball-sized bursts of bubbling slime from her abdomen, the acidic slime balls shoot upwards into an arc, only for Buglizard to exhale a bright-yellow fog, causing the slime’s corrosive chemicals to be neutralized for the slime to disintegrate, as Gutbuster stares for a moment of disbelief, before saying, “Shit, of course… both are slime… but no matter!” before Jen transforms yet again, becoming AmpFibian as she flies upwards and out of the water.

“HEY, BUG BITE! GET A LOAD OF MY NEW TRICKS! TIME FOR… ULTIMATE AMPFIBIAN!!” AmpFibian exclaims, as she uses a tendril to swat at the Cosplayer symbol on her lower-face, causing it to suddenly sprout eight, miniature, sharply-pointed prongs from all around the Cosplayer symbol. Soon, AmpFibian suddenly begins to grow massive, her darker-blue highlights becoming a pale shade of golden-yellow and eyes becoming three large, vertically-stretched eyes covering her entire face, her Cosplayer symbol relocating to her “chest” and gaining an extra trio of eyes beneath the relocated symbol. Her tendrils extend and grow longer, as she additionally gains an extra set of tendrils near the sides of her head, and three extra sets of long tendrils emerging from the lower-half of her body.

Her “Cosplayer”-dubbed Omnitrix replica now revealed to not only possess the capabilities of Master Control, but Ultimate forms, the Evolved Amperi lunges at Buglizard, who futilely attempts to swat and slash at Ultimate AmpFibian, who merely goes straight intangibly through Buglizard, the reaction and activation speed of her electro-phasing enhanced. Lunging straight into Buglizard, Ultimate AmpFibian latches straight on Buglizard’s nervous system, essentially “possessing” her, and with a brief moment of hesitation, suddenly releases a massive blast of electricity straight throughout Buglizard’s body, causing her to scream out in distress until moments later, Ultimate AmpFibian re-emerges and phases out of her backside, allowing the smoking Buglizard to collapse, defeated, and revert back to her original Pancuncian form, now unconscious.

“The ‘nerve’ of some of these bad guys…” Ultimate AmpFibian utters, chuckling and muttering, “...’nerve’... hehehe…” under her breath, before suddenly being alerted to the freed Albedo 23, who ruptures out of the still-partially-frozen surface of the water, and reveals herself to have transformed off-screen, becoming her orange-colored, evolved variation of Wildmutt, or Dog-Nabbit, taking the form of the viscous, feral Negative Epitome Dog-Nabbit.

“Come back for seconds, I see?” Ultimate AmpFibian asks, as suddenly, Negative Epitome Dog-Nabbit reacts in shock, becoming wide-eyed if her form did possess eyes, as she yells out in a deep, animalistic voice, “YOU… HAVE EPITOMES?!” to which Ultimate AmpFibian clarifies, “They’re called ‘Ultimates’, but… yup! The power of the Cosplayer!”

“The… ‘Cosplayer’?! Is that what you call your Omnitrix?!” Negative Epitome Dog-Nabbit yells in frustration. “What’s going on here?! What do you mean ‘co-protector’... are you not the original Ben Tennyson of this dimension?! How do you not only possess Master Control, but Ultimate forms as-well?! THAT’S, I-M-O, COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS!!”

“I did my Ben Tennyson a favor, and he repaid me. Simple as that.” Ultimate AmpFibian bluntly responds, to which Negative Epitome Dog-Nabbit, enraged by how casual, yet successfully Jen acts, lunges at her with determination, drawing her massive claws and slashing at her sensitive jellyfish-like body, only for Ultimate AmpFibian to suddenly aim all of her 22 tendrils outwards and each fire an enhanced electrokinetic blast from each of them, combining into a powerful blast of pure voltage that knocks Negative Epitome Dog-Nabbit straight out of the air.

Not finished, Ultimate AmpFibian extends two of her tendrils, wrapping them around her waist, and demonstrates her newfound enhanced strength, swinging her upwards into the air and smashing her directly atop a forklift, destroying it under Negative Epitome Dog-Nabbit’s weight. Groaning, the Evolved Vuplimancer slowly slides off the destroyed forklift and collapses in a heap, her confidence moments prior ripped asunder by Ultimate AmpFibian’s enhanced electrokinesis, as in an orange flash of light, she returns to her human form, laying on her side and remaining defeated.

“Welcome to the pound, puppy.” Ultimate AmpFibian exclaims, briefly reverting back to her unevolved form, before finally taking on her human form once again, as she dusts her hands off and adjusts her jacket, before facing off against the still-open warehouse, unknowingly being watched by a pitch-black figure in the distance. Readying her Cosplayer again, she selects the holographic icon of XLR8 and transforms into her, sprinting off toward the open warehouse, its interior dark and technology hidden, and loudly exclaiming, upon her arrival, “Alright, that’s THREE of your lackeys down! Come on out here!”

Being met with silence, XLR8 suddenly reverts back to her human form, exclaiming, “Lookie here! I’m in my human form! I made myself defenseless, so I’d be entirely vulnerable if you’d try to attack me, right?” and again, is met with absolute silence, to which she frowns and exclaims, “Oh, come on! I know exactly who you are! Show yourself, so I can see you for the first time in almost a decade… Techadon Weapon Master Inspector 13!” and almost on command, the alien reveals himself, exclaiming, “CORRECTION: EX-WEAPONS MASTER.”

“I can tell… you got rid of that symbol on your chest… what happened, you got kicked out or something?” Jen sarcastically asks, to which Inspector 13, visibly frustrated, exclaims, “YOUR HUMAN CAUSALITY IS ADMIRABLE, BUT ANNOYING REGARDLESS. DEPLOY META-SHACKLES.” and suddenly deploys a pair of metallic shackles, attempting to restrain Jen’s limbs, only for her to suddenly transform into Ripjaws, biting down on one of the pairs and crunching them to bits, and upon the other pair restraining her forearms together, she merely bites down on them too, ripping them off. Lunging straight at Inspector 13, he merely completes the easy assembly of his Bio-Energy Destabilizer and fires it at Ripjaws, causing it to suddenly revert her back to her human form.

“Huh?!” Jen yells in shock, noticing she had transformed back, to which she begrudgingly attempts to transform again through manually selecting an alien, becoming a feminine, skirt-wearing Wildvine, only for Inspector 13 to fire the alien device to revert her back to her human form again. Through Master Control, she transforms into a flurry of various feminine aliens, including Speedbump, The Worst, Mercurious, Gutbuster, and Eye Guy, but each time, she was reverted back by Inspector 13 before she could even attempt to dodge its blasts.

Exhausted by her instantaneously-reverted transformations, Jen collapses to one knee, as Inspector 13 looms over her, disassembling and putting the components of the Bio-Energy Destabilizer back in his utility belt’s pouches, and exclaims, “DEPLOY THERMAL BLASTER.” which causes him to sprout a large blaster from the back of his ungloved hand and aim it down toward Jen, who tiredly chuckles and asks, “You, uh… mind if we can take a time-out?”

“NOT OPTIMAL.” Inspector 13 bluntly responds in his monotone voice, before firing a concussive blast of bright-red thermal energy from the blaster, striking Jen in the left side of his face, as she violently screams out in agony and is thrown on her backside, convulsing in agony as smoke bellows from the side of her face. As Inspector 13 readies another blast, he’s suddenly phased by something soaring straight past his face, and upon looking down, he discovers his blaster was missing entirely.

Confused, Inspector 13 was alerted to a hand tapping on his shoulder, and upon turning around, he was barraged with a series of punches in mere moments, sending him flying on his backside and before he can even recover, a series of wooden crates were suddenly thrown in his direction, to which he opened a pouch on his utility belt, assembled a miniature, rectangular blaster, and exclaimed, “DEPLOY ZERO-POINT IMMOBILIZER.” and fired a stream of bright-blue energy that froze the crates while in mid-air, allowing him to effortlessly throw them aside and face his silhouetted foe.

Firing the Zero-Point Immobilizer toward them in an attempt to freeze, they dodged it with groundbreaking agility, before lunging forward with a dropkick that sent Inspector 13 flying back again, as the extremely-agile silhouette barraged him with lightning-fast blows, forcing him to exclaim, “DEPLOY MOLECULAR VISE” and deploy a series of mechanical, bandage-shaped restraints from hidden compartments on his utility belt, rapidly restraining the confronter mid-punch and wrapping faster than they can struggle and break free. Finally revealed in the sunlight, it was revealed to be none other than Dr. Glenda Blurakami.

“A CITRAKAYAH. PECULIAR. DEPLOY-” Inspector 13 clarifies, before suddenly, Jen, somehow still conscious, yells out, “LEMME TELL YOU SOMETHING, INSPECTOR! HOW ABOUT YOU DEPLOY THIS!” and before he can stop the recovered hero, her revealed form of Rath uses her wrist claws to effortlessly slice several of the Molecular Vise’s restraints, freeing Dr. Blurakami, before she uses it to slice the Zero-Point Immobilizer in half upon Inspector 13’s attempts to use it on her, before she suddenly transforms into XLR8 as Inspector 13 stumbles back in confusion, dropping his destroyed weapon.

Seeing her choice of a speed-based alien, Dr. Blurakami and XLR8 seemingly get the same idea, nodding and smirking to each other, as they begin to run opposite one another to surround Inspector 13 in a slowly-forming vortex, causing Inspector 13 to suddenly begin lifting off the ground, before the two of them each lock one of their palms, signifying for them to stop, and allowing the vortex to rapidly unwind and throw Inspector 13 into the side of the warehouse wall, finally defeating him, as he slides back down, first onto his knees and then flat on the ground, unconscious.

“AND STAY DOWN!” XLR8 exclaims, suddenly reverting back to her human form upon striking the Cosplayer symbol on her chest. “Thanks for helping me, Ms…”

“Dr. Glenda Blurakami of the Citrakayah race.” Dr. Blurakami clarifies, panting as she was greatly out of breath, and asks, “Are you… Jennifer?”

“You bet your feline ass I’m her.” Jen responds, turning to face Dr. Blurakami and unintentionally revealing the bizarrely-wounded characteristics of the left side of her face, exposed white and dark-magenta-purple flesh visible under her charred skin, an extra eyeball over her cheek-bone, as Dr. Blurakami yelps in shock, startled by disfigurement. “What’s wrong? Did my make-up get wet? It should be waterproof. It said so on the- oh yikes, I forgot to fix that.”

“Ar-Are you…” Dr. Blurakami asks, shocked, to which Jen seals her additionally-revealed eyeball and gradually heals the charred skin atop her face, slowly fixing the broken illusion of her human form, to which Jen asks, “Hm? Oh, I’m, uh… not human. I previously went by ‘Calypso’. I’m a Metamorphic Imitatioid. Humans call ‘em ‘shapeshifters’ and such. I mean, what, you think humans actually look like under their skin?”

“I don’t… know a lot about humans…” Dr. Blurakami responds, slightly embarrassed and looking down, to which Jen, in a friendly manner, wraps her arm around Dr. Blurakami and speaks, “No worries, there’s still a lot of unfamiliar foreigners from different galaxies around these parts. You’re not unique… well, unique in the bad sense.”

“I, uh… remember why I came here.” Dr. Blurakami responds, slowly moving Jen’s arm off from around her shoulder and continuing, “We need your… help… Ben Tennyson needs your help…” to which Jen suddenly squeals, her eyes sparkling, as she hyperactively exclaims, “Wait… BEN TENNSYON NEEDS MY HELP?!” in a giddy voice.

“You are… a fan of him?” Dr. Blurakami asks, confused, to which Jen clarifies, “A SUPERFAN at most! It’d be criminal not to label me one of the highest-ranking members of his fan-club! I mean, I saved his life before, and he repaid me by giving me my own Omnitrix replica! I call it the ‘Cosplayer’, since ya know, fans do that and such! What does he need my help with?! Taking down some baddies! I can most DEFINITELY do that!”

“He, uh… is fighting a rogue patient of mine… I work at a rehabilitation facility on Galvan Prime and- well, probably ‘formerly’ now.” Dr. Blurakami clarifies. “...but he’s too strong! Ben, Gwen, Kevin, Eunice, and an alternate version of himself are ALL fighting him, and they can barely keep him off his feet for long! We need another Omnitrix wielder to help him and his allies!”

“Then I must be crazy not to accept!” Jen exclaims, suddenly activating her Cosplayer and transforming into XLR8 again, as she exclaims, “LET’S GO! LET’S NOT WASTE TIME! YOU TELL ME WHERE TO GO!” and suddenly zooms off into the distance. Briefly standing in silence, Dr. Blurakami merely remarks, “Well… phew, that was easy…” and sprints off after XLR8, leaving the defeated Inspector 13 within the warehouse.

However, meanwhile outside, Khyber’s Panuncian is abruptly reawakened from his unconscious state by a hydrokinetic blast of water. Although taking on a denseful stance at first, it eases up when it realizes its source to be an ally, Albedo 23 as Negative Barnacle Man, who says, “Easy, girl. We’re on your side if you can’t remember.”

Suddenly, Benzarro emerges from the warehouse, transformed as Patient Punch yet again and dragging the defeated Inspector 13 behind him in a similar, albeit reversed situation than he was with him prior, as Negative Barnacle Man, groaning in frustration, reverts back to her human form in a flash of orange light and comments, “We lost this shit, but we didn’t get captured, and luckily, the Inspector managed to transport the tech away before Jen could discover it. This whole thing was a load of B-S.”

“Benzarro not believe it B-S. Me believe we uncoordinated. Me believe that if we have better work of team, we beat girl Ben. Me believe fight in water unnecessary, and better if avoided entirely. Me believe usage of aquatic alien work better against girl Ben jellyfish form.” Patient Punch speaks, as slowly, Albedo 23 grows more and more visually enraged. “Me believe it result in electrocution, and easy victory of us indeed. Me mainly blame you for bad attitude and susceptible anger. Anger weigh you down. That why Benzarro rarely get angry. That why Benzarro look healthy. Anger not good for health. Benzarro believe you need management. Benzarro know good anger therapist to-”

WELL, YOU KNOW WHAT I THINK ABOUT YOU, YOU SON OF A-?!” Albedo 23 exclaims, literally red in the face, before she seems to internally blow a fuse, becoming entirely immobile and silent, before her redness fades with a series of sharp inhales and exhales, as she finally calms down and casually comments, “You’re right… all this anger isn’t healthy… you’re totally right, Benzarro.” to which Patient Punch smiles in response, fully exposing his rotted teeth, as Albedo 23 readies her Epitome Gauntlet and transforms into her orange-hued Negative Windy-Hindy, opening a time portal before her to allow the four of them to make their departure.

“Let’s get out of here. We’ll finish our plan somewhere else.” Negative Windy-Hindy exclaims, as Khyber’s Pauncian, dragging the unconscious body of Inspector 13 literally by the sleeve, enters the time portal, before slowly being followed by Patient Punch, to which Negative Windy-Hindy stops him at the last moment and says, “Oh, one more thing, Benzarro, before you go through-”

As Patient Punch turns around to face Negative Windy-Hindy, her digitally-displayed face contorts in a limited expression of fuming anger, as she reels back a mechanical arm and sucker-punches Patient Punch straight through the portal. Grumbling in response, Negative Windy-Hindy follows through the portal, allowing it to close behind her, as the screen freezes, cutting to black as a logo fills the screen, before a single message fades in beneath it.


Noteworthy Events

Major Events

  • In a flashback sequence, Albedo is seen visiting the former Techadon Weapons Master, Inspector 13, in regards to forming a truce in a similar vain he did with Khyber during the events of Ben 10: Omniverse, as Albedo still wishes to destroy Ben Tennyson, even involuntarily assisting in repairing Inspector 13's Techadon factory after it was destroyed by a feral alien shapeshifter, later revealed to be a Metamorphic Imitatioid, in his possession.
    • However, Inspector 13 refuses, claiming Ben Tennyson is only a usual inconvenience in him that typically doesn't infer much in his illegal weapon sellings. Albedo grows extremely frustrated by Inspector 13's decision, but keeps himself from attacking him out of rage, and instead chooses to make use of the alien shapeshifter, trading it from him in exchange of a flash-drive he creates Negative Ultimate Upgrade, containing copied DNA samples of the Recreated Ultimatrix's alien database. Inspector 13 accepts upon seeing his offering is truthful.
  • After the flashback sequence, the chapter proceeds where Chapter 9 left off, with Ultimate Swampfire fighting an enraged present-day Albedo, who defeats his Evolved Methanosian and Segmentasapien forms, and eventually has assistance from much of his allies.
    • Meanwhile, Eunice struggles to use her earpiece to get in contact with an ally named Jennifer, and recruits the help of Dr. Blurakami, who's too weak to face Albedo and has to use her enhanced speed to run to the downtown docks of Bellwood to find her there. Motivated by Eunice's words that Citrakayahs are beings that can do amazing things, she agrees and beings to sprint down
  • Down at the docks of Bellwood, the undead alternate version of Ben, named Benzarro, is aiding his allies, a female, Ultimatrix-wielding highly-modernized, Internet-slang-talking nemesis of Ben 23 named Alice Bedortha, or his non-Galvan version of Albedo, the present-day version of Inspector 13, and soon revealed to be acting as extra muscle for them, Khyber's Panuncian.
    • As they struggle to build a machine of unknown properties, with Albedo 23 being hot-headed and lazy, and Benzarro being unironically actually useful, although not so successful, they are suddenly alerted to the sounds of a shockwave, and as Inspector 13 announces it to be an arriving intruder, the two Omnitrix wielders rush after its location, attempting to find where they're hiding within the docks.
    • Unbeknownst to them, it reveals himself to be hiding in the docks' waters below, acting and revealing itself to be a female Omnitrix wielder herself. Albedo 23 take their fights to the water, with Benzarro's attempts to assist Albedo 23 either failing or mostly backfiring toward Albedo 23, the two unexpectedly and eventually re-emerge.
    • The female Omnitrix wielder eventually reveals herself to be the aforementioned Jennifer, the "co-protector of Earth", wielder of an emerald-green replica of Ben Prime's Omnitrix comically dubbed the "Cosplayer", and appearing to resemble a female version of Ben Prime. She soon overpowers Benzarro, and takes her flight with the taunting Albedo 23, as she activates her Epitome Gauntlet's true powers of evolution, and takes their fight back into the waters.
    • Benzarro is pulled out of the flight by Inspector 13, labeling him too helpful to be potentially captured by Jennifer, and in his place, sends Khyber's Panuncian to fight, shocking Jen when it realizes it has the previously-locked-away bootleg, predator-DNA-containing Omnitrix replica known as the Nemetrix.
    • Albedo 23 briefly re-emerges, and determined to not be overshadowed, transforms into her Evolved Pisciss Volann form and leaps back into the battle, although is quickly restrained by Jen. Khyber's Panuncian, taking the form of Buglizard, the natural predator of Lepidopterrans, resurfaces and forces Jen to activate her own Omnitrix's true potentials, her own evolution feature, and with the power of Ultimate AmpFibian, defeats both Khyber's Panuncian and moments later, Albedo 23 herself.
    • Heading off to face Inspector 13 himself, he uses his Bio-Energy Destabilizer to revert herself from her alien transformations and leave her drained of energy from her attempts to keep transforming. Horrifically blasting her across the face with a Thermal Blaster, Dr. Blurakami finally arrives, knocking Inspector 13 around and although captured by him moments later, grants Jen the time to recover, despite her extreme injures.
    • With their combined efforts, they defeat Inspector 13 and Jen reveals herself as the one Dr. Blurakami is looking for: a massive fangirl of Ben Prime who proved herself as a hero in his eyes by saving his life prior, was granted a replica of his Omnitrix in return, and gained her title as co-protector of Earth.
    • She reveals her as not entirely human when she reveals alien anatomy under her wound and regenerates her wound, being the Metamorphic Imitatioid from years ago, now with an identity and history with Ben Tennyson. She agrees to assisting Dr. Blurakami's pleads to come assist him and his allies, instantly agrees, and the two rush back to central Bellwood, where the Tennyson household is located.
    • Later, a recovered Albedo 23, Benzarro, and Khyber's Panuncian, carrying the unconscious Inspector 13, escape through a time portal formed by Negative Windy-Hindy.

Minor Events

  • Albedo was revealed to have purchased Calypso, a feral Metamorphic Imitatoid alien shapeshifter, from Inspector 13 to use against Ben Prime during the events of Ben 10: Omniverse. Although not precisely revealed how, potentially through Albedo's defeat one battle, Calypso was relinquished of his possession and rehabilitated into Bellwood's society.
    • Amazed by Ben Prime's capabilities, she became a massive fangirl of him, joining his fanclub and going as far as to save his life when he was 20 years old, causing Ben Prime to recognize how much good Calypso wants to do for him. In return, Ben Prime offered her the potential of joining his side of protecting not just Bellwood, but all of Earth, from situations he won't always be there.
    • Calypso accepted, and was granted an Omnitrix replica linked to his own, capable of accessing all of his own transformations, Master Control, and Ultimate evolutions, that she dubbed the "Cosplayer", both to represent her status as a massive fan of Ben Tennyson, and to differentiate from hers from his own. Embracing her identity as Jen, an ally of Ben Tennyson, she shapeshifted to typically fit the appearance of a female version of Ben.
  • Buglizard's slime-neutralizing fog is revealed to not only be effective against Lepidopterran slime, but also Sphoeroid slime, due to its extremely-similar properties to the slime of Lepidopterrans.



  • Ben Prime
  • Jennifer / Calypso (first appearance)
  • Kevin
  • Gwen
  • Ben 23
  • Skurd 23 (cameo)
  • Dr. Glenda Blurakami
  • Eunice
  • The Higher-Ups (alluded)


  • Inspector 13 (first reappearance; flashback)
  • Albedo (flashback)
  • ʞɔɒႱ bǝbnɒH-Ɉʇǝ⅃ (cameo)


  • Albedo (present-day)
  • Inspector 13 (first reappearance; present-day)
  • Benzarro (first reappearance)
  • Alice Bedortha / Albedo 23 (first appearance)
  • Khyber's Panuncian
  • The "Higher-Up" (mentioned)

Aliens Used

By Albedo (Flashback)

  • Negative Upgrade (x2; first time off-screen transformation; second time cameo and goes Ultimate)
    • Negative Ultimate Upgrade (first appearance of Ultimate Upgrade)
  • Azmuth's True Form
    • Ultimate Albedo
  • Negative Pesky Dust (vocal cameo)

By Ben Prime

  • Ultimate Swampfire (cont. transformation from Chapter 9)
  • Bloxx (off-screen transformation)

By Ben 23

  • Grindstone Man (off-screen transformation)

By Skurd 23

  • Orbit Man (left arm; used on Grindstone Man)

By Benzarro

  • Patient Smite (Frankenstrike; off-screen transformation)
  • Patient Punch (Four Arms; x3; first time vocal cameo; third time off-screen transformation)
  • Patient Sprint (XLR8; cameo)
  • Patient Hunt (Blitzwulf)
  • Patient Burn (Heatblast)
  • Patient Reek (Stinkfly)

By Albedo 23

  • Negative Electricyeti (off-screen transformation)
  • Negative Speedyquick
  • Negative Mr. Monkey
  • Negative Freezelizard (x2; second time off-screen transformation and goes Ultimate)
    • Negative Epitome Freezelizard (first reappearance of Ultimate Arctiguana)
  • Negative Fish Fingers (x2; second time cameo)
    • Negative Epitome Fish Fingers (first appearance of Ultimate Ripjaws)
  • Negative Charcoal Man (off-screen transformation)
  • Negative Barnacle Man (x2; both times off-screen transformation)
  • Negative Beetle Biter
  • Negative Dog-Nabbit (off-screen)
    • Negative Epitome Dog-Nabbit
  • Negative Windy-Hindy (vocal cameo)

By Jen 10

  • Hightide (first appearance; off-screen transformation)
  • Ripjaws (x2; first reappearance; first time off-screen transformation; second time cameo)
  • Eelectricity (first appearance)
  • Steambriner (first appearance)
  • Grecarden (vocal cameo)
  • Nada Surf
  • AmpFibian (x2; second time vocal cameo)
    • Ultimate AmpFibian (first appearance)
  • Tropiguana (first appearance)
  • Sabbattoir
  • Walkatrout (cameo)
  • Gutbuster (x2; first reappearance; second time cameo)
  • XLR8 (x3; first and third times cameos; second time vocal cameo)
  • Wildvine (cameo)
  • Speedbump (cameo)
  • The Worst (cameo)
  • Mercurious (cameo)
  • Eye Guy (cameo)
  • Rath (off-screen transformation)

By Khyber's Panuncian

  • Slamworm (first reappearance)
  • Buglizard (first reappearance)


  • The title of the chapter, "Unholy Divers" is named after the Ronnie James Dio song, Holy Diver with some of the lyrics even influencing the chapter's events, including:
    • "Ride the tiger" and "You can see his stripes but you know he's clean" - Referring to Albedo as the "tiger" and despite rampant his rage he is, they know he doesn't want to be a monster anymore. Alternatively referring to Rath's brief appearance.
    • "Got shiny diamonds" - Grindstone Man's appearance.
    • "Like the eyes of a cat in the black and blue" - Referring to Dr. Blurakami, specifically her fur colors of indeed, black and blue, and her major role in this chapter.
    • "Something is coming for you, look out" - The villains becoming aware of an oncoming intruder.
    • "You're the star of the masquerade" - Referring to Calypso, and how her identity as Jen is a "masquerade" of her true alien identity, but she embraces being among the humans and labels herself a "star" of her false identity, as if it was a show she was intentionally putting on.
    • "Jump, jump, jump on the tiger" and You can feel his heart but you know he's mean" - Referring to Albedo, and how some sympathize with him, but can't look past his current rage.
    • "There a cat in the blue comin' after you" - Referring to how Dr. Blurakami is hurrying to get to Jen.
  • The official first reappearance of Ripjaws and debut of Ultimate Ripjaws, in the form of both Jen's Ripjaws and Albedo 23's Negative Fish Fingers, and later, her Negative Epitome Fish Fingers, were included for the wiki's Ripjaws Fest.
  • The primary motivation of Chapter 10's setting being downtown Bellwood's docks was the motivation to have an underwater fight between Omnitrix wielders, and have the first reappearances and debuts of several aquatic aliens, some examples including Ripjaws, Hightide, Steambriner, and Eelectricity, and some reappearances of aquatic aliens who have already appeared, such as AmpFibian and Walkatrout.
    • The fight between Jen and Albedo 23 repeatedly entering the docks' waters bares reference to Chapter 6, so far the only chapter the setting of the Bellwood docks have appeared in, where Ultimate Ben and Neomni constantly struggle to injury Neomni and push her into the walls so she'd electrocute herself and power down.
    • Jen's statements of him not having Ripjaws are not actually correct. Benzarro not entering the waters was because he is a poor swimmer due to his undead state, even when transformed as his Ripjaws, named Patient Bite.
    • The reasoning behind the flashback between Albedo and Inspector 13 was to elaborate how Albedo is losing potential allies at that point of the timeline, Khyber having been defeated prior, and Vilgax either reluctant or too busy to join his side again until the episode, Malgax Attacks.
  • Negative Ultimate Upgrade's means of talking was greatly inspired by Ultimate Upgrade's dialogue in so far, the only other project he's appeared in, Death of Ben 10's Chapter 16, Part 1 of its Trials of Fire two-parter, made by the same creator of MvT's version of Ultimate Upgrade, Aaronbill3.
    • MvT's creator, WTB thought this detail was so cool, that he wanted to retain it for Ultimate Upgrade's dialogue in Multiverse vs. Tennyson.
  • The Omnitrix-wielding Argit that made a cameo in the Ben 10: Omniverse episode, And Then There Were Ben, was originally meant to be a neutral, but somewhat-antagonistic character Jen would have additionally have to fought against alongside Benarro and Albedo 23. He would have used sharp, snappy aliens that fit his thorny aesthetic, such as Diamondhead and Wildvine, and would have been defeated early like Benzarro, although after him and potentially the hands of an alien besides Ultimate AmpFibian, potentially Sabbattoir or Rath. He was scrapped in favor of Khyber's Panuncian, due to struggles in working him into the chapter, resulting in scrapping him altogether.
  • Benzarro's version of Snare-Oh, Patient Wrap, was originally meant to appear to try and briefly restrain Jen in one of the scenes of Jen fighting Albedo 23, but he was removed when there wasn't a scene to fit him in.
  • Jen was originally meant to use Ultimate Ripjaws herself against Inspector 13, but it was scrapped due to an inability to work her in properly.
  • Gutbuster, more formerly known as Spitter, makes his first reappearance since the 2005 original series episode, Ken 10, an almost-13-year-old episode as of the release of Chapter 10. Although he technically appeared after that in the Ben 10: Ultimate Alien intro sequence, he never actually made an appearance in that series.
  • Patient Smite's clumsy appearance of him looking throughout the docks were a slight reference to the 2019 American superhero movie, Avengers: Endgame, specifically the scene of Professor Hulk poorly mimicking his rage-filled 2012 self.
  • Albedo 23 references the 1968 American independent horror film, Night of the Living Dead when insulting Benzarro, due to his zombified appearance.
  • Jen references the American rock band, Queens of the Stone Age when she reveals her human appearance to both Negative Freezelizard and Patient Reek.
  • Albedo 23 is the first character to say the F word in Multiverse vs. Tennyson, although in the form of abbreviated Internet slangs that apparently do not require the profainty template.
  • Albedo 23 mentions Dr. Jelly and Loogie Man, the Dimension 23 counterparts of AmpFibian and Gutbuster. Alongside using her version of Water Hazard, Barnacle Man, all three names were pitched by user Alanomaly.
  • Skurd 23's usage of Orbit Man's powers was an last-minute addition to make up for his brief cameo last chapter, and lack of using his powers since Chapter 4.
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