Mutanted Weather is 36th episode of the show, Brandon10


In a forest near Yellow Stone Park, a flash appears repeativly in a cave. The Mutanter is shown working on a new machine. It is then reveled to be a mutant machine as the machine awakens.

It is now day in YellowStone Park. Brandon 10 is walking through the park enjoying the fact that there are no aliens, no villains and no work. Brandon walks through the park until he reaches a dark part of the forest and a cave. In the cave, glowing eyes appear. Then, mutant wolves race out of the cave and begin chasing after Brandon. Brandon then tries to transform into Stinkfly but becomes Wildmutt. Wildmutt then manges to defeat the wolves and continue into the forest. In the forest, Brandon notices mutanted goo crawling up a tree and infecting. Brandon then incounters the mutanter riding a large mutant bear. Brandon tries to explain that his mutantions are changing Yellow Stone and it might get out of hand but the Mutanter instites that this is the beginging of rule of the Mutanter. Knowing he has lost it Brandon transforms into Four Arms and attempts to take him out. The large mutant bear then protects him and attacks Fourarms several times. The Mutanter then retreats to his cave to check with his machine. Fourarms then gets the upper hand and traps the mutant with some mutant trees as they begin to mutant into monsters. Brandon then travels to the cave and incounters the mutanter. Unfourantly, The Mutanter summons his machine and it creates a hurricane/tornado that shoots lighting that mutants living beings and the weather. Brandon turns into Cannonbolt and tries to tackle him. Unfourantly the weather machine catches the Mutanter and flings Cannonbolt back into the cave. Cannonbolt transforms back into Brandon. Brandon then touches some machines parts from the Mutanter's experiments and the watch goes crazy. Soon a weather mutant machine Hologram appears and Brandon transforms into Twisty. Twisty then destories the machine and returns everything back to normal. Soon the machine builds up and sucks the mutanter in. Brandon runs away until he is able to turn into Stinkfly to fly away before the explosion. Brandon then continues to enjoy the nature of Yellow Stone.

Major Events

  • The Mutanter Returns and then goes to prison
  • Yellow Stone was almost ingulfed in mutanted energy
  • The Mutant Machine was created and then destoried
  • Brandon gains his new transformation, Twisty


  • Brandon 10
  • Park Manger

Aliens Used


  • The Mutanter
  • Mutant Wolves
  • Mutant Bear
  • Mutant Trees
  • Mutant Weather Machine


  • This was a Brandon 10 episode created before the series had begun
  • Some of the mutanted wolves look similar to Blitzwolfer
  • this is almost like a crossover between the big tick and monster weather
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