Mutant Mosquito
Mutant Mosquito.png
General Information
Species Mutated Mosquito
Home World Earth
DNA source Common Earth mosquito
Body Mosquito
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Flight

DNA Absorbing and Injecting (DMO)


Mutant Mosquito is a mutated common Earth mosquito and appears in Dillon Million: Omniforce.


Mutant Mosquito looks like a common Earth mosquito, except bigger. It is green from it's head to his back and his under-side is red. It has red eyes. It has a skull-shaped marking on it's upper neck. It has long green wings portruding from it's back.

Powers and Abilities

Besides the ability of flight, like a normal mosquito, Mutant Mosquito can use his snout to suck in or inject DNA from it's victims.

Dillon Million: Omniforce

Mutant Mosquito is used by ??? to collect alien DNA for a certain project.

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