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Mutant Drake is a series that follows the protagonist, Drake, as he and his friends battle against mutant foes and save the city.


Drake is a not-so average teenager in a not-so average world; a world infested with mutated creatures, mercenaries and more. Taking on the role of a crime-fighting vigilante, Drake must use his special Mutant ability to change any part of his body into an enhanced and powerful weapon. With the help of his new found friends, Drake will not only learn what it means to be Human but he'll go through life-changing experiences and save his city.


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  • Mutant Drake is the second series created by Brandon 10; the first being Brandon 10, disregarding its sequels.
  • Mutant Drake is the first series to be co-written by Brandon 10.
  • Mutant Drake takes inspiration from a few television series' including: Arrow, Daredevil, Generator Rex and Young Justice.
  • While the series was in development, certain aspects, ideas and templates were created/evaluated by Sif.
  • Mutant Drake was nominated for Featured Series for October 2016 and won.


Mutant Drake
Main Characters
DrakeKate WilsonJohn Reed
Secondary Characters
Season 1: Gabe OwensMay HarperRyan WilsonAdam Freeman
Season 2: FionnaEmmett MurphyDanny CampbellJake Lincoln
Season 3: Emma ReedElias HernandezZara WintersZack Martinez
Season 1: Ryden KurtzmanShadow HoundPsyche
Season 2: XyrionsAnton ReevesInfinite Darkness
Season 3: The SocietyCasey Ementos
Fire Fists • Crystal Claws • Hover Speed • Smart Swim • Stealth Wings
Acidic Thorns • Stone Slicer • Sonar Scales • Neuro-Web • Electro-Icer
Season 1 Episodes
A Rainy DayCity of ChangeDeep BelowNight of the Living MutantResearchPersonalSecond ThoughtsBlakeManhuntOutageCrawling TerrorInto the Storm Part 1Into the Storm Part 2
Season 2 Episodes
RebornA New WorldThe Other KindTest of MightFlight in the NightTurf WarFast LaneBeware the RyderRelationshipsRescueReconnaissanceAftershockMutant CitySpeed LimitInner SelfThe ProfessorVendettaIdolsThe Invasion Part 1The Invasion Part 2
Season 3 Episodes
PostbellumFall-OutNew RecruitsDark TurnsChaos UnfoldsRising TidesConnectionsThe BunkerMemory LaneFamily Gathering
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