Mussels is an alien expected to appear in 40: The Last Splixson

General Information
Species Oystrio-Nacrian
Home World Molluskus
Body Humanoid Clam
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Mirage Inducing

Magical Pearl Generation


Organic Exoskeleton

Enhanced Strength

Muscle Mass Enhancement

Underwater Respiration

First Appearance TBA

It is unknown when or how this alien will make its debut.


Mussels' shell is more or less rounded or oval and composed of two halves. The external colour of the shell is dark blue, while the interior is silvery and somewhat nacreous.

Mussels' body is only upper-half humanoid with the lower half completely merged with the second half of the shell. His body is beige in colour and muscular. In addition, he is also able to increase his muscle mass making his fleshy appearance more durable and bulky.


  • He can blow bubbles from his tubes which give the illusion of towering cities and fantastical fairylands.
  • Magical Pearl Generation: Given the special magical properties of the pearl, it can become a highly versatile tool that can be imbued with a wide array of magical powers and be used for offensive and defensive purposes.
  • Burrowing
  • Organic Exoskeleton
  • Enhanced Strength
  • Ability to incease Muscle Mass
  • Underwater Respiration


Even with the ability to enhance its muscle mass, Mussels' skin below the shell is quite vulnerable, and things like sand, these small things chafe, rub, and irritate.


Mussels's name is a wordplay on the two homophones "Mussels", a name for several families of clams and molluscs, and "Muscles", a well-developed physique in which muscles are enlarged from exercise.


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