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Museum Mayham is the 16th episode of the show, Brandon 10


The Creator reads some plans for robots but feels unsure but finds an art borchure and is inpirsected. Checking for danger, Brandon 10 is attacked by the Creator and taken to an abanded museum warehouse. About to make a run for the Creator, Brandon is attacked by statues with brush swords which are dealt with as Diamondhead. Then some farmers with laser firing pitch forks appear but are then trapped by Stinkfly's Goo. So Brandon enters a room where everything melts, including him. Transforming into Slime Shot, Brandon manges to escape by tricking the mangers of the melting room robots. When he aproches a porch, robot soilders are outside firing at the area of the musuem causing Brandon as XLR8 to run as fast as he can. When he arrives at the Creator's Throne, he is attacked by a screaming ninja and a frowning lady but they are dealt with Freezefire and the Creator is taken down and sent to jail. But in jail, the creator draws diagrams in his cell to plan for his next attacks.


  • Brandon 10

Aliens Used

  • Diamondhead
  • Stinkfly
  • Slime Shot
  • XLR8
  • Freezefire


  • The Creator
  • Robot Statues
  • Robot Farmers
  • Robot Melting Room Mangers
  • Robot Soilders
  • Robot Screaming Ninja
  • Robot Frowning Lady


  • The Robots are based on famous art pieces:
  1. Statues - Venus and Thinker
  2. Farmers - American Gothic
  3. Melting Room Mangers - The Persective of Memory
  4. Screaming Ninja - Screaming Man
  5. Frowning Lady - Mona Lisa
  • The Soilders were robots from the Creator's past plan
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