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Season 1, Episode 2
Written by Zonator
Directed by Zonator
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Alix is sitting in front of a fire, rubbing his hands together and blowing on them. He look around at the total derkness that surrounded him. The blast had knocked him into a cave, and it had really hurt when he had hit a wall. He had broken his arm, and rapped it in some leaf and branches. Luckily, he had not broken the arm that bore his Omnitrix, the Unitrix. He steeped out side of the cave, only to look up and see multiple figures in the sky. His eyes widened in alarm, not even considering that it could be help. He transformed into Gryphona and took flight, trying to outrun the figures. He flew off, leaving them far behind.

He circled around the mountain that the cave was set into, and laned on a small ledge. He landed, thinking he was safe, only to have somehting drop on him and knock him unconcious.


Meanwhile, in Bloodsteel, Water and Brian have purchased a new house.

Brian: But why?

Water dropping red coins into his pocket.

Water: Why what?

Brian: Why did we buy a new house?

Water: Because we have to stay here for a while.

Brian: Again, why?

Water: Because the Bloodstorm is coming after us, and this is the only place they won't come.

Brian: Will you please tell me who or WHAT the Blood Storm is?

Water: How 'bout I just use a flashback and voiceover for dramatic effect?

Brian: Be my guest.

A long time ago, about when the Devil was born, he had only a few demons under his control. They called themselves the Bloodstorm, the fewc hosen demons who would carry out the Devil's every command, and obey him no matter what. But the deons got hungry for more power than the Devil could give them. They left him, and forever marked the Devil as their mortal enemy. From then on, the Bloodstorm hurt and devastated the Devil and his subjects in any way they could. That includes me. I, being his son, was the sole target of their terror. They tried to destroy me, but they failed miserably. Three demons decided to make a place, a sort of haeven, for all the deomons who were threatened by the Bloodstorm. They called it Bloodsteel.

Brian: ...Wow.

Water: Yeah.But technically, it's for Demons only, so you can't let anyone know you're not, k?

Brian: Whatever.

What Water didn't know, was that someone already knew.


Alix wakes up tied to a table using what looks like leather belts. There is a torch above him, so he can barely see two feet in front of his face.

Figure One: What is that thing?

Figure Two: I don't know, man.

Figure One: Think it's evil? Cause if it is, i'll slay it, 'cause thats my deal, man.

Figure Two: doesn't look too evil. In fact, it looks like a human...

Figure One: Nah, 'probably just looks that way, 'bet it's evil.

Figure Two: What should we do with it?

Figure One: Hmm...

Alix squirms, trying to escape. He tries to reach his watch, but he can't. The two figures step forward, one is a human and one is a dog.

Dog: Dude, look. His arm is broken. Are you SURE he's evil...?

Human: Definetly, I can feel it in my gut.

Dog: Okay dude.

The human pulls out a large red sword, and flips it around so that the point is facing Alix. He reaches up, and brings it down.


Cartoon wakes up with a large head ache. Rain is pouring down, making all the stone wet and slippery. He looks over and sees Jack and Bink, and to his left is Zon. He slowly gets up, his back hurting hard. He looks up too see a large, black, castle-like door. He lightly kicks Jack and Bink, and Zon wakes up anyways.

Bink: What is that?

Jack: I don't know...a Knight's Castle?

Zon: Hmm...

There is suddenly a large spark, and something flys out of the Castle.

Thing: Stop right there, Tissues!

Cartoon: Did that thing just call us tissues...?

Jack: I think so.

The thing had cannon-like arms, and a dark black one peice suit. He shot electricity out of the cannons, sending Bink and Jack flying. Bink turned into Titanium and jumped at the thing. She puched it, sending it flying at the wall. He made a large hole, letting everyone see inside.

Bink: What the...


Water and Brian are walking down a street in Bloodsteel.

Water: So, we have to think up a plan.

Brian: Plan? For what?

Water: For when we face the Bloodstorm.

Brian: Face a group of angry demons? No way.

Water: We'll have to, eventually. Brian: I don't think so.

Water: Dude, we can't just hide here forever, you'll starve!!

Brian: Dude, there's a restaurant right there.

Water: ...

Brian points in the window, just as a large demon is setting down a plate in front of another demon. The plate had a small squirming tentacle on it. The demon's stomach opened and gulped it in.

Brian: ... Nevermind.

Water: Yeah, you see? And, if you're here to long, they'll find out your not a demon.

Brian: are we gonna do this?

Water: Well, we can't fight them alone, so we'll need to find everyone again.

Brian: But we can't leave.

Water: Oh yeah...hmm...

A large, muscular demon suddenly walks up behind them.

Demon: Hey, punks.

Water: What do you want, waffle for brains?

Demon: Well, after hearing that, I WANT to see your face smeared across the dirt.

Water: Like thats gonna happen.

The demon swung at Water, but he jumped back and kicked him in the face. He flew and hit a wall, but got back up anyways.He lumbered back over, but Water, kicked him in the neck, grabbed his horn, and threw him at the ground. Everyone cheered, but someone was watching from an alley.

He spoke into a microphone.

"Sir, I think we have found the gladiator we need."

"Good, bring him to me, and i'll have him...prepared."


The human is about to stab Alix, bu his wall suddenly explodes, and Dan, Tyran, Star,

Rex, and Evanman come in.

Alix: Guys!

The human readys his sword.

Human: Who are you?!

Evanman: Your worst nightmare.

Human: Jake! Get ready!

Jake: You got it, Finn.

Jake morphs into a copy of Tyran; and they both charge at each other. Tyran picks up Jake, but Jake stratches out of his hands and lands behind him. Jake raps him up and throws him at a wall.

Finn stances as Star transform into a polar bear and claws at him. Finn jumps onto his head, off it, and onto Dan.

Finn: Die, evil!

Star morphes into a Tiger and hits Finn off. Finn tries to stab him, but misses, and Star grabs the Sword in his mouth and throws it.

Finn: Jake! My sword!

Jake stratches and grabs Finn's sword. He throws it to Finn, but Star jumps and grabs it in his mouth, as Finn jumps through the air and hits a wall. Jake picked up Tyran and raps him in a cocoon. He throws him at Evanman, who falls backwards. Star runs at Finn, but Jake punches him away with a giant fist. Star flys out of a window, still holding Finn's sword.

Finn: Dude! My sword!

Jake: Sorry.

Finn jumps out of the window, and Jake stretches out the window with him. Dan ran over and unlatched the belts that were holding down Alix, and Alix jumped up.

Alix: Finally!

Alix transforms into Shreddybear and jumps out the window, digging his claws into the side of the house as to slide down slowly. Ha drops the last few feet to the ground and runs at Finn Jake and Star.

Star sees him and scampers off, and Finn turns around.

Finn: Uh, Jake?

Before Jake can even answer, Sheddybear smacks them both with the back of his claws and sends them flying. Finn hits the house, and Jake flew upwards. Alix roared, and Finn kicked him , then ran after Star. He jumped over him, and landed in front of him. Star stopped, but not before being punched by Finn. Star growled, and Finn kicked him in the nose. Star whimpered and Finn grabbed his sword.

Finn: Hah!

Star launched at Finn, but Jake stretched over and pulled him away. Star spun around and bounded after them.

Alix slashed at Jake, only to have Finn sidekick him. Star tackles Finn, and Alix jumps on top of them. Dan watches all of this from the window, wishing he had some technology to work with. He reaches into his pocket, and finds a small ball.

Dan: Oh yeah, forgot I had this.

He presses it, and throws it at Jake, who doesent even notice. The ball explodes, feezing Jake.


Alix slashes at Finn, ripping his backpack off.


... Water and Brian were back in their house. Water was sitting in a chair, staring at a wall, and Brian was busy discovering that fire comes out of the sink faucets, not water.

He came back into the room with burnt clothes.

Brian: Dude, I almost burnt my hands off. What kind of sink shoots fire?!

Water: *Continues staring at wall*

Brian: Hello?

Water suddenly burts into flame, setting the entire table on fire. Brian back up until the fire finally stopped.

Brian: ...........................................................................................................................................woah.

Someone suddenly grabbed Brian, and pulled him out the door.


Later, in a dark dungeon, Water is sitting in a small chair.

Water: *....what? where am I? Water stands and looks around.

Water: Hello? Brian? Anyone?

The room is only a few feet around and acroos, too small for even a Rhino.

Water: Really? You would use a Rhino as an example? This wouldn't even fit a car!

A car is bigger than a Rhino.

Water: Whatever.

"Attention!" A voice suddenly called.

"Your battle will begin, now!"

Water suddenly lifted out of the room, and into a large arena. There are large, bright lights and stands full of screaming aliens, demons and other things that can't be described. Water was wearing braces on his wrists.

Water: WHAT THE...?


Bink, Jack, Cartoon, and Zon stare into the castle, at a giant assembly line, creating, programing, and sending robots through portals.

Bink: Woah.

Jack: Ya think?

Zon: C'mon guys! Let's take 'em down!

Bink: Zon, no. We'll never be able to take them all on. Look at how many there are!

Jack: Uh, guys? I think they noticed us.

Three large, spiked robots stepped through the hole.

Robots: Terminate. Tissues.

Jack: Really? Again with the Tissues?

One robot stomped on the ground, sending a large shockwave at the team.

Zon and Bink jumped out of the way, but Jack and Cartoon are hit. Cartoon tried to put it to sleep, but his powers only work on Real Beings. Jack jumped 30 feet into the air, and came down on one of them, smashing it to bits. The other two blasted shockwaves at Jack, but he jumped, pushed off of ones head, and lauched into the other one, destroying it.

Zon: Uh...good job!

Jack: I know.

Two large robots with giant pincers crawled around from the other side of the building. The one eye they had on their thatheads shot lazers at them. Two hit Jack, but he ignored them and jumped up, blowing one of them up. He landed on the roof, but the robot swiped him away with on of his six legs. He hit a tree causing it to fall. Zonator morphed into Him+Fourarms, Otherwise know as Quadramutt, and jumped at the robot. He grabbed it's head and threw it at the ground, but the robot got back up and shot a lazer at Zon. He stumbled back, but was fine. He jumped onto it, it swiped at him, but he grabbed the pincer and stabbed it in his face. The robot blew up, but Zon morphed into Wildfly, and was only blown a few feet.

Zon: That wasn't too hard.

Cartoon: Uh...Zon.

Cartoon points upwards, behind Zon.

Zon turns around too see a large robotic dragon.

Zon: O_O ...

The dragon machine roars, sending ashes into the air. He reaches a giant clawed hand down and cruches Zon, bringing the entire castle with him. Bink absorbs titanium again, and the dragon shoots a large blast of fire at her. She is fine. The dragon roars once more, sending a pillar of fire into the sky, and flys off, over the mountain.