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Multiverse vs. Tennyson is a fan-made BTFF series created by XxXWTBxXx (or simply abbreviated to WTB) that had very early production in the 4th quarter of 2019, but was scrapped and cancelled before an official announcement of production due to several miscellaneous reasons, mainly a loss of interest.

However, in March of 2020, it returned, due to the creator's desire to create an epic finale for the Ben 10 franchise, and began production in the same month.

On March 31st, its first chapter was published, officially confirming production.


"Almost an entire decade after the events of Ben 10: Omniverse, a 25-year-old Benjamin Tennyson suffers post-traumatic stress disorder from distressing events that happened in the past 10 years, which have crucially changed his outlook into his career and caused him to begin unhealthily sacrificing his mental health and previous childlike nature for the career he struggles to fully maintain, creating unnecessary augmentations to his Omnitrix, including the return of an evolution function and his reluctantly-granted Master Control, and pushing himself away from those closest to him, for the sake of keeping any evil away from Earth. His inner mentality starting to take a nosedive, Ben becomes a camera-shy recluse, which eventually results in a internal revolution he has one battle with a mutated criminal who's life was derailed by Ben."

"His eyes opened wider than ever, Ben wishes to finally give pity and help his former foe. However, Ben soon begins to face his career's greatest threats, and aided by alternate, protagonistic versions of himself from different timelines, Ben wishes to bring his former foe back from the abyss of mental solitary and madness he's plunged himself into, reawaken the long lost good in him, and have the two unite to save the multiverse from a threat that could bring about the end of the name of Tennyson: the brand-new Negative 10."


As of April 2020, Multiverse vs. Tennyson is set to have a currently-indeterminate amount of around 20 or so chapters, possibly more and possibly less.

Multiverse vs. Tennyson/Chapters


Many characters and every canonical alien of Ben 10, along with several brand-new characters, are set to all either reappear or make their debut in Multiverse vs. Tennyson. A personal goal of the series is to have every single of one of the aliens, including Ultimate and Omni-Kix forms, to have at least one on-screen appearance themselves, with only a small amount potentially only being cameos.

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  • Stated above, Multiverse vs. Tennyson originally started development around November of 2019 as a side-project, only developing around one and a half chapters, before several reasons, primarily including a loss of motivation, but also a lack of free-time and a dislike toward the direction of the mostly-rewritten few chapter, caused it to be cancelled roughly a month later.
    • Motivated by several fan-made series, including Aaronbill3's Earth-1010 projects, including Death of Ben 10, Ben 10: Reboot Revolution, and Ben 10: Road Trip, and Alanomaly's Ben 10: Time's End, WTB brought the series back, technically in the form of a "reboot".
    • The original version of Multiverse vs. Tennyson had several differences, including a less prominent focus on alternate versions of Ben from different dimensions, a primary setting of future Bellwood, and the protagonists being four Omnitrix-replica-wielding processors of Ben 10,000, each with their own Omnitrix enhancements, including one possessing an evolution feature and another possessing limited Master Control.
  • The idea of having every alien, either already existed in Ben 10's continuity or fan-made creations on the BTFF wiki, was an idea the creator, WTB attempted in the past with scrapped projects only mere concepts that never made into productions, before it ended up in MvT.
    • The idea of a grizzled, older serious, more serious version of Ben Prime was also adapted from an unnamed scrapped past project.
  • Multiverse vs. Tennyson's series name is inspired by the Ben 10: Omniverse episode, "Universe vs. Tennyson", formerly a placeholder that gradually began to stick until it was made its official name.
  • Multiverse vs. Tennyson exists in the dimension of Earth-216.
    • The specific number of "216" was selected due to being the season and episode number of the Ben 10: Alien Force episode "Good Copy, Bad Copy" put together, the debut episode of antagonist Albedo, who plays a major role in MvT.
  • The time skip of almost a decade means the present time events of MvT now takes place during the Summer of 2020, opposed to the year of 2012 for most of the canon continuity, including Ben 10: Ultimate Alien and Ben 10: Omniverse.
    • The time skip duration was selected, due to its symbolism of 10, but also because it was meant to reflect how long it's truly been since the airings of those two specific series.
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