This is a completely separate Multiverse. It will host many worlds that will not coexist with the BTFF Multiverse. This multiverse revolves around Ben 10: Advanced Hero.

Earth-0: Main Ben 10 continuity (aka Prime Earth), also Ben 10: Advanced Hero

Earth-1: Ben 10 (Rebooted)

Earth-2: Max 10

Earth-3: Evil Universe

Earth-4: Generator Ben

Earth-5: Feedback

Earth-6: Dial A For Alien

Earth-7: Ben 10: Alien Hero

Earth-8: Ultimate Ben 10,000

Earth-11: Gwen 10

Earth-12: Original Ben 10,000 and Ken 10

Earth-13: Irene 13

Earth-14: Forever Ben

Earth-15: Gwen 10

Earth-20: Ben 10: Time Invasion

Earth-23: Ben 23

Earth-30: The Omni-Force

Earth-32: Biomnitrix Ben 10,000

Earth-33: No Watch Ben's World

Earth-35: Nega Ben

Earth-40: Ben 10: Time Crisis

Earth-41: Ben 10 (2016 Reboot)

Earth-50: Original Ben 10,000 (alternate future)

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