This is not to be confused with MultiVerse (Earth-666).



MultiVerse by Grounder.png

General Information
Species Polymorph
Age 25
Powers and Equipment
Powers Shapeshifting
Acidic Slime
Equipment Polymorph King's Sword


Pokémon Info
Types Poison
Alias Ulti
Alternate Counterparts UltiVerse
Voice Actor Dee Bradley Baker

MultiVerse is a character in Pokémon Sky. He first appeared in Pokémon Sky: Mystery Dungeon. He is a Polymorph, and the king of the planet Viscosia.


In his regular form, he's a purple and green Polymorph with his eyes covered by a light yellow visor. The goo is shaped and colored to resemble a shirt, gloves, and a cape. He has an orange core. His royal crown is fused with his Anti-Gravity Projector.

His battle form changes his legs to an amorphous shape. He weilds his Polymorph King's Sword.


Powers and Abilities

He has the usual goop powers of Polymorphs.

His sword gives him many other powers, such as fire and ice production.


His core is his weak spot.



He has a mom.


He has an alliance with King Astroph.



  • I wasn't originally going to make a page for him here, but Reo gave me that idea. MultiVerse's design is meant for (and will be used for) an akumatized UltiVerse.
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