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Mucilator is the Nemetrix's DNA sample of an unknown species from an unknown planet on Earth-68. It is the predatory species for Crashhopper's Species.

Mucilator (Earth-68)
General Information
Species Mucilator's Species
Home World Unknown
Body Grotesque Frog with Sacs
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Strength
Larva Sacks
First Appearance Dactyl and the Hunter
Predator/Prey Crashhopper (Earth-68)


Mucilator appears to be a fat, grey, rock-skinned alien. She has purplish-pink spheres, which are similar in appearance to those of Ultimate Swampfire.

Mucilator wears a red spiked collar with the Nemetrix on it.

Powers and Abilities

Mucilator is immensely durable.

Mucilator's immense size hides potent charging speed.

The purple sacs on Mucilator's body are extremely sticky, which she can use to trap prey. He can also fire these larva sacs and throw them at the enemy.

Dimension 1 (John Smith 10)

In John Smith 10, the Nemetrix is used by Khyber's Pet.

John Smith 10: Distant Worlds


 Dimension 40 (Ya-Mi-Oh!)

Mucilator appears as a predator in the Nemetrix.

By Skurd