MR. X is an antagonist and he is the Cerebrocrustacean who tried to destory Ultratrix being jealous of Azmuth.


Mr. X is once known as Xrozz, the smartest cerebrocrustacean in the country. He teamed up with Azmuth to build the Ultratrix but he became jealous that he wasn't the smartest in the galaxy and tried to destroy Azmuth's Ultratrix. Azmuth then banished him to the Null Void where he made an trix called the Zelutrix to have revenge on Azmuth. He recruited three minions, Geochels, Boa Lantridor and Mystricy.

Meeeting Ben Tennyson

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MR. X has the ability to control electrical energy and project force fields around himself and others through thought, accomplished by opening the exoskeleton plates on his skull. He is extremely intelligent but it is never revealed if he can rival Galvans. He also has the power to levitate (other people), and create electricity from his pincers without needing to open his skull plates and he can cause a storm just by thinking. He may be extra durable due to his shell.


If someone hits his brain, he will be painful and dizzy. He is shown to forgetful too.

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