Mr. Smoothy is the Dimension 666 counterpart of Mr. Smoothy and Mr. Gyro.

Differences From Main Timeline

Unlike the main timeline's Mr. Smoothy, this one, obviously, does not have endorsement from its Ben Tennyson. Instead, it relies on its own marketing team, and has become quite successful, surpassing its main timeline counterpart. Also, the design of their smoothy cups is also different. Instead of having a face on the smoothies, there are bubbles on them, corresponding to the flavor inside, and the cup itself is a lighter tint of the color on the bubbles.

Known Flavors

  1. Bubblegum Blast
  2. Grape Punch
  3. Power Nova
  4. Chocolate
  5. Cherry Explosion
  6. Fudge Slide
  7. Rocky Road
  8. Caramel Swirl
  9. Lime Primetime
  10. Mango Magnet
  11. 9,000th Transformation
  12. Elemental Emerald
  13. Candy Pop
  14. The Levin Special (Originally a limited flavor made by Kevin, but became so popular that the company made it an official flavor)
  15. The Prized Flavor
  16. Chemical X (Just the name..)

And many more.

Known Staff Members

Known Locations

  1. Republic Boulevard
  2. Magenta Road
  3. Lavender Street
  4. Zeus Parkway
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