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Mr. Roboto was the wiki's June 2020 featured alien!

Mr. Roboto
General Information
Species Spaciosapien
Home World Perplexahedron
DNA source Otto Maton
Body Robot
Ultimate Form Ultimate Mr. Roboto
Omni-Enhanced Form Omni-Enhanced Mr. Roboto
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Spaciokinesis
Voice Actor John Oliver

Mr. Roboto is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Spaciosapien from the Perplexahedron in Pokémon Sky.


Mr. Roboto resembles an entirely gold plated Otto Maton. He has green lights and a 10 on his chest. He is free use.

Powers and Abilities

He has spaciokinetic powers. This means they can transmute any sort of matter, including that of living things. This means he can transform his own body. This can be used for weapon generation, stretchy arms, size shifting, tool arms, costumes, and general random implement creation.

He can teleport between dimensions and timelines, but only in the present.

He can create holograms of what is happening in the present of other dimensions by making his antenna glow, but only in the present.

He is easily rebuilt.


He is an overconfident showbot.

Interestingly, matterless environments is not actually a weakness. There is still his own matter, and anyone else’s matter, so there is nothing stopping him from teleporting one’s buttocks to Hoag’s Object.

Antimatter will explode if manipulated.


Mr. Roboto's name comes from the song of the same name by STYK.

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