Mr. Monkey

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Mr. Monkey is the Hero Watch's DNA sample of an Arachnichimp from the planet Aranhaschimmia.


Mr. Monkey is a small monkey-like alien with four arms, three pairs of blue eyes, two legs, three fingers on each hand and three toes on each foot, light cyan fur and a tail with two stripes near the tip. Mr. Monkey wears black and cyan fingerless gloves and the Hero Watch symbol is located on his chest.


Mr. Monkey has a wisecracking personality.

Powers and Abilities

Mr. Monkey has the ability to expel webbing from his tail, which was once stated to be as strong as steel. His webbing is very sticky, meaning he can use it to trap opponents or blind them by shooting webbing in their face. Mr. Monkey can also shape his webs into slings, or to swing across vast distances.

Mr. Monkey is highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat, having enhanced strength, and his paws can stick to and be used to scale vertical surfaces. He also has enhanced agility and enhanced acrobatic skills.

Mr. Monkey is very durable considering his size, as best demonstrated with him being able to survive seemingly unharmed after several large pieces of concrete fell on him. Mr. Monkey can also use his feet as extra hands to hold and carry things. Besides that, he has a sense of hearing superior to a human's.


Mr. Monkey can get tangled by his own webs. Sometimes, villains can use his webs to their advantage.

Mr. Monkey's webs can be frozen and made brittle by the ice breath of a Polar Manzardill. They can also be melted by the energy generated by a Crystalsapien.

Mr. Monkey's webs can be torn apart by species with as much or more strength than a Cerebrocrustacean.




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