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Moving Crates is the third episode of Ben 10: The End is Nigh. It is rated PG-13 for violence by the Fan Fiction Society of Awesome, so viewer discretion is advised.

The Episode[]

Opening: Warner Bros. Pictures logo goes green, the music is really faint, and can hardly be heard. You hear rustiness as it get's closer.

Cut to black

Courtroom. The camera focuses on the Judge's hand. He slams his hammer in slow motion


Case dissmissed

We see Ben's back.We see him stand up, and move to the exit of the court. He opens the door, and papparazzi is everywhere. A camera man flashes his camera and the flash covers the screen.

Fade to black

"Times they are a changing " is playing in the background.

We see the plumbers academy in it's prime. A newspaper is read by a civillian in the rain, it reads "Ben Tennyson M.I.A". He drops it on the floor, and the paper drifts away. We see the plumbers academy bombed by NASA. We see aliens being put into custody. Signs around multiple places in Bellwood saying "Alien Activity prohibited". We see the remains of Mr. Smoothy's.

The song finishes.

Fade to black.

Rio de Jenero. Two drug cartels are in there room with crates of marijana. One of them is in the back of the room, wearing a hoodie. The other is an obease man sleeping on the couch. The TV is on.

News reporter: It has now been nearly a year since the law prohibitting all extra terrestrial activity was passed. We are here at District seven, where all the illegal aliens without any criminal history are being kept. It has also been a full year since the world last saw Benjamin Kirby Tennyson

The man with the hoodie looks up at the tv.

Max (Hoodie's subconsious):

You're meant for more than this.

The hooded man freaks out, waking the fatter worker up.

Fat man (In Brazillian):

Keep it down! I'm trying to sleep.

We hear the ticking of a clock. It gets louder and louder.


Max Tennyson is teaching his gradson how to ride a bike.


Ben just go. I'm holding you, you won't fall.

Ben starts to ride, and after a while Max lets go, and Ben starts riding alone. Ben looks back. They both smile at each other.

The ticking comes back, growing louder with each passing second.

Present day.

We see a clock. Zoom out. The hooded figure is in his kitchen. He moves the sleaves of his jacket back. We see the Ultimatrix. He grabs a kitchen knife, and stabs it into the device, a green light covers the area and it explodes and-

Cut to black.