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Move Along Requiem
Move Along Requiem.png
General Information
Species Reanimated Curyi
Home World Capsicum Anum
DNA source Move Along
Body Robotic Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Absolute Nentokinesis
Enhanced Armor
Alien Number Θ4
Namesake N/A
First Appearance Nikopol

Move Along Requiem is the Requiem Form of Move Along from Tech 10: Star Spirit.


Move Along Requiem's abilities include:

  • Deathly Nentokinesis
  • Enhanced Armor
  • Teleportation

His Deathly Nentokinesis allows him to absorb the life energy of anything under the influence of his 'spin'. Plants will wither, people will feel drained, and electronics will shut down. Intentional, prolonged exposure to this ability is 100% lethal, no matter what.


Move Along Requiem is similar to his base form in appearance, albeit with a far larger and stockier appearance. His torso is lopsided and disjointed, with techno-organic growth spreading from the StarTrix Requiem's symbol on the upper left. The StarTrix's dial displays a triangular hazard symbol, and blue lights appear in the wheels on his shoulders.


Move Along Requiem's Deathly Nentokinesis is just as difficult to master as regular Nentokinesis, if not more so.


Cause of Death

  • Nikopol: Crushed by water pressure at the bottom of the ocean.

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