Move Along


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General Information
Species Curyi
Home World Capsicum Anum
Body Robotic Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Nentokinesis
Enhanced Durability
Classification Automata
Alien Number 2
Namesake Move Along by The All-American Rejects
First Appearance The Hero

Move Along is an alien from the series Tech 10: Star Spirit.

His undead form is Move Along Requiem.


Move Along's abilities include:

  • Nentokinesis, which also grants him:
  • Enhanced Durability

To clarify, Nentokinesis is the ability to control spinning or the 'spin' of an object. His speed abilities are granted by 'spinning' his tank treads at high velocity, and his Magnetism Manipulation is granted by a magnetic field generated through the spinning of the uniquely built wheel in his chest.

Used on its own, Nentokinesis can be an unassumingly terrifying force to reckon with if you're on the receiving end. From creating high-speed projectiles to ripping apart anything Move Along hits, its destructive potential is off the charts.


Move Along is unable to change direction mid-Flash Step, and may end up on the hard end of a wall if he's not careful.

In addition, his Nentokinesis can be difficult to use without proper training.

Planet and Species Information

Move Along is a Curyi from the planet Capsicum Annuum.

The Curyi were created as an experiment by the Galvans to create a lifeform with purely synthetic DNA and metal body structure. The experiment worked a little too well, however, as the beings eventually gained sentience and expressed displeasure at their circumstances.

The Galvans eventually decided to give them their own planet to call home, a metal-rich planet they dubbed Capsicum Annuum. Whoever officially decided on the name for the planet must have been feeling rather off that day, as the name roughly translates from Latin to mean 'potato'.


Projection Transformation

When used as a Projection Transformation, Move Along's primary directive is to transport or catch a specified target.


Tech 10: Star Spirit

Project Deca


  • Move Along's appearance was mostly inspired by the Stig from Top Gear.
    • Surprisingly, the tire in the chest was incorporated before I even knew Kamen Rider Drive existed.
  • When resting, Move Along naturally faces magnetic north.
  • The term Nentokinesis comes from 'nent', the Latin word for 'spin', and 'kinesis', the Greek word for 'movement'.

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