Mouthful is a Rab Kcans, from the planet Relevohs.


He is a orange, oval rounded-shaped beast like alien. He has padded shell-like layers from the back of his head going down his back, 2 small arms with 4 fingers and 2 small legs with 4 toes, a giant mouth that takes up most of his body, with big sharp teeth inside, a purple tongue, 2 small soft pointed ears, a big nose, big green eyes and the Omnitrix symbol is on his chest.


  • Matter Indigestion: Able to eat anything in the galaxy.
  • Matter Indigestion Ability Activation: Depending on what material he eats, he will gain a new ability/ies. He can add a current ability/ies with another at will if he eats a different type of material as well. Material Abilities include...
    • Bone = Spiked Projectiles
    • Energy = Laser Vision and Thermal Vision
    • Fruit = Body Color Change
    • Gas = Acid Spit and Gaseous Farts
    • Ice = Freezing Fog Breath
    • Meat = Enhanced Strength
    • Metal = Armor Coating and Mobile Invulnerability
    • Spices = Flammable Smoke Breath
    • Vegetation = Prehensile Tongue
    • Water = Gills for Underwater Breathing
    • Wood = Regeneration and Air Generation from his nose
  • Sphere Transformation: He can curl up into a ball and roll around.
  • Limited Space Survivability: He can survive in space without having to breathe for about 10 minutes.


  • Matter Indigestion Ability Time Limit: 1 pound = 1 minute of time he has his new ability.
  • To Much To Fast: If he eats to much to fast, then it may get stuck and take time to digest it down.
  • Stomach Weak Point: If he is hit in the stomach hard enough while digesting something, he will then vomit it out.

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