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Mouth Claw

A better version by Ahmad15

Home World: Laxerox Species: Laxers Body Type: dog-like

MouthClaw is an Laxers species live on his home planet Laxerox. He is used by John Tennyson for sucking some other things and use to destroy weapons of any villains. He is the third alien to appear and used by John in the series. He was used 6 times in Season 1 and many more. He will appear in Season 2. He was locked again by Azmuth because it's dangerous to use it. He has an evolved form, Ultimate MouthClaw.



  • MouthClaw is set to appear on John 15.
  • MouthClaw has ultimate form and infinite form.
  • MouthClaw is based on Wildmutt.
  • MouthClaw is a dangerous alien.
  • MouthClaw is my second favorite alien.
  • MouthClaw's species language is hard to translate like the Vulpimancers' language.