The Mother System is a solar system located near the "edge" of the Milky Way Galaxy. It was once a very peaceful place, until a resistance started up against the form of "government" in the system.

Anarchist leadership prevented Plumbers from inhabiting the area, and subsequent authoritarians kept the flow. The current leader is seemingly more agreeable, having reinvited Plumbers to the System as was suggested by Mendler and a Mother System officer in Madame Regle.

The Mother System features more heavily in the second season of Back in Action: Alien Universe.

Known Inhabitants

  • Malevolence (formerly; leader until two years prior to Revelation)
  • Malevolence's Galvanic Mechamorph successor (current leader)
  • Madame Regle

Known Planets

  • Midway (also known as, the Mother's Heart)
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