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General Information

Racomitrium Servum

Home Planet:



Humanoid Bug

Alternate Counterparts Stinkfly (Reboot)
Other Info

Liquid-Absorbing Moss
Enhanced Speed


Some Chemicals
Fragile Wings
Flammable Gas
Liquid-less Opponents
Low Stamina

First Appearance:


Mossquito is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Racomitrium Servum from the planet Lepidopterra.


Mossquito has a slender, humanoid body. His body is mostly blue, but his shoulders, armpits and ankles are aqua, while his chest, abdomen, neck and the lower part of his face are white. He has three aqua fingers on each of his hands and two-toed black feet. He has green compound eyes. He has an aqua V stripe on his forehead, one coming from each eye, one on his nape and, one in each finger and two in his thighs. He has two orange wings with black edges and two black antennae. Mossquito wears the Omnitrix symbol on his chest.


  • Mossquito can fly.
  • Mossquito can shoot out a moss-like substance that can absorb the liquid from whatever or whoever it touches.
  • Mossquito has bioluminescence, his wings and the white parts of his body being able to glow in the dark.
  • Mossquito has a strong odor that can be deadly against opponents with strong senses of smell.
  • Mossquito's feet have a substance that prevents him from breaking surface tension.
  • Mossquito is much faster than Stinkfly across short distances.


  • Water can prevent Mossquito from flying, damaging his wings.
  • Mossquito's odor can give him away.
  • Mossquito is unable to fight Lepidopterrans such as Stinkfly, as the latter is immune to Mossquito's moss-like substance. Lepidopterrans are also able to manipulate him with their stench.
  • Enemies that have no liquid in their bodies, such as Pyronites or Prypiatosian-Bs, are not effected by Mossquito's moss.
  • Mossquito's moss requires liquid.
  • Mossquito does not have as much stamina as other aliens.






  • Mossquito takes on the appearance of Stinkfly in the Ben 10 Reboot.
  • Mossquito's design, lore, and powers were made by Dio.

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