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"Morin 10: Omnicrisis" is a series, set in the future when Ben is 25.



Morin Main character, a pathodem. At first simply a plumber, but does use a cumumatrix at some point.

Ben Tennyson, Age 25, now known as Ben Ten-Hundred. Throughout most of the series he commands Morin and the other Junior Plumbers.

Three, Morin's best friend, a junior plumber, and a Galvanic Mechamorph

Hugo, A Vaxasauritan who is also a junior plumber

Zed, A Talpaeden who is also a junior plumber

Wendy, an Annodite, who is also a junior plumber


Ragnarok, Main enemy of Ben Tennyson. Eventually finds Ben's Omnitrix

Pyron, King of the Breccians

Zanthor, crystalsapien who is a junior plumber, but has an intense rivalry with Morin

None Yet

==New Aliens Used==